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Found 5 results

  1. Hello All, I am a new poster, so I hope I am not breaking any rules, but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas to break down editing for a dyslexic writer. I am dyslexic, and though I am much better than I used to be, I still have issues. But I am trying to do the best I can, as I really would love to get to be a published author one day. However, whenever I get to the point of my editing I get overwhelmed because of how many different things I'm supposed to look for and look at with my writing. And as works get longer I get more and more overwhelmed. If anyone has any ideas, I would be grateful for them, though the option of getting a professional editor is out of the question as I have no money and though I have tried to use friends and family, I usually give up asking after months of constant reminder to get nothing out of them.
  2. Hello, I am sure many other people are like me and eagerly watching the progress bar of pretty much every work Sanderson lists. The current one states the 4th and 5th drafts of Oathbringer. Does anyone know what Sanderson looks for specifically in each draft? Or Sanderson, if you are reading this, could you explain what the plan is for each draft of the book?
  3. Lately I've been editing a friend's book as they write it. I think I've become pretty good, giving advice about story structure, characters, dialog, grammar, perspective, etc. But, I noticed that I seem to lose my ability to distinguish problem areas with these things in own work. I try to cast a critical eye and despite my efforts I feel blinded. Is it even possible to edit yourself without bias?
  4. I offer to you an outrageous and probably inaccurate suggestion: An experienced writer's first draft will not be as good as a less experienced writer's first draft. The experienced writer is able to crank down their internal editor and let the story flow out of them. The less experienced writer (me) cannot yet do this. They go back, rework and polish, spending five times as long on a chapter that might not even make the final draft. Does anyone else struggle with this? For me it comes from wanting too hard to write a good story. I want the first draft to read well - to feel inspired by what I've written. This desire can really slow things down. But if you take the other approach and turn your internal editor right down, then you might end up reading your first draft and thinking Oh no - that took ages and 90% of it will have to be destroyed. How do you deal with your internal editor? Can it help you in the first draft? What percentage of your first draft typically makes the final draft? Thanks.
  5. The beginning of the story that takes place in the world of Alden, during the beginning of a war that will engulf the entire chain of the Island Kingdoms. Excited to hear your thoughts this Monday!