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Found 6 results

  1. According to one of the creators of the Call to Adventure game, in the Taravangian art, the women's script is taken from known snippets of the Diagram, but there might be a secret joke in them! So, Sharders, translators unite, and find this joke (unless the joke is on us, of course). Here is the comment: And here is the art by Ari Ibarra
  2. One of the first books by Brandon Sanderson that I read years ago was Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians. While rereading it recently, I found a number of references to other Sanderson books. 1. The Sentinel's Glass of Ryshadium, chapter 16. Keep in mind that Brandon Sanderson published this book in 2007, while The Way of Kings was published in 2010, so he probably thought, "Hey, that sounds like a cool name for cool horses". 2. Wasing not of wasing is, also chapter 16. Reference to Spook's dialect in Mistborn: The Final Empire, published 2006 3. The steel skull of your archnemesis. chapter 18. Reference to Steelheart, published 2013. Even though the Alcatraz series is written for younger readers, I still enjoy the style of writing. Finding those references unexpectedly was fun as well. Did you find any other references? Do you think that these are valid, or am I just making connections that aren't there?
  3. Have we found the easter egg which is supposedly encoded into the map of Roshar? I ask because at first glance it seems like the mirroring of Roshar and Shadesmar, but that's explicitly noticed in the text, and seems like an inviolate rule of how Shadesmar works. It bears a slight resemblance to the world of Monty Oum's RWBY, whose map was developed with some sprayed condiments on a airplane napkin, but that seems unlikely. Anyone else possibly figure it out?
  4. WHAT IS IT?? HAS ANYONE FOUND IT YET? Here is a picture. One, two, three, theorize!!
  5. So we have a WoB that goes something like this The only thing I noticed was the map is somewhat in the shape of a ying/yang symbol (or an Aes Sedai symbol!). Any of our supertalented spotters catch anything else? Edit: Adding a link to the physical realm map Edit 2: Adding a link to the Shadesmar map Edit 3: Adding link to black and white Roshar map Edit 4: Congratulations to Veil and Jensen for Figuring It Out on page 31! Summary/Things we found. Thank you to Veil for putting all this together! Here is her wonderful Summary.
  6. Hi, I found there are some words in Alethi slightly visible in the picture of lait plants. It's almost invisible in the book, better in the web version of that picture. I've enchanced it a bit and mirrored (judging by shape of letters, it was needed) but I can't decipher it, even with the magic bookmark. Can anyone help? (big pic, downloading suggested)