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Found 4 results

  1. fake theory

    so I was reading well of ascension, when I noticed that during the whole convectional of seran stuff with Sazed and Marsh, Sazed is ruminating on how he wasn't a warrior because of reason a, reason b, and reason c, then he said after talking about feruchemy, "strength did not, a warrior make." is Sazed Yoda now? are Yoda and Sazed companions? are they colleagues? or was this just an Easter egg? or a spelling mistake? we'll see...
  2. Back in Way of Kings, chapter 19, Dalinar is having one of his visions. It's the scene where he acts as Heb, husband to Taffa, and protects his family alongside two Radiants. At the end of the chapter, the female Radiant says, “Every pasture needs three things. Flocks to grow, herdsmen to tend, and watchers at the rim. We of Alethela are those watchers—the warriors who protect and fight. We maintain the terrible arts of killing, then pass them on to others when the Desolation comes.” When I reread Oathbringer, Kaladin says to his father in chapter 7, "You're a surgeon, Father, but I'm something else. A watcher at the rim." Kaladin never experienced the visions, thus never heard the Radiant's words. Was this poetic overlap on Brandon's part? Or just something the Radiants intrinsically feel about themselves?
  3. Would this be the same Reen from Mistborn (or rather, is the Mistborn Reen from this), or is it just a coincidence? Because this Reen is a thief, also... But it says "some fifteen years ago", and I'm not sure how old Reen from Mistborn is.
  4. Brandon Sanderson has made it known that there is an Easter egg in the map of Roshar. For context sake, here is the map of Roshar. I apologize for any quality issues. Anyway, I have a theory on what the Easter egg is. On March 20, 2014, this happened: Then, just nine days later, this exchange was recorded: (bolding added by me)My theory is that Roshar is a map for the Cosmere. In another WoB, he confirms that all the action in the Cosmere is in a compact dwarf Galaxy. I'd be more than willing to show it, but my tablet is having issues selecting that WoB. If anybody has come up with similar theories or has a WoB that disproves my theory, that will of course be taken into consideration, but I am fairly confident that my theory is correct, and I'm hopeful that I am the first to voice this opinion.