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Found 2 results

  1. Sebastian stood at the center of a large chamber. In front of him stood the podium which one could address the Senate. Today-rather tonight- there was supposed to be meeting. How many members would show up was the question. There was two crescent tables on either side of him, The podium pointed towards a large desk where the chancellor would sit. That was the nature of the meeting tonight was to elect such a person. Behind him were rose of benches for people who wanted watch the senate when they carried out public sessions. He wore his regular regal clothing, that he would probably wear to the meeting, as he was one of the Senate Representatives for the Gilded Rose. Sebastian turned his back to the podium and towards the figure that stood at the door. Lena, a new acquaintance of his. If his plan was to succeed then he needed her skills. He tapped his cheek thoughtfully. He walked to the woman who stood at the door. A note was posted there. The time for the meeting. Seven-Thirty o'clock ACT, (Alley Central Time). He took a list from his pocket and review what was to take place in their meeting. "Would you be so kind as to accompany me to the State Penitentiary, My Lady?" He asked holding out his arm. "I must make a visit to a friend of mine."
  2. e3

    Sebastian stood outside the State Penitentiary. It held a man by the name of James Myriad. A serial killer, and pronounced psychotic. The little that was know about him stated that he talked to people or things that weren't there. That these people or things drove him to murder and other heinous crimes. But to Sebastian the man was brilliant. James had intelligence beyond any normal person and perhaps was the closest thing he had to real family. This was the reason Sebastian had come. To break James Myriad from prison. Sebastian looked to his left where a shorter, slim redheaded, woman held his arm. Lena was the name she'd given him. He didn't know if he could count on her entirely, nor could he have her getting in the way. He didn't need extra baggage. He led the two of them inside the building into the main foyer and up to the main desk. A woman with glasses stopped her work and looked to him. He handed her an envelope that contained instructions an good deal of Cryst vouchers. "Follow the instructions and you will get double the amount." He whispered leaning in. The woman quickly scanned over the list, her eyes widening after each line read. She then flipped through the stack of vouchers. “If you would step through the metal detector.” she said trying to keep calm. He stepped through. No alarms went off despite him carrying a sidearm in his jacket among other noteworthy and concerning things. A man stood waiting for them at the other side. Sebastian tossed him another envelope. The man caught it and nodded his gratitude. He had been paying off the man for quite some time. He, the man, their escort, led them to an elevator. Stepping inside he pushed a button to the lowest floor. The descent was quiet. Each occupant knowing what would happen once they got out. The ding of the elevator nearly made him jump. The doors slid open revealing a man hanging in the air in an x pose. The Myriad arms and feet were clasped with aluminum balls to prevent the movement of such bodily extremities. Who ever had imprisoned Myriad had used magnets to prevent manacles from being moved and to keep James in the vulnerable state he was. Sebastian, removed himself from Lena's grip and immediately set to work, fiddling with the switches and dials. The magnets gave out and Sebastian caught the man before he hit the ground. Setting the man into a sitting position he began working on the manacles. "Do you know how hard it is to imagine more than four Aspects?" Myriad said. "Careful. There are poison needles in those, that kill nigh immediately. Who is your lady friend over there?" "That there is Lady Lena. Lena meet James Myriad." Sebastian said as he worked. He painstakingly worked, knowing what would happen should he slip up. He removed the manacles, closed them and tossed them to Lena. Soon after an alarm went off inside the room, as well as the "They have poison on them, I figured you would be disappointed if we left them." Sebastian shouted over the noise. He moved towards the far wall and placed a flat device in the center, which immediately began to tick. there was a small explosion. After the smoke cleared, the hole revealed a tunnel. Sebastian turned to the man who brought them down. "Sorry, but this is part of the payment." He said then proceeded to knock the man out. He sat him up right against the wall, then maneuvered himself under the Myriad and heaved him to his feet. He threaded himself a suit of armor and a mask. He pulled a smoke bomb from his pocket and pulled the pin. The elevator dinged at that moment and the doors began to open. Sebastian had kept track how long it took to ascend and descend the elevator. So it was about the right time for emergency personnel to come investigate. He tossed the smoke grenade in and and for good measure, once the smoke began tossed in an explosive. Sebastian began to haul Myriad through the wall. Once, he, Myriad and Lena were though he set a charge right above where they entered. It detonated and the rubble blocked the hole they had escaped from. "Careful these tunnels are dangerous. I can't protect either of you very well in confined spaces. I can just not effectively." He said taking the gun from his pocket. A while later of moving though the maze like tunnels. They came to a bricked wall. "Perfect! We are here!" He moved to the bricks an pushed several of them opening up a doorway. A horned man, with a skin pulled tightly over a deer's skull dressed in a butlers uniform. "Ah Bartolomeo! can you take care of Mr. Myraid in the secret guest room?" Sebastian asked. "Also make sure he has plenty of books." "Of course Master Idos." the butler replied bowing slightly. "There is punch in the pitcher upstairs if you wish it. Bart took James Myriad from Sebastian and he, Seb, turned to Lena. He nodded to the stairwell that led out of the cellar. He helped her ascend the stairs and into the kitchen. "Welcome to Idos Manor, Lady Lena." Sebastain said. "Is it your first time seeing it?"