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Found 12 results

  1. I noticed a few weird things about the Dustbringers. Dustbringers are the only ones in the 10 Orders of Knights Radiant info page on Brandon's website whose info about their oaths are written in past tense: They also didn't like being called "Dustbringers" before the Recreance, instead preferring the name "Releasers" according to both the above Knights Radiant page and a Words of Radiance epigraph: Spark bonds Malata for vengeance (Coppermind link): That doesn't sound like seeking self-mastery to me. I'm guessing that the Stormfather would not accept oaths with such intent. Would Cultivation? I don't know enough about her yet to claim a strong opinion on this, as I can see arguments on both sides. Perhaps Spark is corrupted in some way, causing Malata's oaths to be accepted by a different entity. I'd very much doubt Odium would be the one doing this if Sja-anat enlightened Spark since Renarin has advanced far enough to summon Glys as a Shardblade, and Odium probably doesn't want to give the black cloud in his plans any more power. Could Sja-anat be the one accepting or even intercepting oaths? I would need to gather more evidence before posting a full theory, but I am curious about this Order now. I'm wondering if it's possible that the Ashspren and their Order changing. Or maybe something else weird is happening. Or I'm just looking for mysteries where there aren't any, as is a curse for so many in this fandom
  2. In topic about theories, @Use the Falchion posted: And this make me think: Its right! Larkins feed on Stormlight, Investiture make them bigger. It is possible, that they are baby Laceryn, but even if not, feeding them with enough of stormlight should make them big enough to ride on their backs. We know about two of them for sure, one belongs to Rysn, one to Nale. If they are different sexes (if, of course, larkins have sexes), so will be possible to regrowth Larkin population, now when we know, they need Stormlight. In addition, domesticated larkins with their Stormlight Absorption ability, will be very usefull against Fused and Power Forms. Will make them simply powerless. Maybe - this is theory - adult Larkin, Laceryn, will be able to not only drain Stormlight, but also emit/share Stormlight. So if they will be able to emit Stormlight, they will be natural allies to Radiants, because can serve as mobile Stormlight Bateries, and Radiant will not need have Gemstones, because his mount will be basicly giant Gemstone. But why i think they will be related to Dustbringers? We have 3 direct military oriented Orders. Windrunners, Dustbringers, Stonewards. We can count also Edgedancers, but they are more scouts, support and duelists than soldiers, and Skybreakers, but they are more like police. From those 3 Orders: Windrunners dont need animal mount, because they can fly (fall). They also are more focused on fighting in teams. Stonewards dont need animal mount, because they are more focused on defense. Their powers, of course, can be used offensivly, but the whole philosophy of this Order can be doscribed with one word: STAND! Dustbringers, on the other hand, are clearly offensive Order. Their powers are for attack, their philosophy also is also agresive. Their main goal "I will seek self-mastery" is also focused on individual skills, not on team. But as clearly offensive Order they lack mobility to do so. Flying mount-monster will be ideal for them, they will be able to keep up with Windrunners, strike fast and strong, also every one member of strike team will be able to fight alone (with mount) with destructive power. They also have Surge of Abrasion, and this will be great help for flying creature. The relation with mount will be also good indication of fulfilling the main goal of Order. Thi Theory also have good synergy with other Theory, about Rysn becoming Dustbringer. What do you think?
  3. So here is my question what if dustbringers Don't realize what they are until it is brought to their attention. I.e. the child who is ostracized because he/she is seen as cursed/jinxed just because things seem to break around them. What would happen when that child finally learns what this means and that they can control it. Do they work toward order and the society that ostracized them, or do they try to tear it all down to build something new? I mean in way of kings the knights are seen as nothing more than myths and legends. It would be easy for said child to easily get lost in the ensuing years. (Speaking real world jinxed here) Ctolley1972
  4. So edgedancers are always described as the slippery ones. It doesn't seem like the dustbringers would have removal of friction as one of their uses of abrasion. Otherwise, they might use it as often as Lift does. But what if it worked in reverse? What if dustbringers increased friction instead? If that were the case, then what would normally feel like a smooth surface would feel like sandpaper, therefore, causing damage. Which is what dustbringers like.
  5. Good day fellas. It's been a while since I've posted on here and since I've checked in, so if this theory is old hat, I apologize. Tear me to shreds. But if not, I humbly submit this to the 17th Shard. I reread OB recently and I've been thinking of Brandon's repeated mentions of how the entire structure of Stormlight is going to be ordered; specifically that each order of Knights Radiant will have a flashback book through a different character's perspective. What I've not been able to wrap my head around is with who he's chosen for his flashbacks for the subsequent books - it seems we have an extra Lightweaver in the bunch with Ash - the Herald and Patron of Lightweavers - being present in the back five. With her inclusion, we've got representatives from each order present in Brandon's planned 10 book sequence: Kaladin/Windrunner, Shallan/Lightweaver, Dalinar/Bondsmith, Eshonai/Willshaper (probably), Szeth/Skybreaker, Renarin/Truthwatcher, Lift/Edgedancer, Taln/Stoneward and Jasnah/Elsecaller. So that leaves our interesting friend Ash - who according to tradition is the leader of Lightweavers. And we're missing a Dustbringer (or Releaser if you're gonna be PC about it) book. I think Ash is going to become a Dustbringer. This way she will make the flashbacks of the books nice and ordered and sequenced and each order gets one book. But I also think it works with the text. We know the Heralds are essentially just immortal (unless you have a special knife!) humans and thus fallible to human emotions that might attract the right type of spren. It also seems like another prerequisite for being a KR is to be flawed or damaged in some way and the Nahel bond is an avenue for that KR to explore their flaws and come to terms with them (Kaladin's depression, Shallan's repressed memories, etc.) Look at Ash's character for a second: what do we know about her off the top of our heads? She destroys. Brandon has spent three books putting in overt references to Ash destroying her own visage in works of art depicting the Heralds. Sounds a little Dustbringery to you? Ash is also sane, as we saw in her handful of viewpoints in Oathbringer but is dealing with an incredible amount of guilt for the last four and a half thousand years by leaving Taln to be tortured on Braize. There we also have the unofficial KR flaw - her mountain of guilt that gives her a compulsion to destroy any art depicting her as a way of ... atonement, maybe? Either way, I think this is enough to probably attract an Ashspren. We know from Malata that Ashspren like to destroy and have a bit of a chip on their shoulders. I think they would love the fact that Ash has spent nearly five thousand years destroying. If you were an Ashspren looking for a Nahel bond, she would be a prize catch, right? I think there's a little aversion to her being a Dustbringer in my head because I'm thinking along the lines of "but she's the Herald of Lightweaving! She just CAN'T be anything else!" But I think I've argued my brain out of that position. First, we know that Heralds can form a Nahel bond - Nale mentions he became a Skybreaker and shows off his fancy non-Honourblade shardblade. Who is to say that a Herald who joins an order has to join THEIR order though? There doesn't seem to be a hard and fast rule about it. Especially when they've gone through such changes in the past five thousand years. Ash is not simply the herald of beauty and creativity anymore. While some of the other Heralds have gone insane, Ash seems to have just gotten flipped around. She represents destruction now. So there ya have it. Let me know what you think.
  6. I saw this WoB and thought "challenge accepted." We know each book corresponds with one of the orders of Knights Radiant. We also have the viewpoint characters for all ten books, being Kaladin, Shallan, Dalinar, Eshonai, Szeth, Lift, Renarin, Taln, Ash, and Jasnah. My list of orders, with known characters matched. Windrunner - Kaladin Lightweaver - Shallan Bondsmith - Dalinar Edgedancer - Lift Elsecaller - Jasnah Truthwatcher - Renarin (sort of, his situation is weird but I'll allow it_ Skybreaker - Szeth That leaves Willshaper, Stoneward, and Dustbringer without characters, and Eshonai, Taln, and Ash without orders. Now Taln is the Stoneward Herald. As a viewpoint character, he will likely be using the corresponding Surges, so I'm leaving him as the Stoneward. We know from this WoB that lightspren are the Willshaper spren, and it is implied that Timbre, found near Eshonai's body, is a lightspren. I believe this means that Eshonai is our Willshaper. Leaving Ash and the Dustbringers. Now I know Ash is the Lightweaver Herald, but she no longer has her Honorblade to access those Surges. I think she will either bond an ashspren or get hold of the Dustbringer Honorblade. Either way, I think she is our Dustbringer character. What do you think? Am I on to something? Am I missing a major piece of evidence? Let me know your thoughts.
  7. From the album Stormlight Archive desktop wallpapers

    Dustbringers wallpaper with a quote from the Prelude to the Stormlight Archive
  8. Ok so I have a theory that Shalash can not live through the Stormlight Archive. The reason for this is that we have a WOB that each book is dedicated to a DIFFERENT order of Radiants. The current flashbacks are set as: Kaladin: Windrunner Shallan: Lightweaver Dalinar: Bondsmith Eshonai: Willshaper Szeth: Skybreaker Lift: Edgedancer Jasnah: Elsecaller Taln: Stoneward Renarin: Truthwatcher Shalash: Lightweaver See the problem there are two Lightweaver books, and no Dustbringer books. When we know that Sanderson said that we are going to have ONE book for each order. So in my opinion Ash dies, Malata takes the Lead for that book, but we still get Shalash’s backstory.
  9. Ok so I have a couple theories on some of the things that Division can do in the Stormlight Archive. •Rot: someone using Division could theoretically cause something to rot, mold and die. •Blasts of Stormlight: similar to how Kaladin fire blasts of adhesive Stormlight that causes people and things to stick to it, a Skybreaker/Dustbringer can in theory fire blasts of Stormlight that burn through any thing or person that it touches.
  10. I know its been discussed here and there, but I feel like at this point it needs it own thread. What type of spren does a Dustbringer bond?? Here's what we know about it.. Given the fact that we had not even heard of honorspren, liespren, cultivationspren, or highspren before they started Bonding again, I think that Spark will also be totally new. My guess is that Spark is a curiosityspren. They would be obsessed with knowing how things work and what they're made of, like Pattern with lies. I see the initial meeting going like this, pretty much every time: Proto-Radiant: I wonder [insert literally any question] Curiosityspren: Well, you can blow it up. PR: Hmm...
  11. So I was thinking about the orders of KR and what we don't know about them, and I just noticed a few things. Firstly i was reading the article about dustbringers on the coppermind and noticed that it said they called themselves the releasers (which I already knew) and hated when they were called dustbringers which was a name created for them by the public. That's the part I didn't know, I had assumed that they were just given that name or something but it turns out the only reason they were called Dustbringers is because the people likened them to voidbringers. The ACTUAL name of the order is the releasers. And that got me thinking. They're called the Releasers but what are they releasing? It made me think about how another order is called the Bondsmiths -- but what are they bonding? So along with this relation between these two orders -- one creating the bonds and one releasing them -- there's also the fact that we know that Brandon has said there's something weird going on with this order. Not only that but one of the only heralds we haven't found mention of is Chana, the dustbringer. We know that the surges of Releasers are Divison and Abrasion and we know this quote from the prelude But other than that we know very little about the Releasers and their powers. It is heavily implied from this quote that their abilities had something to do with fire and we already know what the surge of abrasion does so that leaves division to be the one creating this fire. What are they dividing though, where is this fire coming from? Well if you wanna be scientific about it, they could be dividing the molecules of people/things and thus creating a nuclear explosion making fire. Perhaps this is why people compare them to voidbringers -- because of destruction. This, however, is if we are thinking scientifically, and this is the cosmere so that's the opposite of what we want to do. We know that the cosmere has a third state of existence. Matter, energy and investiture. In our world you split matter to create energy through the reaction. But what if the dustbringers can use their surge of division to split the inherent investiture inside of a person? Or if they could perhaps separate the person and the investiture rather than just splitting it inside of them. I believe that this is why they are called Releasers because they can release a person or creature from investiture perhaps from a spren bond or, hmm... let's see... from an odium spren. Now we know that the bondsmiths did something to the voidbringers to make them into the parshmen so perhaps they bonded them to something to stop them from being able to change forms. The Releasers, as per the name, likely have the ability to release them from this bond and let them become the voidbringers once again. This last part probably will never be addressed however as the everstorm is doing that job anyway. This "theory" is really all over the place so I'm sorry about that I just made a few connections that I wanted to put out there before I forgot them so that they could be discussed. So who wants to discuss them with me?
  12. Hey my first thread here I know there are probably many threads that deal with the Radiant Orders but I haven't seen any dedicated solely to the Dustbringers/Releasers yet. So the Order of Releasers. The can access the Surges of Abrasion and Division sharing them with the Edgedancers and Skybreakers. Their patron was Chanarach and their divine attributes are Brave and Obedient. So,,, What are their powers like? We get some hints at them. In the prelude of Way of Kings where Kalak comments on how destructive they dealt with the enemy. What Oaths do they swear? What spren do they bond with? My money's on Ashspren. How would Vorin society react to them seeing as having red eyes marks you as something evil ala Voidbringers And any people we feel may become a Releaser in the future or represent them for their book out of the ten? Please anyone feel free to share your own ideas of what a Releaser would be like. I'd love to hear other people's thoughts.