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Found 14 results

  1. This clan is for Stormlight Archive fans who are Dustbringers--if you don't know if you are or not, take the quiz here: This guild will focus on the Stormlight Archive, not other series' unless it has a direct relationship to the topic that we are talking about. Thanks!
  2. Hi all! I'm back at it again with a stormlight fanfic. This one isn't depressing, I promise! It's an idea I've had in my head for a while and really wanted to get down. Spoiler warning: This fic spoils some elements of Rhythm of War. It doesn't actually spoil Rhythm of War but it uses information we learn in RoW in it. Let me know what you think! Enjoy! Dustbringer Shout out to @Greywatch for betaing!
  3. Well, this is the first time I submit a topic and I've also been here for a very brief period of time, so I'm not really sure if this is something that has been discussed before, but I've always wondered why (when watching podcasts or videos about the Stormlight Archive) nobody seems to coment on something that I find quite obvious. This would be a spoiler for Oathbringer, but I'll be marking it just in case. I'm posting this mainly to know if this is considered as "obvious" as the fandom as it is to me, because as I said, I've never seen it being at least mentioned.It'd have interesting implications for the future development of other characters of the series, so I think it would be nice considering it.
  4. Hi everyone! I'm new to 17th Shard, but I've been a Sanderson fan for a while now. I'd like it if people could give me links to some interesting forums, so I can get in on all of the conversation! Thanks! FYI, I am a Dustbringer, if you couldn't tell from my profile pic.
  5. So if the windrunners have enhanced combat abilities more and stronger squires, and the lightweavers have great memory/art skills. So what might the releasers have? I propose that they see something akin to shatterpoints. Shatterpoints are something Jedi see, it is the one point, that if attacked, will destroy all of something. This ability seems useful to releasers, since they use destruction and friction, and seeing the weakpoint of something would be quite beneficial. Here is the wookieepedia article on shatterpoints.
  6. Amazing what you notice when you reread something. This scene takes place during one of Dalinar's flashbacks. Oathbringer p396. At this point it Gavinar has started talking about the codes. So I think Stormfather has started sending him the visions. But Dalinar is still very much attracted to combat. So my question is this: Has Dalinar attracted a Dustbringer's ash spren?
  7. So Brandon has outright stated that we will be seeing an new Dustbringer in Rhythm of War. I have seen surprisingly little speculation about who this will be, so I will lay out my theory. My theory is that the next Dustbringer to be introduced in the series will be Balat Davar. I will start with a few extra-narrative reasons that I believe this: Firstly, Brandon likes writing Radiants with tragic backstories and Balat comes with a pre-packaged one that can be seen through Shallan's flashbacks. Secondly, Balat has been given a surprising about of screentime including his own pov interlude, it would seem a little odd for this much time to be spent on him if he was just going to be Shallan's kinda pathetic older brother. Finally, from a timeline prospective for all of the first 3 books Balat has either been far away or in the past, RoW will be the first time when Balat is in the place where modern plot is happening and it just so happens thats when we get our Dustbringer. As for in-world reasons that Balat could become a Radiant. One is that it has been confirmed that while radiance is not hereditary being related to Radiants can bring someone to the attention of the spren. This is supported by, Tien being a proto-lightweaver, the astonishing number of Kholin Radiants, and the fact that the Davar family has already had at least 2 members start the process of bonding spren. This familial connection suggests that we should take the idea of more Davar Radiants seriously. As for why I think Balat would specifically be a Dustbringer. During Shallan's brief conversation with Pattern about Malata, he talks about how the Ashspren and their Radiants are very destructive and enjoy breaking things and tearing things open because they want to know what is inside. Balat has demonstrated similar interests (though admittedly even more destructive ones) by his interests in tearing apart animals, setting fires, and watching axehound fights. Additionally, the primary and secondary divine attributes of the Dustbringers are brave and obedient. This fits thematically with Balat's history and personality. Balat spends most of Shallan's flashbacks in a strange position as the only one of the Davar children actively resisting their father while at the same time (at his own repeated admission) not being brave enough to truly stop protect his siblings. I would love to hear any reactions or other possible theories. Note: I am not saying that Balat would have to be a successful Dustbringer or that he would necessarily be on the same side as his sister, just that I think he will be the primary Dustbringer character for the first half of the series.
  8. From the album My Interpretation

  9. If I am late to this party, I apologize. I read WoK and WoR last year on a very superficial level. This month, I reread both before OB while taking copious notes on all three. And so I was among the genuinely shocked by the we-are-the-monsters reveal. We are the Voidbringers. But not all Roshar humans are Voidbringers, right? I mean, Kaladin and Dalinar have taken enormous steps in bridging the divide between humans and Parshendi. From the historical version of WoR: From the second viewing of Dalinar's first vision with Honor in WoK: And then from Oathbringer, we find an enormous rift between the Dustbringer spren (ashspren) and Honor and his Radiants: So Dustbringers = Voidbringers? And once Honor realizes that the Dustbringer-Voidbringers will bring about the True Desolation of the entire planet, he advocates the killing of ashspren? But that sprenicide might be the main impetus for the True Desolation in the first place, right? And so Odium wants us to turn against one another and squabble and bicker and make the Dustbringers angry. Humans will turn against one another and destroy themselves with the Voidbringer weapon of mass destruction. We are our own worst enemies, which is why he keeps telling Dalinar that he must "unite them." Unite the people. Unite the Radiants. (Unite the Heralds. Unite the humans and Parshendi. Unite the realms. Unite the Shards.)
  10. So prior to Oathbringer coming out, I had done as much research as could be done (which admittedly wasn't a lot) on Voidbinding, and came across this post on the forums: Number 4 on jofwu's post points something out - on the drawing of Kharbranth in the first book, the symbol that corresponds to the Dustbringers on the Voidbinding chart is seen in the corners. A bit odd, no? However, we know from Renarin that the spren he bound to still gave access to similar surges as the order that it claimed he belonged to. He had powers similar to Progression, after all. We also know that the Fused could simulate the Lashings as well, though there were differences (possibly due to it being a different sort of Bond - Renarin may have been Nahel-bonded to a corrupted spren of the appropriate type to make a Lightweaver, OR may be a Voidbinder, and the fused are something else- or the two are one and the same, just through different species). So, we know that corrupted spren can simulate the Orders of the Radiants; we also know that they can trick the pseudo-Knight into thinking that they are Knights of that order. Without any original Knights to compare to, who would know (outside of the Skybreakers)? So. Theory-time. If the act of a human binding a Voidspren in a Nahel bond is, in fact, Voidbinding, then it is possible that Taravangian's Dustbringer, Malata, isn't a true Dustbringer. She's a Voidbound Dustbringer. Keep in mind - Taravangian did everything he could to find a Knight to carry out the Diagram. And he was amazed that he found a member of the ONE ORDER that he felt would be most in line with his view. How convenient. If that is the case of course, then the confusion between Dustbringers and Voidbringers becomes a bit of a joke, I think, but I'm fine with that.
  11. From the album Highstorm MTG Deck

    Dustbringers and Skybreakers felt like a perfect flavor fit for the deck.
  12. We all are excited for Oathbringer to come out and with that I was wondering who everyone thought will be the new radiant's and what order they will be in. I think The Lopen will be a dustbringer.
  13. Newest set of profile icons featuring each of the Knights Radiant's glyph inscribed on their respective gemstones. You can download any of these files for your personal profile in addition to a number of other glyphs by clicking HERE. There are a few alternate versions of the gemstones as well.
  14. I found there to a be a general lack of quality Knights Radiant glyphs to use for profile icons so I decided to make some myself. This is the first set, representing the Knights Radiant glyphs as pictured on the Surgebinder's chart. I will probably be making sets for various other Sanderson works eventually so the forum is evenly represented. The icons are free to use by anyone. You can download the individual icons HERE.