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Found 21 results

  1. It has been confirmed that when an allomancer tries to burn a feruchemical metalmind that they themselves stored, they can sense a new power. This new well of power can be tapped without burning the actual metal itself, thereby creating a HUGE increase in power. Let’s say someone was a full Mistborn and a full Feruchemist. What is they stored some Investiture in a Nicrosil metalmind, they tapped the power with Allomancy. While getting the already boosted power, if they burned duralumin, would it affect the Allomantically tapped metalmind, thereby giving them enough Investiture to become a Sliver?
  2. So we know in addition to a radiant's stormlight, feruchemical gold (though perhaps only a compounder could get enough healing), and perhaps the surge of progression, but possibly not a non-progression honor blade, could restore a shard severed limb, but could pewter do this? Pewter seems to be pretty powerful for healing, but not nearly as powerful as feruchemical gold, but with duralumin, could it heal a shard-blade severed limb?
  3. So I've been thinking, I know ive seen somewhere that Brando Sando has said that there are ways to use hemalurgy without killing the person you're taking power from. So I thought hard about this because mostly I feel bad for Duralumin gnats. And especially with allomancy, feruchemy and hemalurgy becoming more mechanical and capitalistic in nature. What if they discover a way to transfer powers without killing the base person. By making use of the bind points and possibly stealing small portions of the power. Therefore in the day of capitalism and mechanical uses of the magic systems I was thinking duralumin gnats could sell their power out to people for a high price in long needled syringes filled the needles being the hemalurgic spike and the syringe being filled with the duralumin solution. Essentially being a super boost for an allomancer. A tad dramatic but honestly I think it's fun. Anyways what do you guys think?
  4. We know burning duralumin with atium will allow Allomancers (specifically mistborn) to see the ultimate effects of their actions, as Eland did at the end of 'The Hero of Ages'. We know the Lord Ruler had plenty of access to both of these metals and knew their specific effects. And also ruled for a thousand years, which is plenty of time to experiment with all sorts of allomancy (as well as Hemalurgy and Feruchemy) I cannot see any reason why he would not want to try out burning both, or at the very least making another mistborn try it out to see the effects? But I have not seen any mention in the texts of whether that he did try it out or not, or if there was any particular reason he did not want to try it out. If he did use both together though, the consequences for the plot would be weird; he would have known that he would eventually be killed by Vin and exactly what followed in the next two books. Did he follow it through knowing where it would lead maybe? It just seems like an interesting scenario and poses many questions regardless. Was wondering if there is information I've not read yet (has Brandon Sanderson mentioned anything) or general thoughts about it.
  5. Okay, so I was browsing Arcanum, and a WoB said this: Dwarven_Hydra Would a Duralumin Gnat Surgebinder be able to use duralumin to do a super Surge? Brandon Sanderson This (Duralumin+Surgebinding) would work. This makes me wonder, can Duralumin super-charge other kinds of investiture? Maybe even Fabrials?
  6. With the release of the inquisitor instruction kit (the Hemalurgic Table of Metals), I've noticed something odd about the Pathian earring that we see Wax with in Shadows of Self. I can't remember exactly where it's stated but the "normal" metal for these earrings is duralumin because of its association with Connection, which makes sense considering its meant for conversing with Harmony, but this means that for some reason there were inquisitors with duralumin spikes for connection/identity that were used to create Harmony's hemalurgic communication earrings. My first thought was that this was the linchpin spike to Connect the other spikes better with the inquisitors spirit web (but we know this is steel so it can't be). Why do you guys think these duralumin spikes were created in the first place, now that we know they either grant extra Connection or Identity?
  7. If you could find a misting that was hemalurgically enhanced with duralumin, and then you got a nicrosil misting to touch them, could they theoretically stack and multiply the original misting's power?
  8. Hypothetically let's say a Duralumin Ferring from Scardrial stored connection for years and had a lot of metal minds. If he became a world hopper and ended up on Sel, could he potentially tap all that connection and "attract" the Sheod becoming an Elantrian? Side question: assuming there just happened to be an Elantrian who could store connection, if they traveled to Roshar, could they tap the connection and potentially figure out how to alter the Aons to work with that geography? (For the sake of theoretical argument, let's assume that either distance from the shards Devotion and Dominion doesn't matter or the potential of tapping connection also maybe figuring out how to hack the local investiture or shard energy)
  9. So if a Nicroburst were use their ability on a Mistborn burning duralumin and say... pewter, would the Mistborn get more of a burst than normal duralumin since the Nicrosil would be burn through all the duralumin?
  10. What happens when you burn duralumin with higher metals? We know for most of the basic ones but what about some higher metals, Copper, and Bronze? Steel/Iron/Pewter/Tin/Brass/Zinc It's not really super relevant as in Wax and Wayne, there aren't anymore mistborn(unless you count the Bands of Mourning) and in og series only some of the higher metals have been discovered but it would be interesting to see how duralumin would affect: Gold, Electrum, Cadmium and Bendalloy(though why someone would burn this I don't know), Nicrosil and Chromium.
  11. Aluminum is internal pulling, and removes the user's metal reserves. Duralumin is the internal pushing, and burns the user's metal reserves in a single, super powerful flare. Chromium is the external pushing, and removes the touched target's metal reserves, and Nicrosil is the external pulling and burn's the touched target's metal reserves in a single, super powerful flare. Why are the internal/external pairs so similar? None of the other quadrants are that similar. The internal physical metals enhance strength and senses, but the external physical metals don't enhance other's strength/senses. Copper and bronze are wildly different from zinc and brass. Gold shows you your past or alternate self (personally I think shows a change in Identity, but that's a theory for later); it's not like cadmium shows you another person's past... that's what malatium does... huh. Is there a reason for this? I know Harmony and Preservation changed around Allomancy, is this an artifact for that, or just a weird coincidence?
  12. We know aluminium has the effect of being magically inert across lots of magic systems, and I was thinking wouldn't it be cool if duralumin also had effects around boosting magic in other magic systems. Not really basing that on anything, just something that popped into my head, and I though it could have some cool implications. Probably not the case but who knows. What do people think
  13. So what I'm confused about is why Elend can't take control of Koloss without duralumin and making them afraid. Shouldn't he be able to do it with just regular emotional allomancy? I remember at some point Vin found out that the original allomancers could do it and Elend ate the same make-a-mistborn-metal that supposedly gave them allomancy. Plus they talk about how strong he is compared to the recent mistborn. Has he just never tried to do it "by himself"?
  14. So simple question, what kind of Connection does duralumin actually default to? The Ars Arcanum implies connection to other people, Bands of Mourning implies location.
  15. LG19: Twinborn City After seeing your peaceful village collapse- literally- with infighting and treachery, you fled to a nicer place with many companions. You attracted other twinborn with your promise of equal rights for everyone with allomantic and feruchemical powers. Although you had to exile a few dissidents, it's been quiet here. But then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. you found a dead body in the city, stabbed through the heart. Were you the murderer, or will you be a victim? There's only one way to find out. Factions Day and Night Map Actions Items Powers Allomancy Enhanced Allomantic Powers Feruchemy Kandra Blessings and Info Very Rare Occurrences If you were in LG11, most of the rules will be familiar to you, however, a few have changed. Kipper and Elbereth and I are GMing this game. The game will start one week after this was posted, on Tuesday 29 March. Rollover time will be determined then or between now and then.
  16. So, what if you were to burn duralumin and then aluminum? Could it potentially wipe your very ability to use Allomancy? What about duralumin and chromium? Instead of wiping someone's metal reserves, you destroy their Allomantic ability completely. Not sure if it would even work that way, (and who would be stupid enough to try duralumin and aluminum anyway) but... thoughts?
  17. This theory is a sort of Version 2.0 of an earlier theory of mine about the god metals. Here I will start from similar premises as before, but will have significantly (though not completely) different conclusions. You may find the old theory thread here. Table of Contents Introduction Part I: Atium Part II: Lerasium Part III: Harmonium??? Appendix A: Possible Flaws in the Theory Appendix B: TL;DR (Possible future Appendix C: God Metal Alloys) Introduction The basic premise of my big theory is this: The two god metals Atium and Lerasium have physical patterns identical to real world metals. My main evidence for it is this WoB: The Allomantic effect of burning a specific metal depends on both its molecular structure and the source of Invested power. Therefore I think it's easy to conclude that atium as well as lerasium, being Allomantic metals themselves, both have molecular structure. Even if they are, in Brandon's words, "fragments of a god". You can also think of it this way: Since Atium and Lerasium can be alloyed with real world metals, they should be present enough in the Physical Realm for the alloying process to occur. This implies that they have apparent physical properties like being metallic, being able to melt at a certain temperature, etc., properties that can be analyzed scientifically and compared to real world substances. It should therefore be possible for a Scadrian with sufficient scientific knowledge and resources to determine which elements, compounds, or alloys these god metals most closely resemble in terms of molecular structure. What will our hypothetical Scadrian scientist discover after analyzing the god metals? Obviously, only Brandon can answer that question definitively (someone should try asking him that one of these days). But what else is a Cosmere theorist like me to do but to speculate? So, let us speculate, shall we? I believe our scientist will find atium and lerasium to have molecular structures that are very similar (if not virtually identical) to two particular metals that we've already encountered in the Mistborn series. Through the following posts I'll show what I believe those two metals are.
  18. theory

    Hi, in this thread I'd like to take a deeper look at how I think allomantic enhancement metals work. I'll start my theorizing with Duralumin, because that's where the most relevant sources seem to be. Firstly, though it's pretty obvious, the faster you burn a metal, the more power you get. When you flare a metal, it will burn away faster, but you do get more power out of it, even more so when burned together with Duralumin. Here's the relevant WoB Second, we need to note that a quantity of metal has a predefined amount of power output. Whether you burn away a nugget of Steel at a regular burn in an hour, or by flaring it for 15 minutes, or with Duralumin in a few seconds, you'll always have expended the same amount of energy pushing on metal, as said in this WoB Edit: made the font larger for ease of reading
  19. I'm wondering the a duralumin boosted speed bubble would do. Any ideas?
  20. So, my friend has this theory: he thinks that the Lord Ruler, during his fight with Vin, used a Duralumin burst with Atium that he had compounded, letting him see several years into the future. He decided that Vin could handle Ruin better than he, and, since he was sick of living (I mean, who wants to live for a thousand years where your noblemen hate and fear you and your vassals hate you), he let Vin win. Tell me what you think.
  21. There are probably some issues with this, and for that I apologise. I'm not quite down on the Stormlight Archive lore just yet. But I thought I'd put this out there for you all to shoot down This came up in a thread about defining Honour. Gloom's post reminded me of a certain kind of Feruchemy... Thoughts?