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Found 44 results

  1. Aluminum, as we know, seems to have some sort of Investiture negating effect. However, I was wondering if duralumin could enhance Investiture in some way. For example, maybe a duralumin object would be easier to cut with a shardblade or Push or Pull with Allomancy. Although it mentions "Aluminium and some of it's alloys" are immune to Allomancy, it doesn't mention this specific alloy. Any WoB?
  2. Talked with my brother about the thread on safely burning Harmonium, including @Trusk'our's idea to Plate the outside with another allomantic metal. While Duralumin allows for massive bursts of power of other metals, instantly burning all available metal, Duralumin itself burns at a constant rate. Combine this with this WoB that Trusk'our found: Here's the idea we came up with for a Mistborn or Hemalurgist with access to A-Duralumin and other Allomantic powers, for this example we'll use Steel. You have a sizeable bead made of concentric layers of Steel sandwiched in between layers of Duralumin, and for consistency a rod of Duralumin that runs through all layers to the core of the bead. The idea is that as you burn Duralumin, the thin layer covering the Steel burns away giving you access to a Duralumin-enhanced Steelpush. This burns the Steel immediately reducing the bead to the next thin layer of Duralumin. Burn that thin layer of Duralumin away and you have another charge of Steel at your disposal. This would let you rapid fire charges of Duralumin-enhanced Allomancy. It would even let you alternate metals or burn two simultaneously. Here's a rudimentary cross-section: D:Duralumin S:Steel DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD SSSSSSSSDDSSSSSSSS SSSSSSSSDDSSSSSSSS DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD SSSSSSSSDDSSSSSSSS SSSSSSSSDDSSSSSSSS SSSSSSSSDDSSSSSSSS DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD SSSSSSSSDDSSSSSSSS ... Or D:Duralumin S:Steel P:Pewter B:Brass DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD SSSSSSSSDDPPPPPPPP SSSSSSSSDDPPPPPPPP SSSSSSSSDDPPPPPPPP DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD SSSSSSSSDDSSSSSSSS DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD BBBBBBBBDDBBBBBBB BBBBBBBBDDBBBBBBB DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD PPPPPPPPDDSSSSSSS PPPPPPPPDDSSSSSSS PPPPPPPPDDSSSSSSS ... Fly over with Pewter and Steel, land with Steel, blast the area with massive Soothing, go to town with unenhanced Pewter and Steel unless you decide to use Duralumin again. etc. Thoughts?
  3. This is something I've thought I had understood several times already, but once again I'm considering my past assumptions. Okay, we know from the Ars. Arcanum that a Connector Ferring can form positive relationships more quickly with someone else by tapping F-duralumin (or reduce others' awareness of them by storing). I once took this to mean that F-duralumin had to store the ability to form Connections naturally, not Connection itself, since those friendships are formed and should presumably remain. However, we see in BoM that when you tap Blank Connection from a medallion to Connect to a different land and understand the language, the Connection only lasts as long as you tap it- it isn't a permanent formation of Connection, it's a temporary boost to a specific type of Connection, similar to how F-pewter only boosts your muscle mass as long as you tap it. So, I'm now thinking that F-duralumin does actually store Connections that already existed in the Feruchemist. Why is it that Allik can tap Connection to the Basin, allowing him to communicate with Marasi and the gang in BoM even though he doesn't have that Connection naturally (and neither do any of the Malwish who could have made the medallion)? It's Blank Connection (to land), which reaches out to the nearest location, in this case the Elendel Basin. As for friendships that get formed under the effect of F-duralumin? Well, technically we didn't get confirmation on them staying formed, just that they can be formed more quickly (that was a presumption I'm a bit embarrassed to have made, as it really hasn't been confirmed). If the friendships do stay, it likely would be like with Emotional Allomancy- the memories of the feelings made while under the effects of the Investiture stay, which continue to have effects on the behavior of those effected, even though the external effect has ceased. And as for the problem with Kelsier? He's trying to overcome his Connection limitation that binds him to Scadrial so that he can explore the wider Cosmere, and he's had over three-hundred years to obtain and experiment with the power. However, as we've seen in TLM, he can't use Hemalurgy to grant himself powers (medallions are dubious as well- probably doesn't work either based on his dialog, though that hasn't been confirmed yet). It doesn't matter if F-duralumin could be used to store his Connection to Scadrial enough to let him run free because he can't even use the power in the first place! In any case, I think that F-duralumin does in fact store Connection- I just overthought the problem a LOT. If anybody has any other information to challenge this, please let me know so that I don't get the incorrect impression again (and of course, as usual, I'd enjoy a good conversation/debate ).
  4. We’ve already seen the fun of using Duralumin + brass to utterly crush someone. But we haven’t yet seen any duralumin + zinc on human subjects. There’s real potential to make people do extreme things that you couldn’t replicate with brass. And bendalloy makes it even better, since you can get duralumin level power without sacrificing your metals. You could even sustain brass and zinc together at duralumin levels, though it’d hardly be subtle. So I wanted to ponder what you could do with those emotions, especially with time bubbles to sustain it. What would it be like to Riot every emotion a person is feeling all at once, like the opposite of what Vin did to Straff? What would the target feel and what would they remember? And If you used zinc, duralumin, and bendalloy together in high enough amounts, do you think you could control regular people as if they were Hemalurgic constructs? I’m tempted to say no, but high level zinc should be way better at getting people to do stuff than high level brass. Also, what individual emotions would be interesting to boost? The possibilities I can see include, but aren’t limited to… Anger: Generate homicidal rage, perhaps directed towards everything around the target. Even just getting this off once can make a target do something impulsive and start a really bad situation. Just imagine a court trial about whether a murder suspect killed in a moment of passion or under extreme Allomancy Pleasure: An ecstatic high, possibly to the point of emotional addiction. Pretty useful for making friends. Desire: Extreme desperation. Pair with some bribes or promises and they’ll eat out of your hands Fear: Have someone running in terror and in nightmares. Even courageous warriors will fall before you. Distrust/suspicion: Some tugging and you could get real paranoia going Also, be very wary of Mistborn cult leaders. They could make fanatics in no time. Of course, the cost of this raw force is subtlety. So unless you’re a fast talker, and/or have precise Allomancy up your sleeves, the victim will guess what happened sonnet or later. But I still bet you could get lots of mileage from convincing people their extreme feelings are real or even creating irreparable damage from just one moment of impulsive action or one intense memory. Anyway, if you guys have any cool ideas for how to use duralumin level zinc, let me know. The possibilities are basically endless for even a moderately skilled user
  5. So, I'm almost certain others have theorized this already, but after some extensive searching, I was unable to find anyone on here who did. So, here we go. In Epilogue 7, Marsh approaches Wax, Steris, and Marasi before Wayne's statue. When asked on how he walks about without drawing attention, he passes it off as emotional Allomancy. Still, Wax expresses his doubts. I think all Cosmerenauts on all worlds stirred in their beds with that phrase. But regardless, this moves on to my theory. I think Marsh moves about unseen through a combination of emotional Allomancy... and Feruchemical duralumin. To quote from the Coppermind, Feruchmeical duralumin functions as such. This seems a very likely explanation for that "something more" Wax postulates. Granted, don't know if Marsh was given spikes following the Catacendre, and there is no way of knowing if Rashek was aware of duralumin's Feruchemical properties. Still, he was a Feruchemist himself, and discovered duralumin. It makes sense he would test it. Anyway, there's my three cents. Thoughts? ~Longshot97
  6. This was inspired by a comment by @IlstrawberrySeed the thread "how to become ludicrously strong". A Kandra can shape its body pretty much any way they like, so long as it obeys the laws of physics (i.e., they can't go too big since it would crush them and they can't go too small because they need enough mass to support cognitive functions). Therefore, you get a two-hundred-ton sphere of nicrosil, might need Soulcasting, put a (relatively) small amount of Identity-blanked Feruchemical nicrosil in it to reprogram the potential Invested output (it spreads out like a gas, so you don't need a ton), and have the Kandra engulf it like an amoeba. Then, you give the Kandra access to Allomantic nicrosil as well as Allomantic duralumin via Hemalurgic spikes. Now the Kandra burns the metal- with the aid of duralumin- gives themselves insanely large quantities of Investiture. Hopefully, the Kandra will ascend (similar to the Well of Ascension) and briefly become a god. Plus, since you gave the power to burn the nicrosil with Hemalurgy, they will most likely fuel their Ascension with Ruin's Investiture. So basically, that's how you create an invested meatball-god of death! A way to improve this would be to increase the potency of the Hemalurgically granted A-nicrosil. Probably stacking multiple Identity-blanked Hemalurgic charges together in the same spike so that the amount of Investiture the Kandra gets per the amount of metal is increased.
  7. I was thinking about the unsealed metalminds, trying to wrap my head around how they worked. I kept getting bothered by the fact that F-Duralumin is used when F-Aluminum appears to be naturally better and still doesn’t work. But then I had an idea. The consistent problem with unsealed metalminds is getting into the nicrosil metalminds. Even blanking Identity only makes it usable for Nicrosil Feruchemists and Ferrings, not just anyone. But then I realized there’s one other thing we know on Scadrial that gives ordinary people powers: God Metals. In fact, the one godmetal we can canonically confirm to do this very thing. I would posit that an unsealed metalminds is used to duplicate a nearby Nicrosil Ferring or Feruchemists ability, just like we’ve seen with the Allomancy grenades. Since it’s a God Metal duplicating, it has the same universal use option as lerasium. Or to use Brandon’s own terminology, it is pure Investiture Brandon Sanderson So one of the things people have been asking about a lot the nature of Identity and its uses for accessing other people's metalminds, and things like this right. And I hedged a little bit when somebody asked me... *inaudible*...send people into spirals of confusion, so I'm gonna clarify it for now. So, someone comes in and says, we need a blank metalmind, anybody can use that. I'm like, yes but, the reason that it's a hedge is that you need to actually be a feruchemist to access it, right, you can't just hold the blank metalmind not being a feruchemist, even though it's somebody else's investiture that's been blanked, right. So people keep kind of missing this thing. I'm hedging in the sort of, you don't quite have it, I've kind of dodged it, but I worry that it's just going to be confusing. So the issue is, you need two things from one of these. You need something that makes you a feruchemist, and then you need a metalmind that somebody else has filled with blank investiture, ok. Now if you can get pure investiture, that can be used by anybody, regardless, ok, you need it in pure form though. <snip> Arcanum Unbounded Seattle signing (Dec. 1, 2016) In fact, the Allomancy grenades should work similarly and simply not be noticed because no person is actively tapping an ability. What about Feruchemical duralumin, you ask? That’s a bit trickier. My theory is that F-Duralumin is used to make harmonium itself into a metalmind. Logically speaking, if any one can Allomantically burn a true God Metal, the same should apply for Feruchemy. After that, one can infer that it is possible to draw out other applicable traits than whatever Harmonium’s base is, which should apply to both Connection and Identity. The former already works with how Shards are always tied to their power and the fact that Lerasium grants Connection. The latter simply supposes that the ability to do Feruchemy is basically coded Investiture in your soul that allows it to do that, kinda like Breaths (which can be stolen by nicrosil Hemalurgy under similar terminology) As such, I propose two procedures: the Tapping Method and the Storage Method. Tapping Method: 1. Have your duralumin Feruchemist tap Connection from harmonium. Continue until it’s blank. If all goes well, you should be left with pure Investiture, unaligned to any master. 2. With this new blank slate, have the Nicrosil Feruchemist fill the Investiture with their ability. 3. After sufficiently filling it, have the Nicrosil Feruchemist draw back the pure Investiture. 4. Fill a nicrosil mind with the pure Investiture. That nicrosil is now coded like a God Metal and works for everyone a la lerasium 5. Have other Metalborn fill the nicro godmind with their own powers, saving it for later Storage method 1. Have the Nicrosil Feruchemist store their ability in Harmonium. This tells the Harmnium to copy that ability, like how burning a metalmind changes what the metal does. 2. Have the Duralumin Feruchemist store their Connection. This contaminates the nicrosil ability into thinking it’s always part of the God Metal 3. Have the nicrosil Feruchemist tap the harmonium and store the resulting products in a nicrosil mind 4. Fill the new nicrosil mind with the desired abilities There may be a few other variations, but the end result is a nicrosilmind that acts like a Godmetal. This can then be filed as full as the nicrosil can store, which would explain why medallions only store a few powers. If there anything I missed let me know. Thank you for coming to my TED talk Edit: Thinking about it, I don’t think God Metals work for Feruchemy in the same way lerasium lets anyone use it. It might function as a universal metalmind, but you’d need to be able to give it an attribute in the first place. In other words, have Feruchemy yourself. However, my points about nicrosil and duralumin still stand. Edit 2: You may not even need duralumin more than once. An exicsor could easily be harmonium tapped of Connection. Once you’ve got that, any nicrosil Feruchemist can use it by storing into Exicsor, tapping, and putting the hacked ability in a nicrosil mind.
  8. It is my current understanding that a Bond is essentially a Connection between to entities that also utilizes Identity somehow. So, if you were to spike someone Hemalurgically with a duralumin spike, split the spike into two pieces, then implant a half in two different people, would the two people have a Bond since they now have a shared Connection and at least some overlapping Identity?
  9. A Radiant increases their power by increasing the strength of their Bond with their Spren, which is really just a very strong Connection. If a Radiant who swore the first oath were to tap large amounts of Connection from a Duraluminmind, could they bypass the need to swear more oaths in order to increase their power? Or maybe even if you couldn’t bypass the need to make more oaths, could you maybe be able to speed up the process of swearing more oaths?
  10. When a being uses investiture, they change themselves in such a way that when they die they can persist a bit longer before they move on. So, if someone frequently used bursts of Allomantic Duralumin power, would this cause a bigger enhancement, and therefore change in their soul, to allow themselves to last longer than someone who only burned their metals normally?
  11. If a duralumin Ferring traveled to Patji and tapped enough Connection, could they gain innate powers tied to that place similar the the animals and plants there? Barring that, could a Kandra or other shapeshifter who traveled there use Feruchemical duralumin along with their shapeshifting abilities to help them form a symbiotic bond with the worms of Patji?
  12. Allomantic duralumin gives a massive burst of power to a Mistborn burning it along with another metal as it allows your to use up a metal reserve instantly. However, I don't think that it's actually instant, just very, very fast. If someone could have a large enough metal store, or burn their duralumin at a slower pace, then they might be able to use another power very quickly, but not in a single burst, more as a very highly flared power. I think that savantism with this particular power may actually allow this, as savantism allows for significantly greater control over the power's usage. In fact, it may be that the reason The Lord Ruler was able to sooth so powerfully was because he used Allomantic duralumin, but in a very controlled way allowed by savantism. He was also very powerful innately though, so this may not be the case. Even so, I think my idea still has merit.
  13. If a duralumin Ferring were to store their ability to form Connections while a Spren tried to Bond them, would the Spren be unable to form the Bond? Would the amount of Connection stored in the Ferring's Duraluminmind be increased because their is another source that they were potentially drawing from?
  14. If you were to put a large Feruchemical charge inside, for example, a knife, and then you tapped Feruchemical Duralumin (not from the knife, from another Metalmind) while using that knife, would the resulting Connection between you and that invested object allow for it to gain sentience? After all, Radiant spren need a Connection to a sapient being in order to maintain their own sapience in the physical realm, so maybe an invested object would be able to grow sapience by becoming strongly Connected to a sapient being.
  15. Anyone know what happens if you are burning Duralumin while also attempting to burn a stored Feruchemical attribute? I've been wondering about this since we see Connection Medallions and I'm wondering if they're filling them in a special way, or if this isn't as complicated as I think it is. In order to compound you first store a Feruchemical attribute in the Metalmind, slightly burn the Metalmind, which allows you to access the Feruchemical storage as an Allomantic ability, and then burn the Feruchemical storage granting a huge amount of that storage in return. By necessity to make the compounding work, you have to actively, if minutely, burn the Metalmind. Duralumin removes all control over how little you burn, instead expending all actively burning metals in a burst of power beyond what most Allomancers can do even when flaring their metals. The entire stock, which presumably includes the Metalmind. Maybe it isn't a problem, since A-Duralumin itself I think burns at a normal rate, but does A-Duralumin's effect apply to F-Duralumin? Do you get huge bursts of Connection and then you immediately extinguish A-Duralumin and then store or lose it? That probably wouldn't be a problem, except you have no finesse when you need to recharge (and who knows what happens when you repeatedly massively Connect yourself to... whatever). I know that Leechers can't affect Feruchemical stores normally, but I'm wondering if the "hack" that is Compounding opens Feruchemical stores to influence from Leechers, or if that would only would work when actively Compounding. At any rate, I don't think it would be viable to Compound Duralumin and another metal at the same time.
  16. Anyone know what happens if you are burning Duralumin while also attempting to burn a stored Feruchemical attribute? I've been wondering about this since we see Connection Medallions and I'm wondering if they're filling them in a special way, or if this isn't as complicated as I think it is. In order to compound you first store a Feruchemical attribute in the Metalmind, slightly burn the Metalmind, which allows you to access the Feruchemical storage as an Allomantic ability, and then burn the Feruchemical storage granting a huge amount of that storage in return. By necessity to make the compounding work, you have to actively, if minutely, burn the Metalmind. Duralumin removes all control over how little you burn, instead expending all actively burning metals in a burst of power beyond what most Allomancers can do even when flaring their metals. The entire stock, which presumably includes the Metalmind. Maybe it isn't a problem, since A-Duralumin itself I think burns at a normal rate, but does A-Duralumin's effect apply to F-Duralumin? Do you get huge bursts of Connection and then you immediately extinguish A-Duralumin and then store or lose it? That probably wouldn't be a problem, except you have no finesse when you need to recharge (and who knows what happens when you repeatedly massively Connect yourself to... whatever). I know that Leechers can't affect Feruchemical stores normally, but I'm wondering if the "hack" that is Compounding opens Feruchemical stores to influence from Leechers, or it would open them to it, but only when actively Compounding. At any rate, I don't think it would be viable to Compound Duralumin and another metal at the same time. A different look at this, could a Nicroburst Misting have slapped Miles, waited a second, and then shot him? Would that have burned all of his Metalminds, Health storage and all since Miles always had the compounding running and by extension was very slowly burning his Gold?
  17. So, I'm a bit confused as to how this actually works, but I can think of multiple ways it could work; 1. When you store Connection, you store all of your Connections equally. When you tap the metalmind, you tap all of the stored Connections equally. 2. When you store Connection, you may choose to store specific Connections, leaving others untouched if you desire, similar to storing memories in a coppermind or senses in a tinmind. When you tap the metalmind, you may choose to tap only specific Connections, making only those stronger. 3. When you store Connection, you store the ability to create new Connections and to strengthen pre-existing ones. When you tap the metalmind, you can create new Connections much more quickly, and make them much stronger than you normally can. So, which of these sounds most like what Feruchemical Duralumin actually does, or are none of them correct?
  18. So, this is the first time I've actually asked a question here since signing up, so if I accidentally break some kind of rule, please let me know. Hemalurgy seems to always warp the recipient of an invested spike, particularly with stolen human attributes. Since Identity is something that can be stolen via hemalurgy, I was just wondering if you were granted someone else's Identity, would your physical body change to appear more like them?
  19. Can you Duralumin burst aluminium? I mean it would be difficult as the aluminium would probably be looking to metabolize the duralumin anyway but can you even duralumin burst aluminium in the first place? What about Nicroburst touching an Allomancer, Mistborn or Misting, burning aluminum? Can you use chromium to leech someone's aluminium?
  20. So with the recent creation of the f-duralumin club, I got to thinking about interesting f-duralumin twinborn. Which made me wonder what allomantic powers heavily use Connection. The obvious answers are the ones that affect other people. Nicrosil, chromium, zinc, brass, maybe copper and bronze, maybe atium and malatium. So what would enhancing your connection do to these? Nicrosil and chromium generally require touch, which I think is to establish a basic connection with your target, and if so I think you could tap f-duralumin to leech/burst someone without touching them. I also think you could use it to generally strengthen any form of allomancy you use that targets someone else. But interestingly, and this would be useful even if you're not a twinborn, this would probably mean if someone tries to allomancy you, you could store connection to counteract it. If you're fighting someone who's burning atium, you could use f-duralumin to make it so that they don't see your shadows. You could maybe even mimic copper and hide yourself from a Seeker if you know what you're doing. So what do you all think? Am I completely off base here? Are there other cool uses for f-duralumin?
  21. Hello hello fellow wordlhoppers, after some thought I want to return to my favourite cosmere idea: Compounding with something else but Allomancy. The most likely candidate: AonDor. (Mistborn spoilers) Part 1: What is Compounding? and how could it work with anything else but Allomancy. Allomancy uses Metals as Keys to tell Preservation's Investiture flowing through them from the Spiritual Realm what form/effect to take. Iron tells it to pull, Steel to push etc. Feruchemy uses Metals as Keys to tell the (scadrian) body's own Investiture what form/effect to save as. A Compounder genetically has both the abilities to tap and save the same metal. If they activate a key (burn a metal) that is already a different key (already tells Investiture a specific form to take) the Investiture that the allomancer uses for allomancy (Preservation's) instead takes the form that the feruchemic key tells them. Part 2.1: AonDor with Compounding broken down like that, you might get where I'm going. What other kind of magic uses Keys: Selish magic. Specifically, AonDor. In AonDor, the Aon acts as a Key to tell the Dor (Dominion and Devotion's combined Investiture) what form/effect to take. Aon Ehe tells it to be Fire, Aon Shao tells it to transform something, etc. These Aons can be modified to be Keys for extremely specific purposes. Part 2.2: AonDor Compounding: Aon Deo Aon Deo is the Aon for Metal. My theory: I believe Aon Deo could be specified enough that, if an AonDor user made a metalmind in the shape of that specific Aon or inscribed Aon Deo into a Metalmind, you could channel the Dor through the Metalmind, using the Dor to power your feruchemical release similarly to how Allomantic Compounding uses Perservation's Investiture. What are the Implications of this: 1. If a person had both the ability to use a Metalmind and use AonDor, they could get massive amounts of certain feruchemical attributes without saving them beforehand by using Aon Deo to power them with Dor. Part 2.3: Nicrosil Source: What are the implications of this: 2. An AonDor Nicrosil Compounder could store a tiny bit of Investiture in his AonDeo Nicrosilmind, then activate it with AonDor and get basically infinite Investiture. 3. THEY WOULDN'T EVEN HAVE TO BE A FERUCHEMIST. Originally, I thought that if a Terrisperson managed to move to Arelon they might have a tiny chance to birth a Ferring who gets chosed by the Sheod. But read this again: Therefore, a Soulbearer could store their ability to use Feruchemy and another person tapping it would be turned into a temporary Feruchemist who has the ability to fill a metalmind (assuming the nicrosilmind was unsealed) If an Elantrian got their hands on an unkeyed Nicrosilmind, that temporary window would be enough to use AonDor to power it. Once the AonDeo Nicrosilmind is Compounding, it wouldn't be used up like in Allomantic Compounding. The Elantrian would have infinite Investiture. For Rosharans, this might seem arbitrary, but not for Elantrians. The Dor has local borders, it is difficult to use AonDor outside of Arelon, not even speaking of Sel. Using this Technique, Elantrians might be able to use AonDor outside of Sel. Part 3: possible difficulties with Connection Leaving Arelon might weaken the Connection to the land too much to use AonDor even with a source of Investiture. Possible Solution: Source; Elantrians could canonically tap Duralumin to use AonDor outside of Arelon, maybe even Sel. They don't even need to be a Ferring to do this. Anyone can canonically use a Nicrosilmind to temporarily become a Duralumin Ferring (see Bands of Mourning), I theorize that an Elantrian could use AonDor to Compound, turning the temporary abilities provided by a Nicrosil- and Duraluminmind into permanent abilities. This way, they could use AonDor without the Dor while also using the infinite Investiture provided by this trick to power their Duraluminmind to keep up their connection to Sel. > Be Elantrian > Aquire Nicrosilmind and Duraluminmind. > Tap Nicrosilmind while in Arelon. Become temporary Ferring. > Tap Duruminmind while in Arelon by activating your AonDor. Create infinite Investiture loop. > Permanently have infinite Investiture to power both your AonDor and the necessary Connection supplement to power it outside of Sel. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this theory and why you think it could or couldn't work!
  22. It has been confirmed that when an allomancer tries to burn a feruchemical metalmind that they themselves stored, they can sense a new power. This new well of power can be tapped without burning the actual metal itself, thereby creating a HUGE increase in power. Let’s say someone was a full Mistborn and a full Feruchemist. What is they stored some Investiture in a Nicrosil metalmind, they tapped the power with Allomancy. While getting the already boosted power, if they burned duralumin, would it affect the Allomantically tapped metalmind, thereby giving them enough Investiture to become a Sliver?
  23. After reading a series of Wob's on Enhancement Metals, I was curious about their role at Feruchemy. Here: zas678 If you burn nicrosil, will it deplete Feruchemial storages? Or just Allomantic? Brandon Sanderson Just Allomantic. /r/Fantasy_Bookclub Alloy of Law Q&A (Jan. 17, 2012) - Kaymyth I asked the question about chromium vs a Compounder with both Invested and un-Invested metals in both their stomach and piercings. Brandon Sanderson What it boils down to is this: 1) Yes, the piercings will get burned off. 2) The non-Invested metals go before the Invested ones. He said that because Invested metals are harder to affect, it takes a little extra time and effort to get them to burn off. So a Leecher trying to clean out a Compounder would have to get a good grip and hang on for a few seconds. 3) Chromium burns about as quickly as duralumin, so if you're trying to burn off a lot of metals, it is possible to run out of chromium before your target is clean. This would probably only be an issue when dealing with larger pieces (like jewelry) rather than your standard metal-flakes-in-the-stomach deal. ConQuest 46 (May 22, 2015) - Questioner Could a Leecher take away stores in a metalmind? Brandon Sanderson You’ll have to find out. That’s a RAFO. Calamity Seattle signing (Feb. 17, 2016) - Questioner What happens if you burn duralumin while Compounding? Brandon Sanderson Duralumin while Compounding. So, what duralumin does is it burns out of all of your metal in one burst. So it doesn't necessarily gain you power, it makes it all happen at the same time. The same thing would happen. Questioner Could you turn into a baby? Brandon Sanderson Oh, you could totally turn into a baby. That is within the power of using that, doing <health wrong>, yeah you could totally... You'd be really dangerous. Questioner But it wouldn't really do much? Brandon Sanderson Oh it would have explosive... it does things really fast. That's what it does. Yes you could achieve very powerful sudden effects through that. It'd be scary. Controlling it can be dangerous, regardless of which metal you use. Arcanum Unbounded Seattle signing (Dec. 1, 2016) - In the first question he answers that Nicrosil does not affect metalminds, which may indicate that the same is true for other metals. But in the second he replies that with Compouding the uninvested metals go before the Invested ones in the case of Chromium, in the third he presents a RAFO, and in the fourth he talks about the effect of Duralumin in the Compouding process. I first wondered if he changed his mind, but then I started a theory. I believe that normal metalminds are not affected by these metals, not even Aluminum, because Feruchemists do not burn metals after all. But, if you are a Double Twinborn (or somehow have the power to burn the same type of metal as the invested metals that is in your body), it becomes possible to affect even metalminds. Basically forcing your body (or someone else's body to do the Compouding process). Then Aluminum would have all of its metalminds burned, Duralumin would use them in a single burst, and its external equivalents would allow it to mess with someone else's Compouding process. What do you think, guys?
  24. So we know in addition to a radiant's stormlight, feruchemical gold (though perhaps only a compounder could get enough healing), and perhaps the surge of progression, but possibly not a non-progression honor blade, could restore a shard severed limb, but could pewter do this? Pewter seems to be pretty powerful for healing, but not nearly as powerful as feruchemical gold, but with duralumin, could it heal a shard-blade severed limb?
  25. So I've been thinking, I know ive seen somewhere that Brando Sando has said that there are ways to use hemalurgy without killing the person you're taking power from. So I thought hard about this because mostly I feel bad for Duralumin gnats. And especially with allomancy, feruchemy and hemalurgy becoming more mechanical and capitalistic in nature. What if they discover a way to transfer powers without killing the base person. By making use of the bind points and possibly stealing small portions of the power. Therefore in the day of capitalism and mechanical uses of the magic systems I was thinking duralumin gnats could sell their power out to people for a high price in long needled syringes filled the needles being the hemalurgic spike and the syringe being filled with the duralumin solution. Essentially being a super boost for an allomancer. A tad dramatic but honestly I think it's fun. Anyways what do you guys think?