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Found 3 results

  1. Long ago, brave warriors trained. They trained tirelessly, prepping themselves for duels. These duels would form the basis of the ultimate battle, the Challenge of Champions. Warriors of the likes of Rhazien Montague (@Mraize), Rashan Caer (@I think I am here.), Nei'an (@Gancho Libre), and Kalmar Beowulf (@Kidpen). These brave fighters battled overcoming odds. Their goal: Win for chrysts, honor, and valor. *** (Please note that this is an incomplete topic. More details will be edited in.) *** 16 Years Later Sir Cobalt stood triumphantly, another defeated foe laying before him. He turned and lifted his sword. He held up his microphone. "WHO IS NEXT!?!?!? I SHALL DEFEAT ALL CHALLENGERS WHO APPROACH!" *** Beat him and open up the arena for everyone to participate. Then, the Challenge of Champions will be born anew. Afterwards I will make a far more detailed post on the topic with the rules and such. Aforementioned post.
  2. Hey guys, I don't know if this has been asked or discussed before in this site, I ran a quick search and came up with nothing so far. I'm just wondering, in a battle between a mistborn and a man literally encased in iron, how would the battle come out? Now I know there's already a debate in Marvel about Magneto and Iron Man, but a Mistborn has so many other abilities in his or her arsenal, and I'd like to see how you guys think they could be used in a battle. Also, would Stark be able to out think a Mistborn and come out on top? I think this could be a really interesting topic to just theorize over. Knock yourselves out!
  3. This thought just occurred to me a couple of minutes ago: What do people on Roshar do for fun? So far, we've seen storytelling, hunting whitespines, hunting chasmfiends, fishing, courting, formal dueling, informal dueling, plotting, scheming, fighting, drawing, drinking, eating, cooking, sleeping, reading, writing, dressing, and killing bridgemen appear as activities that people on Roshar do. However, not every country on Roshar will have as much of a combat-oriented culture as Alethkar, which creates a conspicuous lack of pastimes in places like Azir and Shinovar. Also, I haven't seen any sports (other than dueling and hunting) on Roshar. Do they have any varieties of football, American football, baseball, basketball, tennis, or any other sport? I really don't see why they wouldn't, especially in places that don't have such a glorified view of combat. What do you guys think? How do people on Roshar pass the time?