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Found 23 results

  1. LG91 Night 8: Duel Hadrian, Jet, and Infinite. The last three stonefree souls in Earthen Truth. Everyone else was gone. Anyone who'd gone into hiding and defied the Stone Shaman's call had either fled or been killed by Tukari. But the Honorblades were still here. They'd all seen them. It didn't take long for them to turn on each other. Hadrian and Jet were the louder pair, Infinite quieter by far. They had to act. Infinite pointed a finger at Hadrian, but it was too late. A Blade swung and fell. And three became two. Infinite fell, a single Honorblade falling from her grasp. Ishar's Honorblade. One that had been hidden for much of this time. Never known to fall into Tukari hands. Hadrian and Jet shared a look. Infinite was innocent. One of them wasn't. InfiniteInsanity was executed! They were a member of the Shin High Council and the Bearer of Ishar's Honorblade! Ishar's Honorblade was redistributed! Jezrien's Honorblade has been claimed or redistributed! Vedel's Honorblade has been claimed or redistributed! Paliah's Honorblade has been claimed or redistributed! Shalash's Honorblade has been claimed or redistributed! Vote Count: InfiniteInsanity (2): Araris Valerian, Amanuensis / Ookla the Remembered Araris Valerian (1): InfiniteInsanity A few reminders/clarifications: The Tukari Invader win condition is to outnumber the Shin High Council, not reach parity with them. If all players die in the same turn, leaving no members of either faction alive, then the game will end in a draw. The turn will end on Wednesday, December 14th, at 11:00 PM PST. Player List:
  2. Context below, if you care about that: @Truthless of Shinovar and @Rosharan A.C. have accepted my challenge, and @Ghanderflaffle has declined it. @FatherTiempo's thoughts are unknown. @Lunamor and @I think I am here. have agreed to fight with me (until we know if a third person is joining the other side, only one of you can fight on this side, to be fair). Don't be too OP, don't godmod, be nice - this is all in good fun. From here on out all non-RP goes in quotes. *** Ene grins manically. Finally, she has a chance to fight for a series and author she enjoys. Scanning the dueling arena, she checks to make sure all her weapons are in order and smirks.
  3. Walker calmy stood at his side of the arena. He was ready for a fair duel, without fades, or wingless larkin. He spun his katanas in a circle. He would have to wait though. Still, target practice is always fun. Welcome! This is the contest of Champions, Walker vs. Lusk! @Ookla the Guacless is Lusk, I am Walker and @Ookla the Ookla is mod. Here are the combatants. Let the games begin!!!
  4. Welcome to the arena of valour! The flat sandy stadium you know too well has gone under some renovations, to the left, you can see a small lake! feel free to go for a swim there! To the right, you see a mock-village! excellent cover and hiding spots there! Good luck contestants and make this a show worth watching!
  5. Atticus stepped into the obsidian ring, breathing heavily. He wanted to kill. He was ready to kill. Fully equipped, he had huge power armor, reinforced power pack hidden in it, and his helmet back. But he had only brought two lenses. Two torturers lenses. He was here to die. And he was here to cause pain. That was why he was in the Arena of Blood. Three shades circled the perimeter, and it was filled with rivers of lava. Atticus knew it was heavily trapped. Atticus had already killed three here. Hopefully he would have an actual challenge this time.
  6. Devaan looked around after landing on the ground of the sandy arena floor, the grandstands were empty, and there was no opponent in front of him. Was he early again? storms. he really had to get better timing with the duel, he may as well get ready. Devaan slid 5 cards up his left sleeve, and 5 cards up his right sleeve into special compartments, no way anyone who isn't a tineye or a sparker would notice them. He draws two cards and holds one up, 9 of books; Aon Sheo and ties it to an awakened doll, creating an illusion that looks exactly like himself that walked around the arena, with the command: Imitate me. Strapping the second card, 2 of Boots; Aon Tia to the doll, he can now switch places with it by activating the card at will. Unfortunately, if Devaan drew sethramir, the illusion would collapse. It felt good to get into another duel.
  7. “Welcome everyone to the dual between Soul and Naermen!” The announcer proclaimed loudly. The sound echoed through the entrance where Soul waited in the dark. As the last word faded away Soul stepped out into the arena. Dual aluminum swords crossed on his back, cloak billowing dramatically, and his spren, El, spiraling around him in a reflective stream of liquid. Soul was slightly nervous, as he had never been in a one on one dual before, although he had been in a few dozen wars. Watching Naermen exit a tunnel on the opposite side of the arena, he started burning aluminum. El formed into a young women and hovered next to Soul. “What’s the plan?” “Hmm, since I’m not sure about her power set, let’s go with Toilet Bowl mixed with Rocking Chair. If that doesn’t work, we’ll come up with something else.”
  8. @I think I am here.'s character: @LopenTheTwoArmedHerdazian's character: The crowd goes wild! Fabrial spotlights dance around the arena, lighting up the gargantuan crowd around it. People cheer, throwing up their signs and eating their hotdogs. And Rashan stands in the middle of it. His opponent, Cuthbert, stands on the opposite side, waiting to attack. Rashan smiles. This battle will be over quick. (Lopen has agreed he will fight tomorrow, and we both agreed to start the thread now. Can someone please volunteer to be a mediator?)
  9. Rules the Guild Wars Tournament and match ups below. The Tournament will be renewed every month to ensure that guilds don't earn the reputation of being the worst. The Guild War Tournament is a duel of Honor and Valor, no deaths will be occurring. There is another tournament going on at the same time. This is the Challenge of Champions Tournament. This tournament is to see who is the best at fighting, this will renew every month as well. To participate Challenge of Champions one will need to sign up here via quote. We high advise Rp when participating in any duel or tournament. Important Note: Separate RP Threads will be made and tagged with the name of GuildWars: GuildvGuild. Ex. GuildWars: DAvGB Rules: Guild Matchup:
  10. Devaan, wearing a white suit with a black tie and a white hat enters into the duelling arena with a flash of light. He puts the card he was holding up back in his deck. "Aon Tia is a great way to get around," he says, remembering a duel where a combatant said the same, that was a tough battle, it ended in a stalemate. Devaan looks around and sees... no one? where is everyone? did he get the location wrong? was he early? he glances at his pocket watch, he's early. Devaan sits down cross-legged and absently shuffles his cards, waiting, subtly tapping three tinminds, for hearing, feeling and scent. If someone were to sneak up on him, he would know.
  11. @Gancho Libre's character: @MoHaam's character: The arena is empty, the bleachers uncharacteristically silent. Breaths are held, hands are clenched, people are hurridly striding back towards their seat, after having left to gather arena food. All is still. Then, the gigantic doors on either side of the stadium begin to creak open, and light floods into the otherwise dark tunnels beyond. Into the arena steps two duelists; two gladiators; two opportunists who have sought to claim superiority over the other. One, a man of average height, stunned the audience with an array of colorful clothing. The other, a scrawny man, bearing scratches and scars alike, wore a thick overcoat. "Welcome to one battle of many, the Contest of Champions!" The fabrial loudspeaker projected a deep and... inspiring voice. The silence surrounding the stadium shattered into shouts and cries. "Announcing the Competitors!" More screams from the crowd. "On the western door emerges Nei'an, a Scadrian. One the eastern door emerges Riathor, also Scadrian. Today, they battle for glory and honor!" The audience went crazy, as they always did for a duel. A couple of them pointed out that Honor was dead. The two competitors strode for the center of the arena, and once there shook hands, murmuring good luck for the other. However, both of them took the chance given to them to size up their opponents. And both of them soon became convinced in their ability to beat the other. "Announcing the Mediator, @Mraize!" The loudspeaker cried. The audience, if possible, yelled louder. Louder and louder as the mediator walked towards the special mediator box, for his presence signaled the beginning of the fight. Yelling, stamping, whistling, screaming, NOISE. Then silence again. Wonderful silence. None spoke. Preparations were being made. The Mediator prepared to mediate, the announcer prepared to announce, the entertainers, the fighters, prepared to entertain. Finally, the loudspeakers blared once more. "Mediator, are you ready?" Mraize nodded. "Competitors, are you ready?" Riathor responded by summoning his Shardblade, and Nei'an responded by pulling a bag-like package out of his coat. "Then BATTLE!" That last word seemed to be the ok-sign for the audience to resume their chatter, which they did with exaggerated tones. Mraize watched intently (or perhaps he took a short nap, but let's assume he watched), and the two opportunists situated inside the arena began to run towards each other with a dark, dangerous passion.
  12. Kidpen's Character: @Blazenella's character: Welcome back to the ring dueling fans! We have two fighters in the ring today. In one corner, we have Kalmar! He has come back from his loss to Rhazien to try and win back his honor in a duel. And in this corner we have Septimus! Here to settle a grudge over Kalmar's discovery of secrets. Let's have a clean fair fight here guys.
  13. Mraize's Character: BitBitio's Character: "And now," The Announcer shouted, "I give you the Champion of this Arena, Rhazien Voylderyin!" The Champion, Rhazien, strode into the Arena, a confident grin on his face. Put on a show. He thought. "And the Challenger, Kane Mentiz!" The Announcer declared. Here we go. He thought. This is what I wanted. The two shook hands. "Prepare to lose." Kane said.
  14. Mraize's Alleyverse character: Grey Knight's Alleyverse character: - The medics had brought him new clothes which he immediately put on. He was humiliated, yes, but he would do anything to win a fight. The medics supplied him with the original amount of breath he had from the previous fights and restocked him with stormlight. He breathed it in healing himself. Just then a man in Shardplate enters the arena. Must be the next match. Rhazien thinks to himself. He begins his exit. "You," the man growls, freezing and eyeing Rhazien hatefully. Rhazien stops and regards the newcomer. He sighs. Another challenger? One of the Medics gives him gold to tap. Health flows through him, healing him in a combined effort with the stormlight. He additionally taps bronze. Alertness floods him and he is able to stand up straight. “Yes? What about me?” The man before him draws a massive sword. It was impressive but nothing compared to his Athablade. "My name, Rhazien, is Drako He'Stan. You killed my father. Prepare to die." "Fine. I won't hesitate to murder you either. Who did I kill? I do that a lot." Rhazien replied, waving away the medics. "I think you'll actually remember him," Drako says. "He betrayed you, and the rest of TUBA, the moment you let him in." Drako sheathes his sword, frowning. "To be fair, Brother Daniel was a demonic rage machine," he said. "I'm glad that traitor is dead. But he was my father." Drako grabs his bolter and pulls on his helmet. "A non-lethal duel," he says, "to restore my family's honor. And maybe take down the current Arena champion. What do you say?" Nei'an, a man who wore no medical uniform, watched this, having somehow entered the medical wing of the arena. Nobody questioned his presence, because every time someone tried to kick him out, Nei'an would twirl his newly acquired knife in a careless, but threatening, way. "What's wrong with demonic rage machines?" He asked the strange man in Shardplate. "Ah, yesssss. I do remember him. I quite enjoyed that murder." Rhazien says, ignoring the man. Rhazien summons Atha as a greatsword and stabs the blad into the arena stone. "I agree to a non-lethal battle. If you win, your honor is restored, whereas if I win I retain my title, my dignity, and you will not bother me again. Do we have a deal?" Rhazien holds his hand out. Drako shakes Rhazien's hand, careful to not crush it into a fleshy pulp. Rhazien picks his sword back up. Readying himself.
  15. Please note that the poll above will not determine the outcome of the match but rather to see what you the members think. Mraize's alleyverse character Archer's Alleyverse character ---------------------------------------- "Welcome to the first ever Challenge of Champions!" An announcer booms. "Down in the ring is our referee, @MacThorstenson! Entering on the left of the arena is Mace, a Feruchemist! And in the right we have Rhazien Voylderyrin, a Elsecaller of the 3rd ideal and an awakener of the first heightening!" The arena is large spacious circle. Mace and Rhazien square up with Mac between them. "Let's review some of the rules. There will be no instance or circumstance where you will be allowed to kill the other. You will be allowed to maim the other combatant as long as you do not deal life threatening injuries. You are not allowed to leave the arena in at any time during the battle, shadesmar being the exception as long you do not leave the arena in the Cognitive realm. The match will only end once one of you yields. One will forfeit combat if either you break any of the rules." Rhazien shook his opponent's hand. "May the best combatant win, friend" "The same to you." Mace replied, firmly gripping Rhazien's hand. "Fighters ready yourselves!" Mac declared. Rhazien fell into flamestance, his inkspren, Atha, formed into a shardblade. Rhazien breathed in stormlight. The pair of them ha been give enough power to finish the match. "And so the match begins!" @Archer You may go first, out of the deepest sincerest part of my heart.
  16. Mraize's Alleyverse character: Kidpen's Alleyverse character: ---------------------------------------- Kalmar Roleplay: Relevant stuff: Once again, the announcer boomed from above: "What's this!? A new man has arrived to challenge the champion, Rhazien! In this corner, we have the reigning champion, an Elsecaller of the 3rd ideal, and awakener, Rhazien!!!!". The crowd boomed upon his name. "And in this corner, someone who apparently wears glasses, the challenger!" No one cheered at this. The enemies came forward to shake hands. "May the best man win" Rhazien said. "I plan too" responded Kalmar. With this, he put on his Firebringer's lenses and prepared himself for anything. @Mraize, you can go first.
  17. As he emerges from thin air, Lopen finishes his cookie. “Aon Tia is lovely this time of year. The instantaneous travel by no scenery is always a pleasure.” The Selian landscape had always intrigued Lopen, the lack of rock buds in favour of these green and red plants fascinating him, but sadly it had to go. He started rapidly carving out Aon Ehe on the fabric of reality, modifying it in ways that Elantrians would only be able to in a few thousand years, making sure that all that was left was a flat field. But that didn’t happen. To his surprise, the roses were untouched, and the faint bronze pulses that he thought he was imagining grew stronger. He had never felt such a strange pulse. It vaguely reminded him of Soothing, but so much more powerful. Even after he flared copper he could still feel their effect, their power being second only to that of a shard. And in the middle there rose an obsidian spike, a dark tower, reaching into eternity. “Rusts, forgot that Sel contained End-world. Guess we’ll have to be careful not to wipe out all universes.” He started remembering how before he was brought to Roshar, he had died. He was a happy man in his past life, dying while fighting with his friend against the onslaught of the army of the minion of the Crimson King. He went by Cuthbert back then. He remembered how after the battle a man who looked eerily like Wit told him that he had a role to play in another body, a role in the game played between parts of a god. And then he died, and was reborn without memories of his past, which he only regained now. He picked up a long revolver with sandalwood grips, as well as its pair. A tear trickled down his face, and he removed all but five of his abilities. He now had Aon Dor, was of the Tenth Heightening, and had the Surge of Gravitation (and with it the healing of a Surgebinder). And since @Nohadon was running late he started carving some Aons on his special bullets, which he then put inside a special aluminium casing.
  18. Raw speculation: The first five books are about gathering Roshar’s humans in Urithiru (“uniting” them). The gap between the arcs is the “Night of Sorrows,” when the Everstorm rises to submerge Urithiru in darkness. The last five books are about humans fighting back, causing Odium to question whether he can win. The culmination is the Duel between Honor’s and Odium’s Champions. My basis for this speculation? It just feels right…. There is one item of evidence – the image of the ten Shardblades held aloft against the Voidbringer hordes. I suggest these are the Honorblades, not KR Shardblades. Honorblades, we know, consume Stormlight. I think they consume any Investiture, especially if Nale’s “Sword of Retribution” turns out to be Nightblood. I speculate these Blades will be used to remove voidspren from the Voidbringers, returning them to their normal state. With his army gone, Odium chooses to Duel. I have more confidence projecing the saga’s ending. Brandon says he foreshadows that ending somewhere in the first two books. @zandi opined the story of Fleet (WoR, Chapter 59) tells that ending. I agree. I reconstruct that story to fill in what I think happens during the race. It goes without saying this is complete speculation and guesswork. Preliminary Thought: If @Zandi is correct, the race is the Duel of Champions. How then to explain the person Dalinar thinks is Odium’s Champion? I suggest (again with no evidence) that the ten former Silver Kingdoms each fall to a different Voidbringer army led by an opposing Champion. Each Kingdom has an Oathgate That’s why I think the first five books chronicle the human retreat to Urithiru. Dalinar sees someone recognizable who embodies the Thrill. I think he sees Nergaoul in possession of the “unmade” soul of the recently murdered Sadeas. The Thrill is peculiarly Alethi. KR in Dalinar’s "Starfall" vision (IIRC) say their warrior class congregates in “Alethela.” I speculate each Odium Champion is a listener “god” in a mortal's form who has ties to that Kingdom. When Odium fears he may lose, he calls upon his true Champion, the “God of Storms,” IMO a corrupted version of the Stormfather. Let’s begin the final Duel of Champions: The storm begins in the east, so it’s not the Everstorm. But the chapter never identifies the storm as a highstorm. The reference to the “God of Storms” could mean the Stormfather or the listener’s Rider of Storms. Again, I speculate Odium has injected his Investiture into the Stormfather, giving Odium control over the storms. If Odium controls the Stormfather, does that mean Dalinar is the “one who betrays us” from the WoK back cover? Nale mentions the danger of making the Nahel bond oaths without Honor. Maybe this is what he means? Through the corrupt Stormfather, who makes a corrupt Nahel bond, the Bondsmith himself is unknowingly corrupt? Fleet’s description matches Kaladin. Fleet runs, he doesn’t Windrun. That suggests the storm doesn’t hold Stormlight. I think this confirms the storm is not a highstorm. Fleet’s soul is a “sun.” On Roshar, spren are “souls,” and Syl is Kaladin’s “soul.” I think Kaladin must hold Stormlight to glow. By then he’s a full Windrunner and can store and use Stormlight with peak efficiency. He must saturate himself with Stormlight. I have only guesses why he doesn’t fly. Maybe running conserves Stormlight better. Maybe Odium set the Duel rules. Or worse, maybe an unknowingly corrupt Dalinar set the rules, thinking he was acting Honorably. Could that be Dalinar's betrayal? Kaladin runs out of Stormlight, but still makes it into Shinovar: I think the storm “wilts” because it loses its Investiture – Odium’s Investiture – when the storm hits the mountains east of Shinovar. Highstorms likewise lose Stormlight there. IMO, that’s why there are no spren in Shinovar. As with the Voidbringers, pulling Odium’s Investiture from the storm leaves it in its natural state. The Stormfather, the personification of Honor, recognizes Kaladin’s sacrifice to protect Roshar. Is there anything more “Honorable”? Kaladin fully merges with Syl. His body is dead, but their fully-mingled soul remains, “forever free to race the wind.” And that’s how humans defeat Odium. What their prize is – Odium leaving Greater Roshar with reduced power? – is unclear. A final thought: I think Cultivation is more prescient than Odium. I think she knew the terms of the Duel he would someday want to fight. She prepared for that day by making Shinovar a sinkhole for Investiture. She won and reaped her revenge on him for killing Honor. Highly speculative, but what do you think?
  19. duel

    Hi, I was just wondering how the power of Fullborns would scale with regards to Heralds. In particular, how would Kelsier or Spook (who are similarly powerful) match up against a Herald? Assume that both Fullborns have access to all 16 Metals (in unlimited quantities), but no God Metals, and that Herald has access to unlimited Stormlight and is one with offensive capabilities. Furthermore, how would The Lord Ruler have matched up against a Herald? All 10 Heralds? Thanks
  20. Before the homecoming game, the cheerleaders decorate the football team's lockers. In Alethkar, girls write prayers for their gentleman suitors to burn before a battle or a duel. This is how I imagined the preparation room in the dueling arena, and the glyph painted prayers for good luck and victory. In my mind, Soulcast rooms are a homogeneous shade of beigey brown that get decorated or carved later if people want to get fancy about it. And Alethis like curved architecture because it's functional, and it translates to curved archways and supports in building interiors because fashion. Those are real Shardblade stances! Full image - CLICK TO OPEN!!! Process pic:
  21. Did some doodling late one night while I had the "Scroll of Stances" page from Words of Radiance open, and decided to scan it in and do something with it. Now I have a nifty new desktop background. :-D Drawing Shardplate used to intimidate me and now I think I have gotten more confident with it. I still prefer bigger, bulkier looking designs because it feels more dangerous and threatening - a Shardbearer jumping into a fight is described like being hit by a boulder. If you want the desktop bg version, send me a PM.
  22. Annnnd my wife's second attempt at drawing on the Surface.
  23. As the title states, which team do you think would win in a duel, given that all of the magic systems work simultaneously. Team 1: Pre-Radiance Kaladin; unconsciously uses Stormlight as he did in Bridge Four, and has no shards. Vin at her strongest (But not as Preservation); plenty of Allomantic stores. Hrathen, ability as shown in Elantris. Enough said. Team 2: Raoden at his best, able to make use of AonDor. Denth in Warbreaker, plain beast. Eshonai in Warform and in full plate. Place of Battle: Elantris, Sel. Who do you think will win? Feel free to justify below