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Found 18 results

  1. I had some drawings I liked and I thought it would be fun to share. I'm not sure how regularly I'll post though. anyway, here's our favorite sad boi and a kind of ok Syl
  2. Hey everyone. Please move this topic to the relevant subcategory, can't really make up my mind where it belongs. I'm trying to get a ltattoo based on the Mistborn stories but all the tattoo artists I checked with haven't read the books yet. So I'd like to check if I find anyone here with drawing skills who'd be willing to help me with the design that I can then get to the tattoo shop. Thanks in advance! /Andrea
  3. Hello Fans! A friend and I want to get a tattoo of the glyph for Honor in the calligraphic style. I have drawn it out but for 1) I'm not if it's right, and 2) I can't make it pretty. Can anybody help??
  4. Ok so this is a thread were we can put our maps (real and fake) that we have drawn or found cool (credit must be given) and get critiques or to let people see cool stuff. This might need to go in Creator's Corner please tell me if it should. I will edit in my maps later
  5. From the album Memes!

    This also applies to me when i finally have time to draw.
  6. It is KILLING ME to not know what Eshonais Shardblade looks like in full. And yes it is Eshonai on the front cover of Way of Kings because Daliner Blade has a "hook-like shape" and Eshonais is "wicked and barbed, like flames frozen into metal." like a flamberge. If someone could please redraw the Shardblade from the cover I would greatly appreciate it.
  7. How similar does this look to your mental image of Sarene?
  8. From the album Fused

    My interpretation of a fused from Oathbringer.

    © Matthew symonds

  9. So I've already posted a few Sanderson fanarts in the official gallery, but I figured since I have a bunch of other drawings that aren't Sanderson-related, it would be a good idea to start a topic here for them. =) I think I'll go generally in chronological order from oldest to newest to show how I've evolved as an artist. My favorite medium is colored pencils, but I also sometimes enjoy scanning the pencil drawing into the computer and creating a digital version of it. So far I've only used Corel Painter X for that. I used to draw a lot of full-body shots of superheroes, including a few characters I created myself. The first one I ever finished (at least, of the ones I have saved on my computer) was Spider-Man, with the help of a "How to Draw Spider-Man" book. I'm not sure of the exact date that I finished this one, but I'm fairly sure it was in the first half of 2009. I would have been 14 at the time. Next up: Carol Danvers as Ms Marvel from Marvel comics. I copied this pose from an image of Rachel Summers as Phoenix in an X-Men Encyclopedia. I'm even less sure of the finish date for this drawing, but it was sometime between 2009, when I finished Spider-Man, and summer 2010, when I uploaded it to my album of art on Facebook. One of my favorite X-Men is Gambit, so he got the fanart treatment too. Same possible date range (2009-2010) as Ms Marvel. This is the full-body superhero (well, supervillain) drawing I'm proudest of: Mister Sinister, the bad guy behind the Morlock Massacre in the X-Men comics. I'm fairly certain I drew this sometime between summer 2009 and summer 2010. The X-Man Nightcrawler is the reason I chose to learn German instead of some other foreign language in school. Same possible date range as Mister Sinister. This is one of my OCs, created to be a member of the X-Men. He doesn't have a name so far, except for Phillip. Another superhero OC that I call Velocity. (No prizes for guessing what her superpower is! XD) This was the first time I created a background for any of these drawings. (Spider-Man doesn't count because his background is just a boring brick wall that required zero creativity.) So all the art I've posted thus far was completed before July 2010. I'll make another post with more recent projects so this one doesn't get too image-heavy.
  10. I've recently tried getting back into art after a looong recess where I didn't have time and fell out of the habit of regular drawing. I'm remembering how I struggle with feet. Hands I love. I can draw hands all day. But feet and shoes, no. I love it when characters wear floor length dresses. Or I go super lazy and have them conveniently standing behind a random crate. >_> I also draw people fairly short. I'm only 5'2, so drawing tall people is very, "But why are their legs so long? Is this normal?!" o_o So artsy folk, what's your drawing nemesis? Same for writing folks, you're pretty much doing art in your head. What do you struggle with visually? Character design? Scene setting?
  11. I did one of these a while back, but it died. And because I want to get better used to drawing digitally and am feeling rather uninspired at the moment, here we are. You can submit your OCs below and I will try to get to all of them, however I might not have time to draw all of them, depending how many people submit. This is on a first come, first serve basis. If you did submit your OC last time I did this, you can submit the same one again. I've gotten a lot better in the past year. In your description, please include the following: Hair color, length, and style Eye color and shape Skin color (this includes any moles, freckles, or birthmarks they may have) Body type Outfit (if you have reference photos, that's even better ) Other assorted oddities (horns, wings, robotic arms, extra eyes, etc.) Personality Interests Short rundown of their backstory If there's any other important information about the character, include that too. Reference photos of any kind are encouraged. I can draw the character in three ways: as a bust with multiple expressions, as a full body with a dynamic pose, or as a close up + a full body sketch. You can specify which of these you would prefer, however, it really depends if I'm more excited about their design or their personality. I'd also prefer you don't request any specific poses. I'd like to choose my own based on their personality/backstory. I look forward to drawing your characters!
  12. Original character designs I've been developing -- Jasnah is in the works. I would love to hear any critiques/tips you all may have!

    © Elizabeth Kunkle 2014

  13. I once showed my friends younger brother (he is 9-10ish) a picture of a chasmfiend, and he fell in love (he like sharks, dragons, dinosaurs, that ilk). He has asked me to draw him a chasmfiend for his birthday, which is in a little less than three weeks. My question: Should I trace it out of the book and color it in, or should I just stare at the book and try to draw him an original picture? Or should I do something else entirely? Help would be greatly appreciated. ((And I'm sorry, I had no idea where to put this topic. Q&A? Stormlight board? Hidden in the depths of the Reckoners RPG?))
  14. Heyo! I'm drawing OCs, for both practice and my own enjoyment. If you want to submit one of your OCs, you can do so below. In your description, please include the following: Hair color Hair length and style Eye color Skin color (this includes any moles, freckles, or birthmarks they may have) Body type Outfit (if you have reference photos, that's even better) Other assorted oddities (horns, wings, robotic arms, extra eyes, etc.) Personality Interests If there's any other important information about the character, include that too. I can draw the character two ways. Bust or full body. Bust will be them from the shoulders up, from three different angles, with three different expressions on their face. Full body will have only one angle. I'd prefer if you didn't request a pose for the character; I'd rather come up with my own, using the info you give me. Specify which way you want your character drawn. I'll try to get to every character on here, but it's first come, first serve. if I haven't drawn your character yet, I'm still working on other ones. I look forward to drawing your characters!
  15. Hey! I've been working on a few drawings recently and I thought I would share them now! So tell me what you think of them! Also if you want to suggest any other ideas of what to draw from the stormlight archive that would be great. The first drawing is my depiction of Adolin. I kind of what to work on this some more, but I thought it looked good enough to show you guys. Adolin is suppose to be really good looking with messy hair in a military uniform. My second drawing is my new depiction of the NightWatcher. Now there isn't really a description of her in the book so I really had freedom to draw what ever I wanted.
  16. I've decided to run an Aon drawing contest. To enter, simply post a reply containing an image of your hand-drawn Aon. Bonus points will be awarded for combinations of Aons. Chasm lines not required. I'm accepting entries until Tuesday, February 10, so start drawing now, amateur Elantrians! (Also, PM me if you'd like to help judge. Judges cannot enter.)
  17. I grabbed the hires version of Shallan's sketches of Pattern (after it'd been underwater), and messed with the brightness and contrast until it's pretty much decipherable. It appears to be made up of lines? They're not exactly tendrils or tentacles, they don't grasp or reach, they just keep circling and multiplying and combining into different patterns. The lines always seem to be connected, either at the centeral root of the Pattern or by dividing off from a root line. The delicate shapes mix and overlap and reduce by multple dimensions. It almost seems to phase in and out between two and three-dimensional space. I think it prefers a surface to connect with, but I have seen it swim through the air on rare occasions. It certainly presents some sense of depth, but the Pattern doesn't appear to possess any consistent dimensions in terms of size. I am almost certain that I have seen this Pattern somewhere before. It shares some resemblance with the creatures I observed in Kharbranth but without the body and those strange robes. Is it possibly a child or variant/servant of theirs? Words in bold I'm not sure of.
  18. All right everybody, So I have been working on some drawings for fun of a few things from the stormlight archive (mainly WoR). I've just done two drawings so far, but I wanted to share them with you and see what you think! The first drawing was my own interpretation of Nightwatcher. There haven't been any real descriptions of what she looks like so I could go in any direction I wanted with it. I drew her mysterious and mystic abilities. We aren't exactly sure who/what she is. This is probably what you would see when seeking out a boon from her. I think she turned out pretty good, though I kind of got the feeling that this is what a Parshendi could look like too, what do you think? "It was as if the Nightwatcher toyed with them, playing some forbidden game of chance, occasionally setting the men on his game board as allies, then setting them to kill one another the next day." There next photo is Kaladin getting his ShardSpear, it's a little more simple of a drawing and I thought it turned out all right. This one could use a lot more work, but I thought it was good enough to just through it up on here. He's in the storm ready to fight Szeth, so tell me what you think?? “Death isn’t better. Oh, it’s easy to say that now. But when you stand on the ledge and look down into that dark, endless pit, you change your mind. Just like Hobber did. Just like I’ve done. I think you’ve seen it too.” (These should look better quality too... Don't know why they aren't )