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Found 4 results

  1. Brandon said that he does plan to eventually start giving out Dragonsteel Prime and maybe Way of Kings Prime. "so long as you're okay waiting a few years." But knowing Brandon, "a few years" is probably 5-10 Brandon Sanderson I'm going to release [Dragonsteel Prime] digitally (likely for free) eventually. The thing is, I don't think the book is very good--so I kind of don't want people reading it. And beyond that, there are a few things in it that are cosmere spoilers--AND more than a few things that are no longer relevant to the cosmere. I realize it's a curiosity, however, to cosmere fans. I just don't feel it's equal in writing skill to my two other unpublished books from that era (White Sand and Aether of Night) despite them also having their problems. I haven't been able to bring myself to say, "All right, here you all go. Read it" because in some ways, it's way more personal for me than the other weak stories from my unpublished days, because it represents me trying very hard (and failing) to boot up the cosmere, so it's extra cringeworthy for me in that regard. lexarbraums This just made my night, so thank you! That being said, I feel like you have the kind of fan devotion that would allow for a type of “podcast paywall” or “YouTube patreon” situation where those that would want to learn more could be offered some additional information (like Dragonsteel) without having to make the trip to BYU. I know I would! And I know I would understand that I’m paying for the right to see a rough draft. Brandon Sanderson I understand this. I think I'm going to experiment with offering Way of Kings prime first, as that one's not quite as bad. I will say this: eventually, I'll release Dragonsteel. I think it's inevitable that I'll bend and give it to the fans, so you don't need to make the trip, so long as you're okay waiting a few years. Phantine Maybe also drop Mistborn Prime/Final Empire Prime the next couple times there's a gap in your publication schedule? They're technically accessible through email, but having them on the website would make things easier to discuss, and it seems like an easy way to throw a little red meat at the fanbase without putting in too much effort (and you could stretch it out by just putting up 1 or 2 chapters a day). Brandon Sanderson Yeah, there is enough serious fan and academic interest in my roots as a writer, that I should probably do this, as you suggest. Let me find the right way to do it. VioletSoda Maybe you could release a digital anthology of all the Prime/Unpublished works? Brandon Sanderson I'll consider the right way to do this--but either way, I will start trying to get them out to people. General Reddit 2019 (Oct. 6, 2019)
  2. Last week Edgedancer, a Stormlight novella featuring Lift after her interlude in Words of Radiance, is out as a standalone hardcover, ebook, and audiobook. Edgedancer, thus far, has only been available in Arcanum Unbounded since last fall, but now if you have everything else in Arcanum Unbounded, you can now get it. It's a great way to tide yourself over until Oathbringer on November 14th. This release of Edgedancer also contains the Lift interlude from Words of Radiance, too, so you get all the Lift goodness. But wait, there's more, and this stuff is really cool. It's the final Bridge Four chapter from Dragonsteel Prime, and it's a doozy. Check that one out. There's real genuine cosmere stuff on this one. Realmatics! Go check it out, and feel free to discuss it in our Unpublished Works forum. Lastly, on Friday we got another Way of Kings annotation, on chapter 3. It talks about Shallan and Kharbranth. It's pretty neat: Shallan wasn't in Way of Kings Prime, and Kharbranth's origins were a pirate city. Sweet.
  3. Another week, another set of updates! Of course the big one is more Oathbringer: Chapters 22-24. Discuss them in our forum topic. Or, if you missed last week, check out our Oathbringer chapter index. Next up we got two Dragonsteel chapters (which clearly are coming out Monday and Wednesday): Bridge Four Chapter 5 and Bridge Four Chapter 6. This one is pretty cool too, because we get to see a creature we've never seen in the cosmere before. Also, there's a ton of [REDACTED], so that's fun.
  4. Happy Monday to you all! There's lots of news (and some older news we haven't covered), so let's get into it. First up, we have two new chapters from Dragonsteel Prime: Bridge Four #2 and Bridge Four #3, ending with Jerick becoming a bridge leader. Speaking of bridge leaders, we have a new annotation for Way of Kings, talking about chapter 1. It's interesting, as it makes sense that chapter would be controversial (the book has a prelude, prologue, and chapter one before we get a viewpoint from a protagonist), but ultimately seeing Kaladin flash back to those events is much more powerful. Next, we got the back cover blurb for Oathbringer in a tweet last week. This is different from the publisher's synopsis. Each of the back covers of Stormlight books are in-world and are written by things we've seen, in fact. So here's the blurb: Yup. Whoa. I love these things, so it's awesome to see this. Discuss this and more in the Oathbringer spoiler board. Next, and onto older news, on September 17th, according to the progress bars Apocalypse Guard Draft 2 is done. Nice! Lastly, we have some very old news from earlier this summer that I'm aghast we have not talked about on the main page. Admittedly, you guys all probably knew this already, and we've suspected for years this was the case. Mistborn: Birthright, the Mistborn video game, long delayed, was canceled July 24th, 2017. A statement from the CEO is: I'd link you to the original post, but they also deleted their Facebook page some time after that. RIP Birthright. I'll say that, though the lack of communication was extremely infuriating and their optimistic time schedules were maddening, I appreciate the candor here. I too would eventually love to play and stream such a game. All right, I think that's everything that we've missed so far. Stay tuned for tomorrow for another batch of Oathbringer chapters.