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Found 2 results

  1. Based on WOBs, we know people not from Nalthis are not Drabs, but if someone not from Nalthis gets one breath and then gives it away, does this still hold true? Is the breath less intertwined with their soul than a Nalthian and this they have about a Nalthian level of soul, or just slightly less, even without a breath, or would having gotten a breath open them up to becoming a drab? I suspect the answer to that is know but I wanted to check to see if everyone agreed.
  2. Members: skaa (President and Founder) Cheese United Curiosity Kipper (Mascot) Lindel Screwloose Shlee Non-RP version: This guild is for two kinds of Sharders: 1) Those who enjoy role-playing as non-powered or low-powered underdogs who use their ingenuity to outwit/avoid stronger Superpowered opponents, or 2) those who don't like role-playing at all and would rather spend their time writing or discussing theories. If you identify yourself with either kind, feel free to request for membership. RP version: I, the skaa named skaa, self-proclaimed President and OMSF1Founder of the Investiture-Challenged Awareness Society (henceforth referred to as the Society), have decided to extend my invitation to all drabs, darkeyes, pure skaa, and anyone else who've been oppressed by the Invested Aristocracy or otherwise oppose said oppression, to join our2 Society of free, well-informed, well-armed, and spike-free Investiture-Challenged beings and Invested sympathizers. The Society's message is two-fold: The only Investiture you need inside your body is the Spark of Life. Aside from that and any Innate Investiture that you have no control over, all other forms of Shardic power ought to remain outside of you, where it cannot pollute your Cognitive Identity, your "self", the very meaning of who you are. Having no "special" Investiture must not prevent you from living a full, happy life even in a community full of "special beings"3. Our goal, therefore, is to eradicate the notion that decent, hardworking Investiture-challenged beings ought to kowtow to the Invested Oligarchs, or even yearn to be similarly Invested. We do not need to mutilate our bodies with the dirty spikes of Hemalurgists, or mutilate our minds with the foreign moralities of barely-sentient Splinters. Nor do we need to inhale foul Breath or choke on glowing metal nuggets. We, the Investiture-Challenged beings of the Cosmere, shall survive with our selves intact, proud of our minimal Shardic influence, and ready to face the dangerous worlds of our dwarf galaxy with heads4 held high! In order to achieve this goal, the Society shall promote learning, scholarship, and the advancement of technology in all the Shardworlds of the Cosmere. Yes, even Investiture technology, for as long such technology will only be used on non-sentient targets5 and will not unduly Invest an Investiture-challenged being. With all these in mind, if you are interested in joining the Society, please read the two simple rules thereof: Rule 1: Reject Noble Mentality Aside from the general idea that Investiture-challenged persons ought not be oppressed, this rule may be interpreted by individual members as they see fit. What do you hate the most in our Invested So-Called Overlords? What of their excesses do you detest? Whatever your answer, strive to do the opposite. If you hate their ostentation, revise your gaudy signature and use a more modest username. If you hate their reliance on brute strength, stop role-playing as the Fullborn Sliver who is also a Returned and (inexplicably) an Epic. Stop doing what you see in them. Be the Anti-Noble you want to be. Rule 2: Be a Scholar of Investiture Strive to learn everything about the forms of Investiture in your chosen Shardworld/s. Aim to be more knowledgeable than the majority of our Invested oppressors, then spread the knowledge to your fellow Investiture-challenged brethren. Ponder on the Words of the Creator, also the Words of His Assistant, searching for clues as to how best to use Investiture without Investiture using you. If doubts and uncertainties exist, be brave enough to formulate your own theories. Do not rely on Invested scholars who think they know everything about their power simply because they have it, or who think that their limitations can limit us; the Creator has shown that they are often wrong. *** If you are willing to follow the Two Rules of the Society, then I welcome you with open arms. Members shall each receive an Investiture-blocking kit, an aluminum gun to be used only in self-defense, and a lifetime supply of aluminum fragmenting bullets6. -- 1 Only Member So Far 2"my"Yes, it's our Society now! 3 freaky abominations (no offense meant) 4 covered in simple but tasteful aluminum-lined head gear 5 and Nobles; but only for... noble... purposes. 6 Electricity is such a wonderful thing.