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Found 9 results

  1. Hey folks! @Honorless has had a fantastic RP idea, wherein our characters are all new in T’Telir and have been conned or forced to give up their Breaths. As Drabs, they then try to get a Breath or more back. This allows us to RP weaker characters, and in a setting that is used less than others. Quote boxes for OOC from now on, be fair and don’t godmod, you guys all know the rules I’m sure. Active Characters: Inactive Characters:
  2. Not sure if it was discussed here already, and it's not exactly on topic, but I've been reading the book for the past few days, and I can't stop thinking about the way of healing that can be used to cure any and all physical diseases very efficiently. All you need is one person with high enough awakening and one Drab. Basically, the patient gives his Breath to Drab (I think just giving it to random item might also work, but not sure if a person with one breath can even infuse it into the item), then the "healer" gives his breath to the patient, the patient is cured of all ailments, and then the breath is returned to the healer, and original breath is returned by the drab to the patient. Surely there might be some crimes involved (e.g. breath terrorism, when someone pretends to be I'll and takes the breath of a healer, and then refuses to return it), but with necessary precautions it's possible to eliminate most of the problems. (E.g. performing healing in a specific colorless room so the patient can't awaken and run away, etc.). Still it's a bit risky, since someone might just refuse to give up stolen breath even if they are threatened to be killed, and I'm not sure how to solve this problem completely (unless it's possible to force anyone to give up their breath using torture, but that's probably not true). Very few people would be willing to try and steal from healers, if it was established as the highest offense. Sure, if they succeed, they can gain potential immortality, but if they are tortured and crippled permanently, breath won't help with that, so there is little point unless you want to specifically destroy the big quantity of Breath at a cost of your life. Which still may be a viable enough reason for the spies/terrorists of the enemy countries, but that's pretty much it. Please correct me if I'm missing something, but to me this sounds like a very viable method, and even the most pious members of both religions should be able to see the clear benefits of using it. There are no downsides besides the point that one person needs to hold a large quantity of Breaths of different people. But as long as those people are willingly sold those Breaths (which already happens anyway), or just donated/sold the Breath before their death (since it doesn't seem like Breath is actually a soul, just some sort of power). It doesn't seem like the Breath of a dying person is significantly worse than breath of a healthy person, as long as enough breathes are collected this way, a healer can be born. Healer himself will get an obvious benefit of living an extremely long life, even though his position comes with obvious risks (e.g. their life is worth a ton of money, so they are an obvious target for kidnappers). There is also a risk that healer may try and escape, but it can be solved by treating healers like monks (e.g. if they give up on their position, they will have to return the breath, while their original breath can also be temproarily given to a Drab working at the temple).
  3. If you would like to enter the club you must respond with the phrase "My life to yours, my Breath become yours." We have cookies, catered by the DA. Only for drabs though. *Disclaimer* There is no malicious intent at all in this offer.
  4. Everybody on Nalthis is born with one breath, which gives them some investiture. People who are not from Nalthis don't have any breaths. If they are a Knight Radiant or an Allomancer, they do have some investiture in them, but the average person does not. You can get investiture from other sources, like when Vashar/Zahel gets Stormlight and uses it as breath, but the average person doesn't suck up stormlight on a daily basis. The only two worldhoppers we've seen in Warbreaker are Hoid, who has breath (we know this because he has perfect pitch) and Vashar, who was born there. So if a random person from another planet came to Nalthis, would they be seen as a drab?
  5. Hey Sharders! In Warbreaker there is a scene where Vasher is without Breath completely, making him a Drab. As we learn later, Vasher is Returned, so wouldn't being without Breath kill him? Returned need a Breath a week to survive, but what happened to Vasher's one Returned Breath? I know Vasher can change how he appears and all that, but how does that hide his aura?
  6. I am reading the Warbreaker Annotations and this make me think: Therefore my doubt is: May a Returned heals a Drab ? And May he/she heals an other-Shardworld's Human?
  7. Nightblood consumes investiture when drawn. First he will eat up all your extra breaths, then he will eat your divine breath (if you have one), and finally he will consume the investiture that makes up your soul. Then you will be dead. But the thing is, drabs don't have innate investiture. So if a drab held Nightblood, what would happen? Would the drab survive? Would Nightblood run out of batteries and fall asleep? Or would something weirder happen?
  8. Fact 1: Transfer of Breath to one object requires draining the color of another object, usually turning it grey. Fact 2: When a person transfers all of his Breath to a target (e.g. by using the Command "My life to yours, my Breath become yours"), the color drained is his own. The person loses color, turning dull, becoming "Drab". Fact 3: A Drab is a Nalthian with no discernible Innate Investiture, meaning he does not exhibit the physical enhancements given by the Shard Endowment to all Nalthians at birth. Note that being Drab doesn't necessarily mean one has given his Breaths away to someone else; he might have simply hidden it in an object, or suppressed it the way Vasher and Denth do. Fact 4: Perfect Invocation, the power to drain colors from objects so completely that they turn white, is one of the powers achieved upon reaching the Tenth Heightening (~50,000 Breaths). Now, suppose a person with Perfect Invocation gives away all his enormous store of Breath. Does his ability mean he will turn white instead of simply becoming dull-colored? Does he become a White Drab? If so, what would that entail? If being a regular Drab means your Innate Investiture is removed, what else was removed from a White Drab? His Spark of Life? If so, is a White Drab simply a Dead White Drab? That would normally be true for one of the Returned, since giving away their Divine Breath is fatal to them. But a Returned could learn to suppress his Divine Breath, as I said earlier. In fact, that must be how the Hallandren God Kings pass Peacegiver's Treasure on to their successors, by suppressing their Divine Breath before performing the transfer. And as we know, Peacegiver's Treasure is what gives God Kings their Tenth Heightening, and therefore their Perfect Invocation. Too bad we don't see a Hallandren succession ceremony in the book. I bet the previous God King would literally turn white the moment he gives away the Treasure. *** But wait, wasn't Peacegiver just another name for Vasher? Why then isn't Vasher white? The answer is simple. A Drab regains color when obtaining Breath, and Vasher obviously obtained at least one Breath a few days after handing over his Treasure (otherwise he would have died). Unless Vasher regains Tenth Heightening at some point in the future, he'll never have the chance to become a White Drab again. *** I still haven't discussed how I think White Drabs experience the world. We have virtually no clue at all about it, actually. I think it would be fun, though, to speculate on interesting ways White Drabs might perceive things. I invite you guys to contribute. Since regular Drabs see the world as less bright and less colorful, what if White Drabs see the world in monochrome? Let's make the speculation more interesting. I propose that this monochrome vision is related to Identity: Things that have stronger Cognitive Identity appear darker to them, and those with less Identity appear lighter. In other words, I boldly speculate that White Drabs can see the Nalthian Cognitive Realm, and that this is the key to Nalthian Worldhopping.
  9. I've been thinking a lot lately about who the Terriswoman Worldhopper may be in Warbreaker. In fact, this idea is what brought me from a lurker to a regular board member a few months back. However, I wanted to dig a little bit deeper and get some WOB on the subject before posting anything. Thus, I specifically ordered a personalized copy of Warbreaker just to ask Brandon a question to try and unearth information about the appearance of non-Nalthians on Nalthis. There's been some speculation about who she may be in Warbreaker, but nothing confirmed. Kurkistan has hypothesized that she may be the Nurse, and got a really gleeful RAFO from Brandon. While I like this idea, I began to think that Jewels may be our Worldhopper, for many reasons: 1) She's a random Drab with a group that includes two of the five Scholars of Nalthis 2) She's in love with Arsteel, which implies that she probably has known him for quite a while. Also, Denth seems okay with the fact that she loved him, even if he thinks it's strange that she still sleeps with Arsteel. 3) She is often off-page gathering information, which seems to be a common strategy for worldhoppers on other planets. 4) What better way is there to look inconspicuous on Nalthis than being a Drab? The first two points, for me, are closely related. According to WOB in the Warbreaker Annotation, Jewels joined the group because she was in love with Arsteel. How long ago did she fall in love with Arsteel? If someone is a Drab, they get sick more frequently (according to the same Annotation), and in this world without healing capabilities, I find it hard for them to have a terribly long lifespan. Thus, it's possible that she fell in love with Arsteel a long time ago, and really isn't Drab. Also, Denth seems okay with the fact that she was and still is in love with Arsteel/Clod. If she were some new recruit to the team, would he really be okay with this situation unless they've known each other for a long time? Would he be okay with the fact that she’s Clod’s primary keeper? My speculation is that she may have been a part of this team for a long time and knew the Five Scholars from times past when Arsteel probably reciprocated her love. As we know, Worldhoppers have ways to either be immortal or extend their lives. Could this explain how her relationship with Arsteel/Clod is acceptable to Denth? The question derived from this situation, however, is that if she’s not really Drab and can extend her life, does Denth know what she really is, but is okay with it? The third point is mostly just speculation. We know that Worldhoppers seem to be big on information gathering, and Jewels is often off-page doing just this for Denth’s group. For example, Demoux and co. are gathering information to hunt down Hoid. Hoid seems to be extremely Cosmere aware (but not as aware as Khriss!), and to get that aware, you have to gain a lot of knowledge from information. Nazh goes worldhopping to Shardworlds to make sketches to share with some unknown party. Jewels skills seem to be along these lines as well. Additionally, if you were a Worldhopper, wouldn’t you want to collect information on the Five Scholars? This seems like the best opportunity to learn about the investiture of Nalthis. Thus, maybe Jewels fakes a relationship with Arsteel initially (only to really fall in love with him), and joins the group to gather information about Awakening, Returned, BioChromatic Breath, etc. For the fourth point...if you’re a Worldhopper on a planet that isn’t your homeworld, wouldn’t you want to look drab or at least not stand out? Well, on Nalthis, a Drab is a good option to sink into the background unnoticed! They look…plain, drained of color. Nothing special about them and their characteristics. Yes, I know that Awakeners wouldn’t be able to sense them, and this would stand out, but Drab’s are common enough that that they probably aren’t as surprised by Drab’s as Vivenna was when she first realized Jewels was a Drab (page 226 of the first edition PDF). She was probably surprised because she only had just reached a Heightening to have life sense. To test my theory of if Jewels could be the potential Worldhopper, I wanted to ask Brandon a question, without directly asking him point blank if it’s Jewels; I wanted to avoid the RAFO. Before I reveal my question and Brandon’s answer, I want to highlight a comment that Kurkistan posted from Oct., 2013 that helped frame my question: This one statement made me think that if Jewels is our Terriswoman, maybe her investiture from Scadrial would make Awakeners perceive her as Drab, even though she’s not technically Drab. As Kurkistan mentions, we don’t have explicit confirmation on how they would appear. Thus, here’s the question that I ultimately asked Brandon (and the capitalized word was indeed capitalized in my question for emphasis): Brandon's answer: At first I didn't like this answer because it meant Jewels was not our Worldhopper. However, I believe that it answers Kurkistan's question: Non-Nalthians are NOT Drab, and are in fact seen differently. An Awakener would be able to potentially pinpoint a Worldhopper out because they look different, new even. Now that I think about it more, while Jewels is most likely not our Worldhopper, maybe Vivenna, who had never "seen" a Drab before, misidentified her? Probably not though...