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Found 1 result

  1. Cycle 2 Absodel walked quietly through the dark streets of the city, small pockets of light shimmering out from side streets where the wealthy lived. He was going to meet his aunt to watch some movie about people who walked on skies. Sounded pretty normal considering all the epics these days. If his aunt had known about his internship he doubted she would’ve been taking him to see a movie about people with powers. He’d helped cut open more than a few already. He fiddled with his scalpel as he walked, flipping it in the air and opening a palm to catch it. It didn’t come back down. Looking up in confusion he saw a dark figure that appeared suddenly in front of him, cloaked head to toe. “Who are you?” Absodel took a step back, reaching in his back pocket for a surgical tool he could use as a weapon. “You shall kill no more.” The dark figure moved quickly, halting any chance for Absodel to cry out. … “Chief I think I found something.” The officer stepped forward, handing the bag with the bloodied contents to his superior. “What is it?” The chief flattened the bag to get a clearer look at the object inside, holding it up to the light of his flashlight. “I believe it’s a scalpel, sir.” ... "We should kill Sart for being so bloodthirsty!" A voice from the group called out, soon joined by plenty of other voices. "What did I do??" Sart threw his hands up in unbelief. "That guy suggested we kill someone so I said sure cuz I didn't see anyone else actually carrying through with anything." "Yeah he's right!" Another voice chimed in. "We should be focusing on people who aren't even here because they could be out plotting against us!" Everyone nodded in agreement. Noticing Absodel's absence from the discussion they set out to find him. "Hold it." One of the men shushed his companions, and pointed around the corner of the dark alley. They peeked around the corner to see police lining the street. "Oy, that's Absodel's stupid scalpel, ain't it?" The group shushed the man who'd spoken and quickly left the area not wanting to be caught in the city during their secret assignment from the doctor. It looked like someone had gotten to their target first. _______________________________________________________________________ Coda has been attacked and lynched! He was a Loyal with no items. Vote Count: Cycle 2 has begun! This cycle will last for 48 hours and end at 1 PM CST on Monday the 23rd. Good luck! Player List: Black Market: