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Found 4 results

  1. Why does Ulaam want all sorts of body parts? I think he's a kandra right, but can't kandra make all human organs and tissues besides bones? What's the benefit of a kidney or a liver except to learn to copy them? Also why does he keep himself grey and corpselike? Maybe this is all answered. I'm only halfway done but I couldn't get this out of my head
  2. Any Doctor Who fans out there, or am I the only one? If so, who's you favorite Doctor and why? Who's your favorite companion and why? What's your favorite story arc? My favorite Doctor is 11. (Matt Smith) Because he's always playful until something serious happens. Then the gloves come off and he's a total boss. My favorite companion is Rory. Just because he's so awesome. He's nice, caring and patient. (Need I remind you of the two thousand years he spent guarding Amy as a plastic Roman Centurion?) He may not be a huge manly man, but he is brave and does whatever it takes to protect Amy. My favorite story arc is probably The end of season five. You know, with the whole "Pandorica Opens" thing. That was pretty great. Although Blink, the 50th Anniversary (can't remember the actual title at the moment) and the Day of the Doctor are pretty great too!
  3. Doctor Who has always been a favorite of mine. I watched the series in order, watching the classic, then the modern. My favorite Doctor, by far, is Patrick Troughton. But through the modern series, it lost a charm that the classic series had. Exploration. Every season in the modern Doctor Who has had some sort of story arc, kind of shutting out the actual purpose of Doctor Who, which was to show the universe to an eager new companion. Yes, there have been small story arcs in the classic series, but there have been only two seasons where it revolves around one arc, that being The Key to Time and The Trial of a Time Lord. Learning new things and exploring new planets is what it's supposed to be about. Don't get me wrong. The story arcs in the modern series have been amazing, but less about building character and learning. That's one reason why. The other reason is the Doctor himself. (Or because of recent events, herself.) He has had many faces, but there's always something unique about him. It's awesome. Like Colin Baker. His time as the Doctor was short, and sadly, is considered the worst Doctor by some. I personally love his forwardness and brash attitude. There has never been a Doctor that I didn't like. But the flame is dying for two reasons. One is Jodie Whittaker, the Thirteenth Doctor. I don't mind BBC casting her, but her casting has lost support from a lot of the fanbase. My friend has vowed never to watch Doctor Who again, which is sad. To me, thirteen is the number where things start to wear out. I will still watch it, but I don't know what will happen. If we reach the Sixteenth Doctor, I may quit too. It's sad. Christopher Eccleston was brief, but great. David Tennant and Matt Smith were amazing. Peter Capaldi was the beginning. His first season took some getting used to. But by the time, his next seasons rolled around, he was awesome. Now with Jodie Whittaker, I will cross my fingers. If they pull this off, Doctor Who will live on for a while. If they don't, I will pray for their souls.
  4. Hey, not the best pic, just done with the computer paint program. This Kaladin, lashed to a wall, and looky there, its the TARDIS, driven by the Doctor, aka, Hoid, aka Wit. I guess that explains how he travels through the time and space of the Cosmere.