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Found 8 results

  1. Anyone listen to the JRWI podcast? I personally love it, even though I don’t play DnD myself. I highly recommend it, it is super funny even when it is supposed to be serious. If you don’t know about it I do have to give out a strong language warning, and quite a bit of it. It is well worth the cussing though. Each person separately is also great, especially Charlie. Anyways, here's the YouTube channel. If you want to try a random one that isn’t involved in the rest of the story I recommend one of the one-offs, my personal favorite is the superhero one (I believe it's called Uh oh, we’re superheros!) but they aren’t in YouTube. You can find them on Spotify, podbean, iTunes, yada yada. Anyways, watch JRWI.
  2. So Ruin&Preservation was just some weird opposites attract thing where one can't just be alone without the other interfering so that makes sense. Honor&Cultivation settled together because they're romantically involved so that one is quite obvious. However how did Aona and Skai end up together settling on the same planet when the shards they held don't seem to gel well by concept ? Do you guys think it is personal like they personally know each other enough that they trust each other to settle together ? Are they previously romantically involved as well ( tho Sanderson did say they were just business partners of sort but I think I read some wob there was something more) ? Or after picking up the shards did with their warped personality both made a conscious agreed decision together as they foresaw they would work out well for their personal shard intents ? It feels like their settling on the same planet together like how two friends/strangers who have different personalities just decide to become roommates or something. Their case is a curious as if I think about it Dominion and Devotion sounds almost as disastrous as R&P. Any relevant wobs ? Speculations ? Thoughts
  3. Hey there, so I know there are already official tabletop games for the likes of Mistborn but I'm wondering if anyone out there has created their own homebrew games or adventures? I'm trying to homebrew a DnD 5e adventure and got thinking of setting it upon Nalthis, most likely have the party teleported to the world so they are strangers to the land just as the player will be. I think it would be best if I just ignore certain facts of cannon in the Warbreaker world to make the adventuring smoother, and to run with the idea that upon entering Nalthis our adventurers becomes invested/awaken to the fact that they now possess a breath and can eventually learn the intricacies of Breath and Heightening. All this I hope to simply stack on top of the core Dungeons and Dragons mechanics rule set. Anyone out there who has tried making their own RPG adaption got any pointers or advice on how to organise this kind of cross over?
  4. So just a quick question but what D&D classes and sub classes would you put Stormlight characters into? Some I feel are pretty straight forward like Adolin being an Eldritch Knight Fighter, but it could get a bit more nebulous like Renarin I could see as a Knowledge Domain Cleric. Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts and how many D&D nerds are also Sharders
  5. Greetings! I wanted to post some fun creative projects I did for my DnD group. Myself and the fellows I play with are all involved in a Recovery program and I love Brandon's work for the reflections of recovery I see in them, as well as their awesomeness! So! These are our inspiration tiles! I am an amateur Blacksmith and have begun dabbling in engraving as well. I hope to produce more Cosmere inspired work. They read, "Exprerience, Strength, and Hope" (one word per tile) and then I ethched the symbol of the Bondsmiths on the back of the Hope tile because I love Dalinar's journey and the ideals of the Bondsmiths.
  6. A friend of mine and I needed to create a new character for our Pathfinder campaign, and we decided on making a Mistborn class, and decided to share it with the forums, he provided the pathfinder knowledge, I helped with most of the Mistborn semantics. You can find it here. The reason there is no rules for copper/bronze, and other allomancy-based metals, are because we don't plan to encounter any other allomancers in the campaign. The class is meant to be as balanced as any other, unlike many other Mistborn classes we have encountered.
  7. So, having looked at the adventure game, it looks fun, however, being the stubborn d20 enthusiast I am, I want to build dungeons and dragons 3.5 or 5.0 classes, races, feats, etc. for mistings, twin born, ferrings, and mistborn. anyone know how to write balanced classes? Or can help me start parsing the physics of allomancy?