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Found 27 results

  1. worldbuilding

    It's been more than four months since the Other Side of the World thread was posted, and people (thank you @Arky-boi and @I think I am here.) have done some great worldbuilding around the concept. Here's a thread to consolidate what we have so far. If you have any comments, questions, or additions, post below!
  2. We all know that Nightblood is a heavily Invested object. I had the thought that it would be interesting if he was used as a Hemelurgic spike, but then I dismissed the thought due to the aforementioned Investment. However, he is sheathed in an aluminum sheath. I was just wondering if it was possible to use his sheath as an aluminum spike to rob someone of their powers. Aluminum "removes all powers" and I remember reading a WoB that says Hemelurgy doesn't always kill the subject. Iirc Hemelurgy also works anywhere in the cosmere so long as you have the knowledge of spike placement and the Intent. I admit I don't understand aluminum or its hemelurgical abilities very well. Thoughts? I hope this inspires some discussion! If there are any WoB you know to refute or support please share!
  3. Somewhere after finishing WoR, I remember going online and seeing a thread on Reddit about creating a new thread called r/stormmoash. I was vaguely amused, I most certainly did not expect it to become what it has become today. Stormlight has had some less than True Hero™ characters. This complexity has always been part of what made me love the series. Some characters, like Shallan and Adolin as well as Elhokar are quite notably polarizing. I would count Dalinar in that group too post-Oathbringer. Some are more reviled: Sadeas, Amaram and Moash. To my surprise, opinion on Kaladin too seems to be quite divisive, mostly due to the existence of the previous characters. He is pointed out as being more traditionally heroic, in contrast to the other characters, on top of being depressing. He seems typically moral than the more complicated history of Dalinar and less fun to read or interact with than Adolin and Shallan. Some people have also taken issue with Kaladin's view of Lighteyes. Dalinar: I feel already tired of explaining my views on him. There are two new threads where I have put forward my views on him "moral miscalculations of Mr Sanderson in Oathbringer" by Parallax and "Dalinar's Genocide" by Hakusho Slick. Shallan and Adolin mostly come under heat because of their casual racism. Many seem to be thoroughly incensed by Adolin referring to Kaladin as "bridgeboy" as well as his comments on "the world changing" when "even darkeyes have access to Shardblade", the fact that he makes that comment about women having Shardblades also tends to draw frowns (although it is notable that he makes that comment in a positive manner, offering to teach Shallan how to properly wield a Shardblade) One of the most quoted things for hating against Shallan is the same scene with Adolin, where he makes the comment mentioned above about Shallan's worry about seeming feminine while lugging about a Shardblade. She responds by thinking "thank you for comparing all women to peasants".... Oof. There is the infamous boots scene with Tyn where she bullies Kaladin into giving her his boots. Before that, once again with Tyn, they both try on something (I forget, eye drops? lens? I think it was the former) to darken their eye colour so they could move about freely. Shallan is very excited to shed lighteyes propriety. Then she suddenly gets really worried that there might exist something to make darkeyes seem lighteyes. The point I'm trying to make by going on a spiel about these characters' various controversies is that these things are discussed. Negative opinions and accompanying evidence are examined, others' point of view seen as valid, arguments and counter-arguments are made, and so on. I'm not saying Moash isn't discussed. I've seen the threads and topics. For example, the Vyre discussions. I'm pointing that a disproportionately large amount of disliking Moash seems to have become popular simply due to trending. Oh yes, what he did was not okay but we have characters like Sadeas, Amaram and Roshone right there beside him. Moash killed Elhokar at a pivotal moment. Elhokar did genuinely try to change and was close to swearing his Ideals. Moash succeeded where the others (except Roshone, RIP Tien) didn't, as Sadeas failed in his Battle of the Tower plot and Amaram failed to dispose of Kaladin. But there are no threads or discussions simply dedicated to only hating on any of these other characters. I mean discussions like Shallan Davar disgust thread do exist but the Moash thing has gone out of control. Moash has the aforementioned very famous hashtag on reddit, where people simply drop in to say that they hate him with almost the same frequency that they say "I am Stick". There are discussions dedicated to simply hating on Moash. As well as various other such threads on who would kill Moash, etc. People casually drop "I hate Moash" or variations thereof, which get upvoted a lot. These comments often seem to be there for the sole purpose of getting upvotes. There has a become a cycle of *positivity* around the activity of dissing on this character. Here's the meat of the matter though, the name Moash actually doesn't seem to generate as much hatred as Sadeas or Amaram. It creates amusement. He isn't hated nearly as much as he is associated with lighthearted online banter. People make a "dynamic entry" with a post about how they hate Moash, generally get positive feedback and that's it. This is especially popular on forum games. (I have to admit to having dropped Moash's name in a similar manner but I did it to gauge receptiveness to disagreements against popular opinion during one of my first posts on this site. I had just come from reddit, I wanted to see how people would react. With burns or actual arguments. Thanks to AonEne for providing the latter.) People seem to find hating Moash funny. I'm genuinely curious (read: very worried) if someone will come and comment "I hate Moash, lol" or "this guy is #Moashdidnothingwrong" or just go "storm Moash" If you feel strongly about it, try to keep your comments restricted to Moash's actions against Elhokar and Kaladin. Edit 1: I forgot about the Shard's policy on cursewords. I think the real name of the reddit thread is obvious though Edit 2: minor grammatical corrections Edit 3: thank you for the upvotes, guys! Edit 4: I explain my rationale for creating this topic here: Edit 5: @AonEne's response to the same
  4. So the surgeons oath 1. Protect those in most danger. 2. Protect younger people if the danger is the same. 3. Of someone is beyond help move on to the next one in line. This is so obviously a windrunner ideal I'd be surprised if I'm the only one who noticed. 4th or 5th ideal what do you think?
  5. Do we have any theories on what Odium's way of splintering a Shard is? My suspicion is that one of the reasons he doesn't like investing in planets is because that is his avenue of attack. Presumably, once a Shard begins investing in a place, they give up some control over this invested power, and make it available for whatever/whoever they invest in to utilise. Odium, then, corrupts or co-opts a Shard's invested sources and turns them against their own Shard. In effect, he turns a Shard's outgoing invested power inwards towards itself to weaken and shatter it into splinters. This works similar to how condensed Atium, when taken away from Ruin, weakened him. Except in Odium's case, his corruption of the Shards invested sources makes those sources actively fight their own Shard. So not only does the Shard weaken by loosing access to it's own power, but that power is actively working against it's own intent, drawing more and more power from the Shard, inevitably leading to eventual splintering. Now Odium seems to have been forced to invest in Roshar. And Cultivation has seen him shatter Honor. Odium literally is about to potentially invest in Taravangian and Moash. What's your take on this?
  6. Who are your favorite characters among the roleplays of the 17th Shard? Who’s your favorite to write? Who’s your favorite of someone else’s? Who’s your favorite in each RP you’re in? Least favorite character (if you mention someone else’s for this, be sure to only use valid criticism - if any at all - and be respectful)? Characters who are fun to write, characters who are challenging to write, character concepts you’re super proud of, characters who flopped from the beginning who you want to hide away until everyone forgets you wrote that crem ...discuss it all here. Have debates about characters’ morality/views, powers, etc. Ask for help in building a character profile. Talk with people about how to best write someone with a mental disorder, a certain sexuality or gender, or a behavior/personality type, whether you have firsthand advice or are seeking help. Also relationships, those complicated things between two or more characters. Talk about them too. Basically, you can do all the character things here, for any Shard RP you want (or even non-Shard RPs). If you feel it’s warranted, add spoiler tags for major events in a roleplay, if they affect what you’re talking about. HAVE FUN, ROLEPLAYERS!
  7. Major Oathbringer spoilers and dark/adult themes to follow. I don't think this topic has been brought up on the forums, so I'd like to start a serious and considerate discussion of a topic that merits consideration. Be warned and don't read on if you're uncomfortable with discussion of genocide in general, as well as specific mentions of historical genocides. I've hidden the contents to make sure that those who would rather not read about the worst crime a human can commit can avoid doing so. If this is your cue to exit, have a lovely day-- if not, here goes: Thank you very much for reading my wall of text. Please be respectful and mindful of these darker topics if you choose to reply. Beyond that-- happy reading. Journey before Destination.
  8. First time on the 17th shard forum but I was just thinking on back when Jasnah used the transformation surge at long range and I was wondering if other surge binders could mess with surges at long range (like a skybreaker or windrunner changing an object's gravitational effect without touching said object). Cause all I can think of is Szeth walking down a street pointing finger guns toward things and them just exploding.(I have only read way of King and am partway through Words of Radiance so please no spoilers). I'm hoping to start a friendly discussion. : )
  9. This is a thread for proposals for the end of era. My proposal: Blood plague, investiture targeting, makes people go insane and murderous.
  10. While it is true that the alleyplanet doesn't act much like a planet, I do feel like there should be something on the other side of the world. I had an idea about islands brought to life by the alleystorm, but I'd like to hear the ideas of other people. So, what do you think is on the Other Side of the World?
  11. The Long War Welcome, all, to the Alleyverse Lore Project- a mission to fill in the gaps of the RP with written history and lore. This first project will (I hope) cover the events of the Long War, a 16+ year conflict between the Black Crusade and the forces of Chaos. The hope is that the finished work could help inspire new characters and roleplayers, giving them hooks and story ideas to carry to the rest of the Alleyverse. How differently would your Twinborn act if they had lived through the brutal Siege of Bassopolis, where the mighty Phoenix destroyed half the city battling a Helldrake? What if your Radiant was a reformed cultist, worshiping the Dark Powers before bonding a spren and escaping from the southern wasteland? What if your master swordsman had won their Shards by campaigning with the Black Crusade? Primarily, though, this project aims to produce stories and legends for the Alleyverse, through expanding every guild’s history in the 16 years of war. So, without further ado- I give you the starting point for the Long War: The Winter Siege, when the foul Death Guard battled the Black Crusade for months in the frozen streets of Newcago. Our first goal is to flesh out both armies involved in the conflict- their leaders, their history, and their culture. We’ll also determine the significance of the battle, and how it affected the balance of the Long War. No Warhammer 40k knowledge is necessary. Remember, anyone can pitch in. This is a collaborative project, after all- I’m not the insane dictator secretly ruling from the shadows. The only requirement is that we stay on topic Now- let’s do this. The Black Crusade
  12. Hi all! It's me. My friend @MoHaam refuses to log onto the shard (for some reason. I have tried every day to bring him back on) And has quit the RP, he has, however given me permission to put his character up for adoption, If anyone wants to adopt his character, comment here. Anyone that for some reason or another won't be on the shard for a period of time can choose to put their character up for adoption. Here's MoHaam's character, I have asked him about any additions and this is what he told to write:
  13. I've started venturing in the Alleyverse, and have read the four threads that make up the main plot. What other things should I (or any newcomer) read to be up-to date in what's going on in the Alleyverse?
  14. I run a book club at my university, and the book for this summer is Way of Kings (and possibly WoR and OB as well). We're having mini-meetings every part. I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas for discussion questions or topics or just interesting things they noticed for different sections? For part one we talk a lot about opening world building and first impressions, for the future I have some topics planned (Jasnah's Lesson, Dalinar and authority, The Side-Carry). It's a bit tricky cause it's about 3 first-time Sanderson readers, 2 people cosmere veterans, and one person who's read the rest of the cosmere but is a first time SA reader and I'm trying to make discussion interesting for everybody but non-spoiler-y. Any ideas?
  15. If your on this site, then you probably already know that Brandon Sanderson is a pretty good author. But I want people's opinions, is he the BEST? If not, then who is? What makes him a good writer?
  16. Hello all, This is my first time starting a topic on these forums and, well, my first posting ANY topic on ANY type of forums. So like I said, a beginning. Anyway, I just listened to Writing Excuses for the first time, despite seeing constant updates from Adam on Brandon's website about it. This weekend, I tried it out by listening to both the most recent episode and the very first episode. I gotta say, I've been missing out. I really enjoyed listening to it. Just out of curiosity, who are the other people that are part of the podcast? Brandon is the only one that I specifically know of.
  17. I've been a fan of Feuchemist since I read the Final Empire. It may not be as impressive as some other Sanderson magic systems, but I find it brilliantly practical! Practical enough that Feruchemy could seamlessly be used in the real world. Assuming you were powerful enough to get away with using very little metal for a Metalmind, which single Feruchemical power would you personally want? Limit yourselves to top 3 choices and please explain your decision. (Atium is an opinion if you are so inclined).
  18. So I've been taking a coding course recently and when I get code that I don't understand what's wrong with it, I naturally turned to the awesome people on the 17S Discord server. From there I was advised to start a thread on here. So after looking around, I didn't see a thread that was related to helping out with programming help. So I figured I would start this, and if people either need help or are willing to give it, they could (hopefully) come here. So that's pretty general, but hopefully it works out. Recently I've been trying to figure out jQuery, and to test it I have a bunch of checkboxes and radiobuttons. I'm trying to get it so that one is selected, the background turns a different color. I have the html and the css all set up, so I think it's a problem with the code. $('.left, .computers input').click(function(){$(this).parent('.input').toggleClass("formfocus");}); The code isn't inside a (document).ready, but it is inside a <script> element at the end of the <body>. So I was hoping some of you guys who are more experienced with jQuery could tell me what I did wrong. Debuggers haven't been able to help and the tags are all proper, so I'm pretty stuck right now.
  19. So Paladin Brewer has been to San Antonio signing and asked a question I asked him to ask (lovely grammar is lovely...). To not-just-my surprise, it wasn't RAFO'd. Without further ado: Q: Is Threnody in the same planetary system as Sel? A: Yes, it is. I dare say that's quite a news - Sel and Threnody at the very least circle the same sun. One may even be a moon of another. We can probably guess that whatever messes with Sel's cognitive realm to make it dangerous is connected to whatever makes dead people into Shades. I've been having this thought for a while that Sel may be the Homeland of Threnodian history, and this only seems to support this. A short distance between the two would mean that it'd be easy to escape from Sel to Threnody, and the planet may've been named in memory of those who didn't manage to run away. This would also suggest that the Simple Rules come from Selan arts (AonDor, ChayShan, Bloodsealing...), not to mention that Forescouts (Silence's family), who were supposedly one of the first people to leave Homeland, were worldhoppers. What is probably more important, something chased Threnodians away from Sel. Odium returning to finish the job it started? Events of the elusive Elantris 2? I have no idea. Of course, it could also be that Threnodians are just one culture from Sel that was hit especially hard by Odium paying a visit to splinter Devotion and Dominion - hit hard enough to worldhop to another world to escape it. This would explain why their names are so different from the cultures we've seen so far (Silence and Theopolis vs. Shai and Raoden). I honestly don't know what to think of this.
  20. So, does anyone read current comics? I read a couple, mostly Inhumans and Avengers. Excited for Civil War II?
  21. All right. So. If you're here, I'll assume you've finished Calamity and, as a Reckoners RPer, are ready to discuss what this means for the game. If you have not finished Calamity, read no further. Objectively speaking, there are some things that have the potential to cause problems. Partial redemptions will still be canon, though it seems as though full redemptions won't be possible. Calamity didn't seem to rule out any existing power types—no more than Firefight did, anyway—but it looks like we can continue without too many major changes. Now I'll add my opinion. I didn't like what Sanderson did with the weaknesses, and I didn't like the way he tied them back to Calamity. Firefight made them into PTSD triggers, which was so deep and complex and added so many more layers to the Epics we knew….and then Calamity shifted the focus back onto Epics being smug and imperious because Calamity was smug and imperious. And the way Calamity could just take a normal fear and punch it up to insane levels felt shallow. So, if we're going to deviate from canon, I recommend we stay with the assumed definition of weaknesses as tying back to an Epic's past trauma, and being resolved by the Epic facing that trauma for the sake of someone else. I confess: I suggest this partly because the way I have Funtimes' redemption sequence planned, it wouldn't work nearly as well if the "to save someone else" caveat were observed. But I also think that the canon definition risks making Epics more shallow, and it plays into the way we've been writing our Epics better. Thoughts? Opinions? Angry rants for the Dark Lord Zorblag?
  22. There's a question to be asked: Why Nalan hunts Surgebinders? Or rather: Why does he believe that Surgebinders may cause Desolation? Let's get a timeline. I'll be puting quotes in spoiler tags. There were no Desolations before humans were on Roshar. At first, Heralds were the only Surgebinders. At one point, spren figured out what Honor did and started bonding humans which resulted in Surgebinders. Heralds became patrons of the Orders, at the same time imposing organisation on them. We know that between Desolations Radiants fighted with some monsters (Dalinar's vision with Midnight Essence). We know that Heralds are sent back to Roshar before Desolation. We know that if they stay too long after Desolation ended, another one will start. Aharietam and Recreance: The Last Desolation was 4500 years ago. There is a connection between Heralds tortured and Desolation. Kalak seems to believe that if Odium cannot torture them to break them, he can't cause a Desolation. After Heralds walked away from Oathpact, Knights Radiant did not leave their posts. Steel stores physical speed. When Recreance happened, one of the soldiers in Feverstone Keep mentioned that Radiants should be fighting devils on the front line. So even after Last Desolation monsters showed up. After Recreance there were probably no Surgebinders (or next to none, since spren turned away from humans). Honor was Shattered after Recreance (or maybe Tanavast survived Shattering long enough. It is nor clear or known.) since it is in one of the Dalinar's visions Modern times: Taravangian believes that Desolation happens when Heralds break under torture and that spren came back because it was to happen. Stormfather forbidden spren (or maybe only honorspren) bonding with humans in fear of Recreance happening again. He has to accept Words, though. Stormfather sent Dalinar visions as demanded by Tanavast. These visions request Dalinar to refind Knights Radiant Spren started bonding humans at least ten years ago (Shallan's childhood) Nalan hunts Surgebinders down because he believes that Surgebinding may cause Desolation. Voidspren started showing up en masse after "Taln" returned to Roshar. But Venli is suspected to bear stormform earlier. True Desolation seems to be triggered by chain reaction: stormspren start hijacking Listeners -> large number of stormform Parshendi exist -> Voidbringers summon Everstorm -> Everstorm circles Roshar carrying more voidspren, triggering more Voidbringers out of formless Parshmen But Radiants existed for a long time after the Last Desolation, until Recreance. When Heralds abandoned Oathpact Jezrien said "There is a chance we might end the cycle of Desolations." But that wasn't their intention, they wanted to get free of the torture. They seem to consider End of Desolations as a side effect, not the primary goal. They know that Odium is somehow bound by their torture and they're afraid he will find a way around them not returning to the Damnation. True Desolation seems to be different to the regular Desolations, but we do not know why. The question is, why would Nalan hunt Surgebinders since they existed before without triggering Desolation? Why is the True Desolation different from the previous Desolation? How is it different? What is the exact connection between Herald's torture and breaking under it, their return, release of voidspren and start of Desolation? Do spren sense Herald's coming near to point of breaking? Discuss, provide more quotes and WoBs you find relevant.
  23. The thing that gets on my nerves is when people say that Brandon's books and their description and excess is boring. If only the knew of the cosmere and all the hints and clues that they are saying should be edited out! That and when people call Pat Rothfuss, the founder of a charity organization, a money grubber.
  24. So a free excerpt from Calamity came out today, showing us a rough draft of what may be the first couple of pages in the book. What did you guys think?
  25. I've seen this come up in many threads but have yet to see a thread devoted specifically to the topic so it seemed appropriate to start one. The question here is, what exactly do we know about the process of Hemalurgic decay? Take particular note of any apparent contradictions as they likely mean a gap in knowledge where we can start to speculate. Below are the points that we know. This is only what is actually evidenced in the books or confirmed in a WoB, not dealing with theories on the subject (we'll get to those). For the sake of this discussion we should have some standardized terms. The terms to be used (so we all know what we are talking about) will be as follows: Hemalurgist: The one performing the act of spiking Donor: The one whose power or attribute is being taken Host (Changed from Beneficiary): The one who is being spiked and thus gaining the trait Hemalurgic Construct: A creature like a Koloss or Kandra who has gained or lost traits through Hemalurgy that are not directly connected with the powers or attributes granted by the spikes. Note that Inquisitors are not in this category as we have no direct evidence that they have any effects from Hemalurgy other than the direct powers of the spikes themselves. Laws of Hemalurgic Decay A spike left outside of a body loses charge at an indeterminate rate for an indeterminate amount of time to an indeterminate minimum. Inquisitors took great pains (as well as inflicting great pains) as they made spikes to ensure they spent as little time outside a body as possible. Spikes can be reused. When as spike is reused it is also important to get it back into a body as quickly as possible (as seen by Human rushing to make a new Koloss as quickly as he could with the spike1). A spike kept in a body intermittently will still maintain some degree of a charge (Vin's and Wax's earrings), though what degree of charge is indeterminate. Spikes may be divided, separate pieces maintaining some charge, but a lesser amount each. This process heightens Hemalurgic decay in some indeterminate way. Please note any other laws/evidence I have missed and this list will be updated. Similarly note anything you think I have misphrased or misrepresented and with appropriate evidence the list will be altered. Remember this list is for provable, verifiable facts, not extrapolations and theories. Now the list was not really the intended subject of this thread, but it is a good starting point. The issues of the earrings have plagued us for far too long and it is time we put our collective obsessive minds to work on trying to figure out hemalurgic decay. Maybe it will come to nothing as we simply don't have enough information yet to make a definite conclusion on, or maybe we'll find that nugget buried somewhere that cracks this all wide open. Below I'll keep updated a synopsis of each possible theory based on our list of laws that seems to explain all of our gathered evidence. As long as a theory remains sound it keeps its place on the list. I'll use a series of codes to indicate usefulness of said theory. Since I'm starting and organizing this discussion the categories are at my discretion and opinion though if anyone disagrees with a categorization make your case and I can probably be persuaded. Plain Text = Possible theory, takes all points into account and has not been fundamentally disproved but cannot really be proved either. Strikethrough = Debunked theory, disproven via direct undeniable evidence. Italics = Unlikely or tenuous theory. Technically possible but unlikely due to other known factors. Bold = Highly likely theory. Takes all points into account and elegantly explains the inconsistencies. Blue = Wild stab in the dark. Theory technically possible but not really based on presented evidence. Pink = Mocking. 17th Sharders taking the piss as we are often wont to do. The first theory presented is one of mine for this, but I'm ready to admit it doesn't really belong as anything but plain text by my codes. Possible Extrapolations from the Laws of Hemalurgic Decay Spikes continually lose charge at a relatively quick rate whenever they are outside a body. The decay rate is constant but exponentially decreasing (basically a half-life, though not necessarily based on a factor of 2) to some bounded minimum charge. This minimum is some factor of the original charge placed in the spike, not an absolute. Spikes lose charge quickly until they are first attuned to a Host, at which point they stop losing charge even while not actually in the Host anymore. (Attributed to Outis, full theory link here) Please join in this discussion. It's long since time we got organized on this one. If this format works out, it might also be something to try for other head-scratchers that plague us all. Footnotes 1. Supporting evidence debunked. Law #4 changed to Wild Stab in the Dark due to lack of supporting evidence.