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Found 87 results

  1. I suspect that Xisis and Foil are the same person. Both live at the bottom of an ocean. Both are knowledgeable regarding investiture. Both have a particular interest in aethers. Foil wishes to control the aethers. Xisis researches the ecosystem at the bottom of the spore seas and demonstrates control over spores in the Crimson Sea. Foil could be a slave of Xisis, except Foil communicates with Khriss, and Xisis does not let his slaves communicate with the outside. Foil could still be some other ocean-dwelling investiture expert with a specific interest controlling the aethers. What do you think?
  2. I don't think it was ever explicitly explained why Kaladin remained awake through the suppression. Only he, Lift and Venli do of the Radiants in the tower. Lift and Venli have Lifelight/Voidlight weirdness to explain things, but what's up with Kaladin. Ideas: Radiants are particularly attuned to one or other of their Surges, and Kaladin is to Adhesion (which isn't suppressed) Problem: Kaladin hasn't exactly been a prodigy with Adhesion, at least not obviously more so than Gravitation, or compared to other Radiants. Kaladin is especially close to the Fourth Oath, while none of the others are, and this lets him break the suppression I don't love this because there are others with Shardblades (third oath) at the tower I think, and this seems like a very fuzzy boundary. Conscious/not unconscious should be a fairly big separator Kaladin has some special Honor connection stuff going on that we can only speculate about (perhaps via Syl, as one of the original honorspren) Nothing seems particularly satisfying to me so far. Thoughts?
  3. do you think Adolin sucks? What are some reasons?
  4. We have seen that its possible to combine shards but intent doesn't always make it easy to act with investiture from these shards ex Harmony. What shard combinations would be the easiest to act with and the most powerful.(this includes shattered shards)
  5. We have seen that its possible to combine shards but intent doesn't always make it easy to act with investiture from these shards ex Harmony. What shard combinations would be the easiest to act with and the most powerful.(this includes shattered shards)
  6. If a Kandra took the bones, carapace, and gemheart of a singer, would they be able to attune the rythms? What form would they take, dullform because their spren left the gemheart or does the spren stay and they take the shape the singer had right before they died? Are the rythms inherent to their Connection to Roshar (Odium with the new rythms), or are they connected to their organs and biology, so that a kandra could copy it? What do you think about this?
  7. Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but i couldn’t find a thread on it. Chapter 106 kaladin breaks as a result of teft’s death and... then kills the pursuer horrifically. But a few things interest me here. Venli says: Like what Venli??? It doesn’t sound like void light?? But perhaps it is something about odium?? Or just a general corruption? But with all the light theory in this book it seems to not fit any categories. Kaladin also says he only has a vague memory of killing the pursuer and can’t think straight, and then proceeds to jump off the tower. So moash earlier had said that kaladin could either embrace odium’s emotion taking powers or could kill himself, and he did... both? Not sure if this whole thing is a consequence of him getting too far from the oaths (hence his reduced lashing ability), and if all radiants when they’re about to give up get a yellowish red cast to their glow but... I’m interested to hear other’s thoughts on this. what the heck does yellowish-red mean??
  8. This may have been discussed already, but I was thinking that some of Lift's anomalies could be explained if she was a cognitive shadow stapled to her body somewhat akin to a Returned (but without the divine breath). Specifically, it could explain: 1. Her strong connection to the cognitive realm (since she's a CS), though we haven't seen another CS with her exact properties. 2. How Cultivation granted her wish "to stay the same" since a CS can be considered a fossilized version of the living entity (per Vasher, at least). Her powerset also explains some things that would otherwise pose issues if she were a CS -- e.g., the constant need for investiture (she can produce it fairly easily, so she's not in danger of running out unless she starves to death -- which would also kill her anyhow). This theory could generate some narrative interest for her flashback chapters in the back half (if she dies as a child and is saved by Cultivation, for example). That's the theory in a nutshell. If anyone is aware of any outright deconfirmations via WoB or would like to offer comments/critiques/refutations, be my guest.
  9. Early in Alloy of Law it was established that Wax's wife, uncle and sister were all dead. None of them were dead and all of them showed up as antagonist in one of the first three books. Gotta have one more to complete the Set Wax had parents (obviously) and a Grandmother, Vwafendal, who we met in BoM prologue. I'll go with Vwafendal because we met her and she lives in the Terris village that, much like the Set, has been obsessing over magical bloodlines in hopes of producing magic-users. The Village is focused on Feruchemists than the Set, but it's still an interesting parallel. Plus the Village has nothing but disdain for the outsiders in surrounding Luthadel. I could see someone like her working within the Set to take down Luthadel's government.
  10. discuss

    I know it hasn't been announced and we don't technically know it's Mistborn all the streaming services are vying for, but come on. It's his second most popular series and unlike Stormlight there is a full arc of books completed. Anyways, I didn't see an active casting thread on Mistborn (apologies if I missed it) so I'm making one. I know it's myopic to fancast based on actors who have already done something similar because no one would have cast Heath Ledger as the Joker. BUT! I watched Sandman on Netflix and there is a blond-haired, charismatic sociopathic character on there and I was like "that's so Kelsier!" (name of the Mistborn sitcom spin-off?) Boyd Holbrook you may know him as the charismatic villain in Logan or as the charismatic villain in Sandman. Clips of him, both a lil NSFW: Logan Sandman I'm assuming he can speak without a southern accent. Although for all I know Kelsier has a southern accent, I've never met him. Either way I think he's perfect for Kelsier.
  11. I haven’t seen anyone voice this theory before, though some have come close. I’m keen to test it out in the court of fandom opinion. Rip into it, please. So we know from B.S. that the Knight Radiant orders use their Surges differently but we’re largely in the dark on how. It’s probably in part the resonance/mixing of the two Surges but also, I think, each order focuses on either the Physical or Cognitive aspect of a Surge. Specifically, they focus on the Physical aspects of their anticlockwise Surge (on the Surgebinding table) and the Cognitive aspects of their clockwise Surge. Explanation First I should establish what I think Physical v Cognitive Surges look like. Physical are the classic abilities the Radiants have; flying, illusions, disintegration. They are more literal and tangible. Cognitive abilities are more subtle and often figurative/abstract interpretations of the Surge. Being cognitive they mostly effect peoples thoughts and actions, I think the virtues associated with each order are mostly based on Cognitive Surges. For instance, Gravity’s Physical aspect can be the force holding things to the planet while it’s Cognitive aspect can be a person’s gravitas and charisma. Apparently Radiants usually pick up their anti-clockwise Surge first, and we’ve seen that they can struggle with their clock-wise Surge (especially relative to the order they share it with); Shallan basically gave up on Soulcasting, the Windrunners almost never use a basic lashing on other things, Venli’s stoneshaping experiences were awkward iirc. I think makes sense if the anti-clockwise Surge is their Physical Surge with more obvious and literal applications and for the clockwise one they have more subtle mental powers. When I thought of the Orders in this light many of the names and roles made a lot more sense. The whole theme of Roshar seems to be about bridging the Cognitive and Physical Realms, so it stands to reason the major magic system would straddle the divide. I’m not saying a Radiant has access to only the Physical or Cognitive application of a Surge, but it’s a focus; they major in one and minor in the other. Internal/external might comes into play with internal (personal) effects being lesser applications of the Surge they can access regardless of focus, and the external effects being greater abilities generally difficult for them if it’s not their focus. For example flying would be an internal use of Physical Gravitation, while launching objects and people would be an external use of the same. Applied theory I’d just like to mention, some of the WoR excerpts in WoR seem to be there specifically to mention the Cognitive abilities of an order. Windrunner- -Physical Adhesion: glue and wind -Cognitive Gravitation: charisma, leadership, gravitas, and general showboatiness (looking at you Kaladin) Skybreaker- -P. Gravitation: I imagine they’ll be throwing things around more? Maybe floating some perps? Haven’t seen much from them yet. -C. Division: possibly the impartiality needed for justice, also “separating the innocent from the guilty” Dustbringer- -P. Division: decay and burn -C. Abrasion: friction allows things to be held and move together, self-mastery is them getting a hold of themselves and “obedience” is sticking to another Edgedancer- -P. Abrasion: slicking and potentially something more destructive (after all it’s specifically abrasion instead of friction) -C. Progression: they take care of people to heal and nurture them mentally, described as “refined and eloquent” (inner growth), healing is a fairly Cognitive power Truthwatcher- -P. Progression: plant growth at least (they are heavily associated with plants), probably healing -C. Illumination: truth and watching, Illumination seems to be about reality perception and memory Lightweaver- -P. Illumination: illusions, obvi -C. Transformation: inspiring people to be different (Pattern even explicitly points this out), temporarily becoming a new person Elsecaller- -P. Transformation: soulcasting -C. Transportation: because this Surge bridges Physical and Cognitive I think the C. use is going to Shadesmar, also probably cerebral powers? Willshaper- -P. Transportation: going from Shadesmar, perhaps manifesting Cognitive things (fabrials?), maybe even teleportation? -C. Cohesion: shaping of will, helping communities work together, solid resolve, also might be why Venli’s first stoneshaping was so spreny Stoneward- -P. Cohesion: stoneshaping -C. Tension: stubbornness/dependability (stiff), resourceful (flexible) Bondsmiths are obviously exceptional, in their case I think their Surges are shifted or expanded towards the Spiritual. So Spiritual Adhesion creates Connections, and Tension tightens or slackens Connections or at least associations. GAHH! This turned into an essay, sorry. Any thoughts? Counter-theories? tldr: maybe Willshapers can teleport??
  12. discuss

    The linchpin for this idea came from a question that came to mind while viewing other threads, though I will admit that it's based on supposition and unconfirmed ideas. I'm not asking if Paalm was influenced or corrupted by Trell, that much is obvious, I'm wondering if the control was to the extent to make her a slave as Marsh was. Ruin could corrupt and alter a person with even a small degraded Hemalurgic spike, as seen with Lord Penrod who eventually drove Luthadel to collapse. However, it seems that Harmony required 2 Spikes in Bleeder to take control of a Kandra. Three spikes was the limit that the Set determined would let them avoid influence from Harmony. I'm not sure why there is this great of a disparity. The question is this: how much control would Ruin have had over someone with a freshly charged Atium spike in them? It would make sense to me that Ruin would have much, much deeper control with his own essence piercing the soul of his slave. The follow up question is if a single spike of Trellium would have given Trell sufficient power over Paalm, particularly if Trell could make Paalm think that there wasn't anything wrong? This would be in the same way that Ruin could make Marsh think death and ash was beautiful, even while part of him was horrified at what he was doing. A few things that have made me wonder this is that in BoM, we get transcripts of VenDell's interview with ReLuur while ReLuur was missing a spike. Compare ReLuur's behavior, language, and mannerisms to the level of control Paalm has when mimicking Governor Innate or taking up the persona of Lessie. Basically I think there's no way ReLuur could have held it together to do a fraction of what Paalm did. So why does Paalm have such control, creating and executing an intricate and convoluted plan that almost works without a hitch, tricking a city, Wax, and the Kandra? Why didn't she have a major personality mood swing when Wax shot her with his earring, making a mismatched Blessing that apparently was incredibly unpleasant when ReLuur was given one of TenSoon's spikes? What happened with Paalm is not consistent with what we see later without a Trellium spike. Basically, I think that there was a lot of control and planning involved with Paalm, it just wasn't her own. There's obfuscation in that Edwarn Ladrian says that the Set are merely riding the storm of Bleeder's campaign, but we now know that the Set follow Trell, and that spike was from Trell (or at least Brandon lets us call it Trellium. Which brings me to my idea that Paalm was being controlled all along to do things that had she been sane might have agreed in a specific context, so even as a slave perhaps she never considered or even had the control to kill herself as she did at the end of SoS. I suspect she died there because Trell didn't want to reveal their hand more than had already been done. As a final note, at the end of BoM, Harmony says that Paalm would have remained "a slave in her mind" had Wax not killed her. Thoughts?
  13. First off, @Frustration I'm counting on you to be mean to my theory. Now, we know that after RoW, Taravangian took up the shard of Odium. The question is, what will he do with it. We know his main goal is to protect those closest to him, but if he can, he hopes to save as much of Roshar as he can. I would like to propose a very risk free way to do this: give Cultivation the shard of Odium. I believe this would work because, as this WoB illustrates, ROdium was afraid of combining with other shards, because "terrible things would happen. This means that potentially, another shard would change the intent enough that, even when the power is overpowering the vessel completely, they would not harm Roshar, at least not to the full extent. If the intent doesn't change enough, at the very least, the vessel would be partially immobilized, as Brandon describes here with reference to Sazed's situation. Now, why wouldn't TOdium just steal another shard for himself? Well, the other shards are aware of his streak of killing other shards, and then splintering the powers, thus, even those that potentially are okay with giving up their shard would avoid him at all costs. Taravangian knows this though, and he is still very smart, even if he doesn't still have his bane/boon. This means that he will plan around this, and he knows that the only way to accomplish the combination of his shard is to give it up and allow another vessel to take it up. Most likely cultivation, because she can probably be trusted, and is very accessible. Now the hardest part, giving away the shard. This is hard because we are aware of multiple individuals/groups that would love to swipe the shard, and TOdium can't just go up to Cultivation and give her the shard. Now, I'm not the best when it comes to realistic theory, but I would guess that it is possible to put the accumulation of the shard, or whatever it is that a person uses to take up a shard, entirely in the spiritual realm. With the spiritual realm being pretty inaccessible to those who we don't want getting the shard, but easy for Cultivation to reach, this makes it an ideal place for the transfer.
  14. Hey all, back again with more rampant crackpot speculation. This time it's definitely something way more casual, rather than a genuine cosmere-physics theory. What if Minecraft's Overworld (and perhaps Nether and End) were in the cosmere? Well for one, let's look at Enchanting and Potions, the two most blatant arcana of the game. Enchanting uses EXP, but also consumes Lapis... I wonder if it's a bit like a Biochromatic Breath situation, where the EXP is the Investiture and the Lapis provides a catalyst like the Color for awakening. Lapis IS historically "the" blue dye, and you can turn it into a literal blue dye item in minecraft, so that checks out. Words are definitely also important to Enchanting though, given the whole Bookshelf thing... A bit like AonDor, then? Hmm... Well, as for Potions, the most obvious Investiture source for them is the Nether Wart that turns a water bottle into an Awkward Potion. Adding other items alters the effect, so perhaps it's like how the different Metals can focus Investiture into doing specific things. Gold actually is pretty consistent with that; even in Minecraft, gold is used for healing. Gold apples give regeneration, and Glistering Melon slices (made with gold) create Healing potions. Huh. That kinda works too well. Alright, so we've speculated about the actual, overt magic of Minecraft. Now for the fun part. Sculk and Redstone. "Wait, what? How is Redstone a system of Investiture?" Good question, I'm glad you asked, me. That one's a bit more speculative, so let me discuss Sculk first, because it'll segue nicer into Redstone. Sculk is most likely a collection of Investiture-fed organisms similar to the Lichen of White Sand, except they feed on EXP instead of invested Sunlight. The Sculk Catalyst takes EXP from killed mobs nearby and uses it to grow new Sculk, overtaking blocks and even growing new Sculk Sensors, which are VERY, VERY interesting. Sensors detect different frequencies of vibrations and output a Redstone signal. If you use a Comparator, they even output a signal from 1-16. Hmm. Very nice number, that. Suspiciously nice. The Warden also might be an example of the Sculk acting like the worms that Aviar eat in order to gain their invested powers. An invested symbiote. Of course, it could also just be something that the Sculk creates to defend itself... But there's a few subtle details about the Warden that make me believe it's a symbiotic defender of the Sculk, primarily the "soul" particles we see in the chest, that beat at different rhythms when it gets agitated or when it's calm. Even if the entire Physical form is Sculk-generated, I believe at least the core of its Spiritweb would be taken from something else. As to what, I have no clue. Anyway, back to the Sensor and its curious behavior. I find it very convenient that it interacts with Redstone in such a specific way. Almost as if they shared a common link. Almost as if Redstone Signals are a form of Investiture... Wouldn't that sort of explain how you can just put a stick on a block of cobblestone to make a lever that can cause a piston to lift, what, 16 blocks of solid iron a meter upwards? Where the hell is that energy coming from? Well, how about the Spiritual Realm? What if Redstone is Corrupted Investiture manifested in a physical form, growing underground like an Atium Geode? That begs the question then, which shard is corrupting which other shard? I propose that it's Autonomy corrupting Invention. It just seems like it makes sense. Redstone fits both of those shards' Intent quite well, and ties back into the Sculk because Autonomy seems to have a thing for invested lifeforms like the Sand Lichen and the Aviar. But Invention... I mean... Isn't that just the essence of Minecraft? I would almost expect Invention's actual Shardworld to feel kinda like modded Minecraft. Wait, the essence of minecraft... EXP? Well that would tie things together nicely. After all, it seems to be actions that involve invention that produce EXP. Gathering resources and changing them into new forms, like mining iron ore and turning it into ingots, or cooking food, or killing mobs for resources. Crafting doesn't give EXP, but that's probably just because it's so common and easy to access, both from a game-development perspective and from an invested art one. Another thought one of my friends had is that Glowstone might be uncorrupted Redstone, which... Actually kinda works, it's a crystal that gives off light, in this case it would be due to containing Inventionlight, which ties back into Potions. Glowstone boosts the potency of potions, while Redstone makes them last longer. Also, that would make Redstone Lamps related to sphere lanterns and that makes me happy for no particular reason. So what do you guys think? Did I miss any obvious Cosmere-like aspects of minecraft? Do you think I'm just crazy? Are Vexes just corrupted Allays which are basically just Windspren?
  15. TL;DR The Old Magic is reminiscent of Ashyn’s disease-based Magic. Ashyn Magic is the mysterious Voidbinding. As we all know the Old Magic is a “cousin” to Voidbinding and it’s “10 Levels”. OK no one but Khriss seems to know this. (WoK Ars arcanum) I think this helps us figure out what Voidbinding is and who was doing it. Old Magic is when Nightwatcher gives you something good, a Boon, and something bad, a Bane. Ashyn’s semi-canon Magic system is diseased-based. You can get something good, Magic, only if you have something bad, a disease. Brandon already confirmed they are related. Although one could always push back and say he meant “In any way”. Why Call It Old Magic? Early humans on Roshar encountered the Nightwatcher and it reminded them of Ashyn magic because you have to get something bad in order to get something good. Odium made the Fused and humans aligned with Honor and Cultivation. As part of their effort to bury their history as the Voidbringers the humans would of course not refer to the Nightwatcher’s Boon/Bane as Voidbinding (both the Spren and Cultivation would not appreciate it. So they called it the Old Magic instead. 10 Levels? Yes, 10 because for all of the Roshar system except for Braize the “magic number” is 10. Voidbinding was on Ashyn where Odium tempted a “Bondsmith” to experiment with the surges (per Syl in RoW interlude 1). Thus not limited to 9. Odium is trapped on Braize which is limited to 9. That’s why the Fused orders / surges are capped at 9. Binding? We associate binding with Honor and Honor was not on Ashyn. Why call it voidbinding? Well we know Dawnshards we’re involved with Ashyn’s destruction (OB ch. 38) and Rosharan history speaks of a Dawnshard that could “bind any creature voidish or mortal” (WoK ch 36) epigraph. Who did the voidbinding? The voidbringers of course! Using the Dawnshard that binds on Ashyn
  16. I have some specific things I want to discuss that are bugging me about the Intent - Command definitions, but first a dumb joke! At the most basic level the Dawnshards were tools made by Adonlasium to help him get the most out of his power when it came to creating and shaping the Cosmere. They amplify his Intent(s). A visualization: That's how I choose to understand Dawnshards, they are amps for Investiture usage. Anything more detailed gets confusing. Intent vs Command (the will of a god) In Dawnshard ch. 19, Nikkli differentiates the Dawnshards from Intent by saying "The Dawnshards are Commands, Rysn. The will of a god. ... All their greatest applications require Intent and a Command." The words Intent and Command summon up a clear relationship to me. Intent is what I am thinking or wanting to happen, Command is what I say to make it happen. One is internal the other is external. However, the text really blurs this clear delineation by stating these Commands are the will of a god. Doing things willingly is synonymous with doing them intentionally. My Will is a document that lays out what I intend to have happen to my stuff when I die. How is this different from Intent? The text further muddies (to me) what Dawnshards are "To make such Commands, one must have the reasoning -- the breadth of understanding -- of a deity. And so, the Dawnshards. The four primal Commands that made all things." Adonalsium made tools to help him understand? It seems to me the Intents give greater understanding. I say that because whenever we get the POV of someone becoming a vessel for one of the 16 Shards the individual gains a much greater understanding of the Intent and it's many examples. Ruin is erosion, decay, entropy etc. Even when Dalinar glimpses Odium in the spiritual realm in OB Ch. 57 he gains a greater understanding of what Odium represents in the world. Scream of warriors, ecstacy, sorrow, joy, bliss, hatred. Adonalsium made tools out of himself to better understand himself? Nothing else existed in the Cosmere until he used the Dawnshards to "make all things" so he had to make them out of himself. Rysn doesn't seem to gain any greater understanding of anything when she becomes the Dawnshard. She doesn't have access to any invested arts means she can't use the Dawnshard, but if the Dawnshard is the understanding of a god it's not giving any to her. She gets an impression of what Adonalsium felt as he was dying including "Understanding" but she only gains the knowledge that an entity was resigned and understood something as he was being torn to pieces. Not a greater understanding in general. Right before she "becomes" the Dawnshard something is talking into her head mentioning the Guardian of Ancient Sins bringing her here. The Dawnshard may be intelligent and that intelligence has the understanding and will of a god which is why Rysn doesn't gain this great boost in her "Understanding Things" stat. The Undesrtanding is in her, but still separate in a way or only activates when invested arts are wielded. Long way of reiterating I don't get Dawnshards beyond that they amplify Investiture usage. See photo above.
  17. As far as I can tell there are two things Auxiliary could be. A radiant spren, or a non-radiant spren. Very obvious I know, but its a baseline that needs to be set so the following theories make sense. If he is a radiant spren then we have some logic to follow. I've boiled it down to three main questions. What kind of radiant spren? Why doesn't Nomad have surges? Why does Aux call himself a Knight? For the first question, I'm not sure what kind of spren Aux could be. The name Auxiliary does not fit any of the ten kinds we know. I am going to fit a theory within my theory though. By era 4 there will be 16 kinds of radiant spren. The 6 missing now just belong to concepts that have yet to form. I suspect as society evolves more concepts will generate spren to match. Aux could belong to on of those new orders. My best guess is one dealing with machinery or technology. I'm going to throw in a bonus third theory here and say we will see a surge of Polarity giving magnetic powers and lightning similar to stormform. Second, why no surges. That is easy to answer. No stormlight. We know Nomad can use any investiture to "jump" between worlds. But we do not know if he can use it for anything else. Surges being of Roshar might need Rosharan power. or unkeyed power at the very least. Alternatively Aux could be what Dead-eyes are in the future. And this bond is whatever Adolin and Maya forge. This fits better because Aux is "dead" by his own words. Third, why is Aux a Knight and Nomad the Squire? Best guesses I have are that either spren rights have evolved in Rosharan society to them holding positions of military power. Or this new order of spren works closer to high spren and they consider themselves above their bonded radiant until a higher ideal is sworn. This is honestly the biggest hole in the radiant spren theory. Next: Aux is something else. I have a theory as towards what, but there are leaps in logic to get there. I believe Aux is a cognitive shadow. Let me explain how I got here. First: We know cognitive shadows are like spren. They are an invested imprint of a person caused upon death. Second: Shadows do not stick around on the physical plane unless pinned there somehow. Traditionally this is done by binding them to a body. Third: Investiture can manifest as metal on the physical plane. Godmetal for raw power. But other metals when a spren willingly becomes a fabrial. I believe that Rosharan society advances its understanding of the cosmere enough to use cognitive shadows in place of spren. Pinning them to the physical realm by using the investiture of their soul to manifest as metal, thus allowing them to continue to exist without a living body. The bond is likely what keeps them there. Now this part is even more speculation that whats above, but if we assume by theory about shadows and metal is true then we can guess things about Aux. First: that he likely was a knight and had Nomad as a squire. The name Auxiliary was either taken after death or somehow space age Roshar has strange naming conventions. (or they blend with other societies and Aux is a common name on another planet. Innovation's maybe?) Second: When Aux died Nomad had the ability to bond him this way. Either this is something that can be done on the worldhopping run, or Aux died in a place where the power to do this was possible. Third: This happened when Nomad could still fight. He remembers what Aux looks like as a sword, and had emotions about the fact that he couldn't form him into one anymore. Even more emotions when he could again. That implies they have been in this state for some time. Now this is the part where you all poke holes in everything I've said and Brando-Sando proves all of it wrong in a year when the book comes out. I'll enjoy being wrong though. Love when a story has me itching for red string and a cork board. I am staking my soul on a surge of polarity and corresponding spren though.
  18. Anyone else notice how Wayne is uncannily good at picking up information before it happens or doing the exact right thing at the exact right time to save the day? I'm starting to think it's supernatural. Here's a few off the top of my head. Alloy of Law Came to Elendel right before the wedding that Steris was kidnapped at. This could be a writerly reason. Comments on how innocent looking stuff is always exploding around Wax a few minutes before Tillaume blew up Swiped the tea that Tillaume had poisoned for Wax When Wax shot the bullet in midair, Wayne dropped the bubble at exactly the right time (okay, there's been discussion on Wax's accuracy, but the timing on that is insane the more I look at it, unless they have specifically practiced over and over with this kind of stunt, which is likely. This is the closest they have to firing out of a speed bubble) Bands of Mourning Finds and steals the Bands of Mourning within minutes of arriving at the Sovereign's Temple Swaps the Bands of Mourning for ReLuur's spike in Marasi's bag, right where and when she needed it. This is just after thinking about how he doesn't pay attention to what society says something is worth, unless by itself it's worth more than a house. This one is really suspicious to me. I'm sure there's more, but those are the ones I remember easily. Anyone have any others they can think of? Are these coincidences or does this have something to do with Wayne's resonance? Does Wayne just have insanely good instincts? Is Wayne's mind broken enough that Harmony can nudge him (Wax would probably say so in jest, but I dunno)? Here's what has been noted about Wayne's resonance: I'm wondering if something about his accelerated time and tapping into his Spiritual self while storing and withdrawing health is giving him a bit of instinctive future sight, but I'm not good with resonances. Thoughts?
  19. There's a theory that I dismissed as silly in the past. Hemalurgy is not a planet-bound magic system. You can spike anyone anywhere, as long as you know what you're doing. Furthermore, allomancy doesn't use gems on Roshar, and Awakening still requires Breath. Naturally, a hemalurgic spike would have to be made of metal. That's how the magic works. ... or is it? I find myself wondering now whether it would be possible (I don't think it would be a requirement) to use Rosharan gemstones as hemalurgic spikes. A polestone is able to adopt a charge of Investiture - they can be charged by Stormlight and Taldain's sunlight, potentially the Dor as well. It doesn't seem like much of a stretch to use a polestone as a hemalurgic spike. To steal what, I have no idea. EDIT: I forgot to mention organic spikes. Previously living matter - bones, wood, cloth - can be Invested using Breath. Can you use a bone as a spike? In this case I think it would require a hack of the magic system, e.g. you would need to use an Awakened bone, or at least one containing Breath, as I don't think ordinary non-metallic objects are capable of spontaneously adopting a charge of Investiture.
  20. I believe that as we progress into the future of the Cosmere, Scadrian usage of magic will become more and more tied to mechanical magics like medallions and ettmetal machines. From what glimpses we've seen of the future, it appears that Scadrians will eventually merge the Metallic Arts with their electronics, and I will go so far as to suggest that in Era 4 that will be the only form in which we'll see Allomancy being used. Being genetic, Allomancy and Feruchemy become weaker over time. This is not as pronounced in Feruchemy due to the nature of the magic system (you take as much as you give), but it's quite noticeable in Allomancy. Elend is noted by Vin to be incredibly powerful, due to his undiluted Allomancy; any Allomancer from Era 1 would be similarly strong in comparison if brought to Era 2. Unless the magic is fundamentally changed or the Shard starts providing lerasium every now and then to refresh the sDNA pool, Allomancy will wilt into parlor tricks given enough time. Enter mechanical magic. The specifics of the allomantic machines are not yet clear, but I'd wager you can make a machine that is more powerful than a human - SoScad airships come to mind. I suspect that primer cube technology can also be extrapolated to provide a means for amplifying one's own powers, allowing the weaker Allomancers of the space age to use their powers productively. These are my predictions: In Era 4, Allomancers as we know them now will be legends Mistings will still exist, but they will not be able to do much without the equivalent of allomantic fabrials We will see more technology that manipulates Investiture Any thoughts or criticisms?
  21. First off, this does have some spoilers for Mistborn and some SA, so if I need to put them in spoiler tags, let me know. Alright, here goes. My thoughts have to with the nature of the two planets. In another thread someone suggested that some cataclysm caused one planet to split into the two we get now, but I figured that it was unlikely, as doing so would not leave the civilizations intact. In the comment I posted, however, I said maybe the splintering of virtuosity had to do with it. Let me explain how I think this would come about. First, why would the planet be split? I propose that another force, perhaps whatever caused the shades on Threnody or an avatar of Odium (since we know he is trying to splinter all the shards) arrived at the planet. This force caused chaos and harm on the planet, focused around one area, and never reaching more than halfway across the planet, Over time,* it became clear that virtuosity could not defeat this force, so she decides to stop its growth, similar to what we find out Leras does to Ati. *Edit: the force weakened Virtuosity during this time, which is what made it clear that she could not defeat it. Now we need to know how this happens. I believe that Virtuosity decided to isolate the force, and the method she chose to use was to split the planet. The issue with this is how violent this action would be. As you may know, a habitable planet probably behaves like earth, and earth has a molten core. To split the planet, she would have to find a way to stop the core from spilling everywhere. In addition, the gravitational pull of the planet would mean that as it split, insane levels of seismic activity would occur as the two halves would basically try to rip themselves apart. This means that an awesome amount of energy, in this case investiture, is required. This is where we get to the splintering. We can guess how much energy is needed based on Rashek and Vin's attempts to modify Scadrial. Both times they got access to the body of Preservation's power, but they were only able to make relatively small changes, in a matter of a few seconds. To split the planet, Virtuosity would extend herself so far that she is splintered. The split of the planet has splintered Virtuosity, and so the force, while trapped on the one half that becomes Painter's world, is free to do what it wants there. Now, at this point in time, the two halves still use the magic system in the same way, but corruption is seeping in. Over time, the spirits become tained and trapped on Painter's world, but the ones on Yumi's world either remain the same or are ones freed by a combination of painting and rock stacking. By the time of SP3, the power has such a hold on the magic, that it is starting to infringe on Yumi'd world via the two halves' connection. This is what leads the spirits to call out for Yumi's help. (the halves' connection is what enables the body swap.) Here is the source: @teknopathetic 7th reply There you go, as I get feedback I'll edit this, so please tell me what you think.
  22. I may be pointing out the obvious here, but this is something I see brought up every now and then and wanted to discuss. There is a WoB that confirms that it is possible to use Feruchemy to support Allomancy; like Compounding, but in the opposite direction. I believe we have seen a form of this in the books already. When Wax pushes with increased weight, his metalminds are drained, consuming his Feruchemical reserves to power his Allomancy. When he drains the metalminds to become extremely heavy and then pushes, the reserves are gone in an instant, like burning duralumin on his metalminds. Why should that happen? An ironmind simply makes you heavier, which should make your steelpushes stronger as a side effect, but when Wax does that, it drains the metalminds. To me, this is an indication that what is actually happening is that Wax is converting between forms of Investiture, taking power from his metalminds and plugging it into his Allomancy, just like a Compounder takes power from their Allomancy and plugs it into their metalminds. I wonder what other Twinborn combinations could do something like this. F-Duralumin could boost emotional Allomancy, and maybe F-Chromium could enhance internal temporal metals by accessing more Fortune.
  23. The title is actually a red herring, as I hope the tags imply. The discussion I want to start is regarding a question that I've wanted to ask Brandon for a while, but I don't think I'll ever get the opportunity - so let's discuss for ourselves, yes? What exactly determines who gets which magic system? We know that being born in a given territory gives you a Connection to the symbols of that territory, but what classifies as a territory? Is it geographical or geopolitical? Is an Elantrian an inhabitant of the kingdom of Arelon or an inhabitant of the surroundings of Elantris? If the borders between nations were to change - that is, if an empire were to annex a kingdom, or a kingdom were to be split into multiple nations, would the magic be affected in some way? If the Fjordell Empire annexed Arelon, would AonDor still work? And if it did, would it work in the same way? My gut instinct is yes to both of those questions, because we know that both the Fjordell and Rose empires seem to have multiple magic systems within them, but I'm not certain. The Dor exists in the Cognitive Realm, so it would make sense for it to reflect perceived distinctions between locations rather than spatial organization.
  24. I was reading a few topics on this forum and came across this thread from 2020. Not wanting to raise it back from the dead, I am making a new thread to continue the discussion with my own suggestion regarding why the number of Elantrians is limited. There is one Elantrian for each Aon, like happens with Seons. There is a limited number of Aons, and so with one Elantrian representing each Aon, the number of Elantrians is also limited. I have no idea how Elantrians are chosen, but we know from WOB that it's not completely random. I initially thought that it might even be the Aon in their name, but a quick search through the Coppermind yields four different Elantrians named after Aon Rii. Speaking of which, it's been asked, and apparently it has more to do with Connection.
  25. Okay so I’ve been really digging into the whole creation of Nightblood. Could a splinter of Ambition be involved someone how? Thus amplifying it’s “destroy evil” intent? I also believe the theories that this was apart of Ruins involvement as well.