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Found 23 results

  1. Loved Rlain POV so much, and once again branderson wrote a marginalized underrepresented character so well. Not gonna lie I wanted him to bond the sibling a. Because seeing a marginalized character with that much power... I want it and b. I didn’t really want another kohlin radiant AND bond smith but i was ultimately happy with navani and him being chosen by a truth watcher spren. Anyways, I’m curious if anyone else picked up on a quote that I simply cannot find in this ginormous volume where he essentially says that mateform doesn’t go right for him... My immediate thought was that we might have another lgbtq+ icon on our hands, since (as far as we know) mateform seems to be a heterosexual pairing for the purpose of producing children. Anyone else have thoughts on this (or the quote lol).
  2. I don't think it was ever explicitly explained why Kaladin remained awake through the suppression. Only he, Lift and Venli do of the Radiants in the tower. Lift and Venli have Lifelight/Voidlight weirdness to explain things, but what's up with Kaladin. Ideas: Radiants are particularly attuned to one or other of their Surges, and Kaladin is to Adhesion (which isn't suppressed) Problem: Kaladin hasn't exactly been a prodigy with Adhesion, at least not obviously more so than Gravitation, or compared to other Radiants. Kaladin is especially close to the Fourth Oath, while none of the others are, and this lets him break the suppression I don't love this because there are others with Shardblades (third oath) at the tower I think, and this seems like a very fuzzy boundary. Conscious/not unconscious should be a fairly big separator Kaladin has some special Honor connection stuff going on that we can only speculate about (perhaps via Syl, as one of the original honorspren) Nothing seems particularly satisfying to me so far. Thoughts?
  3. So... What's with the Cryptic names? Pattern reveals that all Cryptics would have the name Pattern in Alethi, or something like that. Let me find the actual quote. Interesting for a number of reasons, one of which I think is foreshadowing for the Rhythms later, but I digress The names we know about are Ornament (Beryl's Cryptic), Mosaic (Vathah's Cryptic), and Motif (Ishnah's Cryptic) on page 361 in chapter 26. Then of course, there's Testament at the end of the book. So first off, this means that Shallan just happened to pick the most generic name possible for Pattern in Words of Radiance. Second off, I feel as if Testament is the odd one out here. The rest are related to visual art of some kind, but Testament's name doesn't seem to fit. Granted, it was picked by Shallan and Adolin, not Testament herself. But does it have some kind of connection I'm not seeing? And why would they all be the same?
  4. So we're shown in ROW that windrunner shardplate is formed from windspren, which are shown to be similar in many ways to honorspren. What would the plate-spren of other orders be? Edit: I was looking through the coppermind, and the elsecaller plate-spren are logicspren
  5. So our ring wearing friends on Roshar could be from a pre-Final Empire Scadrial, in fact they likely are. So what does this mean for that era? We know that citizens were at that time almost to the industrial revolution. So basically it was like Wax and Wayne era. Except there were full feruchemists, with no end of the world, a perpendicularly, a scholarly nature, and sick magic powers. Before RoW I had never considered they would have a big cosmere presence. Maybe we will meet Lutha
  6. So, we've been calling the combination of Odium and Honour War because it's the name of it's rhythm, there's a few reasons it could be wrong. Firstly Navani called the rhythm of the tower "Rhythm of Science" and it's almost impossible Honour+Cultivation would be Science, Science would be composed of at least Cultviation and Invention, of course it could just be that Navani's instincts are not as good as Raboniel's. Every one seems to disagrae with me on that point, which mean Brandon probably does to. Secondly, the Rhythm used by Venli to move Voidlight, which should therefore be the pure tone of Odium, is called "Rhythm of prayers" (chapter 67) Thirdly, these two WoBs If we consider there's one intent per rhythm, this makes no rusting sense. The closest we can get would be that, while Sazed is in control, it's possible for harmony (or at least one of it's half) to be transformed in some kind of anti-shard and this possibility still mean there are at least two possibility, four if we accept the Preservation+anti-Ruin and Ruin+anti-Preservation ones (by the way, I suggest calling them Preservation - Ruin and Ruin - Preservation, like in Preservation minus Ruin) Actually, Harmony being Preservation - Ruin would explain why Preservation and Ruin could act while together and why Sazed said he was searching for "Someone who embodies both Preservation and Ruin. A … sword, you might say, who can both protect and kill" like he did not embody both Preservation and Ruin Anyway, back to the topic of Odium+Honour, even of the 'normal' way to fuse them could indeed be War, it seems there are between two and three other possibilities Links to theories in the answers 1. @Honorless giving another interpretation of how two shards can fuse in different way 2. @Elegy saying why War would more likely be Dominion + Odium, the same argument seems to work for War = Dominion + Ruin and War = Dominion + Ruin + Odium
  7. I was rereading the parts of the Diagram given in WoR and, well first I found evidence Taravagian has set up Szeth to become Truthless and that he most likely had access to fortune that day, but then I read the last one When I first read WoR I thought this refereed to Eshonai, after reading RoW not only does this obviously refer to Rlain*, the Bridger of Minds. This also means he could see he'd become Odium and beyond, since Rlain has yet to become a danger to Taravagian's plans. And then there's this one That one never really made sense, Oathbringer proved Taravangian becoming king of Roshar would have no effect in his bargain with Odium, it would still only have saved Kharbranth. Now it means Taravangian will try to become Adonalsium, he will not stop at shattering the shards for the same reason he will never really be king of Sel while the Dor exists and he will never be king of Threnody while the Evil exist. @Leuthie suggested the "One parshendi" could actually refer to Venli and the Everstorm, it's possible but I think the everstorm would still had happen if the Alethi had tried to win the war instantly as all what Venli needed to make it happen was the Listener being desperate, on the other hand Rlain would never had become a part of bridge four if they had. Of course if the past month have taught me anything it's that I know far less about the Cosmere than I think and my theories often end up WoBed within the day, so feel free to point any incoherences you see
  8. Looking at the current state of Roshar, from an outsider perspective like say Kriss, things are pretty dandy. Why? Because worst case scenario Mr. T will not destroy Roshar or it’s various peoples. He sees himself as a savior after all. It does not appear that he has any reason to support the singers taking back Roshar, and he doesn’t want to just kill citizens in droves. Thus unless you’re a main character in the Stormlight Archive, your life got exponentially better when Rayse died. Please tell me why I’m wrong edit: meant for this to be in General Thoughts and don’t know how to move it
  9. I was rereading ROW and came to the section where Venli was practicing with her powers and the Tower showed her in the very ancient past singers(?) shaping stone into all kinds of things, even dipping a stick into the stone and pulling out a perfectly shaped axe. The Tower seemed to imply that the stone of Roshar desired and still does desire to be shaped and changed, now this could just be the Tower but I don't think so, I think this is true all over the planet. Which brings me to the Shin. Shin do not walk on stone let alone shape it or work with it, they say because it does not want to change citing its hard nature as opposed to wood's relative softness. My question is where did they get this idea. Did they see how the stone didn't move for them and think that that meant it didn't want to change? Is it something about the stone of Shinovar in particular? It could be a holdover from Ashyn but I find that extremely unlikely. Is there something more sinister at play? Do the shape the stone with honorblades or is that also forbidden? Just what the heck is up with the Shin?
  10. Pretty much exactly what the title says; I just wanted a single topic/thread to discuss and theorize/hypothesize what stuff like the Pure Tones and Rhythms might mean for Investiture on other worlds. The main one that spurred me to make this thread is: Can you use the Song (Pure Tone + Rhythm) of Preservation to draw in and burn the Mists of Preservation, even if you don't have the same Connection to Preservation that Vin had in the Final Empire? We see that the Pure Tones alone can guide the Lights of the corresponding shard into different containers, so would adding the Rhythm and making the Song of Preservation attract the Mists strongly enough to be consumed by an Allomancer? ...Could you do the same with the Song and Mists of Ruin to fuel Atium Allomancy without needing physical Atium??? See, these thoughts are why I make topics like this, I need to know if I'm completely off-base or not, bring in some other thoughts and see if I'm onto something by thinking in weird directions.
  11. in RoW, when questioned, Raboniel states that adhesion is not a true surge, because it is only of Honor, but other surges are present through the Cosmere, but earlier in the book it mentions that bondsmiths brought the humans to Roshar, so that means that it is not only of Honor, so, has Odium been lying to the fused, or something? you can discuss, critique, or support this theory. Note: if you have firm evidence against this, or don't like the theory, don't just shut it down, kind of ease it down, because that gets me feelin' sad
  12. Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but i couldn’t find a thread on it. Chapter 106 kaladin breaks as a result of teft’s death and... then kills the pursuer horrifically. But a few things interest me here. Venli says: Like what Venli??? It doesn’t sound like void light?? But perhaps it is something about odium?? Or just a general corruption? But with all the light theory in this book it seems to not fit any categories. Kaladin also says he only has a vague memory of killing the pursuer and can’t think straight, and then proceeds to jump off the tower. So moash earlier had said that kaladin could either embrace odium’s emotion taking powers or could kill himself, and he did... both? Not sure if this whole thing is a consequence of him getting too far from the oaths (hence his reduced lashing ability), and if all radiants when they’re about to give up get a yellowish red cast to their glow but... I’m interested to hear other’s thoughts on this. what the heck does yellowish-red mean??
  13. I’m working through my RoW re-read and I just finished the Sja-anat interlude, which is just jam-packed with juicy lore for such a brief chapter. After discussing how some of the Unmade were practically mindless while others were crafty and conniving, Sja-anat thinks: There are some interesting parallels here to Radiant spren. She has troubling thinking without her bond to Odium, just like how Radiant spren have trouble thinking in the Physical Realm without a bond. Presumably Sja-anat has this problem because, as she notes earlier in the interlude, she exists partially in the Physical Realm. Indeed, we learn that all of the Unmade are trapped by Odium in a halfway existence between the Physical and Cognitive Realms. It’s also interesting that, just as Radiant spren in Shadesmar are revitalized by the passing of a highstorm, she was revitalized by the appearance of the Everstorm in Shadesmar. The part I’m really interested in here, though, is the concept of her bond to Odium and how it was severed. Seems to me there are two possibilities for the millennia-long absence of a bond to Odium. One is that it is a result of the imprisonment of Ba-Ado-Mishram. Several times in RoW we hear characters positing that the imprisonment had an even bigger impact on Roshar than just tearing out the Singers’ Connection and Identity. Perhaps it also disrupted the Unmade’s Connection to Odium. The other, and I think more likely, possibility is that the Unmade’s bonds to Odium were severed as a result of the Oathpact. Specifically, I think the bonds were severed for the duration of each Isolation (which we have now learned is the term for the period of time between the Heralds’ return to Braize and the start of a Return). I believe that this is an aspect of the Oathpact that we have not previously known about. We knew that, although the Oathpact prevented the Fused from returning to Roshar to inhabit new Singer bodies, it did not seal away the Unmade. They remained subtly active. I think we now know the reason why – it has to do with the fact the Unmade exist partially in the Cognitive Realm and partially in the Physical. The Oathpact likely interfered with the Unmade’s bonds to Odium because of their partial existence in the Cognitive Realm (the pact blocks the Fused, who are cognitive shadows, from leaving Braize). But it wouldn’t affect the portion of them that exists in the Physical. The magnitude of the impact on any particular Unmade is likely a function of where the Unmade falls on the mindless-to-crafty scale. Losing a Cognitive bond to Odium wouldn’t have that big an impact on Nergaoul, Ashertmarn, or Moelach, but would, I think, be a big deal for one like Ba-Ado-Mishram. Bonus theory: I’m now thinking that the appearance of the Everstorm in Shadesmar likely restored enough of Ba-Ado-Mishram’s bond to Odium to allow her to Connect to the Singers and provide them forms of power during the False Desolation.
  14. Honor + Cultivation + Odium Honor -> Fulfill obligations, keep agreements, Oaths Cultivation -> Prepare for growth, acquire and develop skills Odium -> Directed hate or disgust as a result of the targets actions (Why was this separated into a single Shard?) Holding all three shards wouldn't result in the same kind of blocks that the other multiple Shard Vessel we know experiences. Honor and Cultivation are nearly fully compatible, at the most tempering the worst of each other. Unchecked growth might be slightly checked by a need to keep promises. Making such promises would be checked by the need to develop growth. The one that would be checked the most, and really shouldn't be its own Shard anyway, is Odium. Hate is useful and, if focused, can be a great motivator to pursue change. In the case of a Vessel holding all three shards, the need to Hate would be tempered by the need to fulfill Oaths and the need to foster Growth. Long term, the Shard would need to focus the Hate on actions that go against its other two Intents, resulting in a very Protective Shard. In fact, Protection would be a pretty damn close stab at a shard name for the Three. Or Nationalization (bureaucracy + growth + outward hatred)... I think Branderson ending his magnum opus in a similar way to his first trilogy would be a bit too much repetition, but it could work as a mid epic happening. These three Shards seem particularly compatible to me.
  15. Ok kaladin’s slave brands have scabbed and come OFF AFTER 4 BOOKS!! Totally thought about posting about this in kaladin’s character arc thread but I think this specifically is interesting because it means that he doesn’t consider being a dangerous slave as part of his identity anymore, which is pretty crazy. I’m not going to lie even though I LOVED his development through row and wouldn’t want it any other way... I’m going to miss the slave brands. They were ICONIC, and all the residents of urithiru who painted on shash would agree with me. Is anyone else mourning them? Part of this might be because I can’t really figure out what part(s) of his character arc in row could have triggered this change in how kaladin sees himself... did anyone notice anything that might have been critical to this change? Overall he came to terms with loss and his own mental health but... I feel as though his identity as an enslaved and branded person who has lived through horrors to get where he is were not directly challenged? Perhaps it was more a letting go of his past horrors and not brooding on them development? (Maybe this is also because I just bought a beanie with his slave brands and he doesn’t even have them anymore :P)
  16. Has anyone else tried to break down the Glyphs for the three different lights that make up Roshar? (I know they're not supposed to be broken down, but if it's supposedly possible I can't help trying :)). However after attempting to figure out how Nazh broke them down into Phonemes several times, I'm stumped. This was my best attempt, but the ones I marked as "s" (based on the hybrid phoneme S) look more like u, but there isn't a u in any of the names. And sometimes I have two of a phoneme if the letter comes up more than once, but other times only one (counting mirror images as one). Any thoughts on how he gets tavodovast, koradaros and rasodonar from the respective Glyphs?
  17. This scene has many implications, but let's center on one. What did he pay with? It is valuable It is rare Raboniel recognised it It is small enough to fit into a bag It clincked Based on who paid and what he soiled his pants with, I am going to say: aethers What do you think?
  18. The final section of the Ars Arcanum is about Stoneshaping. The author goes into the Willingness, Connection and Command involved of getting stone to reshape itself as the surgebinder wishes. In the Connection section, he talks about stone being able to "reach back through generations of Connection to display events, feelings, emotions and ideas from long ago." Making this quick: The Storm distributes Stormlight and crem. Crem taints water; however, it is speculated that this tainted water provides the material for Roshar creatures to grow gemhearts. Crem also builts up on everything and is the primary component of the surface of Roshar. Eventually, the crem gets built upon and compressed by the layers above it, turning into stone. The stone has memory. I believe crem, therefore stone, is Connected to Cultivation, making it much easier to shape per the surgebinder's Intent and their own Connection to Cultivation through the Bond. Discuss.
  19. After Rayse is killed and right before Mr T becomes Big T (I refuse to call him Todd) the power of Odium talks to Taravangian and tells him he’s “perfect”. That hasn’t happened when a shard is picked up in other instances in the Cosmere. We haven’t seen it a lot, but we’ve seen it. Investiture left alone long enough can develop an intelligence, but it wasn’t left alone for more than a few seconds. Then consider the golden light in Odium all book that seemed like it was trying to escape his body. Very odd. Is this why Odium is referred to as “the broken one” by the Stormfather in WoK? There’s something wrong with it? Dawnshard spoilers: It seems Harmony was right about ruling the Cosmere by killing all the other Shards being something about Odium the power and not solely a Rayse thing. Mr T immediately buys into “I can do better than these other gods!”. That’s how he was in life as well, but that’s why the power told him he was “perfect”.
  20. Like most of you, the second RoW arrived, I sat down and started reading. I was very suprised at the ending, and really happy. But I have one question. Since Taravangian took Odiums place, will he have to fight Dalinar in a contest of Champions? Or will Dalinar still have to fight Odium? Thoughts?
  21. The trial scene was so awesome. One of my favorite in all the Stormlight Archive. Adolin had been doubting himself and his usefulness to Team Radiant. By the end of RoW, Maya is getting better, but they have not formed a Nahel bond. Perhaps they cannot yet? Perhaps their bond will be something else. I believe Blended said that their bond "is" but also that he was not a radiant. Shallan is starting to integrate. Veil is gone (or absorbed or whatever the proper terminology is). Shallan and Adolin's relationship is stronger than ever before. Some had speculated that they wouldn't last, but I hope RoW puts that speculation down for good. But Shallan also has a Deadeye that she is bonded(?) to. Does she have the blade or not? I am confused on that point. She also is happily married to the Cosmere resident expert on restoring the bond. Admittedly, Adolin doesn't know much of how he has done what he has with Maya, but no one else believed it was even possible. I am certain he will seek to continue to revive Maya, and he may be able to help Shallan revive Testament. So it appears the new place in the Cosmere that Adolin is creating for himself is the Deadeye Whisperer. If full revival is possible, it would probably be more valuable to Team Radiant than just about anything else. Imagine all the lost knowledge that would be recovered. About the Recreance especially, but also about the Shadowdays, the Heralds, Honor, and other things we can't even guess at. Not to mention the thousands of spren this could enlist for nahel bonds. Shallan with two nahel bonds is also an interesting potential plotline. Is it possible? I would suspect it has never been done before. I am just speculating right now, but a dual-wielding Lightweaver would certainly pass the Rule of Cool. Perhaps Radiant doesn't reintegrate and she rebonds Testament? Lots of potentially cool resolutions to this. I do think that Adolin is being foreshadowed as an Edgedancer though. His nascent bond with Maya the Deadeye is a perfect example of remembering those who have been forgotten. I was struck by the comment he made to Notom (I think) about how the Honorspren don't think Kaladin and Syl should have bonded. He response was asking if perhaps they should ask Syl what she thought on the subject. (I will listen to those who have been ignored). He is acting like an Edgedancer, and I hope he will be one someday.
  22. We can assume that Rayse was raving or had a hidden god complex, using a royal "we". But that is boring. So who helped him? Cultivation - divorces do happen Mercy - my personal favorite The Ire (they may have the means to forge a godkiller weapon) A Dawnshard What do you think? Cultivation would be most fascinating, but I am afraid the evidence points at Mercy. That Shard was seen with the other suspect at at the site of a prior crime.
  23. Something strange that I've been thinking about post RoW. When Odium pulled Taravangian into his spirit vision at the end, Nightblood also manifested into the vision along with him. I've re read it multiple times and Taravangian was not holding onto the sword in anyway before he was pulled in. But it manifested there anyways. It says Odium was also surprised to see it. So if Szeth happened to be carrying a Honor blade or an unbounded dead shardblade at that time, would that also have been manifested in Odiums spirit vision place ?. Or is this something due to the special nature of Night blood. What do you guys think ?