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Found 1 result

  1. LG39: Blood Money In the safety, even if not comfort, of his office, Praelan Waern read by the dim light of a candle. The Farmost Dominance was not known for having the trappings of modern civilisation readily available, even for one of the most important people within it. The mists washed across the open window like a wave, never entering but ushering in more cold. He shivered, reaching over his shoulder and covering more of himself with his coat. Lord Ruler, he felt old at times. Stress of the job, rather than actual age though. He shrugged off the cold as best he could and continued to read the missive he had been sent from Luthadel. The letter was signed by the High Prelan himself, and even if they were of different Cantons, it was no less an honour to have a letter written by the man addressed to him personally. Well, perhaps not written, more likely dictated. But it was regardless an important moment in his career. Perhaps his exile from the capital might soon be over, if he played his cards right. How best to start loosening The Lord Ruler’s grip on The Final Empire than by removing His agents from the most lawless and displaced parts within it? The Farmost Dominance was a nightmare to control, especially with all the tiny little communities that had fled there and never been brought fully to heel. Settlements dotted the near-wasteland like flies on excrement, each one eking out a feeble existence in some kind of act of defiance against The Lord Ruler and against the world. It had been, lamentably, his home for many years now. Unfortunately, being as he was the highest ranking member of the Canton of Inquisition here, it fell to him to counter this insidious attempt at rebellion. All the Inquisitors he could have called upon were in distant lands, and while they were not unreachable, they would take time to get here. Time he may not have. Besides which, how best to prove he should be looked upon more favourably than if he dealt with this problem himself? He might never become an Inquisitor, his lack of Allomancy sadly a black mark he could not overcome, but at the very least he might be able to return to Luthadel with his head held high. He reached over for a rope connected to a bell outside his office. He rang it three times, and then waited. A lower ranked Obligator knocked on the door shortly afterwards. Waern smiled a bit. He had respect here at least. “You rang, sir?” they asked, letting themselves in and closing the door behind them. “Yes. Tomorrow, I will see all the Obligators for a meeting, first thing in the morning. And I do mean all of them,” he added. “Effective immediately, I am cancelling all holiday and annual leave. Understood?” The Obligator winced, but then reluctantly nodded. “Understood, Prelan.” They bowed and left the room. Waern sighed and returned to the letter. A single person was not a threat, this much he knew, especially not a Skaa. But if they had gone unnoticed here for as long as the letter suggested, then who knew how much information they had at their disposal? How much leverage they could bear against those who considered them a peer? An Obligator’s life was given to The Lord Ruler and his Empire, and none would easily betray Him. But the problem with people is always that they are simply people. The Canton of Inquisition wouldn’t exist if they didn’t stray from their duty and purpose and their laws. And some might be lax in their understanding of the rules, especially when circumstance made it seem like a good thing for them to do. Maybe a long friendship would exploited to provide an alibi. Perhaps a small bit of blackmail would convince someone to do something they consider minor, but that was ultimately part of an unknown, larger plan. And then there were those Waern was sure would betray the Canton for something as base as financial gain. Those were the most detestable people of all. They considered there to be only one higher power in the world, but it wasn't The Lord Ruler. Waern sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose to ward off a headache. It looked like he would have to add ‘executioner’ to his list of duties. Rules The rules for this game are fairly standard for a Conversion game. There are two teams, the Obligators and the Traitors. The Obligators win if all the Traitors are dead. The Traitors win if they have the capability to prevent the Obligators from getting a successful lynch again, usually by the Traitors outnumbering the Obligators. As this is a Conversion game, the Traitor faction consists of just one person to begin with – The Seer. All other players are Obligators. The game is broken down into two Turns across each Cycle of play – The Day Turn, and the Night Turn. The game begins on a Day Turn. Day Turns last 48 hours, Night turns 24 hours. The end of each turn will be 9PM in the GM’s timezone (currently BST, will be GMT from 29th October). During the Day Turn, players vote for another player to lynch. As long as a player has two or more votes, the player with the most votes dies. If there is a tie, or no player has two or more votes, no lynch occurs. During the Day Turn, Rioters and Soothers may use their abilities. Players may send PMs to each other as long as a Tineye is alive (you will be told if they are not). During the Night Turn, the Traitor team can use an Action by one of their players to make a kill attempt. In addition, the Tineye, Coinshot, Lurcher, Seeker, Smoker and Seer may use their Role Actions at this time. Players may send PMs to each other as long as a Tineye is alive (you will be told if they are not). Players may only make one Action per Cycle (going Day-Night), regardless of how many Actions they might be able to perform. Sending a PM is not an Action. Roles Thug – The first time a Thug would die for any reason (whether at night or in the lynch), they instead survive. If it’s during the Night, their attack and survival will not be publicly noted. The Thug will know if they were attacked during the Night, however. This is a passive effect and does not require an Action to use. Tineye – As long as a Tineye is still alive, players can send and receive PMs to each other. Group PMs are allowed. If all Tineyes die, players cannot send messages to each other anymore. As an Action, Tineyes may also send a message at Night to the GM to include within the next Day’s writeup. Coinshot – A Coinshot can use their Action at Night to attempt to kill another player. Lurcher – A Lurcher can use their Action at Night to save another player from being killed. The Lurcher will be aware that their target was attacked, but no-one else, including the player being attacked, will know. Rioter – A Rioter can target a player in the Day with their Action, at the cost of nullifying their own vote, to change who another player has voted for. Soother – A Rioter can target a player in the Day with their Action to nullify their vote. Seeker – A Seeker can use their Action during the Night to discover what Role that player has. Smoker – By using their Action during the Night, a Smoker can protect themselves and up to one other player that Night and the following Day from Rioting, Soothing and Seeking. The Seer The Seer is the sole Traitor at the start of the game. The Seer begins with a number of beads of Atium depending on the number of players in the game. A Seer cannot be detected by a Seeker if they have no Atium left. Seers cannot give their Atium to other players other than as a bribe. Atium may be used in two ways: The Seer can use their Action during the Night to gift a bead of Atium to another player and bribe them onto the Elimiantor faction. This takes place at the end of the Night and will fail if the target dies, not costing the Seer any Atium. Coinshots will automatically cost 2 Atium. The Seer does not have to be aware that someone is a Coinshot to bribe them. If they don’t have enough Atium, the Action fails. If the Seer would die, they instead automatically burn one of their beads of Atium if they have any left to avoid the death, to all appearances in the same way as a Thug or as if they were saved by a Lurcher. This is a passive effect and does not require an Action to use. The game will begin on Sunday 8th at 9PM BST. Rollovers will be at the same time each day. Players: Quick Links: