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Found 5 results

  1. I've been rereading Warbreaker and near the ending, after Vivenna freed Vasher and he went out the window, she's left alone with Denth and Tonk Fah, the latter of whom threatens to torture her with ropes. This surprised me since I didn't remember anything overtly horrible happening to her at this point in the novel and it turns out nothing did. Vasher just finds her later tied up with only the one wound we last saw her with. I'm not saying I wanted anything bad to happen to her, I just wonder if there's something I'm missing here. There's no longer any reason to keep her alive, so it seems like Denth would have wanted to get rid of a loose end by killing her and Tonk Fah is a sociopath who enjoys torture so it seems like Vasher would have had to free her from him, but he's not only not torturing her but has fled the scene. I'm probably overthinking it, but this just doesn't fit the characters IMO. It makes me wonder if I missed a scene or a clue or something. Like would Denth have refused to let her be harmed further bc he actually does like her and he and Tonk Fah had a falling out over it that we didn't get to see? Or could there have been some other reason why she had to be kept alive and as unharmed as possible? Or maybe it's just a plot armor situation lol
  2. Recently I was reading Warbreaker and an interesting though occurred to me. Could Denth be a mistborn (or at least a misting)? He is said to have, and is proven to have almost superhuman speed, much faster then the Returned. He could have burned pewter to make this happen. He also may have been burning brass to get Vivenna to like him, Tonk Fa, and Jewels more than she would normally and keep her placid and unaware of what they were doing to her. If he was a full mistborn he would of likely burned zinc as well when creating 'distractions' in Hallandren, making the Idrians angrier and ready to start war with Hallandren. Denth does say that he came from far away and Vivenna deduced that he seemed not to fit in very well. I think that it may have been possible that when the 5 scholars were forming and there wasn't 5 yet they were traveling via the cognitive realm to Scadrial and picked up Denth there. They then made their way back to Nathalis, gather insane amounts of breath up past the 5th heightening and make Nightblood. Unbeknownst to the rest of the 5, Denth is a mistborn but maybe doesn't know it yet. He may have snapped after Arsteel was killed by Vasher, and then because of his life on Scadrial knows what has happened and starts experimenting and becoming better over hundreds of years. I think this may work. Let me know what you think.
  3. Hi everybody!!! I've been a fan of Brandon's work for a long time now, but it's my first time on this fantastic website... Great job guys!!! So I've started rereading all the books again and when I read Warbreaker I came across this site... I read some threads about the Royal Locks and the Returned and couldn't help to notice that some people believe that Denth is part of the Royal line... So Vo was the first Returned and the one that introduced the shape shifting ability to the Royal line. It's a mix of human and Returned. The Royal line can change their hair colour but could change maybe more as indicated by Vasher at the end of the book. The Five Scolars came after Vo. The Returned can all shapeshift. So my question is, when Denth dies his hair changes colour because he is Returned, not because he is part of the Royal line, right? Thanks for your replies in advance, looking forward to having some great discussions on this platform
  4. As the title states, which team do you think would win in a duel, given that all of the magic systems work simultaneously. Team 1: Pre-Radiance Kaladin; unconsciously uses Stormlight as he did in Bridge Four, and has no shards. Vin at her strongest (But not as Preservation); plenty of Allomantic stores. Hrathen, ability as shown in Elantris. Enough said. Team 2: Raoden at his best, able to make use of AonDor. Denth in Warbreaker, plain beast. Eshonai in Warform and in full plate. Place of Battle: Elantris, Sel. Who do you think will win? Feel free to justify below
  5. Nothing major here. No vast Cosmere guesses or unifying theories of Investiture. Just a couple of book observations and the questions that come with them. There are some pretty big spoilers for the book coming up, so be warned. Firstly, what becomes of Llarimar after the conclusion of the book? Has anyone ever asked? Personally, I believe he went on to become the high priest for several other Returned through his life, and probably helped each of them achieve their purposes. But that's only my guess--I'd be interested in hearing a canon ending if available, or hearing what other readers have guessed. Second: Denth was Shashara's brother and one of the Five Scholars. As such, he was also one of the Returned, who lose the memories of their previous lives. How did he know Shashara was his sister and vice versa? I can only assume that the ghost of Obi-Won Kenobi informed him just as they were beginning a fledgling romance, but I'm sure there's a more reasonable explanation. So there. Those are two things that leave me wondering. Thoughts, anyone?