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Found 9 results

  1. So I don't understand one thing. We know that But the events of Wok happened hundreds of years after the events of HoA. How is he alive? Maybe I missed something in which case I apologise. But it doesn't make sense to me. Also, I haven't read Row yet so please no spoilers for that one :D. Thanks in advance for answers. Life before death!
  2. Ok, so I have no idea if someone else has already posted a similar theory before but well, here it goes: After re-reading Mistborn: Secret History, I decided to read more of Hoid's known appearances on Scadrial and that's when I remembered that he spent much of WoA in the Terris Dominance. Given that he has been trying to gain access to more and more magic systems for some unknown purpose, I imagined that he was trying to somehow get Feruchemical powers from the Synod now that he also had access to Lerasium level Mistborn magic. However, as we know, Ruin sent the Inquisitors and the Koloss forces to wipe out the Keepers and steal all the Feruchemical abilities they could while at it. Now, here is where the theory starts. We know that Aslydin was the daughter of one of the Elders, maybe even a full Feruchemist at that and that he was killed during that attack. Well, what if Hoid, in trying to get a spike with Feruchemical power ended up saved her using what was clearly another magic system and that spiked her curiosity enough to question him as much as she could while they were on the way to the pits with the other refugees, before Hoid parted ways with her? Then she could have shared that information with Demoux one day and eventually they learned how to worldhop. As for why Demoux might be looking for Hoid with help from the 17th Shard that has been opposing Hoid, well, maybe they eventually learned that the Feruchemical spike Hoid stole had the powers and lifeblood of Aslydin's father, which would make it personal, even if they have another reason. That's where I have gotten so far. What do you think?
  3. Are the names of Wax's parents mentioned? We know that he is a descendant of Breeze from his father's line. Could he be a descendent of Demoux and Aslydin through his mother's line?
  4. I'm rereading TWoK after having (sort-of) reread HoA over my wife's shoulder (she just finished Mistborn Era 1, and dove right into TWoK, I think I've hooked her!). I noticed that Kadash (Dalinar's ardent) is described as having a scar across his head that sounds very similar to the one that I remember Demoux getting at the end of HoA. Now that I'm starting to keep my eyes peeled for worldhoppers and the like, this seems like too striking of a similarity to chalk up to coincidence, but when I started searching through the boards here I found no theories about Kadesh and Demoux being connected or being the same person. Am I missing some obvious reason that this couldn't be the case?
  5. I always tag stuff of interest as I do my first read-through of a Cosmere work (part of why I love my kindle is how easy it is to pull everything up in one place and do instant cross-referencing, something that has definitely helped me tease out some hints I would've missed otherwise.) Here's two paragraphs I tagged on my first read-through, before I read Secret History (before I even read the end of BoM): This jumped out at me on the first readthrough, and now it seems even more glaring considering what we now know about Kel's state as a voluntary cognitive shadow. Until now I've assumed that the Church of the Survivor was just a sort of Cosmeric joke on Kelsier, worshipping someone who would totes hate being worshiped. But now we see that the church actually got some facts about Kelsier shockingly correct. It makes me think (especially since we now have a WoB that he has a whole sequence of Secret Histories planned) that Kel is actually using his church as a tool. He is selecting his most dedicated followers, and having them survive the same way he did. He greets them as they enter Scadesmar (sorry, couldn't help it, but you know what I mean, Scadrial Cognitive Realm) and before they have a chance to move on, he gives them a chance to Survive - survive the same way he did. It seems likely he even has a way (or at least a plan) to reinhabit the physical realm someday. ‚ÄčThis also makes it suddenly make more sense - to me, at least - why Demoux, of all people, is (Way of Kings Spoilers) He was the ORIGINAL Survivorist. He was espousing Kelsier's ideals waaaay before it was cool. He makes perfect sense to be the first of Kelsier's followers to follow his example, even in death. So, my question is - why is the Survivor building an army of cognitive shadows? ‚ÄčI don't know the answer, (I suspect we won't find out the answer until the sci-fi Mistborn series) but I do know that when the Ire thought there might be an army of cognitive shadows coming their way from Threnody, they kind of freaked out. And those cognitive shadows we're (as far as we know) united in purpose and following an incredibly charismatic and psychopathic leader. Just sayin'.
  6. Ok, correct me if I am wrong but Demoux was seen as a world hopper in the Stormlight Archive, but he was also a noble in the mistborn series who was being imitated by a Kandra? How can this be possible? Wouldn't Ore Seur need his bones, meaning he is dead? Does that place the Stormlight Archive before Mistborn? I thought that Stormlight was after Mistborn? Or was Ore Seur using a fake corpse left by Demoux before he time travel/world hopped? But I also thought Kelsier killed Demoux to get the bones for Ore Seur, or that was at least implied. Thanks, and I'm new here, I would appreciate any clarifications and answers.
  7. This is just a simple question. When Sazed became Harmony he healed Spook's burns and turned him into a mist born. Demoux had his scars from the Koloss attack, and it obsiouvsly didn't heal for it was we see him described in Way of Kings with those scars. I believe if he can change Spook's spiritual DNA, correct me if I'm wrong about that, he could heal scars. I also have this fan theory that the Set started out as a Cult to Spook.
  8. I did a brief search, but as simplistic as this theory seems, I didn't see it posted elsewhere. Kelsier is now a Sliver, but a completely different kind than TLR was. He has no physical aspect (unlike Sazed, for example), but possesses a deific Cognitive (further augmented by the existence of Survivorism) and Spiritual aspect. Is this very much different than Ruin-when-chained? With his expanded powers and a meddlesome personality, he would want to get involved with something. Not really much of anything to do on Scadrial, though. Sazed's got stuff under control. Time to explore Shadesmar, as pretty much the only thing he CAN do. So he gets involved with other planets. Now he needs a physical aspect. Being dead and all, he'll need someone else. An avatar. Someone who he trusts, and has absolute faith in him. I got it! Demoux! So you have a being like a shard, but not quite a shard. Let's call him, for argument's sake, The Seventeenth Shard. But unlike a true shard, he'd need a physical aspect. While other Shards use their body - their energy - this one uses men blessed with the power of other shards. This one uses proxies. This means Demoux isn't just a member of The Seventeenth Shard. He's the founding member. While the recipient of "The Letter" is most certainly not Kelsier, it could be an ally of his. The biggest issue is The Recipient insisting on non-intervention, which Kelsier is diametrically opposed to. But if Kell owed him big. Like, by being able to help him syphon off more of Adonalsium's power, maybe Kelsier would reciprocate by allowing The Recipient the use of his Seventeenth Sharders. This could help explain why Kelsier and Hoid don't get along. EDIT: if we have proof of SS' existence pre-HoA, then my theory adjusts to incorporate a body of Cognitive Aspects lingering in a similar manner to Kelsier. For example, the minds of now-dead, previous shard-holders.
  9. I'm not sure if this has been suggested before (I looked but found nothing) but I have a theory that Demoux is now a mistborn through Sazed-intervention or some other means. The reasons are as follows: 1. It gives an explanation as to why he's still alive, if not the motivation... Cadmium is an element and perfectly discoverable... duralumin is likewise also available... putting them together accounts easily for his presence in the future. Perhaps he was trying to reach the Survivor somehow, or perhaps one of the divine figures in his life moved him to mix the two. 2. Brandon has been asked if Demoux can burn Malatium, to which he coyly responded "That's an interesting theory" 15 SWEETNESS 3. Can Demoux burn malatium? BRANDON SANDERSON Interesting theory. TAGS demoux, atium, mistborn, allomancy, A stranger response than either "RAFO" or "No". Whatever Sweetness's motivation for asking, it is illuminating. We know that, short of Hemalurgy, no one can burn just two metals, it's a one or all deal (obviously all humans can burn Lerasium as well, let's move on). Furthermore if Demoux could burn Malatium it makes Preservation distorting snapping so that Atium and Malatium mistings could snap inconsistent (uplike for whoever finds this WoB quote, it's late and I'm running out of time). If Atium mistings also had the ability to burn Malatium, Preservation needn't have shifted out two metals from the snapping system. So if Demoux CAN burn Malatium, as Brandon hints with his answer, it almost certainly means Demoux is a mistborn. (Sazed intervening and granting Demoux full powers seems far more likely than Demoux spiking himself with an Inquisitor spike that had Atium, or else working out how to steal Malatium Allomancy, finding a Malatium Misting in a World without Atium, and spiking him for it). 3. It helps explain why Demoux can Worldhop. We can be almost certain Demoux is a hopper, and though accessing Shadesmar does fit with the nature of Atium, he'd need an ongoing source in a Pitless Scadrial. Another allomantic combination, or trick could very well be the key, perhaps an alloy of Atium if you're desperate for Atium to be involved. Demoux burning all metals increases our ability to explain his worldhopping (Since we don't know how Scadrian's do it yet) 4. It fits with the story. This is more a narrative point but, we saw Spook become a Mistborn by Sazed's hand. If we had seen the same for Demoux we may have been disappointed: "Great, now everyone cool is a Mistborn". The oddity (an Atium misting in a context in which we had been led to believe there could be no such thing) becomes just another Mistborn. Fastforward in time (with Duralumin and Cadmium if you can burn them ) and we have a world in which Mistborn are the oddity... a legend lost to the ages. Mistborn-Demoux remains the oddity. Furthermore, it keeps his powers relevant in a potentially Atium-less situation: it is doubtful he could get some from Scadrial, and he almost assuredly can't from other Shardworlds. However the main Allomantic metals should be available on each world, and even if technology doesn't allow for some metals, Mistborn-Demoux has a fair chancd at atleast the basic 8. Let me be clear that I'm not proposing that is the timeframe for Demoux's power-expansion, merely the timeframe for our discovery of it: he became a mistborn before he became a sharder, but if we had found that out at the end of HoA it would have been narratively tacky. Thoughts? EDIT: Well... this is demoralising. I take it 5AM Australian time isn't a good time to post things?