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Found 4 results

  1. Come one, come all to our newest Overlady Reads, kind of! This time we'll be delving into one of Brandons Deleted Scenes, the Mad Prince chapters, and finding out who this mysterious and eccentric character is. What was cut? What replaced it? Were these scenes used elsewhere in the Cosmere? We answer all these questions and more! Apologies for the length of time between this video and the last, our lives have become rather busy these past few weeks and we've struggled to find time to put this together for you. Let us know what you think and we'll see you all next!
  2. Happy Halloween! Today it's oddly fitting we have Oathbringer chapters 28-30. Two weeks away from Oathbringer's release, and next week will be the last of Part One of Oathbringer. As always, check out our discussion thread here, or discuss it in our Oathbringer channel on Discord. If you missed a chapter set, you can find them and each of the weekly discussions in our Oathbringer Chapter Index. Lastly, make sure you post Oathbringer stuff only in the Oathbringer subforum. In addition, yesterday we had another Dalinar chapter from the 2010 Way of Kings that were later revised, continuing on from last week. Things are a bit different... and involve snails. Yup. Snails. Not exactly what I expected.
  3. From now until Oathbringer's release this November, Brandon's assistant, Peter, will be posting some deleted scenes from the first two books. You might have missed these last week, but we now have awesome things: a scene from Way of Kings Prime--the version Brandon wrote in 2003--with proto-Szeth, and the first two Way of Kings annotations. Let's talk about the deleted scene, The Way of Kings Prime: Jeksonsonvallano. Clearly this is extremely reminiscent of Szeth, so in this old version, he is named Jek. It's a fascinating look at the differences from the 2003 version and the 2010 version. (Brandon's said Way of Kings Prime has dramatic differences compared to its rewrite.) [UPDATE: This Jek scene is actually NOT new, but, Peter will be posting deleted scenes from Way of Kings. That part is true!] Brandon says about this scene: And indeed, don't read that scene unless you've read the book! If you have, however, it's an interesting look into things that could have been. Next up we have two Way of Kings annotations: the introduction and the indpapers. Annotations were these awesome things Brandon wrote before the Wheel of Time train hit them. He generally wrote these during the copyedit, but now Brandon's team is larger and his time is more precious, so he doesn't do them any longer. That's too bad, because annotations were a fascinating look into the process and definitely revealed lore on a great many things. (The Mistborn annotations are amazing.) Still, I suppose we'd rather Brandon writes new books. Now, Peter says in the introduction that we will only have annotations up through chapter 12, but already these are super cool. Check out the one on endpapers and look at these crazy Surges: Thought? Awakening? Time? Way of Kings Prime clearly must be ridiculously different. It also looks like the Radiants had, uh, some different names, and not our usual Windrunner/Lightweaver/Truthwatcher type things. I hope we learn a lot more about this as the annotations continue! We'll keep you up-to-date as these annotations go live!
  4. There's something very cool happening: the campaign to fund the Altered Perceptions anthology. It's a campaign conceived by Brandon to help Robison Wells, who has crippling debt due to medical issues. It's a cool, awesome thing. And what can you get for doing it? Well, some chapters from the original draft of The Way of Kings. As Brandon explains on his blog, In Way of Kings Prime, not only did Roshar not have the spren (which is hard to even conceive of Roshar not having), but the Shattered Plains was also not a thing on that world yet--the Shattered Plains had originally been on the planet Yolen in the original draft of Dragonsteel. When Brandon was revising The Way of Kings from scratch, he felt Kaladin (then called Merrin) had taken the easy path. So the version we all know now is the hard path, after taking... well, you know Kaladin's flashbacks. It should be very interesting to see. But I'm a bit worried it won't get funded, so take a look at it, and see if you can spare a little bit. I'm sure Rob would really appreciate it. There's only ten days left, so take a gander!