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Found 1 result

  1. Though the woods was never ordered, the Court began to lose their unity as well. . . John was disappointed, and angry. Angry at the new medium, for not electing them the new Dragonslayer. They was a better choice than Elbe! John and Small Large went way back! And yet, Large had chosen Elbe. If John was honest, part of the anger was directed inward. "Am I just not good enough for him? Is that it?" "Of course not, love." John, spun on a heel, turning to face the new student who was walking down the hallway. Hadn't the hallway been empty? "Don't call me love." The student shrugged, continuing to walk past John, their shoulders barely brushing. "It's just a term. would you prefer I call you 'Student?' There's no need to take offense." "I take offense at you spying on me." "I take offense at the implication I'm a spy. You were talking to yourself in a public hallway dear." John reached out and grabbed the student's shoulder, spinning them around. "Call me dear one more time, and I'll show you why i should have been dragonslayer." The student glared back. "Dearie. Sugarcube. My Sweet. I will call you whatever I please." John cocked a fist back, and let loose a wild blow that could have shattered stone had it hit. The student dropped into a crouch, dodging the blow, and grabbing john around the waist. They charged forward, forcing John off the floor and into the air. John struggled for purchase against the student, but to no avail. Their charge hit a window. One of the one's that was still being built. The glass shattered from the for4ce of the Blow, and the Student let go of John, sending her sailing out of the window. John desperately tried to grab anything, but the building shrank away, until her fall ended in the waters of the River far below. Hahahahaha, is that what's happening in there? Happening? This is a story of the past, Coyote. It happened. It is not happening Maybe for your people For the woods, it's the present, we're dealing with your infiltrators right now. . . . What? That's not how time works. Let me tell you what is happening right now little medium. One of your humans, i'm not sure which, has made a friend. A very lucky friend. The Chickcharney. This Chickcharney is leading your human through the woods right now. They're dodging through all the secret trails. avoiding the eyes of shadowpeople and wisps and monsters alike. Not an eye has seen them past, no nose is smelling them. Only I know where they are. But they know where the Lightning Elemental is. Bart Allen, supposedly the fastest creature in the forest, is currently running in circle. He's actually moving fast enough to burn a rut into the ground. Which is rather annoying. now i need to heal those plants. Or i could just put a lake there instead. Hmm, I wonder how your human intends to kill Bart? He seems to have some sort of plan, and he has some metal device on his back. Is it by chance a Lightning rod? Ah! So it is. the Human and the Chickcharney are setting up behind one of the bushes that Bart is speeding past. Hmm, clever. the Device is going to shoot through the bush and Bart will run OH THERE IT GOES! AHAHAHAHA! What just happened? Bart hit it and tripped. he had to have rolled a hundred feet! But it worked, all of his lightning is stuck on that rod thing, and your human is hurrying towards him, but let's see if he figures out what Bart really is. See, if he finishes off Bart, Bart will just be joining you in the court. Oh? a Hollow Faerie? Indeed. Oh, the Human is running away now, because. . . Oh? Araris is coming down the trail. He's standing over the prone Bart now, and it looks like he has figured out that Bart is a wounded hollow faerie. He's trying to decide if he should put him out of his misery or not, he's hesitating. . . Aha! he did it! just stomped down on his lil'head and squished him. I have his spirit here now. "Wha, Lord Coyote? What happened?" Haha, you got killed. I'll give you to Small Large when he gets here. Small Large was the first medium, he's dead. . . yo, what's up yotes? Wait what? Don't try to follow it Medium. Just roll with the waters. You here to call a Meeting Small Large? yeah I am Alright, you three run along, I'll bring the members of my court presently. Coyote bounced along, Informing all the creatures that a meeting had been called, and they were to cross the bridge into the court immediately. he had almost found all of them, and just needed to find Straw now. But the scarecrow was nowhere to be found. Coyote had found pieces of straw all over the forest, as if something made from straw had been violently ripped into many pieces, but he hadn't yet found Straw himself. Ah well. If he wanted to miss a meeting that much, he could. Coyote had other things to worry about. Winter Devotion was killed!They were a Student! Straw was killed! He was a Foresdweller! Flash was killed! He was a hollow Faerie! Please welcome him as the newest Court member! STINK has called a meeting! All actions may now target all players until the end of Night 2. There will only be one lynch. you may still chose new mediums if you wish.