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Found 5 results

  1. I read skyward and defending Elysium But I want to confirm if “the eyes” were mentioned anywhere in defending Elysium ? I did not notice if they were? and what is it? Some other alien race? Are they really evil?
  2. So, this out of a discussion in the Alleyverse RP, and I need to know. We have a nine month spoiler period for Skyward, but what is the policy for the Cytonics in Defending Elysium?
  3. In Defending Elysium, Faster Than Light (FTL) communication and transportation - and all of cytonics, really - were viewed by alien life forms as interchangeable with Primary Intelligence and Civilization. And later, near the end of Defending Elysium: So the aliens have assumed that a civilization must reach Primary Intelligence and a completely peaceful society before attaining FTL travel (cytonic hyperdrive). Both Jason and Spensa seem to prove this theory incorrect to a degree, though I am certain that M-Bot's cytonic hyperdrive would never have been engaged had the Battle of Alta not been won a decade before, allowing the clans to come together and Spensa to grow up with some civilization in Igneous. The primary mission of the Krell (Varvax? Tenasi? Those and more?) seems to be preventing humans from congregating in large enough groups to form a society and gain civilization because they know that this is the path to FTL. Pre-Battle of Alta, Spensa's dad (Pages 6 & 9) says, And then later, from the top brass (Page 95): And then the big reveal at the end (Page 509): So annihilating civilization without annihilating human race is the Krell goal because the Krell know that civilization leads to FTL. The Krell must suspect Spensa is close to FTL, as they suspected her father was, but Spensa indicated that they didn't know she could listen in on them and that they certainly didn't know she could FTL travel. The Defiants are far too uncivilized for FTL, yet, at least according to Varvax theory, and still, humans seem to be defying this law of reaching a peaceful civilization before achieving FTL. So this theory seems both partially right and partially wrong. I'm convinced Spensa's cytonics bloomed as a result of the Battle of Alta and Igneous's civilization, but Spensa is a far cry, even at the end of Skyward, from a peaceful person, and Defiants are a far cry from a peaceful civilization. So perhaps the aliens are wrong about what constitutes civilization. Is peace at all costs civilized? Are cytonic-stifling concentration camps civilized? Is what the Krell have done to the Defiants (bombing to scatter, making Defiants warmongers) civilized? My hope is that the Defiants will soon be undergoing an FM revolution, one that will raise them all to Primary Intelligence even if they aren't the same peaceful civilization the aliens insist must occur to reach that level. FM's philosophies on civilization are explored on Page 190: And as a bit of an aside but still related, Doomslug! That Doomslug FTL travels seems at least 90% certain given how she moves with lightning speed whenever Spensa's not looking. Aliens tell us that one must reach Primary Intelligence to obtain FTL, and so Doomslug appears to be a creature of Primary Intelligence. Dude!!! That would mean, at the very least, Doomslug is sapient. So is Doomslug Krell? I think that is a distinct possibility, but I definitely see her as friendly even if she is the enemy. The Varvax are "small creatures that floated in a nutrient bath sealed within their inorganic shells [enormous exoskeletens]," but what if Doomslug lost her exoskeleton? Could Varvax survive without these and their nutrient baths?
  4. Do we have a timeframe we think the story takes place in? In Earth years? I know M-bot is almost 200 years abandoned, do we know what year Defending Elysium takes place in? Do we have an idea how long after that it is?
  5. Eliminating Elysium First off, there are massive spoilers for Defending Elysium, a short story Brandon wrote, in this game. Thankfully, the story is free to read on Brandon's website. Here's a link to it. Now then, on to the game itself. Chaos has erupted in the Outer Platforms after it has been revealed that rogue aliens have been impersonating humans in an attempt to gain superior weaponry. Unfortunately for the visitors to Jupiter Platform 19, their missile station has just been infiltrated. The bunker has been cut off from the outside. If the aliens gain control of the missiles, who knows what chaos they might cause. Cytonics: The ability to sense other minds is present in all intelligent lifeforms. During the night cycle, a player can protect himself from the actions of another player. If that player tries to use an action on the protected party, it will not happen, and the other player will be immediately killed. Cytonics does not count as an action, so Cytonics cannot block other Cytonics. For example, Tom, a normal human, sends in his night action to protect himself from Steve. Steve tries to investigate Tom during the night. It will backfire hilariously, and Tom will kill Steve instead. Oops. Or Tom could protect against Bob, an alien. If Bob tries to attack Tom, Bob dies instead. Yay. Roles: Firebrand: You can rile up the crowd, and make people look worse than they actually are. Each night, instead of using Cytonics, you can place a secret vote on a target player. Soldier: You won't go down without a fight. Well, as long as the aliens don't kill you with their mind. If you are lynched, and the person you guarded against voted for you, then you will automatically kill that player as you die. Politician: You know how to judge a crowd, and can figure out who is suspicious of you. Each night, instead of using Cytonics, you can detect who guarded against you. Cyto Adept: You're a quick learner, and have figured out how to guard against multiple people. You can target two players with your Cytonic powers. UIB Agent: You suspected that the Phone Company had infiltrated the base. You didn't expect to find aliens here too. Instead of using Cytonics, you can target one player during the night to learn that player's role. Phone Company Operator: You realized that this was a prime target for the aliens, and teleported here as fast as possible. You can target two players with your Cytonic powers. Furthermore, instead of using Cytonics, you can kill a target player. Alien: You swapped minds with a human, and now look just like one of them. You have a Google Doc to conspire in, and you have a group kill. Quick Links: