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Found 6 results

  1. Eban Naworeh looked over his tiny shop. In his 82 years serving as Silverlight's chief Oracle, he had acquired a good number of knick-knacks, trinkets, baubles, potions, relics, and other curiosities- and each one of them served an important function. He moved slowly through the shop, repositioning an item here, dusting off another there. When he was satisfied, he touched an etched panel on the wall, dimming the lights, and moved to the bedroom. He removed his slippers, donned his sleeping cap, and climbed under the covers. His head had scarcely hit the pillow before images and impressions flooded his mind. This was no ordinary dream- decades of service as an Oracle had taught him the difference between regular dreams and visions. This one came mostly in the form of emotions and flashes of color. Animosity and malicious intentions. A concocted plot. Indistinct silhouettes, moving against a bright background. Surprise and shock. The color crimson. A flash of pain. Death. Eban's eyes snapped open. He sat up in bed and shook his head, trying to make sense of the images and sensations still rattling around inside his skull, but they refused to take shape. Of one thing, however, Eban was certain: Somewhere, somehow, somebody had just been murdered. And they had to find and catch the murderer before it was too late. Welcome to QF33 - Deception, Murder in the Cosmere! This game is a little bit different from your regular SE game. Okay, it's very different. It is based on the game “Deception: Murder in Hong Kong” by Grey Fox Games, but with a Cosmere-flare. The gist of it is this: Somewhere within the Cosmere, a grisly murder has taken place. You and your fellow Investigators arrive at the scene of the crime to discover that the Assassin has left important clues. From among the suspicious objects scattered around, you must deduce the “Methods of Murder” and identify the “Key Evidence” in order to catch and convict the killer. As if solving a murder wasn’t tricky enough, this one is complicated by the fact that one of your fellow Investigators is the Assassin! While the Oracle gives the Investigators clues on what to look for, the Assassin attempts to sow confusion and doubt in order to cover their dark deed. Furthermore, the Assassin may have one or more Co-conspirators trying to cover their escape, but the Investigators may find aid in the form of a Witness who can identify the criminals and help bring them to Justice! The full rules for this game can be found here. Please read through them thoroughly, as again this is different from anything else we have done in SE, and if anything is unclear please ask questions! While sign ups are open I will be making a spreadsheet that will be used to run the game and will be open to the public. When it's ready I will edit the link in here, but in the meantime here is a link to the spreadsheet with all the "cards" and "tiles" that will be used in the game. Sign-ups are now open, and will run until the countdown timer below runs down. Quick Links:
  2. The next morning the investigators all sat around the small table in the Oracle’s shop, with bloodshot eyes and trembling hands, sipping coffee. None of them had been able to sleep the night before. Every now and then one of them would shudder or gasp or wimper as they had a flashback from the day spent searching the crypt. Nobody spoke. Day 3 has begun! The randomly selected tile ended up being an event: Note: To implement this event relatively painlessly (it still took a bit of fiddling with the spreadsheet but I made it work) I simply randomly selected one entire column of Evidences and removed it (making sure the Assassin's Key Evidence wasn't removed). In the spreadsheet I have struck-through the removed column, and in the player list down below I have removed each player's evidence card and placed it in a separate column, so that you can easily see which evidences were removed. I'm mostly sure that I was able to do this correctly without making any mistakes anywhere, but if you notice any, let me know. In the case of any potential discrepancies, the spreadsheet takes precedence. In short, you all now know that the Key Evidence card is not one of the removed Evidences. Here are your Oracle clues (unchanged from last round): Player List: (Players who have used their Attempts are highlighted in purple. The "Removed" column on the right side shows which evidence cards were removed by the Vision of the Past event) Link to the spreadsheet Link to the Rules
  3. Day 2: Cryptic Crypt The investigators sat down right in the Oracle's shop and spent the entire day poring over the strange clues that they had found, but despite all their best efforts couldn't make any sense of them. They were so enigmatic and baffling that it began driving some of the investigators just a little mad. After they realized that poring wasn't doing any good, They tried pouring sauce on the clues, but quickly realized that that was a poor idea. Eventually they gave up and Oyh grew so frustrated that he grabbed the table and flipped it over. It made an odd hollow thumping sound as it hit the floor. The investigators glanced at each other, then shoved the table out of the way and threw aside the rug to reveal a trap door in the floor. Opening the door they discovered a rickety staircase descending into the gloomy darkness. Cautiously, they lit an oil lamp and made their way down the stairs. If the room upstairs had been a living nightmare of disorganization, the cellar is where it went to die. Literally. The dank cellar was stuffed full of coffins, sarcophagi, caskets, urns, and catafalques. There was no organization to the mess, with the various burial boxes piled atop one another in a haphazard fashion with some leaning at angles against the walls. There were heaps of bones everywhere- none of them fresh, fortunately- piled on the floor and atop the caskets. A deeply unsettling feeling permeated the entire place, as if someone was standing right behind you, breathing on your neck. "That can't be hygienic..." *The Witness mumbled. He turned away in disgust and noticed a small folded note pinned to the wall addressed to "The Investigators." Cocking an eyebrow, he unfolded it and scanned the note. "You've got to be kidding me," he said. The note read: *Snipexe's character Day 2 has begun! Here are your Oracle clues: Player List: (Players who have used their Attempts are highlighted in purple) Link to the spreadsheet Link to the Rules
  4. Hey everyone, as I said in the other thread, because the first game of Deception went so quickly, @Alvron has given us permission to do an immediate rerun. So who is interested? I'm going to go ahead and tag everyone who participated in the last game, including those who signed up as pinch hitters. If there are any spectators or new players who want to join in, feel free! Signups won't be open for very long- only about 2 days, so decide quickly! (EDIT: If you played in the last game and want to join this one, please post in this thread and say so, even if you said so in the other thread. I would hate to miss someone who wanted to play again) Quick Links: Deception in the Cosmere rules doc Game #1 Main Thread Day 0 Day 1 Epilogue Spreadsheet Conspirator doc
  5. Day 1: Relic of the Future The hours passed slowly as everyone waited for the Oracle to return. A few people eyed each other with suspicion, a few were curious about the prospect of solving the mystery and finding the murderer, but as is the case with most Cons, the excitement was interspersed with long stretches of boredom. Finally, Eban Naworeh re-entered the convention hall carrying a small stack of papers. Now, in addition to his wild hair and disheveled robes, the Oracle's unkempt appearance was further heightened by ink stains on his fingers, sleeves, and his chin. "Storms man, what took you so long?" Someone said. "How many Séances did you have to hold to find out who the murderer is anyway?" "Hmm?" Eban said as he began handing one sheet of paper to each person. Each page was identical, and contained several paragraphs of prognostication written in a neat calligraphic script, along with a hand-drawn border of an intricate twisting pattern. "Oh, I don't know who did it, not yet anyway, but I did read a handful of clues in the auguries." "And that took you over 5 hours?" "Oh shades no! That only took about 15 minutes. I had to make all of these proclamation announcement cards by hand. It would have gone faster, but the photocopier broke so-" "The fotowhatnow?" "Photocopier. It's a relic of the future. Anyway it broke so I had to copy them all by hand and-" "A relic of... How can you have a 'relic' from anything other than the distant past!?" "Because I'm the Chief Oracle, of course! Who else would you trust to take care of relics from the future?" "I- Look, that doesn't matter, why in Braize did you spend 5 hours hand-writing all of these sheets when you could have just come and told us what you had discovered." Eban looked shocked. "Nights afire man! I'm the Chief. Oracle. You don't become Chief Oracle by shouting your proclamations on the street corner like some chouta vendor." He seemed to have forgotten that he had done just that thing earlier, and went on talking anyway. "You have to have a certain professionalism mixed with a little added flair if you want to get and hold a prestigious position like mine for over 8 decades. Hence, the proclamation announcement cards!" He gestured emphatically with the remaining pages. "You're a loon, you know that?" "Indeed," Eban said solemnly. "That's one of the the job requirements as well." The game is in full swing now! The Oracle clues are listed below, so start discussing away and players are now allowed to Attempt to solve the crime at any time (remember to @ mention me or the Attempt won't count). Also remember that everyone must make at least 1 post this cycle, or else be dropped from the game and replaced by one of our awesome Pinch Hitters. Good Luck everyone! Link to spreadsheet Oracle Clues: Player List: Day 2 will begin when the countdown ends:
  6. Day 0 - Investicon Eban Naworeh ran down the street, his wild hair and long robes trailing behind him as he frantically checked the addresses of buildings. No... No... Not that one... No, that's the bakery... No... AHA! Eban ran into the arched entryway to the building. Above the arch hung a large banner that proclaimed "WELCOME TO INVESTICON." Investicon was the largest, longest running annual convention held specifically for all things investigation related. All the best private eyes, police investigators, spies, intelligence agents, and detectives from all over the Cosmere flocked to Investicon every year. Eban burst into the convention hall, and drew up short. About 2 dozen people stood inside the large hall, most of them huddled around the table that held complimentary punch and cookies. "This is it?" Eban said. "If by 'it' you mean 'Investicon' then, yes!" a friendly volunteer wearing an "Investicon Staff" T-shirt said. "We've got a great turnout this year, up 25% from last year!" Eban ignored her and shouted, "There's been a murder!" Nineteen heads perked up and swiveled to look at him, and someone said, "Um... who are you?" "I'm Silverlight's Chief Oracle. I had a vision!" As realization set in, people started bombarding him with questions. "Where?" "Er... I don't know." Eban said. "Who was killed?" "I... don't know that either." "When did it happen?" "Yeah... I'm not really sure." "Do you know how the murderer did it?" "Uh... nope." "Well, what do you know old man?" Eban straighten up and declared triumphantly, "The assassin is here, in this room!" Nineteen pairs of eyes widened in shock and looked around suspiciously at one another, then turned back to Eban expectantly. After a few moments of silence, someone spoke. "Well? Which one of us is the assassin?" "I... have no idea." Eban said, wilting, but then abruptly perked up again. "But I can find out! I'll go do some divinationy type stuff, maybe hold a Séance or two, spend some time meditating... Wait here!" With that, Eban turned and dashed out of the room. Welcome to QF33, our first attempt at Deception, Murder in the Cosmere! The game has officially begun, but right now we're still in cycle 0. I will be sending out everybody's role in the next couple of hours, and the Assassin will have roughly 24 hours from this post to select their Method of Murder and Piece of Key Evidence. Once they have done that, I can set the starting tiles set and ready. Right now the player list has been set and everyone has been randomly assigned their Methods and Evidences. The starting tiles have not been chosen yet, so you can disregard those for now. You can view all of this in the game's spreadsheet, or click on the Spoiler tag below: In the meantime, free to start RPing (bonus points if you incorporate your Methods and Evidences into your RP) and/or start discussing general strategies.