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Found 19 results

  1. I belive that the death rattles that we saw in TWoK shape out the future of SA arc 1, so I decided to decipher some of them to shape out the events SA 5. Here's my theory on what's going to happen: After Taravangian becomes Odium's vessel he is going to need Kharbranth for strategic reasons, but his daughter wouldn't give Kharbranth to him and would insist that it remained neutral. Taravangian then loses control over his intent and in his rage destroys Kharbranth. Taravangian will gather a large army of singers and fused, as he plans to attack Urithiru after the contest of champions. This seems to refer to the contest of champions and Gavinor would almost fit that description if it weren't for the fact that the death rattle said that it would be a "suckling child", which refers more to a baby, but no baby would have the capacity to choose to be Odium's champion. Other than that Gavinor would fit perfectly, because he was tormented by voidspren for a long time in Kholinar and that would allow Odium to send him visions and would allow him to manipulate him. This also seems to refer to the contest of champions. "So the night will reign" refers to Odium's rule and "for the choice of honor is life" should fit if Gavinor would be Odium's champion, because it would sound like Dalinar (bonded to a splinter of honor) would not be capable to kill Gavinor, thus the choice of honor or the honorable choice is life (letting Gavinor live). So this would predict that Dalinar would lose the contest of champions. This would refer to the situation Kaladin would be in if Dalinar would lose the contest of champions. "The fallen title " would refer to the title of the King of Urithiru, "The tower" would be Urithiru, "the crown" would be the position of the leader and "the spear" would refer to Kaladin and would mean that he would need to go and fight. This death rattle pretty much tells us what Dai-gonarthis the unmade we haven't yet seen onscreen does. It pretty clearly tells us that she/he is the one who consumes peoples emotions like what happend to Moash. This probably doesn't refer to Moash, since he gave up his emotions because of guilt not sorrow. This could refer to Dalinar after he lost the contest of champions, because he probably wouldn't be very happy about serving Odium and Odium would need Dai-gonarthis to consume his emotions for him to function as his herald. This could refer to the heralds, but they didn't have Shardblades so I think this could mean the reforging of the oathpact. This could happen after the contest of champions when they have to fight against a giant army of fused and singers and they're leader is dead, then Navani could reforge the oathpact with the new heralds being Kaladin, Szeth, a Dustbringer that we haven't yet seen, Lift, Renarin, Shallan, Jasnah, Venli, a new Stoneward and Navani herself. Conclusion: Taravangian would destroy Kharbranth after losing control of his intent and would gather a giant army of Fused and Singers. Taravangian would choose Gavinor as his champion and Dalinar would be unable to kill him and would lose the contest. After Taravangian won he would attack Urithiru. Kaladin would swear the final oath of the windrunners in the battle. Navani would then reforge the Oathpact and they would drive away Odium's armies. Any thoughts?
  2. Hello all! With the new SA5 update on reddit we know that at least one of the death rattles will be taking place with Kaladin and Szeth in Shinovar. Does anyone have and guesses on which death rattle(s) they think it will be? I have some ideas but obviously they are pure speculation. I don't have time to put in all of my thoughts at this moment but I think some relating to reigns and maybe Black Fisher may come up. What are some of ya'lls thoughts/hopes for it?
  3. theory

    (0.) Choice or crying Honor, death or flying Light, storm or dying Life (1.) Death to Storms (2.) Light flying (3.) Dead Honor cries (4.) "Choice." (I.) References Choice or crying honor, death or flying light, storm or dying life? "Death to Storm and Light flying," o dead Honor cries. "Choice..."
  4. In the Stormlight Archive, Death Rattles are a big part of the Diagram's "telling the future" thing. I've noticed a lot of people trying to interpret what they mean, but they're scattered around, and hard to find. So this is dedicated to searching for and interpreting the Death Rattles that appear so often in the books. You can look at the ones at the start of the chapters, but there are also many in the chapters themselves, like when Maps dies on a bridge run in TWoK. Anyways, I hope you can find some good ones! ........... I basically just sent you on an Easter egg hunt for words spoken in dying delirium.
  5. So, I was watching a Youtube video about TWOK where spanish streamer Alexelcapo points out to the chapter 57 epigraph, which is this Death Rattle: "I hold the suckling child in my hands, a knife at his throat, and know that all who live wish me to let the blade slip. Spill its blood upon the ground, over my hands, and with it gain us further breath to draw." He then says the 'breath' could be refering to BioChromatic Breath. If this is right, then the POV character of the Rattle is about to kill a newborn to get their Breath. But there are some inconsistencies. We know that normally one can't steal Breath, nor even give it by accident, it has to be given with intent (Intent?), which is something a baby can't do. So, is it possible that the knife in the Rattle is to be used as a hemalurgic spike? The 'let the blade slip' part could mean 'pierce' instead of 'cut their throat'. What I imagine is a scenario in which a group is in dire need of magic to survive something that has already killed many, but their only source of Investidure is the Breath of a newborn who, unable to talk, is unable to use it. So the leader of the group faces the desicion of whether or not to take away their Breath through hemalurgy to save the rest.
  6. Yeah, I know how it sounds. Maybe I'm looking too much into it and see patterns where there are none, but Metallica songs really seem to describe certain dark moments in Stormlight Archive quite well. Not just well, but to the point where you could take some phrases and they would make quite poetic Death Rattles that actually foreshadow things. I don't know that much about Brandon's taste in music, but I was able to find a couple of his tweets about Metallica and Death (Without Pizza) will feature metal music, so maybe there is a hidden connection here. Anyway, here we go (spoiler tags just for brevity): Sad but true Odium's theme song. Works particularly well for his talks with Dalinar, with some phrases being very similar to Odium quotes Memory remains My favorite one. It has Shalash written all over it – her particular brand of insanity (“Fortune fame mirror vain gone insane”), being an immortal who doesn't always register the passing o time (“denies the grave”, “lips that time forgets”), unusually good hearing (“Just listen, they play my song”) and being called divinity by the Stormfather (“goddess”). The best part, though? Ash → Ashe (Aon of Light) → Lightweavers, the Order whose patron she is Dust → Dustbringers, the Order many people believe she'll join One It actually works on two levels: it describes Taln, the one Herald left in Damnation, finally breaking if you reverse some phrases (“can't remember anything” → “can remember everything”, “silence” → “screams”) you get the description of Dalinar regaining his memories of Rathalas at Thaylen Field. It's One as in alone at first, then One as in Unity The God That Failed Pretty much describes the Recreance Unforgiven More tentative than the previous ones, but all three songs seem relate to dramatic events in Kaladin's life Unforgiven, the death of Tien: Unforgiven II, his relationship with Tarah: Unforgiven III, temporarily killing Syl because of his hatred towards lighteyes: Enter Sandman Not on a lyrics level, but thematically it works really well for Shallan – she kills her father while singing a Veden lullaby
  7. So we have some number of unassigned death rattles left. A bunch of them are pretty clearly linked to events that have happened while some either aren't linked or haven't happened. As we have seen, nothing glimpsed in future is definite, only possible, or likely. And it would make sense that Moalach is more likely to share visions of the future with dying people that proclaim Odium positive outcomes, so these all need to be taken with a grain of salt. You've killed me. Bastards, you've killed me! While the sun is still hot, I die! I can't think of an event to match this one A man stood on a cliffside and watched his homeland fall into dust. The waters surged beneath, so far beneath. And he heard a child crying. They were his own tears. This sounds like Dalinar during the first vision in OB. He watches Kholinar fall to dust, and senses Odium (the waters) far beneath. And then he sees himself, a metaphorical child, at the moment he almost falls to Odium at Thalyen field (when he is crying). He also at that time is hearing the crying of children as he remember Rathalas. I'm cold. Mother, I'm cold. Mother? Why can I still hear the rain? Will it stop? This also may be a Dalinar reference, as he speaks to Cultivation in the valley. He wonders if the rain (the voices of his victims) will ever stop. Could also be about something totally different. I'm standing over the body of a brother. I'm weeping. Is that his blood or mine? What have we done? Given that the speaker is a Veyden sailor, I am almost certain that this is a reference to the upcoming Veyden Civil War. I don't think this has anything to do with Tien, as Kaladin wouldn't wonder what we have done, rather what he has not done. I hold the suckling child in my hands, a knife at his throat, and know that all who live wish me to let the blade slip. Spill its blood upon the ground, over my hands, and with it gain us further breath to draw. I cant think of an event to match this one. The Diagram pretty clearly views this a metaphor for those that need to die in order for the world to live. Might be part of Shallan's past, and her mother believes that killing her would forestall the desolation. But she isn't really suckling age at that point, and she doesn't seem to be hesitating in killing Shallan during the actual event. The darkness becomes a palace. Let it rule! Let it rule! This might refer to the occupation of the Kholinar Palace by the Unmade. Above silence, the illuminating storms—dying storms—illuminate the silence above. This is a Ketek. Seems to me to be about how Honor's death (the illuminating storm) leads to Odium (the silence, as a void) ruling over the planet. The day was ours, but they took it. Stormfather! You cannot have it. The day is ours. They come, rasping, and the lights fail. Oh, Stormfather! I can't think of an event which this matches. So the night will reign, for the choice of honor is life... This might refer to a decision by honor, or an honorable person (which usually refers to Kaladin) to spare someone from death. Night reigning seems to imply that Odium wins.
  8. On Roshar, the people believe seeing the future is evil. The few instances we've seen of foresight are associated with Odium. At a recent signing, Brandon said this: I find the bolded part where he trails off to be amazingly fascinating. Given the rest of the conversation, I propose that seeing the future is dangerous because of the following possibilities: 1. It draws the attention of the Shard (or its agents as explained below) that is powering the foresight. 2. It is heavily influenced by the intent or motives of the Shard that's powering it. 3. It's an ability granted by the Shard on purpose in order to manipulate events toward a future that the Shard (or its agents) desires. 4. It aligns you to the intent or motives of the Shard. This can be short-term (see atium below) or long-term. Repeated uses may cause a more lasting efect. 5. There's also the always-present conundrum of trying to change the future after you've seen it. Without context, you have no idea if changing your actions will cause that future or if not changing your actions will cause that future. The true answer could be any of the above, none of the above, or some combination of the options I've given. In order to evaluate possibilities, I've discussed the instances we've seen of people seeing the future, either as a summary, or as specific text, or links. Atium: We know how atium fuels Allomancy. It lets you see a few moments into the future. It also increases your mental and physical capabilities in order to take advantage of that knowledge. Sazed speculates in one of the HoA epigraphs that This appears to correlate to possibility 4--That seeing the future via atium temporarily aligned a person toward Ruin, the essence of entropy toward destruction. It might also explain why, after using atium as a metal mind and burning it for so long, TLR had such Ruinous impulses--mass slaughters, willingness to let the nobility destroy each other, etc, etc. After a thousand years of compounding atium, it's likely that he was very Connected to Ruin. It might also tie into possibility 3, assuming the possibility of Ruin wanting Rashek to become such a despot that he's overthrown just as the Well is about to fill, opening the way for Vin to take and release the power. Endowment: Endowment appears to be able to see some of the future, and sometimes her Splinters, the Returned, can pick up on this as well. We see this in Warbreaker, when Lightsong has his dreams and visions of T'Telir burning. She appears to send her Returned back in order to do a specific task (or set of tasks) based on what she sees, giving rise to possibility 3. Endowment apparently wanted the Hallandren and Idrians to persist, and sent back some of her Returned to help prevent the coming destruction. She probably has multiple contingency plans for if one of them dies before his or her task is accomplished. Wyrn: In the Elantris Annotations Brandon says: And Given that the Seons are Splinters of Devotion, (Love) and the Skaze are Splinters of Dominion, it seems like the Skaze are manipulating Wyrn in order to achieve their goals (Goals hinted at in the new epilogue in the 10th Anniversary Edition of Elantris) , tying back to possibility 3. Devotion and Dominion are both splintered, but the Skaze may retain enough of Dominion's intent to want to have complete dominion over the world (or maybe re-assemble Dominion?). And we come to the Stormlight Archive! We have more examples of foresight in SA than we have in any other book. There are three primary examples of it: Moelach: On the bridge between life and death, Moelach grants visions of the future, that the person utters in a cryptic and strange way, a phenomenon coined as Death Rattle. We don't really understand much about how this works, but the Death Rattles have been startlingly accurate, if incredibly obscure, so far. However. Moelach is a Splinter of Odium (along with the other Unmade). The Death Rattles we've seen so far all seem to be related either to the conflict between Odium and most of Roshar, or related to the people that are in that struggle. I have no absolute proof of this, but it's not a wild assumption (imo) to think that Odium, via Moelach, is using the Death Rattles to affect people's behavior. I realize this is putting conclusion before evidence, but I feel that it's a credible conclusion. Moelach is one of the mindless Unmade, as far as we know, so he's unlikely to have motives of his own. As a Splinter of Odium, Odium must have created him for a reason. We know Odium has a pretty good grasp of possible futures. Creating an Unmade to give people glimpses of the future (in a rather morbid way) to get them serving his purposes isn't beyond the realm of possibility. Renarin: We know very little about how Renarin's abilities work, and what types of things he can see, or how they will affect events. We know that his spren, Glys, is a Truthwatcher spren corrupted by Sja-Anat, another Splinter of Odium, and that Glys is likely what grants Renarin the ability to see the future. Renarin has seen Jasnah killing him. This would end him as a Radiant and as a Kholin. I confess, I am unsure what purpose his death would serve in Odium's cause. However, Renarin also saw Dalinar turning into Odium's champion. This would obviously be quite a desirable outcome for Odium. Given that Renarin has done a few things in order to try and warn about or prevent the things he sees, did he, consciously, or subconsciously, take actions that helped to bring that set of events into reality? We don't know yet what effects this might have, so I'm unsure which of the above categories this could fit into. The Diagram: Taravangian believes that he wrong the Diagram out of pure human capability and insight, rather than foresight. However, according to this WoB: As we know, in the Spiritual Realm, all times and places are essentially one. Seeing into the future in all other instances has been seeing into the Spiritual Realm. If Taravangian was closer to the Spiritual Realm than the Cognitive Realm, then he's likely incorporating at least some parts of what he sees in the Spiritual Realm into the Diagram. What we've seen him do so far has seemed to align him toward Odium's desires and motives. However, he was granted this ability by Cultivation, who is at odds with Odium. There was a lively discussion in this thread about the Diagram being a plant (pun intended) put in place by Cultivation. That T's actions, although they seem at odds with Dalinar+co, actually are meant to help them; and that T himself is unaware of this. As you can tell, I subscribe to this theory myself. This would fit in with possibilities 2, 3 and 4 above. Cultivation seems very crafty and careful, playing the long game with Dalinar, with Lift, and probably with T. And finally, we have Hoid. He has an ability to know where he needs to be at any given time. We don't really know most of his motives, so there's no way to determine what "where he needs to be" means, exactly. We're also very unsure as to how he knows to be in those places. We do know he uses something similar to Chromium Feruchemy in order to tap Fortune, but possibly isn't Feruchemy itself. We don't know what Shard he draws on, what intent that Shard might have, or if it's even a Shard at all. If someone can manage to tap directly into the Spiritual Realm without intervention from a Shard, it seems like Hoid would be the one. I'm also sure he's self-aware enough to know when/if he's being manipulated by whatever power he's using. So in short, I have no conclusions to draw about Hoid's abilities, other than a reiteration of his own speech to Shallan: There's always the risk, in seeing the future, of bringing about the exact consequence you want to prevent. That might be the simple answer to this entire question. Won't my face be red if it is! So, there is my long winded theory about the dangers of seeing the future. Please feel free to add to it or rip it to pieces, and thanks for reading!
  9. As we all know, both from WOB's and Hessia Mythica, Moelach is the Unmade that sends Death Rattles. Now, we've been told that future sight in the Cosmere is a no-no in general and is particularly bad on Roshar since it's 'of Odium'. Obviously the being who causes the Rattles is doing a bad thing. The question is, is that the extent of its powers? If all it does is send cryptic messages to dying people then that seems pretty ineffective. I mean, Odium lives in the Spiritual Realm; any information Moelach can induce in his victims is presumably already known by the big bad. And no one on Team Honor would trust that information once the source of it becomes known. Has there been any indication that Moelach is more than what it seems or are the Death Rattles its only trick? And if that really is his only thing, does anyone wanna speculate on how that would harm Team Honor or aid Team Odium?
  10. I think the death rattles will recur, or apply to more than one situation in the books. There is one in particular that I think applies to Dalinar, twice. The first applies to the more mundane events dealing with House Kholin and Alethkar; the second deals with his Ascension. "fallen title" = House Kholin; Knights Radiants "The Tower" = Kholin Banner has a tower on it; Urithiru "The Crown" = Essentially replacing Elhokar as king in all but name; Replacing Tanavast as Honor's Vessel "The Spear" = Kaladin; A weapon to defeat Odium, maybe by picking a Champion (Kaladin again?) It could also apply to Kaladin. He is present when Amaran drops the KR cloak at Dalinar's order, he saved Dalinar at the Tower, he saved Elhokar in WoR and he got his Shardspear.
  11. Just continuing my reread of Way of Kings, getting prepared for Oathbringer and I have came across an interesting death rattle. Now this is interesting considering that in chapter 18 of Edgedancer we find out that the Everstorm does not, in fact, have a stormwall. As far as I have read the death rattles are visions of the future granted by one of the Unmade. While some may be inaccurate due to the multiple possible futures, but I would imagine that the Everstorm would be a consistent phenomenon. So why then does a vision show the Everstorm with a stormwall but the actual one appears to not have one? Any ideas on this inconsistency?
  12. We learned from Dalinar's vision that the unmade are of Odium and WOB is that Odium influences humans through the unmade. Nergaoul causes the thrill in men and I am pretty sure he/she/ze is an unmade. Well, we know of an unmade who causes the death rattles, Moeloch. That doesn't mean these visions are lies per say. In fact, we have seen some of them come true in both TWoK and WoR. However, that does not mean knowing these future events is something that will save mankind on Roshar. Seeing the future has already been stated to be from Odium and the Voidbringers as well. Also, there are many stories where hearing the future leads to it, from the Greek tragedy Oedipus Rex to The Kingkiller Chronicles. So maybe Taravangian is not saving the world by killing these poor people in his hospital. Maybe he is learning a possible future that will end Roshar. Thoughts?
  13. @Tariniel "Could it be that the some form of the Heralds' minds are held in their Blades? Being that the Honorblades are a large part of what makes a Herald a Herald, that seems to make sense to me. Taking this a little further, it could be that the Heralds are tortured on Braize, not only until they break, but until they actually die. At least physically. Their minds live on in the Honorblades, which then return to Roshar and are bonded by the bodies which will eventually become the new Heralds. There is even a WoB (It's here, I believe) which says that they can remain on Roshar for a certain period of time before another Desolation begins. That could be a transitional phase when the bodies accustom themselves to holding the Herald's mind within them, allowing for them to be fully adjusted and ready to carry out their individual missions once the Desolation starts. This 'Taln' could simply be the body holding the Herald Talenelat, a suitable explanation for Brandon's cryptic way of referring to him. What do you guys think?" This was a brilliant idea I ran across made by @Tariniel that I wanted to add to with a tiny bit of evidence Here are all the Death Rattles that I believe to be made by Taln This is the first and most related to the above paragraph. That shard of his soul could be the Honorblades. Which could explain that Taln's physical body is still in Braize. While his blade became the man known as Taln once Talenel broke physically in braize, splitting his cognitive shadow (which I also believe to be held in the blades) from his body. This "Shard of his soul" is now on Roshar somewhere... since there is another entire topic related to Talenel's blade I shall just maintain that the "man known as Taln" as said by a WoB must have touched the fallen honorblade and was imprinted or perhaps IS a living Honorblade, A Nightblood esque chracter who is an actual physical human. This is Taln's death in my opinion. Perhaps the most shocking evidence of how devastating the betrayal of the other Heralds really is. Taln stands not just the average every day torment in hell, but rather one compounded. Atlas bearing the weight of a world in my opinion. Also the "Madness of them all" is interesting, since we know the "Heralds are all insane" per WoB, I wonder if perhaps this insanity was still given to the others even though they didn't return to Braize. This last death rattle is Taln's blade returning to Roshar, along with his cognitive shadow to be implanted upon the new Taln. All responses are welcome and arguments appreciated!
  14. "Pay attention to the chapter icons." -Brandon Sanderson. "He must pick it up, the fallen title! The tower, the crown, and the spear!" -Death rattle. Brandon has told us to pay attention to chapter icons. Currently, some of them are the tower and crown (Dalinar) and the spear (Kaladin). What does this mean? Is this death rattle related to the chapter icons, and if so, what is Brandon trying to tell us? Please speak your thoughts.
  15. So, I was just thinking about a WoB that says that the end of SA 5 is hidden in the epigraphs, and I had a few thoughts. We also have a WoB that Mistborn Era 2 takes place after SA 5. There is another Shard on Scadrial, and for the purposes of this theory, I'm going to assume that it is Odium. So, what if at the end of SA 5, someone releases Odium from the Greater Roshar system to save their own planet? Odium might offer to spare them if they break the bonds that Honor placed upon him to limit him to the Greater Roshar system Evidence: "So the night will reign, for the choice of Honor is life..." This Death Rattle could mean that someone honorable (basically all of the KR) would choose to save the lives of everyone on Roshar, but it would cause Odium to reign everywhere 5else. "I hold the suckling child in my hands, a knife at his throat, and know that all who live wish me to let the blade slip. Spill its blood upon the ground, over my hands, and with it give us further breath to draw" This is another Death Rattle; I think it symbolizes someone metaphorically cutting the bonds restraining Odium in order to delay him destroying Roshar. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this!
  16. "Death is my life, the strenght becomes my weakness, the journey has ended." -Dated Betabanes, 1173, 95 seconds pre-death. Subject: a scholar of minor renown. This death rattle is one of the more curious ones in my opinion, since it does not seem to alude to any particular event or to prophecise anything, instead being strutured as a parody of the First Ideal. But what does it mean? I believe the rattle is about Szeth's death, going by my personal interpretation of the three parts of the statement, and the idea that it isn't an anti-oath, but a statement of failure and potencial rebirth. Death is my life: Szath's life as a truthless was one of blood and death and a slow destruction of himself, culminating in his rebirth through death. Strenght becomes my weakness: this means his greatest virtues were turned against him. His devotion to his beliefs made him blind, and his compassion made his dark deeds wear down his sanity. And it may happen again, under his new master. The journey has ended: he died. The old Szeth is but ashes, and he is starting a new journey, wich can lead him anywhere, including back through the same road he walked as a truthless.
  17. So, we know that the Unmade are odious sprenlike ancients that hate humanity, cause the thrill and create death rattles. I have a specific question about the death rattles. Moelach, one of the unmade, causes the death rattles. Dying humans are given valuable snippets of information that they blurt out right before flatlining. Why is he doing this? Tarivangian's plan to save the world relies on the information that Moelach is feeding him through these deaths, so why would Moelach help him? If the unmade really hate humanity, then why are they supplying the information necessary to save it? Is Moelach forced to? Is he feeding humans false and/or meaningless information? If not, will he? If they are always true, then why? Perhaps they are meaningless (true, but don't really help humanity) in order to spur Tarivangian to kill more people? What do you guys think? Note: I am trying to analyze the premise of death rattles, not specific ones.
  18. Hey, I'm new here, so tell me if I'm breaking any rules. Anyway, I was looking through a thread full of Sandersons Q&A sort of thing, and for one of the answers he said the part of the epilogue of book ten was in the little things at the start of each chapter. I'm afraid I can't get a quote, since I kinda lost it, and can no longer find it. But just looking through the epigraphs, I saw the death rattle for chapter 3 of book 1, and thought that that looked sort of like something said at the end of a series of books. Three “A man stood on a cliffside and watched his homeland fall into dust. The waters surged beneath, so far beneath. And he heard a child crying. They were his own tears.” Collected on the 4th of Tanates, year 1171, thirty seconds before death. Subject was a cobbler of some renown. Sorry, I have no idea how to put that in quotes. Any other suggestions?
  19. This was inspired by a similar thread by Bloodfalcon in the non-spoiler forum, so credit him with some of the value (if any) of this post. Any failings of this post, on the other hand, belong to me exclusively. Edit: Aand there are failings ... As Aether pointed out below, the timelines do not match. Gavilar was assassinated 5 years and 8 months before the main events of tWoK. At the end of tWoKTaravangian says the death rattles started 7 years earlier when Gavilar investigated the Shattered Plains for the first time. So there must have been a year between when he first investigated the plains and his assassination. Whatever Gavilar did the day of his assassination could not have triggered the death rattles because they started a year earlier. Gavilar destroyed a barrier that had been in place between spren and men, the cognitive realm and the physical. With the barrier down, the spren are trying to communicate with humanity by giving dying people ideas that they then speak. The reasoning follows: Gavilar told the Parshendi he was going to do something. It scared them so much they had him killed. Gavilar claims to have already done something to Szeth. Mr. T claims the death rattles started at about the same time: "We do not know why some speak when others do not," Taravangian said. "But the dying see something. It began seven years ago, about the time when King Gavilar was investigating the Shattered Plains for the first time." People seem to be bonding spren pretty frequently. Jasnah says: "The old ways are returning, and I don’t see it as a hopeful sign. It’s an act of self-preservation. The spren sense impending danger, and so they return to us." Jasnah had a forceful encounter with her spren the same night Gavilar was assassinated. The Radiants abandoned their weapons and their role along with presumably their oaths and Nahel bonds Darkness claims Surgebinding will bring on a desolation This leads to the prefatory theory: Gavilar destroyed a barrier that had been in place between spren and men, the cognitive realm and the physical. But why do the dying people see things that seem significant in the death rattles? Jasnah suggests the spren sense the coming desolation and want to help avert/survive/prepare for it. The spren are choosing important thoughts and presenting them to the dying to be expressed. But how does that work? I haven't a clue. But hopefully this will help inspire an idea that replaces or enhances it. Enjoy!