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Found 10 results

  1. In SP4, Nomad talks about is oaths ending, being forgotten. There is a death rattle that I think my elude to how oaths are ended, like a reverse oath. In particular, I think it might be the words used by Sigzil to break his Windrunner bond. "The death is my life" - the constant running from the Night Brigade consuming his life. "The strength becomes my weakness" - his taking up the dawnshard? Super powerful, but causes side-effects. "The journey has ended" - his time with his honor spren must end, along with the oaths. Any thoughts?
  2. I've scoured the Coppermind and searched the forums, and I've found nothing, NOTHING, about the black piper, except a confirmation that he isn't Hoid. Who is he? There are things pointing towards that he might be another Unmade, for example that his name is very similiar to that of the Black Fisher, or that the position and role of the words "black piper" in the Death Rattle is very similiar to that of Yelig-nar, Sja-anat and the Black Fisher in their respective Rattles. However, I believe all the Unmade have been accounted for already and I doubt it is just an alternate name for Dai-gonarthis (the Black Fisher), as they seem too dissimiliar and we have no reason to believe that Dai-gonarthis is particularly intelligent (as the black piper would seem to be). He could also be another God spren. Or a Dragon, or someone else influential on Yolish. My entirely unsupported pet theory so far is that the black piper is an avatar of Autonomy. I know we have no proof for anything here, but what do you think? Who is, in your opinion, the black piper, what are his plans and what is the tune he plays? (He may well be entirely unimportant, but I feel he's more than meets the eye)
  3. Puuli, the lighthouse keeper on the eastern Rosharan coast facing the Ocean of Origins, has a family tradition of awaiting the coming of a strangely-described people: -- Oathbringer, Interlude I His grandfather had told him legends of lost sailors who lived on a hidden island near the Origin. They were foretold to return to Roshar when night was darkest to reclaim the lost lands of Natanan. There are a number of as-of-yet unattributed Death Rattles that seem to refer to an endless night, an endless storm, and lights failing. I believe they may be related to Puuli's family prophecy. Emphasis mine. The day was ours, but they took it. Stormfather! You cannot have it. The day is ours. They come, rasping, and the lights fail. Oh, Stormfather! Above silence, the illuminating storms—dying storms—illuminate the silence above. So the night will reign, for the choice of honor is life… Light grows so distant. The storm never stops. I am broken, and all around me have died. I weep for the end of all things. He has won. Oh, he has beaten us. I'm cold. Mother, I'm cold. Mother? Why can I still hear the rain? Will it stop? The darkness becomes a palace. Let it rule! Let it rule! They are aflame. They burn. They bring the darkness when they come, and so all you can see is that their skin is aflame. Burn, burn, burn… The last two could instead refer to the Fused accepting Odium & the coming of the Ashynites to Roshar, respectively. However, Death Rattles typically (not always) refer to future events, not past ones. source So, to clarify: I believe there will be some sort of cataclysmic event on Roshar, probably during or after the end of Stormlight 5. This event will involve the death or otherwise removal of the Stormfather, which will render the highstorms impotent. They will no longer renew spheres with stormlight, and there will simply be an unceasing storm. Similar to the Weeping, but stronger. In addition to this or perhaps because of the chaos it will cause, Odium's forces will seize the majority of the Rosharan continent, leaving Urithiru as the sole bastion of the forces aligned with Honor. This, I believe, is the event prophesied elsewhere in the series as the Night of Sorrows. I believe that Puuli's family prophecy is related to this event. Puuli's prophecy is not directly in reference to it, but instead referencing another event that will happen concurrently to what I described above. Question is . . . Is this referring to human sailors from the Natanan area, long lost and coming with Stormlight when none else exists on the main continent? Perhaps with the Stormfather injured or dead, the Origin is the only place to retrieve Stormlight? However, if this is the case, why are these peoples described as "coming to destroy"? Or… Is this a prophecy about the Fused & Singers coming to reclaim their ancestral lands? It would certainly make sense for the Fused to have Voidlight even if the Radiants are somehow being denied Stormlight. The Singers reclaiming Natanan could certainly be described as "reclaiming ancestral lands". The confusing thing to me is the primary characterization of these mysterious invaders - "sailors lost on an infinite sea". This does not appear to refer to any culture on Roshar that we are familiar with, except perhaps the Uvara from the story of Wandersail, told to Kaladin by Hoid. Hoid is evasive on the historicity of this story. Furthermore, the Uvara are never said to have been great sailors or to have been originated from sailors, only that they live on a ring of islands far from the main continent of Roshar. Is this story apocryphal, or could it hint at another civilization on Roshar? Is there another solution that I haven't considered? Do you think either of these theories make sense, separately or together? Please let me know in the comments. Thank you for reading!
  4. So In Way of Kings we get this death rattle, “In the storm I awaken, falling, spinning, grieving. ” In 2018 Brandon stated that we had not yet seen this death rattle on screen. I am pretty sure that this Death Rattle referred to the Scene when Kaladin jumped out of the window to save Lirin. He is falling without full use of his powers, grieving the loss of Teft, In the middle of a high storm. When he swears the forth oath he awakens to the height of his power. We also know that this is a scene that Brandon has been planning for a long time. I think it all fits, Thoughts?
  5. Given the ending parts of Edgedancer, I think we can shut the book on the following Death Rattle: I think this applies to Nale, when Lift breaks through the hold on him. He 'awakens' to who he is/was, turns ("spins") to see the parshmen responding to the Everstorm, falls to his knees, and begins to cry. Brandon's Postscript also states he wanted this to be a significant event and not have happen offscreen, so it feels like a notable event that would be a Death Rattle.
  6. During my reread of TWoK, this death rattle stood out to me. My working theory is that these are the thoughts of Cultivation, reflecting on her current situation. All is Withdrawn for Me - While there's still a lot of story left to tell in the SA, Cultivation does not seem as active in the conflicts on Roshar as Honor/Odium, especially now. There are lots of magic systems going on, but the main battle seems to slate the Knights Radiant/Heralds (Honor) against the Voidbringers/Unmade (Odium). Where is Cultivation in this? Withdrawn. The One Who Saved My Life - Odium, whom Cultivation now stands against. Why? Because... The One Who Killed My Promises - Odium, who killed Honor (her promises/oaths/commitments). I'm wondering if Rayse somehow helped Cultivation's Vessel in the past (maybe on Yolen?), or perhaps there's more to the shardic interaction than we realize. Maybe Honor had become a threat to Cultivation and Odium saved her by splintering Honor. We know that Honor has focuses on oaths and binding and ideals, while Cultivation seems an intent focused on growth and progression and expansion. I Raise My Hand - a clear reference to Rayse (that's stupid) I Raise My Hand. The Storm Responds - Cultivation acknowledges Tanavast's Cognitive Shadow in the storms, who acknowledges her, however in his splintered and dead state, all she gets is the storm, which from our limited interactions with the Stormfather (and the driving insane power of a highstorm) doesn't seem super happy. She sees her lost love and longingly reaches for his hand, but gets the rage of the storm in return. Speculation. It puts Odium in a somewhat tragic place, a tragedy that I think we'll learn more about as the story unfolds (the Vessel of Divine Hatred? What a prison!). May we learn more in Oathbringer!
  7. In chapter 59 of the Way of Kings, it opens with this death rattle: I don't know if anyone's said this before, but I think this refers to Kaladin speaking the Second Oath of the Windrunners. The "final void" is the chasm, the "friends behind" are the bridgemen, and the "friends before" are Dalinar's army. The "feast I must drink" is Stormlight, and the "clings to their faces" refers to the Parshendi's beards. The "words I must speak" is the Oath. Am I right? Has everyone else figured this out before me?
  8. I think that the following death rattle deals with the mystery surrounding Taln. Now, we know that it's most likely that the person we think is Taln is some sort of imposter. We know this because of a WoB where he refuses to confirm that the person who claims to be Taln is who he says he is. So we are left with several questions. Mainly, who is this imposter, where did he come from and how did he get Taln's Shardblade? My theory is as follows. The death rattle quoted above refers to both Taln and his imposter. They are the two dead men who came from the pit. "The pit" would be referring to Braize, the purgatory where the heralds are relegated to in between Desolations. The "heart in their hands" is referring to Taln's Honorblade. Remember, before the Blade got switched out for a plain old Shardblade, the blade that Taln's imposter was carrying seems to be an Honorblade. I think that the Honorblade is instrumental in returning the Heralds from Braize to Roshar. They certainly grant investiture as evidenced by Szeth's manifestation of windrunner abilities. It's not too much of a stretch to say that the Honorblade is the "heart" that they are holding. "True Glory" can refer to one of two things. The obvious thing is the glory of a herald. The other requires me to elaborate on my theory. Here's what I think happened. Someone came to Braize to rescue Taln or to inform him of the coming Desolation. He would have to be a worldhopper and a powerful one at that to survive the hellfires of Braize. We see evidence of his power when he catches the poisonous darts fired at Amaram mid-flight. This however doesn't seem to match what we know as Heraldic powers. The heralds' powers I believe were just stronger versions of the knights radiant. For example, Jezrien would've been a really strong Windrunner, perhaps an immortal one in terms of aging. However, the heralds were not supermen. Superspeed was not, as far as I know in their repertoire. Nor is it in the repertoire of any of the invested beings on Roshar as far as I know. Maybe he's a Feruchemist (unlikely, but he could have tapped speed, after all his hand motion is described as a blur.) Regardless, his powers are not those of a Rosharian. So he goes to save Taln. He finds him, but Taln refuses to leave Braize. He feels that he must hold to the oathpact for fear of letting Odium free. The Oathpact is, I assume, what has bound Odium to the Rosharian System. However, he still feels the need to send help. Therefore he sends his Honorblade with the imposter and instructs him to help the Rosharians. Something goes wrong and the imposter loses his mind. Not sure why. The "Glory"is the sacrafice made by Taln in order to uphold the Oathpact. Wooooo..... Okay so hopefully most of that wasn't nonsense. Please comment and tell me what you think. P.S. I do think that the imposter is someone that Hoid knew. He refers to him as "My confused, unfortunate friend." Perhaps this was a friend of Hoid's on some previous Hoid adventure.
  9. So there have been many attempts to get information out of the Death Rattles. Something that became very clear is how, when the right event is found, they fit rather perfectly. So I thought: Hey I have never seen a topic for making up some for events that already happend, so lets make thread for that and have people guess which event is meant. My first contestant. From the corpse slain by a truth lie seven giants raise to devour the land.
  10. I wonder if this means that at the end of the fifth book, they manage to revive/speak to Honor (or the Stormfather). And maybe the only way to stop Odium is for Honor to sacrifice himself, and he refuses. Or a more sinister interpretation: The First Ideal calls for Life Before Death. Possibly one of the new KR needs to sacrifice himself, but, unknowingly, chooses to live and so fails. It's also suspicious how it trails off, like there might be more to it. "The choice of honor is life..." but they chose death? before death? Ideas? Am I crazy?