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Found 12 results

  1. Very curious about this - thanks in advance for anything anyone can suggest. When Radiants wield a dead shardblade, they hear the deadeyes spren screaming. When Kaladin touches Relis' blade during the duel in Words of Radiance chapter 47, Relis hears something that makes him shout "What is it? What is it! No, I didn't kill you!" I don't understand what Relis heard - his response suggests it was something more specific than screaming. I also don't understand why he heard it given he seems to not be a Radiant, and I can't think of other examples of non-Radiants hearing shardblades. I can't find anything on the Coppermind, Arcanum or this forum. Is anything known or speculated about this?
  2. I was listening to RoW again and I got to the Sja-Anat chapter in the first set of interludes, and in it the enlightened mistspren says: Is it just me, or is this a dead giveaway that Sja-Anat can heal deadeyes by corrupting them? I mean, the mistspren could be speaking figuratively about Sja-Anat giving him a new viewpoint, but that is a bit of a stretch.
  3. Nomad/Sigzil said his oaths "ended." Not that he broke them, but that they ended. Perhaps this means that it became logically impossible for him to protect people without harming them more. For instance, perhaps a deal was made with Odium that he would not destroy Roshar as long as the Radiants wouldn't protect the people of Roshar. In that scenario, protecting people would be breaking your oaths to protect them. That could explain why Auxiliary says he is dead, but isn't an ordinary deadeyes. Then again, a lot of things could explain that. Spren didn't become deadeyes when their Knights broke oaths before the Recreance. So much is changing, and maybe something else will stop there from being deadeyes again. What do you think?
  4. What happens to a spren whose bond isn't sufficiently advanced to manifest as a Shardblade when their KR breaks their oaths? (Thinking about Syl on WoR, for example) What happened to all the spren whose bonds weren't sufficiently advanced to manifest as a Shardblade during the Recreance? Did they become deadeyes too, but manifesting only in the CR? Are they "less dead" because their Bond was less advanced? Has this been directly explained in the books? Or maybe in WoBs? Thanks to everyone who answers!
  5. So idk if this has been said before but I am on my 4th or 5th reread of the series and just came to a revelation on a possible reason so many spren are deadeyes. During the interlude with the 2 ardents they demonstrate that spren can be bound into a form if recorded. What if the reason so many spren are blades and plate because they have been recorded by who owns them, what they look like and such. Shalan even draws them which if there are drawings of all the blades and plates that could further lock in what they are perceived as and thus force the spren to always stay as they are. I know this is probably not super original in thought but if this is true, Odium could have the records burned and thus free the blades and plate from their captivity and leave the humans with greatly reduced man power. I feel that this is why Adolins spren could be changing because he is seeing her as more than just the sword but as his companion and then as a living spren so she is gaining some personality back. All in all this is just some ramblings of myself and if I am wrong or missed something let me know. I just was so excited at the thought I had to share with people.
  6. Hey everyone, Not sure if this is worth making a thread for but just read the below sequence from WoR Chapter 63 and was just blown away how I did not notice this. Love how Shallan just casually drops what a spren who has had their bond broken in Shadesmar is supposed to be like. Brandon with the "100 Sneak" in writing haha.
  7. Bear with me since this is my first post (also hi) ive just been rereading Rhythm of war and its occurred to me that how the spren treat the deadeyes is similar to how the ardents treat the damaged soldiers. So maybe (although maya definitely has a bond with Adolin) all the deadeyes need to recover is to take a bit of time out with sane people. Sorry if this has been mentioned before or badly phrased, no one I know reads that much
  8. It seems that there are a lot of supernatural injuries/transformations due to messed up Connections. Most overtly, on Roshar, the imprisonment of Ba-Ado-Mishram while she was Connected to the singers turned them into parshmen, removing their spren-bonding/form-changing ability and part of their mentality/will/whatever. This imprisonment also caused Radiant spren whose knights break their Oaths to turn into deadeyes/Shardblades. Details are still very unclear, but given that it has to do with breaking bonds, it's likely a Connection thing in some form. Given the close parallel between Radiant spren and seons, it's likely the messed-up Seons of Reod Elantrians are in the same situation. More speculatively... The Reod Elantrians themselves were so messed up because their Shaod altered Spiritwebs rely on a Connection to the Dor that was no longer there? Mistwraiths have per WoB a "blockage" between the Physical and Cognitive Realms, which the spikes that form a Kandra Blessing fix or bypass. Is this a Connection issue also? (I'm assuming that the three Realmatic aspects of one being require Connection to work together properly, because both Ruin taunting Kelsier in M:SH and Kalak in the RoW Epigraphs refer to Cognitive Shadows lacking Connection to the Physical Realm.) Koloss' lack of intelligence might be like mistwraiths in reverse, as their Cognitive aspects appear as normal-intelligence humans after death in M:SH. And to get extremely speculative indeed... Some Lifeless (like Clod) are more aware/humanlike than others, and holding more Breath at the moment of death helps with that. Perhaps this is due to Connection between the Physical Lifeless corpse and the persisting Spiritual Aspect of the former person, enhanced by the Spiritual nature of Breaths, though the Cognitive aspect of the person is gone (Beyond)?
  9. "Honor is dead, but he lives on in the hearts of men" - I think this phrase is going to be very significant, and is related to what is wrong with humans/deadeyes post-Recreance (more specifically with how to fix it). Kalak's epigraphs reveal a lot about what is going with spren/Connection on Roshar - he talks about the mechanics of what happened to Jezrien (and the Heralds are functionally spren who remain Connected to Roshar through the Oathpact). The usual Nahel bond functions by humans giving spren conscious in exchange for power (the Connect): "The bond is what keeps us alive. You sever that, and we will slowly decompose into ordinary souls—with no valid Connection to the Physical or Spiritual Realms." - Kalak (Sanderson, Brandon. Rhythm of War). I think this applies to spren, except pre-Recreance the spren would still have a valid Connection through Honor and would probably return to Shadesmar. However now, Kalak tells us: "I felt it happen to Jezrien. You think you captured him, but our god is Splintered, our Oathpact severed." So when a human breaks their oath, spren do not have a valid Connection through Honor, but they ARE connected to Mishram (as Odium is now part of Roshar), and thus remain trapped in the physical. So when Radiants sever the bond post-Recreance, the spren who usually would have Connected to Honor (keeper of oaths) instead Connect to BAM, hence their minds being trapped. Reversing this requires a version of the Nahel bond that functios according to Odium, which is what we see between Adolin and Maya. With the usual Nahel bond, humans take power from spren in exchange for their minds. Re-reading the trial scene when Maya speaks, and the exchange between her and Adolin is so similar to how Odium takes pain (Passion) from people. "Adolin...felt her pain somehow.A deep agony. And...anger?" He gives her some of his "strength" and feels a warmth deep inside: I think this works the same way it does for the Sibling - they couldn't hear Honor's tone anymore so I don't think any deadeye spren on Rohsar can. However, if they Connect with a human they can because Honor lives on in the hearts of men - as Navani proved.
  10. One of the things I have trouble with is Shallan breaking her Oaths and killing Testament ! It really doesn’t make any sense because Shallan is a light weaver . Out of all the orders Lightweavers have the least restrictions on what they owe thier Spren . If she was a wind runner and failed to protect someone she hated I could see it . But lightweavers have the first ideal and then they only have to tell deep truths about themselves . I’m not getting. What she could of down that was so bad that it killed Testament . I understand she was a child and she was distraught at the death of her mother . I understand she probably rejected Testament after that ! But would telling truths in a timely manner really kill a cryptic ? Don’t get me wrong I like the story arc , I just don’t get what or how she did that . What do you guys think ? Am I looking at this wring ??
  11. We got so much lore in the latest volume that things are still clicking in my head even a week after reading. One thing that really floors me when I think about it is the new information we got on Chaos' favorite Unmade. So it turns out that her capture screwed up Roshar in general, not just the Singers and their minds. It prompts me to ask a few questions based upon the new discovery. No answers yet, not even theories at this point, but do feel free to speculate with me. So what were the Unmade before their corruption? They were spren obviously, still are in fact. But what was their ecological niche before Odium came along? Whatever they were before, Bo's role must have been particularly important if her severed connection to Roshar both broke the minds of Singers and produced deadeyes for the first time ever. I'm sure they all served important roles but Bo's imprisonment seemed to have much more dire consequences than bottling up Nergaoul has. Sja-Anat speaks of the Sibling as her cousin. The Sibling would have become an Unmade had Rabonial succeeded in her corruption. From these 2 statements we know how Unmade came to be in the state they find themselves in and that the Unmade are least is on par power-wise with thbother Godspren. So the question kinda lies in the Bondsmith numbers restrictions. They can bond only 3, any more would be seen as seditious. Does that mean what I think it means? Is a Bondsmith capable of forming a bond with an Unmade in a way that gives powers like a KR? I have an opinion on this topic at least. I believe that Unmade existed as Unmade before Ishar formed the Knights Radiant and he left them outside of the Bondsmith order. At the time of the organization's formation there were only three uncorrupted Godspren left (SF, NW, SIB) and those were the only ones allowed to grant the same powers he had. But bonds to Unmade are still possible and still grant powers in a limited sort of way. I think Dalinar's scarred body still having full range of motion when it's not supposed to makes more sense in that context. Now if the marble drops and Ms Mishram is freed would that restore all the Deadeyes at once? Would it fix Roshar's afterlife issues or would she need to be remade first? Would she immediately begin handing out forms of power like candy on Halloween? Could anyone convince her to switch sides like Sja-Anat and if so would we be able to add a 4th Bondsmith? Have at it boys and girls.
  12. i was thinking about this is wondering if it did happen what it would be like or if it would have any effect at all what you guys think i also wonder if the process of corruption in this case would be closer to a lesser spren or a living radiant spren