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Found 15 results

  1. Somehow, there was still hope among the people. There wasn't much left, though. Of hope and of people. By now, most had retreated into whatever shelters they could find. The world was going to end, and there wasn't any good reason to doubt that. That is, if you weren't one of the (approximately) dozen people who decided to take a desperate stand. Somehow, the impending deepness and death had only fueled their determination. And so they fought. Welcome to LG59! This turn will end on Wednesday, September 3rd, 2019, at 12:30 PM PDT. Please remember that PM's are closed throughout the game. There has been a minor change to the rules due to game size. The Inquisitor can have a maximum of 1 convert at any point in the game. The full rules may be accessed here. I appreciate every single player for signing up to play this game during such a busy time of year. Thank you. Also, shoutout to @Haelbarde for the title idea. Player list:
  2. The camp groggily got to their feet, while the snowstorm started to intensify. Boots trampled the frozen grass, as the soldiers attempted to understand their situation. One of their own had been murdered. Logmul had passed out after seeing the body, and the early risers were helping her to her feet. The snow had thankfully put out the barracks fire, but the damage was done. Acid had leaked onto most of the camp’s chalk supply, leaving them with pitiful resources. The platoon considered marching back to headquarters, but the storm put a damper on that plan. Already snow was beginning to accumulate on the ground. They huddled together trying to keep warm. No one could deny that there was a murderer among them, and suspicions began to run rampant. It wouldn’t be long before someone died next. Camp Supply: Welcome to the game. Please note that I have changed the Thief's win condition to obtaining four unique items to better accommodate for the amount of players. This cycle will end on Saturday April 6th, at 7:00 PM Eastern Time. Here's a timer Player List:
  3. Callor walked into Lord Agelmar’s reception chamber, the door closing behind the Borderland lord with a thud that had the note of finality in it. Walking towards the chair on which the leader of Fal Dara sat, he bowed his head, then straightened. Though his only loyalty was to his Lord Captain Commander, Callor had to respect the man in front of him, and he deserved at least the bow Callor granted him. While Callor had seen his share of battles, fighting in the Children’s conquests in Altara and Murandy, he hadn’t been molded by the constant war that surrounded the men here. Around the Blight, everyone was simply...tougher. The weak died before their time, leaving only the sturdiest of men to defend their homes from the cursed Shadow. And Agelmar was clearly among the sturdiest, with a calloused grip that spoke of a career with the sword, and a scar on his left cheek saying the same. “Lord Agelmar,” Callor nodded again to him, then to the servants. “I have been sent with a message from the Lord Captain Commander of the Children of the Light, Pedron Niall, may the Grace and Favour of the Light shine forever on his reign. ‘Thus saith the Lord, the Lord Captain Commander of hosts: Yet once a little while, and I will shake the heavens and earth, the seas and the dry land. Behold, the Lords whom ye seek shall suddenly be come into the Borderlands, and the messenger of the Whitecloaks in whom ye delight shall be revealed in the day of his coming, saith the Lord Captain Commander of hosts. All the nations like sheep have gone astray, and I shall gather them back into my fold, beginning with your cooperation, Agelmar.’” Callor winced. The Lord Captain Commander was not a man to put on pretenses. Was the message he got compromised? He quickly squished the thought. He would obey orders. He, in fact, had to, which included bracing himself for Agelmar’s response. The Lord of Fal Dara stood slowly. Drawing himself to his full height, which was slightly less than Callor’s, he began pacing towards him. Callor was unsettled by the man’s steady strides, but he could not back away without losing face, and he said nothing as Agelmar drew up next to him. Then, faster than Callor’s eye could track, one second Niall’s message was in his hand, the next it was in many shreads, tattered and scattered across the floor. “Out!” Agelmar roared. “Out, and take your precious Commander’s words with you! They stain my floorboards.” He gave a hefty kick to the pile of torn paper, sending it fluttering and scattering in the air. Callor felt fury gnaw at him. Someone dareddisrespect the Children so callously? He pivoted as if to go, leaving the paper shards scattered on the floor, then halted in the middle of his turn, voice filled with thick wrath. “The Commander’s words will stay here, my Lord. And you will choke on them.” With that, he strode out, careful not to be perceived as walking too quickly. He must, after all, project the Children’s strength. The doors to his chamber closed, and Agelmar let out a long-building sigh. First Moiraine Sedai, a welcome guest if a remarkably self-assured one, and then the Whitecloak, with a message straight from that pontificating fool Niall. It had been all Agelmar could do to avoid disaster in both the meetings. Negotiations with the Aes Sedai has been particularly difficult, with Moiraine making things very clear that she had an agenda she intended to see to completion, not even telling Agelmar what beyond saying that it led to the Eye. He had managed to convince Moiraine to accept the escort of soldiers he offered as she approached the Eye, but the Whitecloak was an unresolved issue, even without the dire message he carried. Then Agelmar’s eyes lit up. The escort. Of course. “Aliath,” he snapped to his scribe, who jerked his head up. “Dictate an order for the Whitecloak Emorle Callor to be sent with the escort to the Eye.” It was perfect. Two birds with one stone, as Moiraine would have to be wary around a Child of the Light, and the Whitecloak would likely be dead after a few days in the Aes Sedai’s “care.” Either way, both problems were minimised for now. Agelmar turned back to his desk, studying the map of the Blight. It was time to turn his mind to the most important matter. The eternal matter. Defence against the Shadow. Day 1 has (finally) begun! It will end in 22 hours’ time at 22:00 EST, December the seventh. The Eye has 38 health remaining. The current layer of defence has 1 health remaining, and is the Outermost Ring. The Blight is currently attacking for 2. A Creeper of the Blight appeared. It will Send Runner on N2 unless stopped. Please remember that PMs are closed. There is a lynch today. Player List: 1. Steeldancer (Ookla the Positive) as Ookla the Positive, an orphan with a cheery outlook on life. 2. randuir as Evelyn, an Aiel Wise Woman and well-wisher 3. Karnatheon (Ookla the Ring) as Brendan Vallerune, a gleeman totally unrelated to Jeordwyn 4. Cadmium Compounder (Ookla the Duck) as Miumpounder, a cobbler with an abiding hatred of Altarans 5. xinoehp512 (Ookla the Phoenix) as Alkoo, a reclusive Ogier tucked away in encyclopaedias 6. Amanuensis as Nikel Fain, a man hell-bent on killing his father (totally normal) 7. Droughtbringer as Month-Long Drought, a prickly old noblewoman who only eats dried fruit 8. Rathmaskal as Jeordwyn Dormond, an Illianer gleeman who juggles knives through his enemies 9. Devotary of Spontaneity (Ookla the Heretical) as Rhodin, a countercultural Aiel whose views are about to go mainstream 10. Young Bard (Ookla the Unprepared) as Jancey, a reluctant soldier who signed up to obey his father’s will 11. Mark IV as Lars, an inquisitive young nobleman 12. Snipexe (Ookla the Sceptical) as Exepins, a scribe who will eventually admit to the superiority of British spellings 13. Furamirionind as Keisa, a grizzled veteran of the Borderland Wars, with a scar on his forehead to show for it 14. Hemalurgic Headshot (Ookla of the East) as Skern Mundy, a man from the East with many skills 15. Ark1002 (Ookla the Dragon Reborn) as Shifting Shadows, a shifty, shadowy Wolfbrother 16. STINK, a formless thread in the pattern with less than 24 hours to identify himself before the Creator does 17. MetaTerminal (Ookla the Cited) as Elak Dehlin, a merchant with severe paranoia about the One Power 18. BrightnessRadiant, a formless thread in the pattern with less than 24 hours to identify herself before the Creator does 19. Mr Doctor as Antor Vadenfort, a Illianer Warder without an Aes Sedai 20. Gancho Libre (Ookla the Libre) as Pummy'in Coach, a former sul'dam looking for a firm, guiding hand in life Oh, and @STINK, @BrightnessRadiant, if I don’t get character descriptions this cycle, your character is getting a description from me. Not sure you want that. Good luck to all!
  4. Morning Edition 1 The Elendel Daily Newsworthy Content for Every Octant! The 23rd of Doxil, 68, Morning Price 2 Clips Myth Come to Life! KANDRA walk the world again! The Faceless Immortals, mythical shapeshifters in the service of Harmony, have made themselves known again. They bear a warning. The Words of Founding famously do not contain any information about Hemalurgy, but the evil, Ruinous power is said to have been discovered again. At a meeting for hopefuls attempting to become the heir to Lord Heron, his steward Kasaam (age unknown) informed them all that he had been visited by an agent of Harmony, and told that there were practisers of Hemalurgy within their number. Hemalurgy is, of course, the ability to ‘steal’ attributes or Metalborn powers from someone as they die. It is regarded as the most barbarous of the Metallic Arts, but even then there are still some who call for the science behind it to be made public and for experimentation to be done for the sake of medical research and Allomantic conservation. Since the death of The Lord Mistborn, it is unlikely that any still retain the knowledge of how it works, other than Harmony himself, and Ironeyes. However, there are rumours that some Inquisitors still roam the lands outside the Basin, entirely mad, and some even say that the Church of Splinterism keeps hidden texts from the old world which explain how it is used. Said Lord Flamingo (age withheld), one of the participants at the meeting, ‘It was very strange. He called us all together – The Terrisman, I mean – and told us that there would be no decision on who becomes the heir until this whole sorry business was sorted out. But how exactly are we meant to do that?’ Another, Burrsir (young) said, ‘I dunno what we’re even bothering with all this for. It’s obviously that nutter that snuck in at the last minute, preaching about The Lord Ruler and all that.’ For now, Elendel waits with baited breath to see what, if anything, will come of this meeting. Will we be seeing the first arrests for Hemalurgy ever by our new constabulary? If these horrific rumours are true, one can only hope so. Krea Erikeller Commercial Advertisements Personal Advertisements Other Headlines This Morning Previous Editions Day 1 has begun! Night 1 will begin at 7PM GMT on Saturday 3rd November. Please remember to double-check the rules if you're not sure about anything, or ask for clarifications from me. Remember that you must do both, vote to Assassinate AND vote to Praise at the same time, and please follow the guidelines in the first post this game. Player List
  5. Marne walked towards the cell where the former Spiked ringleader, Olaf, was held. With no former need for a real jail, the cell in which Olaf was kept was simply a locked basement in one of the Synod’s old hideouts. Marne found the arrangements inadequate. Any servant of the Lord Ruler, Spiked or not, former or current, was dangerous. Deadly. And he was about to negotiate with one. Descending the dusty staircase, each wooden board creaking underneath him as he stepped, he nodded to the guards, a Windwhisperer and a Brute, who silently nodded back and stood aside, allowing Marne to pass. Stepping down onto the floor, Marne again nodded at the Feruchemists guarding the stairwell, who stood, tromping up to the top of the staircase. Though the Windwhisperer could tap hearing, Marne found paranoia unnecessary still. Refusing to trust his own men, who he had known and worked with for many years, was indeed a sure sign that the Lord Ruler has finally come—sowing dissension and mistrust amongst the ranks of the Synod. He would not have that; he would trust, until trust proved folly. He would also need to trust the man in front of him. Olaf seemed to fully occupy the spacious wooden basement. His lurking presence, with an air of anticipation as he sat on the edge of his cot, fingers splayed, seemed to extend beyond him and fill the room. It unnerved Marne, but little could be done about that. He would have to work with this man, if he had any hope of catching the Spiked in their midst. “Olaf,” he began. The skinny man across from him raised a bony, long finger, indicating silence, and Marne abruptly shut up. Olaf spoke, thin and raspily. “I don’t know their names,” he said simply. Marne frowned, thrown off. “What?” “Their names,” Olaf repeated. “That’s why you’ve come, isn’t it? You want the names of all the Spiked in my group. That’s not the way this works. I remember nothing from when the spikes are in. Faces, people, even events, it’s all gone.” Marne blinked. “I’m supposed to take you at your word?” Olaf smiled, though it was devoid of humour. “You could torture me, but you’d find the same thing, and I’m completely within your power anyway. I have no reason to lie to you, Marne of the Synod. You can overpower me, and perhaps outsmart me. But I don’t know the names. The spikes, something, to a person. I don’t know how the Lord Ruler does it, but living with those spikes is like having a different person in you, who can’t remember what the other person does. I know I attacked you, and that I removed my spikes, but I can’t tell you much more.” Olaf looked up, a glint in his eye. “I would, however, be happy to help you hunt them. The other Spiked. I have no love for the Lord Ruler, and it seems that helping you is the only way either of us will emerge from this alive.” Marne weighed Olaf’s words. The man may be lying, he thought. But if he is not...his brains will be an important asset, and his unique skills will make him a formidable ally. Besides, who do I want watching him? An assortment of random Ferrings, or myself? Marne looked at Olaf. Trust. He would trust this man, for now. Because trust was one of the few things that remained left to him. “I accept your offer, Count,” he said. “Let us go then, and do what we must to allow us both to come out of this alive.” Reaching out, Marne grasped Olaf’s hand. It was a small step, and might not have been the wisest. But any asset would help now. Now that Spiked were abroad… And trust was needed now, more than anything. Count Olaf has been converted to the Synod! Day 1 has begun! It will end in 48-ish hours, at 9 EDT on Sunday, August 12. Player List: 1. Rathmaskal as Laksam, an ash sweeper from the Eastern streets 2. Xinoehp512 as Ereheman Tresni, a man with his priorities backwards 3. Steeldancer as Steel, the fastest sculpture of a squid wrought entirely in steel in all of Tathingdwen 4. Randuir as Zihel, a worldhopper looking for his twin brother 5. I think I am here as Itiah VI, a missionary on a mission 6. Bort as Tee Mai, a tailor specialising in offensive clothing 7. Cadmium Compounder as Ethin Hallil, a cadmium Feruchemist and SCUBA diver 8. _Stick_ as Stick, President of the Tathingdwen Tautological Society of Tautology 9. Jondesu as Remart, a man back from vacation armed with vaguely ominous statements 10. Kidpen as HanTor, a lonely Kandra that’s definitely not Spiked, nope 11. Elandera as Era, an old woman who claims to have been alive before the reign of the Lord Ruler 12. Snipexe as Snip, a fabric cutter in the local quilt shop 13. Worldhopper from Yolen as Tarin, a Sparker with a wonderful, awful idea 14. Alvron as Izzy Dedyet, who is not dead, feels happy, and thinks she'll go for a walk 15. Phatterner as Citona Vinid, a seemingly faithful follower of the Lord Ruler 16. Ark1002 as Kardik, a Full Feruchemist 17. Araris Valerian as Valwyn, an honest rug merchant 18. Coop772, as Irion, a Full Feruchemist more comfortable around his friends 19. Sart, a stuttering Nameless
  6. Day 1: Everyone loves a good old fashioned Man Hunt right? “Everyone be QUIET!” The bestial yell sounded over the tumult of the forest clearing. It sounded above the Rojat’s lamentations and above joyful calls of the Fae. It quieted the Ogres and the Trolls. Every creature in the forest turned to see the great Wolf Spirit Ysengrin loping into the clearing, holding aloft a metallic body. He stopped at the edge of the gathering, and, with all eyes on him, threw the body into the midst of the gathered creatures. Many backed away in fear and surprise. Others slunk their way forward, either enraged or out of cat killing curiosity. All stared at the broken robot. “Despite our Lord’s intervention, the Humans are still attempting to interfere in our lives. They are still attempting to force their order upon us!” He paced forward, his great oaken feet thudding into the forest floor as he walked forward to the fallen robot. “The human who built this mechanical monstrosity is still here, among us. Pretending to be one of us!” The gathered Forest dwellers, with a few notable exceptions, roared their approval. A few, the ones that were closest to the edge, and had therefore noticed Coyote rolling with laughter, were silent. “Ysengrin! It’s very rude of you to spoil my surprise like that!” The Forest dwellers turned as one to face their Lord, rolling around on the grass like a child and laughing. He rolled to his feet and bounded to the center of the clearing, landing on the tips of Ysengrin’s exasperated head. “Lord Coyote, what surprise is that exactly?” “Thank you Ysengrin! Hello everyone! As your lord, I must of course look after your wellbeing and happiness, and I know that many of you were disappointed that I separated the court and the Woods, as you so much enjoyed the hunting of the spirits! So I went and explained your worries to Sir young, and he told me ‘Coyote?! How did you get in here? This place is supposed to be secure!’ So we made a deal, and he sent some humans over here to hide. This Robot was made by one of them, let me find him.” Coyote stretched, spiraling under the feet of many of the forest dwellers. He condensed himself under a creature absolutely covered in leaves, and leapt back into the center, dumping the poor man as he went. “This engineer! Magus Astrum is his name, and he decided to glue leaves onto himself to pretend to be a Ent. You’ll have to find the others yourself, but enjoy yourself everyone!” Coyote bounced away as Magus desperately raised his arms and plead his innocence to deaf ears. Magus Astrum (Magestar) was lynched! He was a Engineer! Day One has started. You have 48 hours to decide who you want to lynch and who you wish to represent you as Medium. Good luck. (Quick reminder, PMs cannot be sent during the day, unless you’re the Air Elemental.) Quick Links: Player List:
  7. Day 1: The Formerly-Of-House-Heron Inquisition Almost two dozen Obligators were assembled in the meeting room the next morning. Male or female, there was very little difference between them in appearance – All were bald-headed and had tattoos around their eyes to denote their job and rank, and they all wore the similar clothes of the priesthood, though tailored to be slightly more practical. Some had obsidian daggers in their belt. They might not have been Inquisitors, but they might be called upon to perform similar tasks in their role as low-ranking members of the Canton of Inquisition. The mood in the room was generally frustrated. While most of them would have been present regardless of whether the Prelan had called them in, one or two were complaining about it being their day off. “I was going to go visit some friends,” Edguardo muttered. “We were going to have lunch together. They were paying,” he capped his complaint off with. It was a great honour and privilege to be asked to serve in the most important and exclusive branch of the Steel Ministry, of course, but it wasn’t always well compensated. “I’ve half a mind to walk off now. To hell with this meeting.” “I’m sure that will go down well with the Prelan,” Jaina said, digging into her pocket and pulling out a few leaves. She deposited them in another pocket inside her coat. There was a chewing noise. “What?” she asked, raising an eyebrow at Edguardo’s disbelief and daring him to say anything. “...Nevermind,” Edguardo sighed. “I just hope this is worth it.” “Oh, I’m sure it will be,” Locke said, clapping Edguardo on the back enthusiastically. “If nothing else, Waern isn’t the kind of man to jump at the shadows, is he? If he’s called us all here for a purpose, well… He’s called us here for a purpose. There’s not much that would require everyone to be here, that’s for sure. Maybe a rogue Mistborn, but what are the chances of that out here?” “Maybe not as low as you think,” Marsh interjected, a grimace on his face. “I have heard of someone causing havoc in the capital. Definitely a Mistborn of some kind, maybe more. Doesn’t seem like they belong to one of the Great Houses though, from what the rumours say.” “I don’t know of any rumours,” Locke said, frowning. “I have had no important news from Luthadel, especially not of this nature. My House has not spoken of this.” “Perhaps they simply don’t see the point of telling you of it,” Marsh said. “Since we are so distant from them. Besides,” he added, “we are meant to cut ties with our families, are we not? Or are you of the opinion that the High Prelan being a Tekiel affords you the opportunity to flout the rules?” “I simply get news from them, nothing more,” Locke said firmly, raising a hand to cut the conversation off. “But, it is as you say, we are remote. So whatever it is, I doubt it is related to Luthadel in any way.” “Perhaps best to leave speculation aside?” Jaina said, patting the outside of a lumpy coat pocket in a soothing manner. “We of all people should know not to simply guess the answer to problems. It would be terribly embarrassing if we were wrong. Regardless of what the problem is, and what we were meant to be doing today,” she added, throwing Edguardo a glance, “we were called here, and we are here. I’m sure we can all wait a few more minutes.” “Fair,” Marsh said, shrugging. “Must be a pretty big announcement either way though. Waern’s late, and that’s not like him.” “Is there a problem if I am running slightly behind?” Waern asked, closing the door behind him. “If you wish to complain, Marsh, feel free. We will all wait for you to be done.” “No sir,” Marsh said, wincing at being discovered. “What is the problem?” “The problem,” Waern said, turning to everyone in the room, “is that one of you is a damned spy! A damned skaa at that!” “You think a skaa could infiltrate our ranks?” Hadrian asked, scoffing at the very idea. “We would know. They would not know what we know, would not look how we do.” “It’s not impossible,” Waern said. “There’s not much difference physically between us and them, and while such knowledge might be hard to come by, we cannot discount corruption elsewhere causing us this problem. No, I have it on good authority: one of you is definitely a skaa spy.” The room was quiet for a moment. “...Well, who is it?” Alrin asked. “I hardly see why this needs us all here, let’s take them down to the dungeons, torture them a bit to see who they’re working for, and continue on with our lives.” Waern sighed. “That’s the problem, we don’t know who it is. I received a letter yesterday from the High Prelan...’s office.” Honesty won over pride. “They intercepted a messenger from here, bound for a known skaa thieving group. Neither the messenger or the message could tell us who it was from, only that it was from someone in this building.” “So what do we do?” Straw said. “Most of us have been working here for a good while, so if you aren’t sure about them, then… They must have been here for some time. They know a lot about us, about us all. We’ve not had any suspicion about each other in that time either. How are we meant to figure that out now?” "Not now, necessarily,” Waern shook his head. “I understand that it will take time to unfold this treachery from within us. As such, I have made two provisions today – Firstly, that no-one else is present within the building. Secondly, the building is locked, and I have hidden the key.” At their surprise, disbelief and even outrage, he smiled. “We won’t starve, I have ensured that there are enough provisions to keep us going for many weeks. I’m afraid it will be canned food for some time, but perhaps that will serve as extra motivation.” “No-one leaves this building until we have removed all stain of corruption from it. All other work is suspended. Do I make myself clear?” “Yes, Prelan,” they all said, through gritted teeth. “Good,” Waern smiled, “I look forward to seeing the Canton of Inquisition work.” Day 1 has begun! Roles have been sent out! There is a Tineye alive! Players may send out PMs without restriction until further notice. The Day will end at 9PM BST (or 8PM GMT) on Tuesday. Player List: Quick Links: Questions:
  8. LG21: To Reforge a God Background: Since the last two wars with Odium, the Cosmere has finally had peace. The 16 Shards are now able to turn again to their own pursuits - creation or destruction, as it suits their Intents. But the greatest conflict since the Shattering brews on the horizon. Hoid, the discredited leader of the 17th Shard, is rumored to have returned. The last letter he wrote since he left the Cosmere to parts unknown hinted at his desire to end the rule of the Shards entirely, and reforge that from which they Shattered. The name can be heard floating on the Rosharan highstorms. It curls with the mists in Scadrial. The colors of Nalthis whisper it to the Returned. Adonalsium. Through the length and the breadth of the Cosmere, the message travels, leaving consternation in its wake. The final conflict of the divided Cosmere approaches. The end of the order of uncounted millennia looms. The Shards gather their forces for one last stand. Will they be able to defeat Hoid and end his goal of reforging Adonalsium once and for all? Or will Hoid take his final vengeance on that Coalition? Only one thing is certain. The Cosmere will never be the same again. Factions: Shardic Coalition: For untold millennia, you have supported the rule of order in the Cosmere. Hoid and his interference has brought you only two costly wars, and the insolent fool didn't even have the decency to face his punishment for warmongering. Now, he has returned, and you must stop his plan to bring about the return of Adonalsium at any cost. The Coalition wins after killing all members of the 17th Shard, as well as Odium and Autonomy and their Champion(s)/Agent(s). 17th Shard: You have been brought into Hoid's great plan for the worlds of the Cosmere. He was there when Adonalsium was Shattered, and he intends to be there when the God is reborn. To bring his plan to fruition, you must gather up the Shards from their original holders. Unfortunately, they are not likely to surrender them peacefully. To win, you need to outnumber the members of the Shardic Coalition. (Autonomy, Odium, Survival, and any Champions of Odium/Agents of Autonomy do not count towards either faction for purposes of outnumbering.) In addition, the 17th Shard has a sudden death win condition - if at any time, members of the 17th Shard hold all 10 Unshattered Shards, the game is immediately over and they win. If Cultivation is Shattered, this sudden death win condition is no longer possible. The 17th Shard have a doc to conspire in, and have a Faction kill. In addition, there are three Shards who have separate win conditions. These will be described in the Roles section. Roles: All players may make up to three actions in a turn (spread out over day and night cycles). The following count as actions: using a Shardic action or investment ability, using a minor role ability or Faction kill, investing in another player, passing a Shard to another player, moving to another planet. Voting in the thread does not count as an action. Planets and PMs: There will be 7 worlds available: Scadrial, Roshar, Nalthis, Sel, Taldain, Yolen, and First of the Sun. Each of these worlds will have a PM associated with it. Anyone on that world may use the PM freely. Other than these planet PMs and PMs that may be created by Devotion, no PMs between players are allowed. Order of Actions (Day): Secret Votes Redirect Vote/Action Investment Non-specific Shardic Abilities and Meta-Roles Lynch Order of Actions (Night): Redirect Action/Roleblock/Destroy Planet Investment Conversion Non-specific Shardic Abilities and Meta-Roles Protection and Healing Poison Mastrell Awakener and Analyst scans Attack Actions Worldhopping The game will start Saturday, 5/14/16, at midnight, Mountain Daylight Time. Day Cycles will be 48 hours, Night Cycles will be 24 hours. Future turns will end at midnight, MDT, on the appropriate day. Writeups will be posted as soon as is convenient following that.
  9. The snow and the ash from the nearby and aptly named Ashmount, Tyrian, fell together in a swirling mesh of black and white. It made it even more difficult to see anything at a distance. After only a 15 meters, everything just looked like static on a television screen. But the people of Tyrian Falls didn't need to be able to see to know what was out there. Every year, like the worst alarm clock in history, they knew that another band of Koloss was steadily trudging towards them. And they knew all about the Spiked hiding in their midst, attempting to sabotage their preparations. You'd think that they'd all just leave, but for some strange reason, it seemed that they couldn't; as if they were cursed by some evil, unseen hand. As the snow and ash fell and an impending sense of doom settled onto the shoulders of the fair people of Tyrian Falls, they all stopped whatever they were doing to stand and curse the sky together: "Leave us alone, Metacognition!" Guess what everyone? It's that time of the year again! Three cheers for our second year here on the illustrious 17th Shard and it's been a great year, if I do say so myself. Thank you all for being a part of it and for making these games as amazing as they've been. Our little sub-forum here wouldn't be the same without all of you. So you guys all know what's coming; it's time for our Anniversary Game! Unfortunately, the Admins didn't get back to us in time about the Anonymous Accounts at this point in time, so we're going to see if maybe this time, the village of Tyrian Falls can get a little redemption. If the Spiked wind up winning again, I'm officially calling this village cursed! But before we get to that, I'd like to give you maniacs some updates as to a few things we're changing for our next year here and also some things to look forward to too! First up, with as many people as we have playing anymore and how many awesome people who have stepped up to GM games for us, we're updating the schedule for how and when the games will begin. The new schedule is in effect as of now. So what is the new schedule and how does it differ from our last schedule? I'm glad you asked! Before, the way we staggered games looked something like this: -LG1, QF1 in the middle of LG1, MR1 after QF1 finishes and as LG1 ends. LG2 starts after LG1 ends and the cycle continues. I did a simple graphic for it (not to scale by any means) a long time back that I'll include here: But, with how the subforum has grown, this is what we'll be working with going forward: Instead of setting the MRs and QFs schedules to be based on the LGs, they operate independently. QF1 is followed by MR1, which is followed by QF2 and so on. On the other hand, the LGs would stagger. LG1 would start, run for 5 cycles (this is just a starting number and we will adjust it if that seems like it is too long or too short of a delay) and then LG2 would start and repeat ad infinitum. As I did above, I did a quick visual of what we're looking at: We feel that this will make it so that there's not as long of a wait before someone gets to run their game. Which means we could probably use some more QF GMs, so if anyone has any ideas, feel free to sign up! Due to how this schedule is set up, it means that we won't be able to avoid holidays as much, but I think that will be a minor problem. If you have any questions or comments on the new schedule, please feel free to contact either myself, Wilson, or Gamma! That's the major news. We're discussing on reformatting a few of the threads to use them more effectively and you guys should be on the look out for something we're calling the SEAcropolis in the near future too! I think you guys will like what we have in mind for the future. Now, onto our second Anniversary Game! I'll be posting all the rules and roles and stuff below. Sign ups will last until the evening Dec. 25th. That's right, my Christmas present to all of you is your roles and alignment! This also allows us to circumvent the worst of the holiday distractions as well and leaves us with only a small bump once New Years rolls around, so this is as accessible as we could make it. So without further adieu: AG2: The Return of the Koloss! Oh no! Koloss have begun advancing on your little town, Tyrian Falls! Since The Lord Ruler died, they seem to be acting with a mind of their own. Unfortunately for you, your town is a way point between Fadrex City and Luthadel. That means you have a stockpile of metals, but that's probably why they targeted you in the first place. On the other hand, you have a large collection of metals. You might be able to hold them off, but it seems like someone (or a conspiracy of someones) seems to be undermining your defenses. Somehow, before the Koloss arrive, you have to rid your town of these dissenters; those that are spiked. Until then, you won't be able to mount an effective defense for your town. If you fail, everyone dies, so you better not fail! Factions: Some people within the town have been hiding a few secrets; some of them are Mistings, so you have help in your battle versus the forces of Ruin. Although some of them may be spiked. Why can't anything be easy? Roles: We'll be starting on a Night round (sorry to whomever likely gets killed before they even really get a chance to play!) This is due to the fact that that was how it was before and I think it will give people a chance to establish some RP before the game actually starts (which always helps make the write ups better, IMO). Order of Actions for the Night will be: -Smoker -Seeker -Lurcher -Coinshot/Kills Days will be 48 hours long (ending roughly around 1 AM EST unless this schedule needs to change). Nights will be 24 hours long. No hints will be given in the write ups. Allegiance and Roles will be reveal upon death. That should be about everything! If I missed something that you would like clarified, please, let me know either via PM or here in thread and I'll do my best to answer any questions. Let the games begin and again, thank you all for another great year! Quick Links:
  10. T'Telir, the shining capital of Halladren, and home of The Court of the Gods, where the Returned ruled as deities over their colorful citizens -- and colorless, lifeless armies -- all while deferring to the God King, MiriKas. Living life as a god would be tough, or so you would have people think, but really you just live in a life of lavishness and luxury, with countless servants to attend your every need and desire, and you only require one thing to live. Breath. The time of living exuberantly is, unfortunately, at an end. A group of infiltrators have managed to gain access to The Court of the Gods, and have subtly managed to get a small group of Returned to join their cause, and to push for war and rebellion against the God King. MiriKas will not tolerate this. You have been ordered to root out the infiltrators and purge the court of all Rebels, at all costs, even if it means your own life. This will be a standard Quick-Fix Game, with Cycles lasting 24 hours and essentially consisting of both Day and Night. Votes will be made publicly in the thread, and the Rebels will get to chose to make a kill each cycle as well. Being that this is the Court of the Gods, and you will all be Returned, there is a twist. Each one of you has your Divine Breath, bringing you back to life for your godly purpose. At any point in the game, all players have the option to send in a PM order to give up your life, saving another player that cycle. This will work for the lynch as well as the Rebel kill. Doing so will automatically kill you, even if who you wanted to save didn't die. There are no roles or other special actions that can be made in this game. For signing up, I'll need a Returned name from each player, and their choice of two colors. Sign-ups will last a little over a week until about 7AM EST, August 2nd. Quick Links:
  11. It's official: Sign ups are now open for the Elantris game that Tulir and I will be co-GMing! This will be a typical Long Game, and follow all the outlines for that format. Day phases will last 48 hours and Night Phases will last 24 hours (though if it turns out that players need more time for the night phases then we will extend those to 48 hours also). Please review the rules below, and let me or Tulir know if you have any questions about them. Shadows of Elantris Rules Setting For Roleplaying purposes, the entirety of the game will be held inside the King's Palace, centered on the King's court, with the exception of those players who are taken by the Shaod and cast into Elantris. At the beginning of the game, all the players are gathered in the Court to hear a grand announcement to be made by Patriarch Seinalan. Also, if there is anyone who would like to sign on as a "pinch-hitter" (someone who stands by to take over for someone who goes inactive) for whatever reason, please PM me and let me know.
  12. First of all, I know this isn't Sandersonian, and I'd like to explain myself. I wanted to build a game without preset factions, where people chose there own alliances and there was only one winner. Hunger games fit this pretty perfectly, and it is still book related. (please don't kill me) Day 1: The cornucopia. for each player's day one action, they will simply say whether or not they want to go for the cornucopia. There will be ten items in the cornucopia. If exactly ten players choose to go for the cornucopia, they each get one random item. If more than ten players choose to go for it, ten, chosen at random, will get random items, and the rest will die in the bloodbath. If fewer than ten players go for the cornucopia, the items will be divided up among however many there are, meaning that some players will get multiple items. The Items 1X bow 2X medical kit 3X throwing knives 1X Nightlock 2X Canteen 1X body armor The bow: If you have the bow, your attack's always successful. your attacks take two defenses to stop. Also, if you have the bow, your attacks happen before normal attacks (but still after knife/nightlock attacks) See "attacking" and "throwing knives" below. Medical Kit: If you have the medical kit and would die, you can use the medical kit to heal from your wounds and continue on. The medical kit is used up in the process. Throwing Knives: Are used to kill people. If you throw your knife at someone, they die. defending won't protect you from knives The knife gets lost once it is thrown. The knife can be used in addition to your normal attack. Knife attacks happen before normal attacks. See "attacking" below. Nightlock: Can be used to poison someone. This functions the same as throwing knives when used to poison someone. However, nightlock does have an additional use: If there are only two players remaining and one of them has nightlock, they can both win. Canteen: If you have the canteen, you are immune to the effects of dehydration. See "dehydration" below. Body armor: Helps protect you. It counts as if there was always an extra person defending you. Item limit: If you have more than three items at any time, you must immediately drop one of them. This happens before any actions in the next cycle Days 2-∞ All days after day one, your action will be simple: Attack ___ (with nightlock or knife if you have it and would like to use it) or Defend ____ EDIT: OR Give ____ to ____. Use this to give an item to another player. Attacking: Simply choose someone to attack. Anyone who has more people attacking them than defending them will die. the items they hold will be divided up among the attackers. If they die, all attacking people get credit for the kill (for purposes of end of game tiebreakers) Defending: Simply choose someone to defend. You can (and probably most often will) defend yourself. Defending does not protect from the bow, night-lock, or throwing knives. Dehydration: If no one dies during a cycle, the Game Makers get bored and cut off the water supply, making two random tributes die from thirst. muttations:there are 10 muttations loose in the arena. Each cycle the pack may attack someone at random. You can choose to attack the muttations. If you do, you kill one of them. If they are all dead, the muttation attacks stop. The odds of there being a muttation attack are directly proportional to the number of living muttations. For instance, if there are 8 living muttations, there is an 80% chance of a muttation attack. If there are five alive, there's a 50% chance etc. the number of living muttations will be revealed each cycle in the right up. Muttation kills count for 1/2 a kill for purposes of end-of-game tiebreakers. Endgame: If all remaining tributes would die during the same cycle (if, for example, there are two tributes remaining, and they attack each other at the same time) the winner is the one who had the most kills attributed to him/her during the game. The sponsors, impressed by their violence, give them a shotgun and they win. PMs: Are allowed, but limited. You can't do group PMs (only two participants) and you can only be involved in 3 PMs. EDIT: To start a PM with someone, first ask for it. Don't include any information in the original message as they may not accept or may be at their PM limit. If you don't want to be in the PM simply say "I decline." If someone starts a PM with you, and you are already at your PM limit. Simply reply "I'm at my PM limit." If you try to start a PM with someone and they're already at their PM limit, it doesn't count toward your limit of three total conversations. You can find someone else instead. The reasoning for this rule is that I want some of the game to happen in the thread. If a person you have a PM conversation with dies, it still counts as one of your three. You can't start a new one to replace it.also, please don't use the quote feature to prove what someone said to you via PM. This is considered cheating. I would prefer it if you include me in the PMs so that I can see what's going on and answer any rules questions, but you don't have to. Cycles: Should be 24 hours, unless something comes up in my life. Depending on how you guys play, this game might last anywhere from only a few cycles to several weeks. Sign ups: Will last until I'm satisfied with the number of players we have. If you have any questions, let me know. Final notes: Please don't try to make any promises based your honor or "I swear on the first edition of Elantris" or anything. Part of the game is that people don't know if you will keep your word. There is a decent chance that you will be betrayed, please don't take this personally. That should be it! Let me know if you have any major questions or concerns about the rules and may the odds be ever in your favor! Also, you can go ahead and pick your district and the gender of your character when you sign up. Taken roles: TMckeedee, male from 1. Ignis, female from 2. Joe, male from 2. Aaron, Male from 3. Ceni, female from 3 Al, Male from 4. Tessa, female from 4. Dam, male from 5. Melinda, female from 5. Ice, female from 6. Isana, female from 7. Mil, Male from 7. Salamander, Male from 8. Newan, Male from 9. Eolloe, female from 9 Tekon, Male from 10. Marge, female from 10. Dom, male from 11. Niobe, Female from 11. Ament, male from 12 Ashiok, Female from 12. Male options: 6 Female options: 1, 4, 7, 8 Write Ups:
  13. The Empty Throne Part 1: The Barrow Barons With Steelheart dead, the remaining Epics are running amok as they try to wrest control of the city of Newcago from their rivals. You and a group of others have taken refuse inside the now vacant Enforcement Headquarters to wait out the chaos that grips the city. Unfortunately you aren’t the only ones with that idea as some of the former barrow barons have taken it upon themselves to grab control of the HQ and make it their base of operations. Day cycles last 48 hours, night cycles are 24 hours long. Extensions can be requested. Roll over is at 4pm NZDT / 3am GMT / 8pm PDT (I think I got the conversions right.) Write ups will be simple as I am, unfortunately, not as creative as the past GMs. Updated player lists will be posted at the start of each day. Night Action Order: Enforcer/Streetperformer/Illusionist/Neutralizer, Protections, Kills then Scouting. Win Condition: Find and kill the Barrow Barons. Lose Condition: Allow the Barrow Barons to outnumber everyone else. Note: No group can win as long as the Serial Killer is alive. Except for the Serial Killer that is. Barrow Barons have a doc to conspire in as well as a nightly group kill. GM is to be included in all PMs Each day cycle players must send a PM to the GM telling them which room they are to spend the night in. Any who don’t claim a room will be stuck sleeping in the hallways. At the start of each night cycle the GM will PM each player with the names of the other players that are in the same room. The names of those who are in the hallway will be posted in the main thread. You cannot post who you are sharing a room with until the following day cycle. Abilities/roles/PMs can only be used on those in the same room as yourself or those in the hallway. Example: Steelheart is in the Barracks with Frank and Steve. Firefight and Gillian are in the Armoury. Bob is wandering the hallways looking lost. Steelheart can only attack/PM Frank, Steve or Bob. Gillian only has Firefight and Bob for company. Poor Bob has no one to play with unless someone contacts him first. Should both Gillian and Steelheart contact Bob then Bob can pass messages along. However Bob cannot use any abilities on anyone as they aren’t in the same room. Rooms: (Rooms may be added or removed depending on player numbers) Armoury Barracks Mess Hall Officers Lounge Training Room Shooting Range If any wish they can use their night action to search the room they are in. There may or may not be something to find. For example if someone was to search the Officers Lounge they may find a fully/partly charged sidearm which allows a set number of kill attempts or they may find an empty whiskey bottle. Roles: Serial Killer: You are an insane genius. You worked out how to become an epic, all you need to do is kill enough people. After all everyone knows that epics kill indiscriminately, so that must be how they gained their power, right? As such you have two abilities. You can kill once per cycle, day or night, or you may instead stalk up to two people a cycle and find out what roles they have. You must also choose a signature to leave behind as a sign of your kills. i.e. a red rose. Note, if you choose to use your abilities during the day then your vote won’t be counted. Win Condition: Kill everyone. Civilian: You are a normal civilian and have no special abilities however your voice is that of the people. This could be the chance you have been waiting for. Prove yourself to the right people and they will surely reward you. Arms Dealer: Somehow you got caught up in the mob and have found yourself trapped inside the Enforcers HQ. Luckily you still have some of your inventory. Once a night you can give a one shot gun to another for them to use the next night. Enforcer Chief: You can provide protection detail to one player of your choice for one night cycle. (You protect one player from all actions taken both by and against them. Target is not informed that they are protected. Cannot self target. Rich Civilian: You have money, you have influence and you left it all outside. Whoops. However your vote counts double as many still listen to you. Street Performer: You are a master at sleight of hand and misdirection tricks. Once per night cycle you may redirect any action directed against one player to another of your choosing. (You must pm the gm with the name of the target you want protected as well as the target for the redirected actions.) Smoothtalker: You can sell anything. In fact you have already sold Steelhearts skull on numerous occasions. Once a day you may change anyones vote to whatever you want. (Including a no vote) Doctor: You are a trained physician and can provide medical protection to one person for a full cycle. (Once per night cycle you can choose to protect another from any one attack for that night and the following day. Protects from lynching. Cannot self target.) Scout: You are an expert in stealth. Once every night you may spy on another player and discover what actions they take. Sniper: You are a former Enforcement sharpshooter. One kill attempt each night. Invisibility: You are able to turn completely invisible for a limited amount of time. Once per night you can follow a target and find out what actions they take. Precognition: You can see the future. Once per night you may either protect yourself or another from one attack. Matter Disruptor: You can turn any organic matter to dust. One night kill attempt per cycle. Flame body: Your entire body can be turned into living flame, protecting you from attacks. Once every second night cycle you can protect yourself from any and all attacks but must rest during the next cycle. (Invulnerable from all attacks for one night cycle, but cannot protect self again next cycle.) Neutralizer: You can neutralize anyones actions once per night. If no actions are countered this will cancel the targets vote on the following day. Mitosis: You are able to make clones of yourself. You may order your clone to undertake one of the following each cycle. Note: you cannot take the same action in consecutive cycles. Follow a player and learn what actions they take. (Night only) Attempt to kill another player. (Night only) Protect you or another from one attack. (Night only) Distract another so any action or vote they take fails. (Day or night) Strong-arm another’s vote to one of your choosing. (Day only) Illusionist: You can change the appearance of what actions others or yourself take once each night. Example: Player R uses their kill attempt on Player F. The Illusionist can make it look like they protected Player F instead. The action still happens as normal but it won’t show up to any who happen to be spying on Player R at the time. Note: This changes the actions appearance only not the target.
  14. Special Thanks to Ben McSweeney for making these icons and Awesomeness Summoned for making them available online. On the Isle of Nebrask, there was one simple rule: keep the Circle whole. The Circle was a line of chalk, surrounding the island, containing the wild chalklings. If it broke, they could swarm out, and decimate the United Isles of America. On the Western Front, a new group of Rithmatists were gathering. Their mission was simple: if the line washed out, they had to repair it. Their commanding officer, Tammy Kingswright, addressed the group. “We are defending our homeland today. The Circle may be holding today, but it could fall at any moment. A single raindrop could ruin our line, and destroy our way of life. We’re not going to allow that. Come rain or shine, we will protect this country! Now, who’s with me?” Mid-Range Game 3 is now open for sign-ups! I’m looking for around 20 players, but the more the merrier. This game will start a day after Long Game 8 ends. Rules: Setting: You are part of a group of Rithmatists, battling wild chalklings in Nebrask. However, it appears some of your battalion actually support the chalklings, and are secretly trying to sabotage the front lines. General Rules: This game has the day and night combined into one cycle. Players will vote on who to lynch in the thread, while sending the GM (me) their special action in PMs. PMs between players are not allowed in this game. Each Cycle will last 48 hours. Rithmatics: To combat the chalklings, most soldiers (excluding Non-Rithmatists) use Rithmatics. Each day, you may do one of the following. However, you may not repeat the same action two cycles in a row. Line of Forbiddance: You protect yourself for the cycle. As long as this stays up, you can't be killed. Line of Vigor: Cancel a target player's action. Line of Making: You create a chalkling that will spy on a target player. Unfortunately, chalklings are extremely dumb and can only be given extremely basic commands. Chalklings will walk in a straight line and will only return to you if they run into a wall. If a player was using a Line of Warding or Forbiddance, you will be informed that they were protected. Otherwise, nothing will happen. Line of Warding: The camp gains one defense for the cycle. (See below) Advanced Rithmatics: You can substitute one of these for your special action, if you have been taught them. Line of Revocation: Kill a target player, as long as they aren't protected by a Line of Forbiddance. This is only available to Rithmatic Scholars. Line of Silencing: Cancel a target player's vote. Special Roles: The Forgotten: You command the wild chalklings, and you win once you outnumber the good-guys. Every night, instead of using Rithmatics, one of you can kill a target player. You are also immune to Wild Chalkling kills. Of course, you have access to a Google Doc to formulate plans. Non-Rithmatist: You are clearly crazy. You sneaked onto the front-lines without having any powers! However, you have studied Rithmatics extensively, and have learned about Advanced Rithmatics. Once per game, you can give a target Rithmatist access to these powers. Sentry: As long as you stay alive, you passively give the camp 1 defense. See below for details. You are also immune to the Wild Chalkling kill. This role will be added if we have enough players. Artist: Because you can draw them so well, your chalklings are smarter. When you use Lines of Making, you will learn what special action your target did that turn. Defense: Since the camp is on the front-lines, there is always the threat of wild chalklings invading. The power of the chalklings is equal to the number of Forgotten. The camps defense is equal to the number of people making Lines of Warding plus the Sentry bonus. If the power of the chalklings is greater than the defense of the camp, a random player is killed. This kill ignores Lines of Forbiddance. If the camp's defense is equal to, or greater than, the power of the chalklings, the camp doesn't lose a player. Quick Links:
  15. The Simple Rules “Don’t kindle flame, don’t shed the blood of another, don’t run at night.” -The Three Simple Rules The Simple Rules exist for a reason on the world of Threnody. Anybody who breaks these Rules via RP will automatically die at the end of the Cycle. General Rules: Standard Quick Fix Game (QF) Procedure. Fast paced Cycles lasting 24hrs with write-ups including the results of the lynch and any mentionable Actions. As this game is a QF, player activity is not only encouraged, it will be incentivized. As such, inactivity will be penalized, solely due to the speedy nature of the game. This game can run with as little as 12 people, but can also can accommodate for upwards of 20+ players. All players will be only allowed to submit One Action per Cycle. Actions can count as Item-Use, Messaging/Message Interception, distributing rations, or the Convict Kill actionl. The Civilians win if they can find and get rid of all of the Convicts, and the Convicts win if they outnumber the Civilians. Roles/Allignments Civilian: A regular citizen, just at the wrong place at the wrong time. But in the Forests of Hell, it is usually always the wrong place at the wrong time. But living in the Forests means that you aren’t weak, either. You can potentially start with any item. Convict: A member of a group of criminals with a high bounty on your head, you’ve no choice but to leave no survivors wherever you go. One of you will be chosen and notified each Cycle to make a kill (cycling through each member before any repeats are made, and the Gang Leader can also be chosen to make the kill). You can potentially start with any items except for the Murder Hood and the Glowsap. You know all the other Convicts identities, and can communicate with them via Messages. These can be intercepted. Gang Leader: The leader of the Gang of Convicts. All good gangs need a Leader, and you are the perfect man for the job. Nobody has ever seen your face, and therefore don’t know what you look like. You also know how to cover your tracks, so you can’t be Detected by ordinary means. Only death can reveal who you truly are. You can also send One Letter to each of your fellow convicts anytime throughout the game that can’t be intercepted. Any messages after the first one to each of them can be intercepted, however. You can’t start with any Items. The Gang Leader can not be discovered by Glowsap. If investigated, you will appear as a Civilian. They are also eligible to be selected to make the group kill for the night. Game Items*: Some players will start off with certain items, possibly, depending on the number of players and their role. All items will have a limited number of uses to fit into the theme of scarcity of resources in the Forests of Hell, and will not be rechargeable. *For Stats purposes, these Items will count as “Roles” for this game. Fenweed Sap - A minor poison that won’t kill, but will make the victim cloudy headed and dizzy. Will Negate their Action for the Cycle. Will have a limited number of uses. Can only poison one person with one dose per Cycle. The target that gets Poisoned will be informed so, but not who they were poisoned by. Silver Ward: Some players will start out with a set amount of Silver Wards, and these can be used to save Players from Lynches. Each Cycle, you can target someone with a Ward if you still have any, and if that player ends up being lynched, they will be saved instead. It will be mentioned they were saved by in the write-up, but not by who. If you use a Ward on somebody who doesn’t get lynched, the Item will be wasted. Silver Wards are an Active-Use item, not a passive. So you can’t give them to someone to save them from a future lynch. (Think of it like a Lurcher Role but with a limited number of uses, and can only save from lynches). Glowsap: A special sap that glows with a dull violet colored light. This item is used to track people at night and can be used to find the Alignment of a player. (Civilian or Convict). Will give a result of Civilian when used on the Gang Leader. Murder Hood: A tar-lined burlap sack that allows you to put over the head of your victim and bludgeon them to death. Prevents the spilling of blood, thus keeping you safe from Shade retribution. Convicts or the Gang Leader can not start with this item. Rations: This game will introduce the “Rations” mechanic. Rations allow a player to survive throughout the game. You need to eat 2 Rations every Cycle to survive. If you go 1 Cycle without eating enough Rations (2), you will be Hungry. When you are Hungry you can not perform any Actions. If you go another Cycle without eating the proper number of Rations while in the status of Hungry, you will die from from Starvation. Any players who die from Starvation will be mentioned, but nobody who is Hungry will be revealed. Every cycle, all players should make a post and place a vote. ‘No kill’ will not count as a vote. If you vote and post at least once each Cycle, you will receive 3 Rations that Cycle, essentially leaving you with 1 after you eat your allotted Rations for the day. These extra Rations can be saved up. Only posting, or placing a post with only a vote will only net you 2 Rations for that Cycle. You can spend 1 Ration to change your vote after your first initial one each cycle. This can be done any amount of times in one Cycle, spending 1 Ration each time you do so. Rations can also be given by players to other players discreetly, although this still counts as an Action. Messaging: Each Cycle, players can spend 1 ration to send an anonymous letter to be sent to another player. The Ration Cost is a Bribe that you give the Innkeeper to pass along your message. However, any player can also spend 2 Rations to Intercept one Message being sent to a player. (If multiple messages are sent to one player, then one of the Messages is randomly chosen to be Intercepted.) Messages must be limited in size and can not exceed 1,000 characters. If multiple people are attempting to intercept a letter from a person, then the letter(s) will be handed out by chance. The Stack (Order of Actions): Fendweed Sap -> Rations -> Glowsap -> Silver Wards -> Lynch -> Kill Actions (Convict group kill/Murder Hoods) -> Messages ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sign-up write-up: This game will be told through the perspective of the Innkeeper telling a story, and all of you are all the Main Characters! How this tale ends depends entirely on you! Sign-ups will last a week! Quick Links: