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Found 58 results

  1. The following is a pet theory of mine that has been simmering for a few months. Apologies in advance if this has already been discussed. Odium mentions a few times that Dalinar is the only one that can release him from Roshar because he commands the greatest part of Honor's power. But it never made sense to me that Honor could trap Odium unilaterally like that, unless they made some form of agreement. But why should that agreement bind Odium? We see an interaction between two Shards elsewhere in the Cosmere where one breaks an agreement with the other and that in and of itself didn't seem to affect the balance of power between said Shards. I feel there has to be a secret sauce explanation for how Honor bound Odium. I think a Dawnshard is a reasonable conjecture. Let's call it the Dawnshard of Unity. It's a Command that binds things together. And if I'm right, Dalinar has it. My theory is that somehow the Dawnshard ended up on Ashyn, possibly carried there by Odium and was given to/taken by Ishar. With it he was able to bind the surges so that men could use them, but in a way that was unchecked. I don't think the surges at this point come from Honor because he wouldn't give access to them without conditions. The use of these unchecked surges led to the downfall of the Tranquiline Halls and the exile of mankind to Roshar. To me it seems likely that Honor would require mankind to give up the Dawnshard and the surges as a condition of their rescue. Thus Honor becomes the holder of the Dawnshard and uses it to bind Odium to the system. Honor also gives the heralds access to the surges again to fight the desolations but this time under his sanction and control. When Honor is succumbing to Odium's attack he is worried that humans will get the Dawnshard again once he dies and will destroy Roshar with unchecked surges like with Ashyn. So he leaves it with his cognitive shadow, the Stormfather. Now the Stormfather is tasked with finding a new bondsmith, but this bondsmith won't be ordinary, they will also have the Dawnshard passed to them through the bond with the Stormfather. In the "Dawnshard" novella, we discover that the Dawnshards are Commands and there are four of them. The one Rysn obtains seems to be the Command of Change and at one point she hears that command in her mind. Well Dalinar throughout the series repeatedly hears the Command of his Dawnshard too: "Unite Them."
  2. So we knew the center-a central circle that breaks into 16 pieces, representing Adonalsium and the shattering. We now know that the four outstretching curves likely represent the dawnshards. Now, there is two pieces left of the symbol. There is the circle and the diamond that encircles the Adonalsun(Tm). What might those be?
  3. So let me start with this. The dawnshard that is different from the rest is likely the one Hoid held (which was a topaz) and that is now dead. so we know Hoid held the name topaz because of him being the bearer of the first gem, which was a topaz. from the coppermind: And we know that title is linked to him being a dawnshard from this WoB: and we know that the topaz is now “dead” from this letter that frost sent: From all that, it is easy to connect some dots. Now that we have that out of the way, Have we seen the Topaz? The Dawnshard? Not just in the stormlight archive, but in any of the Cosmere. A reference to a strange orange gem or a magical stone? Where is the Dawnshard?
  4. Given that the mural shows something be broken into 4 pieces with each piece being further divided into 4. I wonder if that is how the shattering occurred. Adonalsium was first broken into 4 pieces (mesoshards), and then those 4 pieces were further broken into 4 more pieces (shards). This would have the implication that each of the 16 shards can be associated with 2 dawnshards, the dawnshard that broke off the piece of adonalsium to form a mesoshard, and the dawnshard that broke off the piece of the mesoshard to form the shard.. This might be a useful avenue to explore the identity of the shards and the identity of the dawnshards. So what about Unity. There has been some theorizing about who Unity is. What if Unity was one of the 4 mesoshards that was then broken into the existing shards. It could be that the shattering took place in stages. That Unity was taken up, and then killed. There are even some rather obvious shards that might derived from the Unity mesoshard: Dominion, Devotion, and Honor. I'm not sure what the fourth shard would be. I do find it interesting that Odium has shattered these particular shards. For whatever reason Odium would take particular action against the Unity shards, it must be quite a shock to see Dalinar seemingly pulling it back together.
  5. Rayse has killed 4 vessels at this point, and does not seem to have overt support from other Shards in doing so. I was thinking about a wob where Brandon was asked about if Autonomy assisted Odium in his attack on Dominion & Devotion and says The idea that Autonomy's assistance was what allowed Odium to win a 2 v 1 contest has never seemed satisfying to me, as even a 2 v 2 does not seem like a certain thing... When combined with the fact that Hoid asks an Avatar of Autonomy for help with Odium (which would seem silly if they'd overtly worked together in the past) it seems that Odium would needed some other (stronger) advantage to ensure victory. A Dawnshard seems to fit that description. I've also wondered why Honor implies things are (nearly?) hopeless in the fight against Odium without the Dawnshards even though Cultivation is still around. However, if Odium has/is/holds a Dawnshard, then it seems more reasonable that the only way that Honor could 'win' would be by tricking/trapping Odium in the Rosharan system, as a direct fight against a Shard+Dawnshard was not something he felt even Honor and Cultivation together could take on. As there is not a large amount of evidence for this theory (some would say none), I'll try to argue against it: If there are only 4 Dawnshards (it seems there could be 16?) then there are 2 (or 3 if Dalinar is/holds a Dawnshard) of the 4 in the Rosharan system, which seems like a lot. We also don't see anything that jumps out at me in the letters to/from Hoid that suggests to me that Odium is MORE powerful than other Shards. Everyone wants him contained because of what he has done, but not specifically because he's more powerful than anyone else. Additionally, Brandon has said that Rayse won't pick up another Shard because he doesn't want to change and Brandon also says that Dawnshards change your spirit (though who knows how this would work with a Vessel). All in all, I'd say that Rayse having/holding/being a Dawnshard makes more sense than him not, but we know so little about Odium's battles with other Shards that the questions posed could be answered in any number of ways. I'm interested to hear some thoughts if you have them, or if anyone has any of that pesky evidence it's so hard to come by (for or against of course) I'd love to hear about it!
  6. This theory has been bouncing around in my head for a few weeks now, mostly revolving around Nikli's insistence that Rysn never become a Radiant and Honor's belief that the Dawnshards are lost to the Knights Radiant. Quotes from Honor: Assuming that the Dawnshard is mostly nonfunctional in a non-invested host, we have to wonder why the Sleepless didn't want Rysn to access that power and why Honor thought that the power of the Dawnshard was impossible for the Radiants to reach or more dangerous than Odium winning. There are lots of reasons I can think of that the Sleepless wouldn't want Rysn to gain power of the Dawnshard-- their mission goes beyond one planet and I could see Rysn's lack of power an acceptable loss. Honor is a little bit harder. I've seen people interpret the quote from Oathbringer as simply not trusting the Knights Radiant, but that doesn't make much sense to me. Why would he support them for years and then in his death throes suddenly flip and decide that the danger of them getting a Dawnshard was greater than the danger of Odium winning? The other quote complicates that further since he isn't talking about the danger of Dawnshards, but suggesting that the Dawnshards are beyond their reach. From the information we have, I can see two options: Either Honor's knowledge about the Dawnshards and the KR changed, or something about the Dawnshards themselves changed. If Honor didn't know where the Dawnshard was and thought it was no longer on-world, it could make sense that he believes the Dawnshards are lost to them, but it wouldn't explain why he was convinced that the KR would destroy Roshar with one. Since he already knew that the Dawnshard destroyed Adonalsium and Ashyn, it's hard to believe that there was some bit of knowledge about the Dawnshard's capabilities that would suddenly bump them up to "too dangerous." It is possible that something changed about the KR leading up to this, but there's no indication as to what. We know that they abandoned their Oaths believing it was the right thing to do, so it wasn't like they were corrupted or less honorable. In contrast, it is possible that something changed about the Dawnshard, and Odium's interference seems like the most likely reason. I find it less likely that he corrupted the Dawnshard itself, knowing how powerful it is, and more likely that he somehow set things up so that using the Dawnshard would trigger something Very Bad. [Rhythm of War Spoilers] This would explain Honor's sudden belief that the KR couldn't be trusted to use the Dawnshard without destroying Roshar and his statement that without the Dawnshards he had very few tools to help them. It would also give the Sleepless a further reason to not want Rysn or anyone else to have the power to wield the Dawnshard (although they might not even be aware of the trap). I don't think there's enough evidence to say that this is what happened, but a paucity of other explanations for Honor's behavior makes it seem like a strong possibilty. Any other thoughts on possible explanations? Any evidence I've forgotten that contradicts this?
  7. So the Dawnshard novella just recently came out and it had some seriously juicy lore tidbits for all of us to chew on. I'm going to be putting my interpretation of it here along with what I think is a probable timeline of events involving the Dawnshards. Nature of the Dawnshards So Adonalsium gave four primal Commands that spawned the Dawnshards and created the Cosmere. We know that one of them is Change and that together all four were used to Shatter God himself. I'm thinking these Commands are similar to the Christian notion of "Let there be light" while the resulting Dawnshards are a sort of imprint on the world left by the Commands. If God turning on the lights was a boot, the Dawnshard is a boot print. I believe these four Commands were Change, Survive, Unite and Distinguish. I don't know if these are the actual names of the Dawnshards (I would be surprised if Distinguish was 100% correct) but the gist of it remains the same. These four are two sets of two that, while not exactly opposite, are in some respects opposed. None are negative or positive, they simply are. Change and Survive are opposed as survival requires a certain amount of stasis. Unite and Distinguish are opposed as Distinguish implies individuality and unity implies a certain common ground. The Shattering of Adonalsium I believe that at one point they were all combined into a single weapon that was used to Shatter Adonalsium and that Hoid was the one who actually holding the thing when it all went down, as is referenced by Hoid being both "Topaz" as well as the "Bearer of the First Gem" as well as the WoB's that we have stating that the weapon used to kill Adonalsium is drained and inoperable and that Hoid's immortality is derived from it. It's drained because the Dawnshards were removed from it and Hoid's immortality comes from Survive. From Nikli's line in the novella we know that wielding a Dawnshard makes "Demands on a level that no person could ever manage alone..." Thus I believe that while Hoid was the one actually pulling the trigger, there was another group bracing and bolstering him, probably a group of 16, aka the Shardic Vessels. Think the ending scene from Guardians of the Galaxy. Starlord got his hands on the Infinity Stone but he couldn't use it until they all united their strength by using the secret move "Power of Friendship" :). I think that's what happened here only more premeditated God-murder and less dance off. Scattering of the Dawnshards My next bit of wild speculation is that I believe that when Adonalsium was Shattered, the Dawnshards contained in the weapon were scattered to four of the Vessels. Which Vessels got chosen probably had to deal with the specific theme of each Shard of Adonalsium. Cultivation and Ruin, for instance, both fit squarely in the Change quadrant. Here's how I think the Shards fall into the quadrants. Change - Ruin, Cultivation, Endowment Survive - Preservation Unite - Honor, Devotion, Dominion Distinguish - Odium, Autonomy, Ambition Ruin is Change through destruction. Cultivation is Change through improvement. Endowment is Change through transfer. Preservation is Survival through stasis. Honor is Unity through shared ethics. Devotion is Unity through love. Dominion is Unity through law and government. Distinguish is all about individuality (which is why I was having trouble with the word Distinguish. Individuality is not a verb!!!). This would mean the Odium is individuality through emotion, Autonomy is individuality through isolation and Ambition is individuality through accomplishment. I believe that Hoid either got the Survive Dawnshard or had it before the Shattering and the it somehow ended up with Preservation after everything was said and done. It is currently hidden on Scadrial somewhere. Honor got the Unity Dawnshard and took it with him to Roshar. I'm not sure who ended up with the Change Dawnshard but they must have given it up or had it taken from them somehow, probably the former, and it was then carried to Roshar and hidden in the cavern in Akinah. This leaves Distinguish, which I believe fell into Autonomy's hands. It's use might explain her weird avatar situation, granting herself an excess of individuality. She gave it to Odium to use in killing Devotion, Dominion and Ambition. This is how he wiped the floor with them without breaking a sweat, even in a two on one fight. This is also probably why Brandon was cagey about whether Bavadin helped Odium splinter D&D. She didn't really help commit the murder, she just handed the murderer a gun at some point. Dawnshard Battle on Roshar After Odium got done taking out D&D and Ambition, he set his sights on Honor and Cultivation. Big problem here though. Honor had a Dawnshard. I don't think he was actively using it though. It's my guess that there was some sort of agreement among the Vessels to not wield both a Shard and a Dawnshard at once. It would upset the balance of power too much. This is why Survive is being stored away on Scadrial, why Change was sort of floating around until it ended up in Aimia and why Honor was letting Ishar hang on to Unite, which he used to bind the surgebinders with oaths and create the Oathpact. But Odium broke the rules and so Honor took his Unite Dawnshard back to kick some butt. The problem for Honor was that Odium is just insanely more practiced and skilled in Shard on Shard combat at this point and was just more skilled with using a Dawnshard in general. Sure they both had guns but one has a seasoned fighter and the other was an amateur. Regardless Honor was enough of a threat with his Dawnshard that Odium had to take things slow and be cautious. This is also probably why Cultivation stayed out of this for the most part. She wasn't armed. Eventually Odium gets the upper hand and slips in a killing blow but Honor leaves his cognitive shadow, along with the Dawnshard that it's carrying, behind and has it fuse with the Stormfather. This now means that any Bondsmith that bonds to the Stormfather now has access to a Dawnshard as well as the Shard of Honor relative to how closely bonded they are with the Stormfather. The more oaths they say, the closer they get to becoming the Vessel of Honor and attaining the full power of the Dawnshard of Unity. This is probably how Melishi was able to bind the Singers into slaveform. This is probably also how Dalinar is able to Unite the realms. It also occurs to me that this might be a good explanation for why the Recreance happened. Honor was dying and as he was dying he gave his Dawnshard to the Bondsmiths. Since the Dawnshard was presumably what destroyed Ashyn people might have been worried about misusing that power. It would be like the President showing up to your house one day at random, mortally wounded, screamed something about the end of the world and gave you the nuclear launch codes before dying on your couch. Anybody would be freaked out, let alone the descendants of the people who once blew up a planet. They then immediately have their fears validated when Melishi, the new Dawnshard of Unity, uses his newfound power to lobotomize an entire sapient species. Yeah, I can see why they were concerned. Future of the Dawnshards It is my current opinion that at some point in a future book, Dalinar will say his fifth oath and bond fully to the Stormfather. This will cause him to ascend to become the Vessel of Honor and also grant him full access to the Unity Dawnshard. This time however the fight against Odium will go differently because Odium won't be facing kind old Tanavast. He'll be facing the Blackthorn. At that point Dalinar either keeps the Dawnshard or gives it up, either one seems plausible. The Change Dawnshard stays with Rysn for now but that could change in the future depending on how things play out. The Survive Dawnshard is probably being held by Kelsier currently, both because Kelsier is probably the most realmatically aware Scadrian, and thus probably knows all about Dawnshards and realizes that one is on Scadrial, but also because it fits thematically. Kelsier The Survivor, who fought gods and won, gets a god slaying weapon called Survive? It's freaking perfect. I honestly don't know what happens to the Distinguish Dawnshard. It honestly comes down to how the fight with Odium actually plays out. I doubt it can ever be truly destroyed but it might get lost somehow or simply gifted to someone responsible. Some Extra Reasoning Tidbits - I used Survive as one of the Dawnshards because Kelsier mentions hearing a voice tell him to Survive within the Pits and because it fits as a nice clean opposing force to Change. We also know a powerful weapon is hidden on Scadrial. - I used Unite because Dalinar's "I am Unity" moment as well as several mentions of Unity in Elantris in regards to Devotion and Dominions religions. There's also mentions of a Dawnshard that binds things, which I believe is Unite. - Distinguish (still feel like that's not a perfect word) is in there because I needed something to oppose Unity that fit for the remaining three Shards. Individuality seems to fit in my opinion. - As for why Honor mentioned that they won't have access to the Dawnshards, I have no idea. There's already one confirmed to be on the planet and if my theory is right there's another two. Maybe he's saying they can't use them because of the oaths? That seems to be the original purpose of Radiant oaths, to keep the people who could potentially misuse a Dawnshard in check. - I believe the one Dawnshard that is different from the other, as mentioned in a WoB, is the Survive Dawnshard as it's on Scadrial and the other three are on Roshar. - The Shard of Adonalsium that is loosely associated with wisdom and "just want's to survive" is probably in the Survive quadrant. - It seems to me from the line in the novella about Rysn not being able to use the power and the restriction in their contract about becoming a surgebinder suggests that the Dawnshard requires some sort of magic already present in the wielder in order to make it work. This suggests to me that the Dawnshard is less of a powerful spell and more of an amplifier of other magics, making them far more powerful and versatile. This is probably due to the problem that Nikli mentions about needing the breadth of understanding equivalent to a deity. A Dawnshard in a Soother's hands might let them manipulate the minds of everyone on a whole planet because the Soother's powers are being used as a framework in place of that required understanding. A Soother with Dawnshard could probably not manipulate the laws of physics to the same extent as he could manipulate emotions. Maybe a little, but not to the same apocalyptic degree that a Shardic Vessel could. - We know that Hoid derives his immortality from the weapon that killed Adonalsium and we know that he's been cursed to never harm another living thing. I believe that both of those come from the Survive Dawnshard. He survives through anything, including death, because of the residual influence of the Dawnshard. He also can't kill or maim because that's antithetical to the concept of survival. What are your guy's thoughts on all of this? Let's discuss.
  8. The idea that the 16 Shards can be categorized in groups of 4 (a la Mistborn metals) is not a new one, and I think Dawnshard is going to further support that theory. The mural that seems to depict The Shattering of Adonalsium and imbues Rysn with her Command is described as having 16 "mostly symmetrical pieces" grouped into fours. So let's make groups of 4! I'm sure there's going to be tons of different theories on how the Shards are organized. Even when trying to find commonalities between all the Shards, there's bound to be people who see different patterns than others. Let's start with what we know, or at least what we think we know... About the Dawnshards in general: The Dawnshards are "the four primal Commands that created all things" The Dawnshards were used to undo Adonalsium itself Both a Command and Intent are required to use "the most powerful forms of Surgebinding [Magic]" that ordinarily "transcends traditional mortal understanding." These are demands "on a level no person could ever manage alone" -- a single person would not be able to handle wielding this combined power. So the Dawnshards predate the Shattering of Adonalsium and thus cannot have been created by the Shattering. They were used to create all things -- the power of creation, potentially wielded by Adoalsium, who is a deity. The people (Dragon, Human, mortal or immortal, but otherwise just people, not deities) who Shattered Adonalsium would have been incapable of using a Command on their own, even with the proper Intent. -- Could they have been required to work in groups of four? I think perhaps four people with similar Intents likely were needed to use each Command, and then the four Commands must have been used together to kill God. Four groups of four, with each person having a specific Intent that somewhat related to the Command they were helping to wield. And what do we know about the Commands specifically: Rysn's Command seems to have a theme, which is Change. "Accept it. Know it. CHANGE." "It was then that she grasped, in the smallest way, the nature of the Command inside her. The will of a god to remake things, to demand they be better. The power to change." Rysn seems to be able to appreciate colors and tastes much more clearly after being imbued with the Command, which is similar to the effects of investiture created by Endowment (Breaths, Nalthis) "Storms. Was it her, or did this tea taste extra good? She inspected it, then glanced at the sunlight pouring through the porthole. Was it . . . brighter than usual? Why did the colors in her room look so exceptionally vivid all of a sudden?" Rysn also appreciates the musicality in Drlwan's voice -- is this another effect similar to that of a Heightening? Or is Rysn potentially hearing the Rhythms of Roshar? "Strange, how she saw the contrast of shadows much more starkly now. And . . . why did Drlwan’s voice sound more musical?" The Command agrees(?) with Rysn's decision to let Cord keep her Shardplate out of tradition. Because it's the honorable thing to do? Because it's a gift that Rysn has endowed to Cord? Tradition, doing something because it has been done before, actually seems to be somewhat in opposition to the theme of "Change," so I feel this is important to explore. "'Cord discovered it,' Rysn said. 'It’s traditional to let the one who first claims a Shard keep it.' The Command pulsed with warmth as she said that." So based on this information, I feel pretty sure that we can at least begin to categorize the Shards. Everything that follows here is just my best guess at a grouping. CHANGE -- "The will of a god to remake things, to demand they be better. The power to change." Endowment -- Must be, based on the changes Rysn is experiencing. Even though I personally feel like it's a stretch to put this here. Advancement? The addition of things, or gaining of new things, to improve or grow? Cultivation -- Growth, personal improvement, etc. Could be the source of Rysn beginning to hear the Rhythms. Definitely belongs in this category. Ruin -- Entropy, decay, mortality. Definitely belongs in this category. ? SURVIVE -- The will of a god to create enduring life, that extends itself into infinity even beyond it's own death. The power to survive. Preservation -- Stability, safety, unchanging. Definitely belongs in this category, and really the basis for why I think "SURVIVE" or "LIVE" must be a command -- because Kelsier certainly hears the Command to SURVIVE in Mistborn, and it is not coming from Leras. Autonomy -- Self-reliance, individualism, independence. The ability to survive while depending on only yourself. Definitely belongs in this category. The unknown shard "who just wants to hide and survive." -- Obviously belongs in this category even though we don't know what the true intent is. ? UNITE -- The will of a god to bind things, to conncet people with eachother and with the land and life around them. The power to unite. Honor -- Oaths, connecting people to eachother, binding them to their words and traditions. Obviously belongs in this category, and the basis for why I think "UNITE" or "CONNECT" must be a command -- because Dalinar certainly hears the Command to UNITE all throughout SA, and it is not the Stormfather, nor is it Tanavast. Dominion -- Connecting people to the land, and to eachother with political power and territory. This one may be a stretch, but it's my best guess. I think it probably belongs in this category. ? ? CARE -- The will of a god to create meaning and purpose, to demand that life exists for a reason. The power to care. Odium -- Pasion, love, hatred, emotion, motivation (though "Motivation" would be a great Shard name on its own). Definitely belongs in this category. Devotion -- Purpose, worship, crusades/quests. This one is also a stretch; honestly I have the hardest time with the Selish Shards because their Intents are confusing to me. But I believe this one belongs here. You devote yourself to a mission or a purpose in life, whatever that may be.. Ambition -- Personal goals, enthusiasm, striving to achieve. If devotion belongs here then Ambition certainly does as well. ? If Wisdom is the Shard that just wants to "hide and survive" then it belongs under the SURVIVE Command. But if Wisdom is a completely different shard, then I would want to probably put it under the CHANGE command, because knowledge changes you. Actually... now that I think about it, I think there may be two Shards here. "Wisdom" is a thing that you have whereas "Knowledge" is something that you gain with time and experience and experimentation. I wouldn't be surprised to discover that "Wisdom" is the shard that wants to survive and hide, and keep its secrets, and just study the world as it is without affecting the outcome, and that there is another shard along the lines of "Knowledge" or "Discovery" that is about change through experiences. Anyway, just had to write down my own thoughts. I'm really interested to see how other people categorize the shards. And I'm also interested in thoughts on my categorizations and would love for people to poke holes in it or improve it or change it around so it fits better. What do you guys think?
  9. The magic system on Nalthis involves manipulating investiture using commands. A single command using a massive amount of investiture was used to create Nightblood. Is Edgil attempting to use Returned in order to create new Dawnshards, or new manifestations of Dawnshards?
  10. So Vasher and Shashara came to Roshar to learn how to make an Endowment analogue of Shardblades. They return to Nalthis, and create the absurdly powerful and destructive Nightblood. This made me wonder, why is Nightblood so powerful. 1000 breaths is a lot of investiture, but is it comparable to Honor’s perpendicularity or that vessel he murdered (don’t know how to do spoiler tags, and I don’t want to ruin it for anyone). I didn’t think so, and it made me think maybe Vasher and Shashara took a Dawnshard and gave it to Nightblood, which would explain how he is so powerful. Kaladin also has some over the top feats as well. He was able to deflect a highstorm, fight two shardbearers on even ground; unarmored and lacking a shard blade. He is the only character (aside from Dalinar - but he has been bonding to a super-spren, partial shard, I have no idea what the storm father is) who is describe as having preternatural combat abilities. And I mean this in terms of pure combat abilities and not incorporating the surges into fighting styles. When he saves Adolin, he is basically fighting two shardbearers with his eyes closed. He completely outclasses Szeth in WoR. He defends a bridge, by himself against an entire squad of Parshendi. Every time this happens his inner monologue describes him as the wind, you cannot stop the wind, etc. No other wind runner is described this way either. Teft was arguably closer to the 4th ideal in RoW, and he needed to be treated by lift to stay awake, so it wasn’t because of that. Maybe Kaladin has a Dawnshard about Protect/Defend/something along those lines, one that Tanavast also had before the shattering. Maybe that is why he is called the “Son of Tanavast” so much. Maybe that is why Vyre said Kaladin was basically a force of nature. Maybe the poem: “Taking the Dawnshard, known to bind any creature voidish or mortal, he crawled up the steps crafted for Heralds, ten strides tall apiece, toward the grand temple above.” Is about Kaladin.
  11. From the album The Stormlight Archive

    And more portraits! Here's a tiny one of Rysn.
  12. I know Rhythm of War just came out and there’s a deluge of material for the Shardcast. I wish, SO MUCH, they there’d been more time between Dawnshard and RoW because I feel like DS has kind of been forgotten. I would love to see a Shardcast episode dedicated to the representation of Disabilities in the Cosmere. I realize this would be a ways down the list... but it would make me so happy.
  13. Welcome to the Overlady Reads Dawnshard! In this video, we'll tackle the final book in the Cosmere so far and talk Chiri-Chiri & Rysn with a dash of Lopen. How did you guys find Dawnshard? I thought it was short, sweet, juicy and delicious. Lucy disagrees! What did you guys think? Let us know down below! This is the last video in the Overlady Reads series until Stormlight Archive 5 (Unless I can convince Lucy to read W&W4) so I hope you guys have enjoyed the ride and look forward to what we've got planned in the new year!
  14. I've pulled together a list of lingering thoughts from others and myself. Some of these already have solid theories, some I haven't seen given much attention. 1. Is Mraize sleepless? Or are the scars a tribute to Kelsier? Or is it just random 2. Heralds are briefly sane when someone speaks an ideal. Because of the connection to spiritual? 3. So the everstorm came and Taln still hadn’t broken? Badass. The existence of that bond could give a seed to Dalinar, like what Ishar was trying to swype? 4. Why do singers talk without rhythms sometimes (not just El)? Why is Rlain kinda different there, picking up and using rhythms differently in the flashbacks? 5. Wait Ash is the head of lightweavers, why is she “leading” the dustbringer book? 6. “Honor still lives in the hearts of men.” Is this a deeper comment than it seems? Certainly shook the honor spren. 7. Is Sixteen maybe Szeth’s father? Seems more invested though, if he doesn’t need to eat or bathe. More like a returned. 8. T sees a hole in the contract. What is it? Maybe hearkens back to Rayse referencing what would happen if Dalinar breaks the contract? (a) Early-on death rattle: "I hold the suckling child in my hands, a knife at his throat, and know that all who live wish me to let the blade slip. Spill its blood upon the ground, over my hands, and with it gain us further breath to draw." Any chance Todium chooses a baby as his champion? (b) Epilogue: "After all this, Odium would be safely imprisoned, no matter what happened. There was no way out.… Unless … Wit’s breath caught, but then he forced himself to keep whistling and walking." What did he realize? Does changing vessels do something? Unlikely Wit would have *just realized* something unless it had to do with changing vessels. If it was just about forcing Dalinar to resign, Wit would have thought of that already. 9. Who the hell was that merchant who had the flute and the toy horse. 10. The Wit bubble for the dog and dragon story: maybe burning copper or bendalloy, both? 11. Was Ashyn actually a human failing? Were they fighting odium? Was the recreance evil? Right? I have to believe there is more than what we’ve been told on these topics. After the trial: Adolin: "Why Maya? Why were you willing to do it?" Maya: "To" A: "To save us from something worse." Adolin assumes this is what she means, but it's not confirmed. Maybe another secret? The recreance can't be as cut and dry as stated. 12. BAM obviously gonna be important. She was big on Connection. Maybe part of the reason there were no dead eyes before she was bound? Any parallels with the Elantrians/hoed? Trying to be connected, but something broke it? 13. Lezian returned “the old way” via odium, i.e. without the everstorm. Is there anything more to be learned from this? Interplanetary travel is no joke. 14. Was Wit's story about misdirection relevant to what Todium does to him? Are one of the two of them misdirecting us? 15. Why are safehands safe? I don't think we have a reason, and Brandon always has reasons. 16. Will SA expand beyond Roshar for the second arc? Honestly feels like the singer conflict could be resolved. Odium is ostensibly bound but… 17. Wit/Jasnah conversation: Don’t have to win, just make sure you don’t lose. I.e. the battle of champions might be a tie. 18. If we have books focusing on Taln and Ash, can we assume that their cognitive impairments will be healed? How will Roshar be different if that were true? Is it is simple as memory storage (Wit/Kelek) or is it about radiant oaths (Ishar)? 19. Which pages of the diagram did T edit and keep with him, and show Odium when they talked? Does it matter? 20. Does the Kharbranth deal matter anymore? 21. T says the Diagram can't see Renarin? T knew that before Odium showed the blackened regions of his future-sight. So T's brilliant day and later interpretation must have actual future-sight embedded, if they're thrown off by Renarin's actions. 22. Dalinar recognizes the bondsmith honor blade. From what? Szeth's father? Or a vision? 23. Dalinar feels a warmth that the stormfather doesn't feel before Uniting Kaladin with the Tien vision. Dawnshard? Definitely not the first time we’ve seen this occur for Dalinar, and it jibes with Rysn’s experience.
  15. In pondering the Unmade and hunting through these forums, I ran across a really interesting theory about Ba-Ado-Mishram, and how she may have held the Dawnshard, or a Dawnshard, and that’s what allowed her to connect with the singers at a level she hadn’t before. There was also mention that maybe this inspired Dai-Gonarthis to head to Aimia to try to take the Dawnshard there for himself. This got me thinking: Did Dai-Gonarthis succeed in making contact with the Dawnshard? And did it Change him? Maybe into Cusicesh? I’m not the first to make this leap, but I think what we’ve learned about the location and nature of the Dawnshard make this much more plausible now. Edit: topic of inspiration:
  16. Throughout almost all books about disabled people written by abled authors, I've never seen a portrayal of the disability community. They'll write about the *struggle* or the depression or the isolation and they even sometimes write about moving on and finding the happiness in life, but something abled people never seem to think about or understand is the absolute joy and solidarity found in talking to other disabled people. Before I read the acknowledgements, I could tell with absolute certainty Brandon had worked with actual disabled people (not just able-bodied "experts" or those with disabled family members). When I read this part, I laughed out loud from happiness. Disabled people coming together and creating a community is a detail that seems obvious when you hear about it, but able-bodied people hardly ever consider it. This stems partly from how disabled people are treated in real life. Historically, disabled people who need primary caregivers are purposefully isolated from other disabled people. This goes double for disabled children in schools. Now, there are more and more special education classes where disabled kids interact with one another, but there is also a disconnect between SpEd kids and mainstreamed disabled kids fostered by both SpEd and mainstream teachers. Similarly to how the ardents considered it a bad idea to have mentally ill patients interact with each other, caregivers and experts throughout history have separated disabled people (by forbidding them to play with each other as kids, discouraging support groups, and drawing arbitrary lines between "real" or "tragic" disabled people and "basically normal" disabled people). THIS! There is something about struggling alone your whole life, thinking that you're always going to be a disabled person struggling in an abled world, and then finding a community full of people just like you. Finding out that there is a disabled world, and that you truly belong somewhere for the first time. There is a space for everyone, and you will find someone who is just like you. People of all backgrounds and beliefs are a part of the community, as anyone can become disabled at any point in their life and personal development. It seems obvious, but there is something profound about realizing that you don't have to do things the abled way. You don't have to dress yourself typically, you don't have to tie your shoes if you have velcro, you don't have to put all your clothes in drawers, you don't have to drink from cups, and so many more other little things everyone takes for granted. Also, the point about how disabled people are invisible is a detail that I love. How often do abled people on earth think about disabled people and how small things pertain to us? How often do they think about the possibility of a disabled person interacting with their world? If you don't use a wheelchair, think about what it would take for a wheelchair user to visit your house/apartment for a week. Do you have front steps? Is there a slight drop-off at your front door? Do you have thick rugs or deep carpet? How high are your kitchen and bathroom counters? Do you have a top-loading washing machine or dryer? How wide are your bathroom doorways? Of course, none of these things makes you a bad person or prohibits disabled people from becoming friends with you or visiting. I just think it's interesting and important for abled people to think about how much the world around us is only designed for abled people. It's also good to think about what kinds of adaptive devices and changes to the environment it would take to accommodate someone who is not completely able-bodied. Rysn probably never really thought about disabled people before she became disabled herself. She's really had such a compelling character arc through these books, and with so little screen time. I personally disliked her when I read her first interlude, but she has grown and changed in a way that had me cheering for her even before reading these parts of Dawnshard. I can't wait to see where she goes from here, not even considering that fact that she is (has?) a freaking Dawnshard. (sorry this is so long lol)
  17. So, after picking the pieces of my brain up off the floor following the Toadium event in RoW, I formulated a theory on how Odium might eventually be dealt with. Odium has been described as being particularly dangerous, and one of the epigraphs in RoW indicates that this is due to the Intent of the Shard itself, not just the personality of Rayse as its (former) Vessel. The standard way of dealing with something like this would be to kill/destroy it. But clearly Brandon laughs at the idea of doing what we expect, so what if there was some other way to neutralize Odium as a threat? What if instead of being destroyed/splintered, the Shard could be changed? Rysn now holds (or is) the Dawnshard Change. I think that Dawnshard may eventually be used to mitigate the worst parts of Odium's Intent. This might be a straight-up softening, like changing it from Odium (hatred) to Anger. Or it could be a more subtle change, like directing hatred only toward evil things. (I'm thinking of something like the TV show Dexter here, which is about a serial killer who targets other murderers. It doesn't change his essential nature, but he manages to channel it in a way that's less harmful for society overall.) What do others think? I recognize that changing the nature of a Shard would be a very tall order, but if the Dawnshards were used to shatter Adonalsium, I think they'd be up to the task of changing a piece of Adonalsium. (And because of their power, I think it's entirely possible Toadium will want to get his hands on the Dawnshard if he finds out it's on Roshar. I really hope he doesn't piece it together from whatever info about the expedition to Aimia the other monarchs let King T have.)
  18. WARNING: THERE WILL BE DAWNSHARD SPOILERS, AS WELL AS GENERAL COSMERE SPOILERS So we now have lot more pieces of The cosmere endgame after reading RoW (and dawnshard). We now know more of the ghostblood’s influence, what dawnshards are, and that the sons of honor exist. so here’s the updated endgame characters and groups ORGANIZATIONS •The 17th shard These guys will definitely prevail until the endgame. They are wide reaching and powerful. They want to keep Adonalsium from reforming for seemingly unknown reasons (other than Adonalsium dangerous and really powerful). They will probably be a force of good, in the end (probably). •The Ghostbloods these guys will also have a fantastic chance of making it until the endgame. They are scheming and about as powerful and far reaching as the 17th shard. It’s not entirely certain what their motives are either, but it is probably not good. Now that we know that their leader is likely Kelsier, they are more dangerous than ever. They are likely going to be a force of evil in the endgame. •the ‘cult’ of Trell the cult of Trell (which is what I’m calling them now) is pretty dangerous and seems to be an invested third party, likely working for autonomy, though we are not sure. They are currently sieging Scadrial for mostly unknown reasons. The set also seem to be part of this organization. We don’t know what they are doing, but they seem to be powerful enough to be in the endgame. They will probably be a force of evil in the cosmere. •the IRE this organization is one that I doubt will be in the endgame, but is a notable group. They are very cosmere aware, and seem to have connections all across the cosmere, through scholarly knowledge or trade deals. They could be a wild card, but likely they will not last into the endgame. •The Sons of Honor This group is another unlikely one. They seem to be specifically Roshar oriented. They will likely play an important role within Roshar, therefore playing a role in creating the endgame, but will likely not remain until the endgame. If they do, they will likely be a wildcard. •The Dysian Aimians these aimians have a few members on other planets, have guarded one of the dawnshards, and is now helping that dawnshard’s vessel. There is a decent chance they will get slain by Todium by the end of the stormlight arc, but if they survive until the endgame, they will be a force of good. SHARDS AND PRIMORDIAL COSMERE OBJECTS •Odium this one is fairly clear. They are the most dangerous shard, has already shattered four other shards. Taravangian might not hold it, but it will definitely be a force of evil, likely having odium’s vessel only holding one shard. •Harmony this is also a pretty cut and dry one. Currently, it is one vessel holding two shards. I think that will stay true until the endgame, but the vessel might not be Sazed (though I hope it is). Harmony will almost certainly be a force of good in the endgame. •Endowment Endowment seems to have some master plan, we just don’t know what it is currently. There is a lot of funky things going on with Nalthis, and that is likely due to Endowment. Edgli will likely prevail to the endgame due to her plan. She will probably be a force of good, but it is an uncertain good. •Autonomy autonomy is another shard that is currently scheming. She seems to have avatars all over the cosmere, has restricted access to Taldain in the cognitive realm, and is likely meddling with Scadrial in the form of Trell. Bavadin will likely stay until the endgame, given their plots, and will almost certainly be a force of evil. •Honor We all know that Honor is probably going to have a vessel by the end of the stormlight arc, possibly even during stormlight 5. The question is, by who? There’s a chance it’ll be Dalinar, there’s a chance it’ll be someone completely different. Whoever it is though, there is an almost guaranteed chance that they will be a force of good in the endgame (if they make it there. I think they will, though). • Dominion and Devotion these two are currently shattered by Odium, but I bet they will be brought back before the endgame hits. I think they will be another merged shard, because I think it makes sense (and would be cool). If that is the case, I think they will be a force of good. If that is not the case, each of them are wild cards. •Cultivation she has a grand plan, likely involving the next vessel of Cultivation (possibly Lift!). Whoever controls cultivation, I’m sure Cultivation will be a powerful force of good in the endgame. •the dawnshards These bad boys will DEFINITELY be in the endgame. The only questions are who will hold them and which side will they be on. The dawnshard of change might stick with Rysn until the endgame, but I’m not sure on that one. I think there will be at least one (maybe THE one) that will be a force of evil in the endgame. They will all definitely be very integral pieces of the endgame. CHARACTERS •Hoid This one is the most obvious of them. He will almost certainly be part of the endgame (talking like 97% here) and will undoubtably be a force of good. We still don’t know what his plans are and why he is collecting magic systems, but I think that will definitely play into the endgame. •Nightblood This one is also an obvious one. He is way to powerful to not make it until the endgame and his “destroy evil” command makes it pretty much impossible for him to be a force of evil. He will be a dangerous (and comedic) tool on the side of the ‘good guys’. •Kelsier He’s a cognitive shadow that is meddling in the affairs of gods. He will either be smited long before the endgame or live until the endgame because of that. The fact that he is likely the head of the Ghostbloods will help his chances. He can either be a force for good or a force of evil, though I am leaning toward a force of evil. Many years of existing in the roughs of the cosmere will definitely do something to the mind, especially one of a psychopath’s. •Vasher He’s immortal, so he could live until the endgame. We do see he is a man that has given up on fighting, so I doubt he will fight in the endgame. There is no reason for him to get killed off before the endgame, so he might live. I bet he’s part of edgli’s master plan. He will be a force of good if he gets there, though. •Rysn There is a decent chance she will not be alive to see the endgame, but if she does, she will be a strong force of good. •Marsh This is one I somewhat doubt. He has enough atium to last ‘til mistborn era 3, likely era 4, but he is no immortal. I doubt he will last until the endgame. If he does though, he will be a force of good. •Khrissalia She will be probably an important part for influencing what happens in the endgame, but I doubt she will survive until the endgame. Maybe if she controls a dawnshard though... I think that’s a wrap! That is my updated idea for the contenders of the final fight for the cosmere! Tell me if I missed anything important (as well as your thoughts on it)!
  19. So, we now know of 14+1 shard names, and at least 1 Command and possibly 1 Intent. Command: Change, Maintain?, Create? Destroy? Intent: Emotion (Passion), Material?, Self? Others? Sorry, I don't know how to make a table. Passion, Material?, Others?, Self? Destroy: Odium, Ruin, ?, ? Create: ?, Invention, ?, ? Maintain: Honor, Preservation, Devotion, (Survival) Change: Whimsy, Endowment, Dominion, Autonomy Cultivation, Mercy, Valor, Ambition, not sure how to fit in this grid.
  20. There is a theme that keeps coming up often enough that I'm starting to think its a clue as to the fate of the Cosmere, and the motivation of Adonalsium. The heralds are immortal beings that have minds, that have been "corrupted" by madnesses unique to each of them. At first I thought this was tied to their torture on Braize in between desolations, but I think it's also been hinted at that more than just the torture is wracking their minds. The immortality itself means their memories have disappeared into oblivion, which has contributed to the destruction of their identity as well: Kelek's Note: It's not just the heralds. A lot of immortal beings are tired of life. Secret History: I think Zahel is wrong. I think that cognitive shadows are the soul or contain the soul. The spren thing comes up a lot in RoW, but I think its wrong, if only because we see that the spren become more human-like over time rather than the other way around. Investiture becoming conscious and making decisions; it feels like spontaneous life from power, sort of Cosmere abiogenesis. I think that there are some more clues about this with Ishar's experiments trying to bring them into the physical realm. Also, is Ishar one of the five scholars? Something dark is going on there, maybe Ishar is the bad guy for the back 5? Anyway, more issues with immortality: Through Mistborn through era 2: Elantris Bringing it all back around: In RoW we get the BEST vision that Dalinar has ever sent to anyone, and I think this gives us a clue as to the meta-theme of the cosmere: This is the real deal. Somehow Dalinar used connection to allow a conversation between Tien's REAL soul with Kaladin. I think this has major implications for "Journey before Destination" - that connection is formed on the journey, and that it is possible to revisit those moments through connection. And Tien somehow influenced the world to get this object back to him. I have no idea how. Fortune maybe? The message is here: So what is the implication for the greater cosmere, history and direction? i laid it out kind of in a previous post I think these all point to a risk of immortality / immortality being a double edged sword, as a theme in the Cosmere. Even Adonalsium is hinted to have known about, and perhaps even had some part in their own shattering. I actually think this is the inspiration behind the Iriali religion. Dawnshard: So what is Odium's Endgame? I think with Odi-vangian we are going to see something interesting - Odium wants to preserve ALL life through making them immortal. I think this will end up being very anti-"Life before Death, Journey before Destination, Strength before Weakness". He wants to SAVE US ALL. To do it he will still likely want to destroy all other shards to be the last one standing. I think it might be interesting to see the endgame be the right to die (and go to the Beyond), versus the right to immortality but as a slave/servant/underling of the only god, Odium.
  21. TLDR: Cord’s new plate was made by Honour and bestows powers to its wearer. Now this is really just a mostly unfounded thought I had while thinking about the lore surrounding the Dawnshard on Aimia. One nugget of information that I feel was easy to overlook amongst the massive info dump that was the latter part of the book, was Cord’s new Shardplate and Nikli’s reference to it being used by guardians of the Dawnshard. I feel that there is something odd there. Firstly, who were the guardians? The Larkin? The Sleepless? Neither seem likely to use or even need plate. So who were these guardians, and why did they have such a seemingly mundane tool for the defence of what seems to be the most powerful weapon on the planet. One set of plate seems hardly sufficient to defend from many of the threats on Roshar alone let alone the rest of the Cosmere. Another oddity about the situation is the plate itself. How did it get there? Where did it come from? Currently the only way we have seen ownerless shardplate created is through the breaking of a spren bond. So did a Radiant purposely break their oath to give this plate to the guardians? Or was it simply recovered post-Recreance and there is nothing more to it than that. Anyway, to the point of the theory. This plate is no regular shardplate. It is instead a set of Honourplate (name pending). I believe that the plate was, like the honourblades, created directly by Honour specifically to be used in the defence of the Dawnshard. I also think it bestows special abilities on its wearer, just like the blades, making it much more useful for defending the Dawnshard. No idea yet what these powers might be. Anyway, if you have managed to make it this far, thank you and sorry. I did try to keep it brief but I got away from me. Would love to hear your thoughts.
  22. So, the person wielding a Dawnshard holds an insane quantity of Investiture as evidenced by the Heightenings they receive. And Nightblood consumes Investiture while drawn. So what happens when a Dawnshard uses Nightblood? Would Nightblood destroy it after a while? Would it increase Nightblood's power? And if it did destroy the Dawnshard what would happen to the Cosmere? We've learned that the Dawnshards were what Adonalsium used to create the Cosmere so what would happen if one was destroyed?
  23. When will Dawnshard be released in a hardcover for the general public to read
  24. So, as mentioned in Dawnshard, and later confirmed by Brandon, high levels of investiture give Heightenings as seen most prominently in Awakening, and now in being a Dawnshard. So Brandon confirmed that it is being very invested that gives Heightenings and it is NOT limited to holding a lot of Breaths. So we saw Rysn with perfect pitch and color suggesting she has at least the Third Heightening. I theorize that that will increase as she holds the Dawnshard for longer because agelessness is the Fifth and we see that with Hoid being a Dawnsliver but Rysn makes no mention of life sense which reaches its peak strength at the Fourth, so she probably only has the Third at this point. But anyways, to the main question I am curious about, what about later Heightenings that seem specific to Awakening? Specifically the Sixth, instinctive Awakening, the Eighth, Command breaking, Ninth, greater Awakening and audible Command, and Tenth, perfect invocation and mental commands. I am really curious how those translate to other systems of magic. Any thoughts, theories, provoking questions?