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Found 4 results

  1. As a new day began in Luthadel, an Inquisitor set out on a mission. A crew of both noblemen and skaa had been causing a lot of trouble in the city, and Ruin had demanded that they either be killed or turned to his side... GM Notes: Welcome to LG58! A Tineye is alive, so PMs are open! Please add me to all PMs. The Day lasts 48 hours, so it will end at 4:00 PM EST on June 29th (Monday). Please tell me if you did not receive a GM PM. The following players have not given themselves an RP name: Haelbarde, Snipexe, BrightnessRadiant, and Sart. Player List:
  2. It was a dark and stormy night... End of Cycle: GM Notes: -PMs are open! Don't forget to add the GM (Straw) and IM (Orlok) to all PMs you make. Group PMs are allowed. -Welcome to QF32! All PMs have been sent out. If you didn't recieve a PM, please @mention me so I can fix it. Player List:
  3. “Move!” Ashkelon yelled as he kicked the prone body in the side. “Ashkelon, take it easy with the temper, will ya?” Camilla chided him, “that man lies there every night dead drunk, and yet you never cease to torment him.” “Well if he’s just get his stinking carcass off of our roadside, I wouldn’t have to.” “He’s probably got some problems,” Jeremiah chipped in, “a guy who hits the bottle like that has obviously got something he wants to forget about.” “Well if he’s going to get smashed enough to pass out, he could at least pick a better spot than this,” Ashkelon gestured at the carriages and pedestrians that passed by, paying little heed to the three students nor the passed-out man. At this hour of the night, they were likely to be headed home. Camilla spoke up. “Ashkelon, this is why you don’t have a girlfriend,” she said as she took Jeremiah’s hand. “With an attitude like yours I’m amazed you even have drinking buddies.” While not anywhere as far gone as the drunkard whom he had just kicked, Ashkelon was not terribly sober either. He opened his mouth to respond, then closed it. Camilla did have a point. “What’s this?” Jeremiah said, releasing Camilla’s hand and bending down. “Jerry, if it’s another picture of a woman’s safehand I swear--,” Camilla let her sentence trail off. Ashkelon chuckled, remembering the last time something like this had happened. Jeremiah stood back up holding a tattered piece of a scarlet cloth. “You don’t see something this vivid around here much. Must have been somebody with--” He stopped, noticing that the cloth was leaving a red stain on his hand. “Oh, crem...” He looked back at the drunkard, but the man’s chest rose and fell as it had before, blissfully unaware of what Jeremiah had just found. He, at least, was not the source of this blood. Camilla pointed at a line of drops that led down the sidewalk a short distance before turning into an alley. Jeremiah followed them, but just before reaching the turn he suddenly turned aside, attempting not to vomit. Ashkelon didn’t need to smell it to realize what had happened. He just stood right where he was and swore loudly. Welcome to MR28! This is a hidden information Roshar game set in Kharbranth. The Everstorm has not yet come, but as Taravangian’s men collect Death Rattles an unknown individual or group has begun to kill off citizens seemingly at random. Here are this game’s ground rules: Ground rules: Rule clarifications: Murder suspects (player list): The game will start on Friday, March 16, at 3:00 MDT Quicklinks
  4. A bell tolled, sending a group of scavenging chickens flapping for cover. The chickens had arrived days ago, drawn by the scent of decay that the city had slowly begun to take on. Fewer and fewer people were going out at night, afraid of what they might find when they were alone. Or what might find them when they were alone. A few people still walked the night streets. Courting couples, rowdy youths, drunkards, and workers too poor or too new to get anything but night shifts still traced their usual paths through the night. But even they seemed on edge. The streets, once a hubbub of nightlife and conversation, now were eerily silent. Trash had begun to accumulate in the alleys as street sweepers hesitated to leave the lit streets. Whatever was taking the lives of men and women was draining the life from Kharbranth, too. Perhaps those who were avoiding the night streets had nothing to fear at all. As random as the killings were--they struck bankers and merchants, prostitutes and nobles without discrimination--it was obvious that whoever was killing was doing every single one for a reason. An indiscriminate killer would have had plenty of easy prey in Kharbranth’s less-reputable districts, but this murderer or murderers did not kill based on opportunity alone. Just last night, a nobleman had been slain by a Shardblade summoned into his back and then his entourage cut down as they fled, all while a drunk slumbered nearby. A few days ago a merchant had been knifed by a masked intruder in her shop that left two witnesses alive. Different targets, different weapons, different plans of action, but the same ruthlessness that marked some to die and others to live. The populace of Kharbranth was suffocating in paranoia. Hounded by fear and driven by distrust, some of the most vocal began advocating for vigilante violence, although the majority resisted. Then, one day at a meeting in the town square, something snapped. The citizens of Kharbranth were finished with standing idly by while something in the darkness chose who was slain and who was spared. Forming into a mob bristling with swords, boards, and sticks, they were determined to make their own choice about who was to die this day... Player List: This cycle will end in 48 hours on Sunday, March 25 at 3:00 p.m. MDT.