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Found 11 results

  1. David Charleston and Mat Cauthon are surprisingly similar. They both have a sense of humor and tend to be impulsive and reckless. Anyone else have Sanderson character comparisons (any book)?
  2. Hello, 17th Shard. Here's a question. As you probably remember, towards the end of Steelheart, Prof caught David alone and apologized to him for having been inappropriately harsh and cold towards him earlier (while under the influence of his Epicness, although of course David did not know this at the time). They discussed the incident, which David believed was caused by some sort of traumatic experience in Prof's past involving the tensors. In the course of the conversation, Prof offered to answer one question about his past. David considered asking something about the tensors, such as "How did you create them?" or "Why does using them mess with your head?", but eventually he decided to ask something else. If David had asked any direct question about the tensors, a truthful answer would have pretty much boiled down to "Because I'm an Epic". So, if David had asked such a question, how would Prof have responded? I actually think he might have told the truth. While David was thinking about what to ask, he noticed that Prof seemed to be "bracing himself". I think Prof was aware that, given the conversation they'd just been having, it was likely that David was thinking of asking something about the tensors. He knew he might be put in the position of having to either tell a convincing lie or admit to being an Epic, and the idea of "bracing oneself to reveal a secret and deal with the possible fallout thereof" makes more sense to me than "bracing oneself to tell a lie". We know that Prof has no qualms about lying like a rug if it'll serve the cause, so why would he be visibly anxious about doing so here? Moreover, why offer to answer a question as a gesture of apology if he wasn't prepared to answer a very likely line of questioning honestly? Why not just avoid the situation altogether? I don't know. It seems like a strange and perhaps unwise decision to make such a game-changing revelation on the eve of the big battle, but I'm pretty sure he was at least considering it. What do you all think?
  3. Nothing major here. I'm just trying to remember whether or not the name of David's father was ever said somewhere in the novels. For some reason I've had it lodged in my head that his father's name was "Jack Charleston" for a while now, but it's come to my attention that I have absolutely no canonical basis for this belief. Seriously. No canonical basis at all. Though I still think it fits. Any Reckoners fans with a better memory than mine care to enlighten me? Upvotes are waiting for you.
  4. If David gets Rended in Calamity, (or if his rending actually took permanent effect in Firefight), what powers/weaknesses would he have? Would he have water powers, with a fear of sharks? (As in Firefight) Would his weakness be a fear of murdering innocents? (His thoughts of killing Sourcefield after she turns normal) Will he have a cliché of not wanting his frends to die? Or will it involve his incredibly bad metaphors? Post your ideas about his powers/weaknesses below.
  5. "The depths had claimed me as one of their own. And though I've pushed them back, I still bear their hidden scar. They insist that they will have me again." ​ So as we can see in the prologue for Calamity, David still "bears the scar" of Calamity. This probs means that David will be a full blown Epic sometime in the book. Any thoughts?​​
  6. It has been mentioned multiple times throughout Steelheart and Mitosis that David has been able to identify Epics easily. I don't have an exact reference, but I believe that it was mentioned in the Prologue of Steelheart and in Mitosis that he had an uncanny ability to be able to identify if an individual was an Epic through "their bearing and the way they walked." However, multiple times throughout the entire series, Prof gifts to David. It has also been mentioned that David was able to figure out and master the tensors better than anyone else. This led me to consider his secondary ability: being able to use or perhaps even "steal" other Epic powers. In essence, I think that David has two powers: to identify and utilize the powers of Epics.
  7. I just finished rereading Firefight for the sixth time, and I realized that we never hear much about David's mother. We know that she died a year before Calamity's rise (I think), and so I was wondering if her death or her work was somehow linked to the creation of Calamity, and maybe David would find something about his link with his mother which would help him shut down Calamity or something. If Brandon was to be really cliche, he could have her come back in Calamity, and show how she faked her death and launched Calamity, and blah blah blah, but I'm pretty sure that would be too unoriginal for Brandon. Any thoughts?
  8. Look at this. These are so things David would use.
  9. Hi all, this is my first post, so wish me luck! So on the last page of Firefight, Dawnslight gives a message to David saying: "dream good dreams Steelslayer." I've been thinking about this a lot, and what if it means that David has the potential to be an Epic, but since he has no identifiable fear that could be turned into a weakness, as he faced down water, he is not an Epic yet. If he ever gets one, then has nightmares about it, it could define his weakness, causing his powers to then manifest; you can't have an Epic without a weakness. Thanks for reading my musings.
  10. So i have been reading multiple theory's about the world of Steelheart and i wove a few of the ideas together to make a single concept. Please let me know what you think: Most of this is pure speculation and after a few days of forum digging...collecting the best theory's. Much like David my analogies leave something ot be desired...take with a grain of salt. Epics: Candidates: People with great hubris or pride. Saw themselves better than others...apart..unique...but suddenly lose everything...triggering a fight or flight demand of Calamity. Trigger: Humans were gifted powers when they had a "Great need" for something. The need had to be so great that they were willing to give away everything (their soul/spirit/sense of self?) to gain the powers. Primary Powers: A solution to their "Great Need" Secondary Powers: A direct correlation to your skepticism. Secondary powers usually balanced or enhanced your primary powers. Imagine you and a friend making up a superhero. Non skeptics would just want 1 or 2 powers. Skeptics would be like " invincible...but what if someone is far away (laser blasts)...well what if i need to get around fast (Flight)...well what if Bla bla bla. (This concept plays into weaknesses and steel heart and pride later on). Strengths: Situations where their most powerful. These are always situations/feelings from their past as a mortal when they felt their strongest. Weaknesses: Your darkest insecurity...internal weakness or fear. Often observed as an object or reality it's a state of mind that weakens the epic. Situations/feeling from their mortal past when they felt weakest. Overview- Basically all powers and weaknesses seem to be a direct feed into the psyche or mentality of the one gifted. Why Do we get powers?: Calamity itself is an epic/original epic/ source point to unlimited power. Calamity itself has discovered that using the powers brings out the worst in you and corrupts you, so calamity is trying to "Gift away" its powers to try and restore its own sense of self. basically : Calamity gives you your deepest desire for selfish reasons, but it can only give them to you if you want it bad enough and are willing to soil to do it. Note about powers: Powers are fluid...they gain in Strength as your confident and wane when you feel weak. (ex: Steel heart is the most confident and most indestructible when its Epic vs. Epic. Other epics lose to him or seem to have weaker powers when they fear him...or feel weaker. Additional example...there is no reason death point shouldn't have been able to kill steel heart except steel heart came in with so much made death point question his power. )(3rd Ex: Tensors were "fake/smokescreen" and really just gifted powers to the team. Davids powers stopped working during the conflux heist because the professor was insecure about being able to protect his his gift weakened. That's why he told david to "try again" and david said "he felt the power but it was harder to reach".
  11. A question that's been lurking around in my mind for quite some time now is that are you born an epic or is there a certain age at which you become a epic. I have my doubts about David being an epic.. i mean he's definitely not one yet but if there is a certain age or a specific time in your life that triggers you becoming a epic then theres a chance David will become an epic in future sequels.