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Found 18 results

  1. As the inaugural member to this group started by Kurkistan some time ago I thought that I should increase our recruiting, and to that end have decided to formally make it a group. Come to the dark alley. We have cookies. Denizens list - courtesy of Fatebreaker Voidus^: Original Denizen, Head of Sales Specialties: Sales and Research Traceria: First Victim Fatebreaker^: Head of Research and Advertising, Creator of the Slogan Specialties: Sales, Research, and Advertising MacThorstenson^: Head of Counterintelligence Specialties: Sales, Recruitment, Counterintelligence ZincAboutIt: Specialties: Spying Mail-mi^ Specialties: Sales and Research ElephantEarwax^ Specialties: Breath Experimentation Expert Killersquirrel59 Specialties: Hemalurgic Theorizing 18th Shard: Creator of the Disclaimer Specialties: Hemalurgic Compounding Researcher the Gleeman: Head of Shipping Redbird3000 Specialties: Zoohemalurgy Snoopy^/Kipper^ Specialties: Middle Manager of Public Relations, Head of Inter-Guild Commerce, Forgery/Hemalurgy Blademaster Ostrichofevil^ Specialties: Hemalurgy of non-Metallic magic systems FrodoUnderhill^ Slowswift^ Winter Cloud^ Specialties: Trans-species Hemalurgy, wolfkind translator and ambassador of the Pack of the Cosmere. Morzathoth^ Specialties: Eldritch Horror* and Researcher of Investiture of The Dark Alley! *Pending office cleaning Oversleep^ ChickenPlague Specialties: Mistwraith research team, vampiric-Lucentia connection discovery. iBambam Kaazi^ JerleShannara Specialties: Lerasium ThatTinyStrawMan Averyp1017 Secrets @kenod Specialties: Kandra research Endorsers Queens Elsa Steelheart, Ruler of Newcago Lord BreathTaker, ruler of the Raven Throne Honorary(non-active) Members: King of Nowhere Kadorok Swimmingly SmurfAquamarineBodies Quitecontrary ' ^ ' denotes those who have made, sales. Active members must either sell at the intro thread, or contribute more than one post to the science of Hemalurgy. Regarding intro thread posts please refer to this topic for some guides on what is appropriate: Let me know of mistakes, omissions, and updates. Applications are always welcome. The Dark Alley Because upstanding moral citizens are about as interesting as furniture, and half as obligingly useful.
  2. Welcome! If you have taken this cookie, HA! The experimental new hemalurgically spiked cookies will soon take effect! To avoid the undiscovered side effects, join the Dark Alley and recruit new members by making a link to this page and calling it a cookie! Any questions? No? Good. Get recruiting. Any of you wishing to, insteading of spreading cookies for fun, become a full denizen and do hemalurgic research for fun go here!
  3. From the album RP Doodles

    Danger never looked so cute.
  4. From the album RP Doodles

    That awkward moment when you eavesdrop on a god? your boss and they start talking about you. Oh Lita, you crazy.
  5. From the album RP Doodles

    Quick lunchtime doodle playing with color. :3 Laurelai and Lita serving up some attitude. She's sly, she's wry, she's a spike in your eye.
  6. From the album RP Doodles

    Voidus and Laurelai. Bow down to the Alleydynasty! Character credit due to the great and terrible @Voidus
  7. From the album RP Doodles

    "Anything is attainable, but there is always a price." - The Stranger
  8. In the maze of Alleys there were many alleys that stood out, many incomprehensible or astonishing sights could be seen. Nestled inconspicuously amongst them was one Alley unlike any other. No creatures from realms beyond imagining stood here, no doorways to laboratories or quarters. The ground was composed of featureless slabs of gray cobblestone, a scattered pattern that seemed to repeat itself after a short while as though 10 square meters of ground had simply been copied and then reused over and over again. Repeated endlessly in each direction as the Alley seemed to extend infinitely. Jutting out from this repetitive floor stood stone walls, comprised of similarly drab bricks. These walls stood nearly a hundred meters apart making this appear more an enormous room or courtyard than an Alleyway. The walls soared into the skies, continuing on until they seemed to converge in a single point far overhead and blocking all light from entering in from the outside. In one place in this alley stood a solitary wooden cart, a platter laid upon its surface, an assortment of cookies stood upon it, still seeming warm in spite of the lack of anyone present to keep them so. A small lantern hung from this cart providing a faint illumination that was the only source of light to be found. The first of the Alleys was rarely used, kept more as a momento of history than anything. A reminder of a time long ago when even the DA had been young. Its stillness and silence had been left for a long, long time. But suddenly the sound of echoing footfalls proceeded down the Alley, a lone figure walked down the path, trailing one hand against a wall in a brief bout of nostalgia. The figure quickly shook its head however, pulling its hand away and walking briskly over towards the cart. No time for dwelling on the past. Voidus chided himself fiercely. Times are changing. First full meeting we've had in... Voidus cast his mind back. When had they last had a full meeting of the DA? Not since before the Stranger had left at least. Possibly not since the Stranger had first joined, back when the number of Denizens could be counted on one hand, working enthusiastically out of a small number of labs. Back when Voidus had participated so actively in all of their research, when he'd strode around the world, actually interacting with people. When had people started treating him as something else? When had they started to call him a god? When did everything change? He shook his head once more, reminding himself again to keep his mind present. "These times are changing as well." He reminded himself. "No more holding back. Time for action." He tilted his head to one side until he felt a satisfying crack. Then stood in the small circle of light, awaiting the rest of the denizens of the Dark Alley.
  9. Record: Exp-15867 Type: Experimental log - Organic Hemalurgic / Spiritual Purpose of Experiment: Investigation of the effects of spiking non-physical senses into a class 5 uninvested volunteer. (Vol-598345, Vol 597560, Vol-597561) Environmental conditions: Experiment conducted in standard conditions, sterilized and uninvested laboratory in a corporeal, non-imaginary Alley. (All-25789) Invested items: Three charged tin spikes (Size 38) utilized in experiment. Each spike was charged by spiking of an instance of Org-45671 through bind point t-47[1] into a standard blood-infused holding case suitable for a size 38 spike. Containment procedures: Standard containment protocols in place, lockdown procedures prepared in the event of unexpected synergies or responses, operating tables preprepared with a Class 4 restraining Aonic pattern, prepared by researcher ████████. Procedure: The three class 5’s were sedated using uninvested sedatives (40 mcg Fentanyl), and laid supine on operating tables. Each class 5 was then spiked with one of the charged spikes (Hereafter referred to as Spi-45671-t47) in a standard sensory bind point (Human bindpoint t-32) creating three instances of Org-01-45671-t47-t32. The class 5’s were observed throughout the procedure and for one hour until sedatives were no longer present in their system. After this period each instance of Org-01-45671-t47-t32 underwent standard personality adjustment assessment and security assessment, followed by an interview conducted by researcher █████. Results: Two of the class 5’s were flagged as having undergone severe personality adjustments during the procedure, however both passed security assessment and thus interviews with each was still conducted. The third class 5 (Vol-598345) began to immediately attempt self harm after spike placement, restraining Aonic pattern was utilized to paralyze Vol-598345 at which point the subjects eyes began to discharge an unidentified green liquid from the tear ducts. Approximately 15 seconds later Vol-598345 expired. Results of autopsy have yet to arrive however initial assessment suggests that the cause of death appears to be exsanguination. Researchers could not come to a consensus on the cause of this behaviour, it is possible that this was not a true class 5 and may have had some innate Investiture that had not been identified and interfered with the procedure, or this may be due to a mental inability to cope with the additional senses. Vol-597560 and Vol-597561 both exhibited increased signs of distress after the experiment and were uncooperative with questions asked during the interview. Both subjects either failed to say anything when asked a question or simply screamed at researchers in a language we have yet to identify. Further class 5’s may be required to validate these findings but it appears that Spi-45671-t47 is unsuitable for use within uninvested individuals at least, experimentation on its effects on a class 3 semi-invested may need to be conducted to determine whether Spi-45671-t47 is suitable for Invested individuals. The two remaining volunteers are to be kept in standard containment cells until further notice. Addendum: 06-03-543 - Vol-597560 attempted to escape containment, subject seems to have gained the ability to discharge a green liquid from their pores, similar to that seen in Vol-598345. This liquid (Mat-01-45671-t47-t32-a) appears to be of a magical but non-Invested nature, possessing the ability to isolate the perception of an object if it is covered with Mat-01-45671-t47-t32-a for a period of at least thirty minutes, rendering it imperceptible to others. Vol-598345 used this to attempt to hide itself and when security-denizens opened the containment cell to examine it, Vol-598345 attempted to escape. Containment Aons captured Vol-598345 during its escape, and after a number of hourse it appeared to become perceivable again. Containment protocols updated to sedate either instance of Org-01-45671-t47-t32 if they attempt to utilize this liquid again. 09-03-543 - Autopsy of Vol-598345 completed, as expected the cause of death seems to be blood loss. Vol-598345's entire circulatory system appears to be devoid of all blood, though it is unclear where exactly their blood has gone. Examination of Vol-597560 and Vol-597561 has revealed that they both still possess blood volume within normal human ranges. Testing of the spike remaining in Vol-598345 revealed that its charge had indeed degraded without the presence of blood in the hosts body. These results suggest that Spi-45671-t47 may be unsuitable for Hemalurgy. Footnotes 1. Located thirteen millimeters distal to the median of Org-45671’s left patella, with effective spiking diameter of 10 millimeters
  10. I have some questions, and am going to address them, but first. I am going to take on a project, I am going to become The Architect of the Alleyverse. I am going to create something similar to the national mall in D.C. where there are buildings from each organization (DA/LA/TUBA/GB/Liebrary/Bakeries/New Arena). If each group could respond with what type of building they would like that would speed this up. I am not sure the program I will use to create it, but it will be made. Now on to the questioning. With the recent revelations in the alleyverse, I am going to adress all of the members of the guilds that were involved. 1. Why were there so many people that joined the DA and then switched or were unloyal? 2. Why do you oppose or support the DA or foin the LA? (Not propaganda about why it exists, why you believe in it.) 3. When did you choose to join the fight for any side or switch sides? 4. Why be so closed door on your dealings within the LA/TUBA? 5. To the people that switched, why did you switch sides? When you see this please tag people and bring them in, I do not wish to tag 20 people in a single post, but I will tag a few, becasue I feel that this should be made public for all Sharders and Ally[ers]. @Archer @The Forgetful Archivist @MacThorstenson @Mraize I will now answer my questions so this is not an interrigation. 1. I cannot say for sure, but I believe it may be associated with the eccentricities of the DA, and the hemalurgy. 2. I support the DA because it is freedom. We choose what we want to do, and do it. I choose give out cookies, after the first to join, and to trick new members out of their souls, and I respect those who oppose me. 3. I chose to join the DA when I found it, in the intro threads. 4. I cannot answer this, as I was not a part of it. 5. I cannot answer this either. And last, to make everyone feel welcome, some Certified NON-Hemalurgic cookies as refreshments.
  11. Recently, there has been quite a bit of activity around here. The Canton of Combat, the Liebrary, TUBA, the Sticknaughts, the Sons of War and the Ghostbloods were all founded at most a few months ago, and a number of rules were put in place to allow more regular interaction between guilds, as well as Mediators to enforce these rules. Additionally, the Dark Alley removed themselves from the RP, claiming they were too powerful due to the use of Hemalurgy (which, I will say, I consider a fair reason). But that’s only the visible things. Because under the surface, much is happening that is not easily apparent. First of all, the Canton of Combat and the Liebrary. The Canton is more or less openly affiliated with the Dark Alley. It’s leader, Nohadon, is a member of the Dark Alley, and as the thread of the Canton of Combat shows, Hemalurgy sees frequent use. The Liebrary is said to be independent. However, it’s leader Kidpen is a member of the Dark Alley, and so is one of their most active members, The Forgetful Archivist. This alone already lends the Dark Alley a lot of power despite not participating in the RP. But it doesn’t stop here. I Think I am Here (who will henceforth be referred to as “Itiah”) has created the Sons of War, who have the explicit goal of sparking a guild war. A few days after founding the SoW, he contacted me in a personal message. From this conversation, I gained the knowledge that MacThorstenson might still be affiliated to the Dark Alley. Of course, this is not the most trustworthy source, which is why I did not act on this. I did discuss this with other people, however, and we noticed that The Forgetful Archivist and Kidpen (as well as MacThorstenson himself) had recently viewed Itiah’s profile, which could be an indication one of them, or even more of them, could be related to the Sons of War, either by being contacted or even by initiating this activity. The MacThorstenson story does not stop here, however. On top of his suspicious activities in intro threads, where he still advocated the Dark Alley despite supposedly being unbiased, he has been found to be active in PM conversations between members of the Dark Alley (screenshot below), which suspiciously also include Kidpen. Lastly, consider the mediators. The ones wo signed up are Nohadon (DA affiliated), MacThorstenson (supposedly neutral but secretly DA affiliated), Kidpen, Grey Knight (aka Potato, who claimed he was affiliated only with the Canton of Combat, but is shown to be affiliated with the Dark Alley through the same PM that incriminates MacThorstenson), ElephantEarwax (DA affiliated), Tineyed Navigator, Mraize, Gancho Libre and Snipexe. First of all, notice how these are either DA affiliated or part of the Ghostbloods or Sticks (who are neutral by default). It could not mean much, the Dark Alley is big, of course. But consider this. There are three conceivable ways that a roleplaying guild disappears. The first is though going inactive. The second is through joining another guild (typically the Dark Alley). The last one is through all members dying in roleplaying, either directly or through causing one of the first two. With TUBA being so directly opposed to the Dark Alley and having such a close-knit and active core, the first two options are unlikely to happen. The third? The Dark Alley may control the forces that stimulate a guild war. Even if they do not, they will support it. They control two of the four guilds that would fight in the guild war – the Liebrary and the Canton of Combat. And then we get to the scary part. Because who leads the combat if we get a guild war? Exactly. The mediators, who in large number (including their “Unbiased” leader MacThorstenson) are affiliated with the Dark Alley. This war, obviously, would lead with TUBA – and, depending on their affiliation, the Ghostbloods – losing, perhaps even being exterminated. And the Dark Alley is once again in full control. Now, even if this is simply a coincidence, and not intentional on the DA’s part (which, I have to say, I doubt), I think it clearly shows how the Dark Alley has far too much comparative power, and therefore TUBA will not participate in a possible war, as we cannot reasonably be expected to trust the neutrality of the Dark Alley and the members who are affiliated with it, and we would like to exist for longer than a few months, thank you very much. On behalf of TUBA, Leyrann (note that more proof can be provided if needed) --- Also some out of universe comments. I am a long time member (7 years this summer) of a social group on Dragonmount (the largest Wheel of Time fansite). There are a total of eight social groups on that site, even five years after the release of the last book. Each of these social groups has their own subforum, with again several subforums of themselves – my own social group, for example, has a total of 10 subforums, though several of them are restricted to certain ranks only. Though activity is, obviously, dwindling with the lack of new content, several of these subforums are still active, and in my first few years, when there was a steady influx of new members, all of them were active. I hope for the 17thshard to someday arrive at this point as well, with a sizable, healthy social group community that can become a “home” on the internet like Dragonmount became my home. Right now, however, this is not possible, because any guild that forms is immediately gobbled up by the DA one way or another. I hope for TUBA to be the first guild to remain active without ties to the DA, and I hope for more guilds to spawn eventually (perhaps, depending on their alignment, the Ghostbloods can be another one), from which such a community can grow, but this does require the DA to take a step back, as right now their presence is so overwhelming it’s suffocating.
  12. New info has come to light; the Dark Alley has spread their sinister web even to Sanderson himself! Someone must inform him of the truth! Quick, at the next signing, someone must reveal the truth to disillusion Sir Sanderson!
  13. Welcome to the House. my name is Maxilliun Venture Mideas. though feel free to call me Max. This fine establishment has been around for centuries and has only now been able to access this fine place. while in the house please note that the Root beer bar is upstairs, with drinks from the master Wayne himself waiting for you. The never-ending theoretic library is on the left, and the dark alley... well the only place dark enough for your standards is the hallway to the lavatory. not to be rude. Fight club is in the center of the building underneath the Root Beer bars balconies and entrance is free to all members. Follow the known rules of fight club. The gaming room is to the right, in there you will find a pool table, air hockey, ping pong, pain pong, hemalurgic darts, Xbox and PlayStation with Mistborn: birthright. We are experiencing certain difficulties with the internet lately, due to a Shiro attack. The art room is downstairs, do clean up when you are finished Feel free to socialize as the band plays your favorite tunes. The butlers will help you in any way you wish. now if you'll excuse me I have business to attend to. just post in different colors for questions. This is meant to be a sort of RP club, where people relax and write about life in the House. fight in fight club, talk about new cosmere discoveries, theories and rumors as if this were a normal everyday place. laugh about jokes, drink Investijuice and Hoids Cosmere famous rootbeer. get confused as the chef starts talking in different accents, perfectly toned, for some strange reason. and have Fun.
  14. Well now that we have our own AMA subforum I might as well make a personal one as well so go ahead, ask me anything from my favourite type of cookie to how I come up with so many thousands of Epic ideas to whether or not I am currently wearing socks.
  15. It has come to my attention that much of the food strewn around the 17th Shard is of substandard quality. The cookies, is of particular concern. It is worrying that at this critical time, it is revealed that there is currently no food safety inspector to be found anywhere in the 17th Shard. Are we to allow many more innocent Shardlets to be taken by these substandard foods. Many people seem to have suffered from it, from particularly... spiked shaped cookies. Furthermore, I can reveal to you, that these cookies are part of a malevolent ploy to gain the trust of unsuspecting Shardlets. Immediate measure needs to be taken. I propose a food safety inspectors commitee to be created at once, so we can better prevent such tragedies occuring. I fear that many of our highest ranking on the 17th Shard may be involved in this malevolent scheme. Indeed, there are whispers that an integral role in the criminal organization that calls itself 'The Dark Alley', is none other than the 3rd highest member on the 17th Shard. Voidus himself. Should we allow this terrorist organization to continue? I think not. I propose an immediate election of a 'food safety inspector' to determine what should be done with substandard foods such as cookies. If we do not, I fear that the lives of innocent Shardlets are at risk.
  16. For too long, denizens of the Dark Alley have been wantonly spiking new members of the Shard, under the guise of offering delicious cookies. Let us shine a light against the Dark, telling those who are uninformed about what happens in the Alley. Let me be clear, the purpose is not to keep Sharders from being spiked, simply to inform them as to the true nature of the cookies. If they choose to be allied with the Dark, so be it. Members: Stormgate, ChickenPlague, Sunbird, The Honor Spren, Nashan'Elin Motto: But I know a hero will come– and the night, the night will be torn apart. And I know, we wont fight alone, for the spark that we carry will turn the dark into a flame, a fire, a light.
  17. It has come to my attention that the other Denizens' and my creation, sale, and use of Hemalurgic cookies has upset many people, including the Anti-Bakery, Light Alley, and Mediocrely Lit Alleys. Also, I believe that we (the Dark Alley) need to broaden our horizons. For those reasons, I am starting the Non-Hemalurgic Research Division (NHRD) of the Dark Alley, which will specialize in, well, non-Hemalurgic Research. We will no longer just bake cookies; we will rise up and bake Metalmind Muffins, Stormlight Soufflé, and other tasty Investiture delights! Since this is a sub-group of the Dark Alley, all NHRD members must be Dark Alley members. (Which means that if you want to join, ask in the main DA thread.) However, non Dark Alley members may also help out with our Research, and need not fear spontaneous use of Cookies. In fact, we will limit ourselves to ethical Research in this thread, so morality advocates are welcome. Member List: Ostrichofevil - Maleril Ostrir Chalev Tekel - Head Non-Metallic/non-Hemalurgic Researcher, and lowly Denizen of the Dark Alley. Morzathoth - Biochroma Specialist Screwloose - Research Assistant IrulelikeSTIK - Research Assistant Kipper - Resident Forger Glossary: Feruchemical Unit (FU) - The NHRD's unit of Feruchemical charge. One FU is the amount of Feruchemy needed to double a quality for one minute. - - - - - - - - - - - - - Bakery Here you can find information on our bakery. You may order items from the menu on this thread. We also take custom orders, which will probably be added to the menu. Menu: Metalmind Muffins - (57.34 + 24i) per 2400 Stormlight Souffle -10.95 BioChromatic Breath-mint- 1.8 cents per Breath-mint BioChromatic Brioche - 40.25 Allomantic Aioli - 0x3.243F6 per pound Metalmind Mints - 1.23 per .2 FU mint Compounding Cake - 423.45 Investiture Ice Cream - 2.37 + 2.57i for one scoop. Sygaldry Sorbet - Five talents Sympathy Soup - Twelve talents Forgery Frappe - Four pounds of soulstone True Source Tiramisu - 8.12 Payment Methods: Cash Filled Metalminds Credit/Debit Investiture Shardblades Bitcoin Your Eternal Soul Upvotes Note that upvotes are the preferred method of payment. - - - - - - - - - - - - - Note: This sub-group is approved by Voidus, effective leader of the Dark Alley, and is an official division of the Alley.
  18. alleyverse

    All the Alleys, Highways, Roundabouts, and other Alleymatic Units of Travel had one simple flaw: no-one profited off of them. Everyone could go as they pleased without paying a single penny. Sure, you could be killed, Spiked, imploded, or the like, but at least you wouldn't have to spend your hard-earned cash. It was a useless system. It all changed when the Turnpike was built. The Turnpike was the first Alley that charged tolls. It was a miracle. Of course, there were skeptics. Some asked, "Why pay for the Turnpike when I can take the Highway?" or "Why wait in line to pay tolls for the Turnpike when I can just take the Roundabout?" or even, "Why travel the Alleys at all?" Luckily, the skepticism was put to rest, for the Turnpike is supreme. On the Turnpike, you can walk without fear of death, or worse. The Turnpike is Lighter than the Light Alley (for a fee), and yet its Research capabilities rival the Dark Alley's (not quite almost, for a fee). The Turnpike is more beautiful than the Parkway, and yet has better Venetian Blinds than the Alley Lit By Venetian Blinds. The Turnpike is faster than the Highway. On the Turnpike, you can take one step, and be in the Dark Alley, on the Roundabout, on I-95, or in Elendel. The Turnpike gives instant, luxurious access to anywhere and everywhere, for anyone who can afford it.