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Found 4 results

  1. Mr. Klenion was fed up. "You all think I'm a Forgotten? How dare you! I'm innocent. It's Myka, he's the Forgotten!" Klenion suddenly charged the actor, stabbing Myka in the gut. Myka stared at his wound, as he started coughing up blood. "Why would you..." Klenion paused, tears in his eyes, hoping against hope that his hunch was right. Then suddenly, Myka's eyes glowed white. In a slow, almost robotic tone, Myka pronounced, "That was a bad idea." Suddenly, wild chalklings began pouring out of his wound. They flowed out of him, hundreds at a time. There were too many to combat, especially with the shortage of supplies. "RUN!" shouted Orlok, making a beeline out of the camp. "Go, now, before it's too late!" shouted General Manukos."I'll hold them off, just run!" He was flinging acid at the things with remarkable accuracy, buying the camp enough time to escape. The rest of the camp broke into a sprint, chasing after Orlok. Myka had started laughing, going delirious from the pain. The flood of chalklings turned into a trickle, then it stopped entirely. Myka, slumped to the ground, defeated. Still, the enemy numbers were too great for Manukos. He fought bravely, but in the end, the horde ate him alive. Meanwhile, Orlok had reached his destination. The map led to an old smuggling hole set in a small cave. It would hopefully have more chalk, and more bribes too. He couldn't fight those things any more. He needed as many bribes as possible, then he was getting out of here. If he could bribe one of the guards, he could escape without getting shot. He rifled through the stash, not noticing someone at the mouth of cave. He didn't realize that the stranger's eyes were glowing white, or that they had sneaked up behind him. When the town reached the cave, they found Orlok's body, dead amidst a pile of riches. Vote Count: Kynedath (4): Jondesu, Orlok, Eternum, Elenion Elenion (4): Kynedath, Caesura, Steeldancer, Devotary of Spontaneity Monster Metroid (1): Brightness Radiant Kynedath was lynched. He was a Quick Forgotten. A Piece of Chalk and a Bucket of Acid were returned to the camp supply Orlok was killed. He was a Thief. A Gun and 3 Bribes were returned to the camp supply. Manukos was killed by the inactivity filter. He was a Quick Soldier. A Spring-Powered Crab and a Bucket of Acid were returned to the camp supply. A Map was used! 1 Chalk, 1 Bribe, 2 Crabs, a Map, and a Gun were added to the camp supply. Items Taken: Camp Supply: Player List: This cycle will end on Monday, February 12, at 7PM Eastern Time
  2. Cycle 5: A True Fake Friend Silver Wolf spun his daggers in his hooves and glowered from the stormcloud he was hiding in. The entire village was searching for him, and they didn’t seem friendly. He had nopony left. No friends to stick up for him. He was on his own. He had known that this day would come sooner or later. With all the kidnappings happening lately, it was only a matter of time before ponies started wondering why the bodyguard pony wasn’t doing his job. It wasn’t his fault- he was trying to keep everypony safe, but it was nearly impossible to do so when the Changelings could look like anypony. Half the time he wasn’t even sure if the ponies he was guarding were actually themselves or if they too were Changelings. Off to his left, a few pegasus ponies were busting clouds, obviously searching for him. They’d reach his cloud in a couple minutes. This was bad. This was worse than the time his favorite toy had broken when he was just a foal. His dad glued it back together, but it never worked quite the same after that. It was worse than when he had caught the filly he had a crush on sneaking off with his best friend. It turned out they were planning a surprise party for his birthday, so that one actually turned out pretty good. This was worse than when he had lost his parents. They had just gone down the street to Sugarcube Corner and they found him a short time later, but still. It was almost as bad as the time his cat ran away. Almost. Come back Rugby! The other pegasi were close now. Silver Wolf could make them out clearly- it was Crescent Thunder and Twilight Star. He gritted his teeth. No. He wouldn’t go out without a fight, not this time. There were still changelings in Ponyville- probably among those searching for him. Perhaps if he posed a big enough threat to them they would give themselves away? With a shout of defiance, Silver Wolf burst from the cloud he was in and dove straight at his pursuers. Crescent Thunder jerked in surprise and lost control, spiraling towards the ground as Silver Wolf barreled past him. Twilight Star, who was used to being the pouncer, not the pouncee, stared wide-eyed as Silver Wolf crashed into her. He spun and tossed her into a nearby stormcloud, which promptly zapped her with a bolt of lightning and clap of thunder. She cried out, rubbing her singed hindquarters, but Silver Wolf was already leaving her behind. He dove down at Seeing Eye and Prism who were huddled together and pointing at him. They leaped to either side and tumbled in the dust as he swooped past. Iron Pies smiled in that creepy way he always did, and pointed a menacing hoof at Silver Wolf, but yelped and bolted when Silver Wolf charged at him, daggers flashing. “SILVER WOLF!” somepony shouted behind him, and he turned to see Razor Shard galloping towards him with his sword drawn. Silver Wolf whirled about, and blocked Razor Shard’s swing with his pair of crossed daggers. Razor Shard swung again, and Silver Wolf had to leap back to avoid getting hit by the long sword. But when Razor Shard attacked a third time Silver Wolf dove beneath the swing, and twisted so that he landed on his back underneath his foe. His daggers flashed, slicing cleanly through the straps that tied the sword to Razor Shard’s foreleg. The sword clattered to the ground, and Silver Wolf kicked up with his hindlegs which sent Razor Shard tumbling to the ground as well. Silver Wolf leaped and landed atop the other pony, which his daggers crossed at Razor Shard’s throat. Silver Wolf looked into Razor Shard’s eyes and saw… Fear. He glanced around at the ponies gathered around the duelists and saw fear on their faces, too. What am I doing!? Horrified at his actions, he threw his daggers aside, and raised his hooves in surrender. “I… am sorry,” he said, and let the other ponies take and bind him. Later, in Zecora’s hut, the smoking billowing over the Elixir of Secrets revealed that Silver Wolf wasn’t a Changeling after all, just a pony, albeit one with a dark and troubled past. “Sleep now, Silver Wolf,” Princess Luna murmured to his unconscious form. “Dream sweet dreams, and may your future be brighter than your past.” Later, at the Changeling Hive, a few of the Changelings were gathered around, talking and looking perplexed. “What do we do with her?” Chitin asked. “Queen Chrysalis said we were supposed to cocoon anypony who was holding an Element of Harmony in the inner sanctum,” Proboscis replied. “Yeah, but she’s not a 'pony,' she’s one of us. A Changeling for the Queen’s sake. We can’t start tossing other Changelings in cocoons. What will the others say?” “Yeah, but she’s got one of the Elements of Harmony!” “It really is pretty,” Elytron cut in, fingering the purple gemstone hanging from her neck. Unlike her companions, she still wore her pony guise of Dusted Rose. “I dunno, I kind of like it. It makes me feel good. Like I just want to help out wherever I can, you know? Here, maybe if you tried it on you’d feel good, too. You can have it if you want.” Chitin and Proboscis glanced at each other, and backed away from the proffered gemstone. “Uh… No thanks,” Chitin stammered. “Look, we’re sorry about this, but, well, you know.” Together, Chitin and Proboscis pounced on their fellow Changeling, and started dragging her towards an open cocoon. *NOTE: The above conversation is in no way indicative of how many Changelings there are left, so don't get any ideas about the GM dropping hints in the write-ups. He's not. Conatus was lynched! He was a Regular Village Pony! Crimsn-Wolf was kidnapped! She was A Changeling with the Element of Generosity! Vote Tally: Conatus (6): Bridge Boy, Hemalurgic Headshot, Seonid, Brightness Radiant, Ecthelion III, Alvron Player List:
  3. Winter is ending, snow falling hard all around. The mountain passes have been covered in snow, keeping you all stuck in the Duladel trading outpost you visited late in the season. Hopefully the winter will be short, but now, a new pressure has arisen. Mai, a lonely trader, not one to talk much, was found outside the outpost, flayed and sacrificed. You know the signs, Followers of the Jeskeri Mysteries are stuck in the outpost with you, making their sacrifices daily. Snowed in, you have no chance but to find them and kill them before they kill you. All Traders: Must submit one vote through a PM to the GM(Mailliw73), once during every cycle hour period. These votes will be made public at the end of the period, and the most voted for player will be sent to die in the snow. You may vote however you wish in the thread, but the vote received in the PM will be your official vote. Anyone who does not either talk to the Outpost’s Owner(the GM), come to the community dinner meetings, or meet with other traders for two consecutive days will freeze in their rooms. Follower of the Mysteries: The followers of the Jeskeri Mysteries must each send one vote for sacrifice via PM to the GM (Mailliw73) per cycle in addition to their normal vote. The most voted for player, in this fashion, will be sacrificed for their own mysterious purpose. Priest of Jesker: The Priest of Jesker is a learned man, and can identify the sacrifice of the Jeskeri Mysteries, having tried to root them out in the past. The Priest may investigate one other player per day (by contacting the GM) to learn if they are a follower of the Mysteries or not. Jindoeese Soldier: The Jindoeese Soldier is trained in the art of ChayShan and can guard one player at night. Anyone who attacks the trader whom the Soldier is guarding will be fought off and the protected trader will not die. Rulo: The Rulo is the fool who managed to get himself stuck in a trading outpost he had no business being in. He’s a bit kayana, so every night he scrawls a message somewhere in the outpost, too bored to sleep. Seon Holder: The Seon Holder makes it so that anyone can send messages(PMs) to any other living players. As long as a Seon Holder is alive, there is no limit to PMs, except that the GM must be included in all of them. The game will start on Monday, November 23rd, at 3:30 MST. Cycles will be 24 hours long. Rollovers will be at 3:30 PM MST/10:30 PM GMT. Spec doc available upon request. The order of actions is as follows: Rulo Message Soldier Lynch Priest Sacrifice Quick Links:
  4. Good news, you managed to get a job in the finest army this nation has seen or will ever see, under the just Gavilar and his powerful brother Dalinar! Fight for the unity of all Alethkar! Fight for glory! Fight for riches! Fight for Shardblades! ...But it's not that simple. It never is. Hidden in within your army are spies and saboteurs – And not just from one Brightlord's army either! All you know is that the spies have been sent into your army in pairs to ensure secrecy, and that they're from several different armies. Even worse, you've not fought with most of the people around you before, and rare is the soldier who can vouch for someone else here. You don't even know what their job is around the camp, though you can probably guess in some cases. It will take careful thought and cooperation to find the ones that might be secretly planning your deaths... General Rules Events Spies Eye Colour Roles So, welcome to my second game. As before, I will answer any questions on the main thread, so feel free to throw them at me if you want anything clarified. If there are not as many players as I would like, some Role(s) may be left out. Some (Guardsman and Messenger) have also been slightly modified from previous iterations as well. The game will start Sunday 30th, at 8PM GMT. Cycles will last 48 hours each. Quick Links: