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Found 3 results

  1. Cycle 4: A Changeling for a Change NOTE: @The Flash wrote his own death write-up, I only did a little light editing to it. If you feel like giving an upvote for the writeup, I have given permission to Flash to post a single non-game related post in the thread down below in order to receive your upvotes (and you really should). Bracken sat, despairing of ever finding the one true meaning of life. This last book had declared 42 to be the answer to life, and then was unable to support what question it was the answer to! It seemed like all these books were here to foil his purpose behind replacing an unimportant librarian pony. He had always sympathized with the ponies, and the Queen figured that would be helpful in staying hidden. The issue was that he hated being a changeling. He always had thought it was a disadvantage in trying to accomplish something worthwhile in life. And that is why he needed to find the meaning of life here. So that he would know why he was here, and what he needed to do to feel worthwhile. "Um, Bracken?" Said Wormy suddenly. "Earlier I was talking to some ponies about recognizing suspicious behavior..." "Yes?" Asked Bracken, a sense of impending doom growing within him. Wormy took a deep breath. "And I mentioned the strange sympathy for the changelings you have, and the fact that you always talk as if you were separate from the rest of the ponies... And they thought that was suspicious." "You think I'm a changeling" accused Bracken, as he turned another page. "Yes." Sighed Wormy, with some finality. "Well, you're right. But I don't want to hurt anyone, and I've been your friend, right? So there is no need to tell anyone." Wormy looked pained. ".... yes, you have been my friend. Perhaps more than the actual Bracken was. But it is too late for that." "Wh- UMPHHH" as Bracken was tackled from behind by several ponies that had hidden themselves. His head slammed against the ground, and he only had a moment to consider his failure before he lost consciousness. He awoke in the creepy Zebra's hut. All the ponies were there, and Wormy- oh, Wormy- sat on princess Luna's back. His eye watered slightly. He had considered the small bookworm to be a true friend. "You have confessed to be a changeling. Yet, we must have you take the potion." Said princess Luna. The ponies moved forward to force the potion down his throat. "No! Wait, I'll take it willingly if you just let me say a few things. Or if you don't make me take it, I can tell you where the rest of my kind are, I just need to finish my work..." pleaded Bracken. Princess Luna considered, then conceded. "We cannot trust you not to sabotage us. You will take the potion. But I will allow you to say a few things. What a changeling could have to say, I do not know." The ponies backed off a bit. "Ok. So..." Bracken trailed on, looking at the ponies who had become his friends, who stared back now with eyes of disgust. "I'm so sor-" And it hit him. He comprehended life. "I... understand" breathed Bracken, full of wonder at the beauty of life's meaning. "Understand what?" Asked Princess Luna, confused by his change in direction. "The meaning of life. You shouldn't judge me by how I began, or how I end. It is only by the journey that I took that I should be judged. I was never happy with the rest of the changelings, because they did not appreciate me for who I am. Even if I did work against you, the time I spent with you was the best time of my life. It made my journey become worthwhile. The meaning of life is to find joy in the journey of life. And the joy that I gained from being your friend and working among you... It gives me the courage I need to do what I need to do." Bracken ended in a whisper, looking as Wormy. No one said anything as he bravely took the potion directly from the pot. There was only a cry of despair from a small bookworm as Bracken collapsed. The smoke swirled, revealing the image of a changeling, and with a flash of green light Bracken's unconscious form on the floor transformed to match the image in the air. The smoke began to fade away, but before it dissipated completely the image of the changeling seemed to shift, perhaps showing a kinder looking changeling, something more colorful and beautiful than the traditional changeling? The crowd of ponies murmured slightly, for this was not what they had expected. Princess Luna soothed the bookworm. "Perhaps there was more to this particular changeling than we judge them by. Sadly, there are still those among us who are changelings, and they will not be as... unique... as Bracken was. Be vigilant." As the ponies dispersed, Zecora finally spoke: "Perhaps the changelings can be shown leniency, if they too can suppress their evil tendencies." Princess Luna bowed her head slightly. "For now, we need to expell them from the village. But one day... maybe something can be done. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to take the changeling to the castle, and the bookworm to a new home." Deep thoughts prevented the sleep of most ponies in the village that nignt, thoughts upon the meaning of life. Schitzo waited until well after night had fallen before he dared venture into the Doctor's office. Other ponies went to the Doctor's during the daytime, which is exactly why he waited until night. Ponies who went to see the Doctor were usually sick, which means that they were contagious, and what if Schitzo caught whatever they had? In fact, he was beginning to wonder if he might have already caught something just by sitting in the waiting room. Was his throat starting to feel a little scratchy? Did noises sound a little muffled in his left ear? He was about to bolt for the exit when the nurse stepped into the waiting room. "The doctor will see you now, Schitz'." Schitzo took a could deep breaths to calm himself, then followed the nurse back to the office. "The doctor will be in momentarily," The nurse said. "Thanks for your patience. It's been a busy day, there has been a pandemic of ponies getting pounced on lately." Did she say pandemic? Is "getting pounced on" contagious??? Schitzo fretted over that so hard that when the door opened up he blurted out, "Oh thank goodness you're here doctor. I'm coming down with the pony pox again along with strep throat and my left ear has gone deaf and I'm 99% sure that somepony is going to pounce on me any sec-" He cut off as he saw the doctor pony's cutie mark out of the corner of his eye- it was a stethescope, identical to Schitzo's own cutie mark. Come to think of it, the Doctor's fur was the same color as Schitzo's. So was his tail. Schitzo's gaze drifted up to the Doctor's face, which was also identical to Schitzo's own face. Before Schitzo could utter a peep, the changeling pounced... The Flash was lynched! He was a Changeling! Jondesu was kidnapped! He was a Regular Village Pony! Vote Tally: The Flash (7): Jondesu, Hemalurgic Headshot, Paranoid King, Seonid, BrightnessRadiant, Ecthelion III, Alvron Hemalurgic Headshot (0): Bridge Boy Quiver (2): The Flash, Conatus Player List Sorry again about the great delay getting this cycle posted. I added an extra hour on to this cycle to help make up for it a little bit.
  2. Winter is ending, snow falling hard all around. The mountain passes have been covered in snow, keeping you all stuck in the Duladel trading outpost you visited late in the season. Hopefully the winter will be short, but now, a new pressure has arisen. Mai, a lonely trader, not one to talk much, was found outside the outpost, flayed and sacrificed. You know the signs, Followers of the Jeskeri Mysteries are stuck in the outpost with you, making their sacrifices daily. Snowed in, you have no chance but to find them and kill them before they kill you. All Traders: Must submit one vote through a PM to the GM(Mailliw73), once during every cycle hour period. These votes will be made public at the end of the period, and the most voted for player will be sent to die in the snow. You may vote however you wish in the thread, but the vote received in the PM will be your official vote. Anyone who does not either talk to the Outpost’s Owner(the GM), come to the community dinner meetings, or meet with other traders for two consecutive days will freeze in their rooms. Follower of the Mysteries: The followers of the Jeskeri Mysteries must each send one vote for sacrifice via PM to the GM (Mailliw73) per cycle in addition to their normal vote. The most voted for player, in this fashion, will be sacrificed for their own mysterious purpose. Priest of Jesker: The Priest of Jesker is a learned man, and can identify the sacrifice of the Jeskeri Mysteries, having tried to root them out in the past. The Priest may investigate one other player per day (by contacting the GM) to learn if they are a follower of the Mysteries or not. Jindoeese Soldier: The Jindoeese Soldier is trained in the art of ChayShan and can guard one player at night. Anyone who attacks the trader whom the Soldier is guarding will be fought off and the protected trader will not die. Rulo: The Rulo is the fool who managed to get himself stuck in a trading outpost he had no business being in. He’s a bit kayana, so every night he scrawls a message somewhere in the outpost, too bored to sleep. Seon Holder: The Seon Holder makes it so that anyone can send messages(PMs) to any other living players. As long as a Seon Holder is alive, there is no limit to PMs, except that the GM must be included in all of them. The game will start on Monday, November 23rd, at 3:30 MST. Cycles will be 24 hours long. Rollovers will be at 3:30 PM MST/10:30 PM GMT. Spec doc available upon request. The order of actions is as follows: Rulo Message Soldier Lynch Priest Sacrifice Quick Links:
  3. Good news, you managed to get a job in the finest army this nation has seen or will ever see, under the just Gavilar and his powerful brother Dalinar! Fight for the unity of all Alethkar! Fight for glory! Fight for riches! Fight for Shardblades! ...But it's not that simple. It never is. Hidden in within your army are spies and saboteurs – And not just from one Brightlord's army either! All you know is that the spies have been sent into your army in pairs to ensure secrecy, and that they're from several different armies. Even worse, you've not fought with most of the people around you before, and rare is the soldier who can vouch for someone else here. You don't even know what their job is around the camp, though you can probably guess in some cases. It will take careful thought and cooperation to find the ones that might be secretly planning your deaths... General Rules Events Spies Eye Colour Roles So, welcome to my second game. As before, I will answer any questions on the main thread, so feel free to throw them at me if you want anything clarified. If there are not as many players as I would like, some Role(s) may be left out. Some (Guardsman and Messenger) have also been slightly modified from previous iterations as well. The game will start Sunday 30th, at 8PM GMT. Cycles will last 48 hours each. Quick Links: