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Found 9 results

  1. He walked as confidently as he could down the rows of reveling arbiters. The Heritage faction was a farce, established on a base of drunkenness and apathy. He was there to spark the revolution. That didn’t change the fact his hands were shaking as he reached into a pocket for the vial. He remained focused on his goal: The emperor. Remove the keystone and the arch would fall. A tall figure cut him off in his path. A minor arbiter of the Heritage faction. “Vostrath, relax! You look so somber. It’s time for celebration!” He forced himself to smile. “A celebration of what, exactly?” “The Rose Empire, of course!” “Of course.” He still smiled as the woman forced a drink into his hand. Keeping his lips closed, he lifted the goblet and pretended to drink. “Good,” she said. “Now, go, celebrate!” Vostrath gently pushed past, returning to his original task. With purposeful strides, he walked up to the emperor’s table. “Emperor.” He gave a flourishing bow and set the goblet he still held down in front of the man on the large throne, making sure it was next to the cup already on the table. “Compliments of Arbiter Shume.” “Arbiter Vostrath,” said the emperor, granting his permission to stand upright again. Vostrath withdrew his hand, and with swift movements, poured the contents of his vial into the Emperor’s cup. “Wonderful festival tonight.” The emperor gave only responded with a small nod. “Head Arbiter Alba wanted me to send her regrets at not being able to attend tonight. She is not feeling well.” “Thank you. Send her my regards.” The emperor waved a hand of dismissal. Vostrath bowed again before turning to leave. --- “He’s so stiff,” said Arbiter Tosgyn, gesturing toward the retreating Glory faction arbiter. The emperor watched Vostrath, not gracing Tosgyn with a response. He became too talkative when he was drunk. The Glory faction had become unusually accommodating as of late. It concerned the emperor. What were they planning? His arbiters ignored his concerns, calling him paranoid. They all believed their reign was untouchable. He didn’t agree. Tosgyn rambled on, but the emperor ignored him. Their festivals would only go so far at pacifying the rest of the eighty factions, but the Glory faction would not be so easily swayed. There had to be something they could do. Something they could use to cut down their influence. Tosgyn caught his attention as he reached for a cup. Too drunk to remember his own drink, he grabbed the emperor’s. He had already brought it to his lips before the emperor could stop him. Why was he even sitting there? With a smack of his lips, Tosgyn smiled and continued rambling on. The emperor tuned him out again. Until a strangled noise interrupted his thoughts. He looked to Tosgyn, whose eyes were wide. His face grew red and foam started falling from his mouth. The man collapsed forward, head slamming onto his plate of half-eaten food. Shouts of alarm rang out through the hall. The festival devolved into chaos. The emperor looked toward the doors. Toward Vostrath. The emperor shouted for his Strikers to follow. He was already off in the distance, a mere silhouette against the setting sun. Welcome to Cycle 1! I apologize for the delay in getting the turn posted, and with the trouble on the anonymous accounts. Everyone should have updated passwords now. I modified the original PMs. If PASSWORD is in blue and italicized, it should be correct. If you experience any further problems with signing in, please let me know. Reminder: Rules for Anonymous Accounts: Player List EDIT: I forgot to include the general rules as a reminder: Each player will have one action available per cycle PMs are open Tied lynches will be decided at random and one person will be lynched Additionally, this turn ends at 11 a.m. PST on Wednesday, September 11th.
  2. All was quiet in the large hangar housing the Northern wind as Professor Iral Evenward made last tour of his majestic creation. The address he had given to the press had gone over well, and he felt pleased with himself. There had been skeptics, of course, but the imminent launch of his creation would put those dissenting voices to rest. The tinkle of metal dropping on concrete pulled his attention back to the here and now. It seemed to have come from the other side of the scaffolding supporting the airship, where the apparatus creating the gas that would hold the ship aloft was situated. “Hello? Is someone there?” The professor walked over towards the noise. All the engineers and craftsmen should already have gone home for the day, and the guards didn’t patrol inside the hangar. He didn’t spot anyone as he arrived at the large machine, but it was immediately clear that something was wrong. The tube connecting the machine to the gasbag had been decoupled, and the highly flammable gas was leaking out into the air! The professor ran towards the machine and started closing valves to shut off the leak. So focused was he on his work that he didn’t see the flaming rag as it got tossed at the machine. *** “Alright, listen up everyone!” Foreman Cole’s voice rang out over the milling workers, engineers and future crew of the Northern Wind. “As you no doubt have heard, there’s been an accident here last night. We’re still piecing everything together, but we know that a large explosion badly damaged the airship’s gas bag and the machines for creating lifting gas.This explosion also badly hurt professor Evenward, though he’s still fighting for his life under the care of some of the best doctors in the city.” The foreman paused for a second, knowing that what she said next would cause her no end of problems over the coming days. “Whatever happened, it was almost certainly an act of sabotage. Normal accidents don’t knock out guards, nor do they leave them tied up in a janitorial closet. Whoever did this most likely had a pretty good understanding of the work we do here. Work that, until yesterday, was kept secret from everyone but those working on the project.” “The police are currently working under the assumption that someone here was party to this act of sabotage. If you believe you’ve seen or heard something that might shed light on who was responsible, you’ll bring this information to me. Under no circumstances are you to take matters in your own hands or strive for revenge over this cowardly attack on our work. Bring whatever you think you know to me, and I’ll let the police sort this out.” “Now, let’s get to work. Just because we’ve had a setback doesn’t mean we can suddenly ignore our deadlines. The Northern Wind will fly as scheduled. We owe the professor that much at least.” Airship parts: player list This cycle ends monday 15th of July, 12:00 (noon) Amsterdam time. Role pm's will be going out shortly after the thread is posted. If you haven't received one by the time an hour or so has passed, send me and/or bard a message. There is a lynch this cycle.
  3. "In those days, in the days when heaven and earth were created; in those nights, in the nights when heaven and earth were created; in those years, in the years when the fates were determined; when the Anuna gods were born; when the goddesses were taken in marriage; when the goddesses were distributed in heaven and earth; when the goddesses …… became pregnant and gave birth; when the gods were obliged (?) …… their food …… dining halls; the senior gods oversaw the work, while the minor gods were bearing the toil. The gods were digging the canals and piling up the silt in Ḫarali. The gods, crushing the clay, began complaining about this life." Enki and Ninmaḫ 1-11 Creation is... a confusing thing. It is chaotic, but yet at the same time ordered. Parts merge and fall apart, conflict and complement and in the end, the result is both magnificent and horrifying. The Creators sat together and talked and discussed what they had made. Together, they decided that it was good. And then piece by piece it slowly fell apart. The Creators were confused, for they did not, and truly could not, understand what was going on. But then it was revealed to them, that it was some of their own. The Agents of Chaos, once noble Creators, had turned against the order that the Creators sort to built, and they tore it asunder. One by one the Creators fell apart and fell into conflict, until all that remained were the Agents, in a show of intense irony, one of the few examples of order left, and the WorldSmiths, who had taken it upon themselves to gather together the remnants of what had been and to make it good again. But even they could not stop the fighting and as the Creators turned against each other, it became less and less clear who would come out the victor... The game has now begun. You have 48 hours of the day left, have fun!
  4. Cycle 1: Say Goodbye to the Day Princess Celestia stood on her balcony, gazing at the sun as she gently lowered it behind the horizon. It was a pretty sunset, if Celestia did say so herself, full of vibrant shades of red and gold, but something felt off somehow. She couldn’t quite put her hoof on what it was, but perhaps discussing it with Luna could shed some light on it. Luna would be there soon to raise the moon and usher in the Night. Even as Celestia had the thought, her sister threw open the doors and rushed out onto the balcony in a gallop. “Celestia!,” Luna called, her voice urgent and frightened. “You must come at once!” “What’s wrong, little sister?” Celestia asked. “The Elements of Harmony! They’ve gone missing!” Luna cried. Celestia’s heart dropped at the words. She wasted no time, leading Luna as they galloped towards the chamber where the Elements were kept. Pony’s gasped in surprise and worry as they dodged out of the way of their galloping princesses. As she raced through the castle, Celestia’s mind raced, too, considering the implications. The magic of the Elements of Harmony had served and protected the land of Equestria for millennia. If they were missing now… what could that mean? Twilight Sparkle and her friends, the current wielders of the Elements, were away on an extended trip to the Crystal Kingdom, visiting Princess Cadance and Shining Armor. They were not due to return for weeks, though could they have somehow summoned the Elements to them over the great distance? Or could somepony have figured out a way to break in and steal them? A lone guardpony stood at the entrance to the Chamber of the Elements, and he started with surprise at their arrival. “Princess Celestia! Princess Luna!” the guardpony- Captain Shard- said, saluting smartly with the weapon strapped to his foreleg. His son had created the weapon- a sword it was called. “Be on the lookout, Captain!” Celestia ordered. “There is mischief a-hoof!” She paused in front of the doors only long enough to activate her magic. A shimmering golden aura surrounded her horn, and a matching aura surrounded the lock on the doors. With a click the lock opened, and the doors swung open. “Behind me, sister!” Celestia called to Luna as they rushed inside. The chamber was large and elongated, with intricate stained glass windows decorating the walls. At the far end of the chamber stood a pedestal, and atop the pedestal sat the pillowed case where the Elements were stored. And in the case rested... … the Elements of Harmony. Celestia blinked in confusion. The Gemstone necklaces that represented the Elements of Harmony- honesty, kindness, laughter, generosity, loyalty, and magic- each sat in their proper place in the case. “Sister,” she said. “I don’t understand-” The doors slammed shut behind her. Celestia whirled to see Luna there, a malicious glint in her eye and a twisted green aura enveloping her horn. Before Celestia could react, Luna shot a fiery green blast of energy at her, and the blast knocked Celestia back, dazing her. “I must thank you for leading me here, sister,” Luna said, putting a sarcastic emphasis on the last word. “You are not my sister!” Celestia cried, firing a golden blast of energy from her own horn. Luna deflected it easily, but it was just a distraction anyway. When the glowing blasts cleared, Celestia hit her foe with a second wave of magic. The image of Luna melted away, revealing Chrysalis- Queen of the Changeling hordes. Chrysalis scowled, looking down at herself, but then changed her grimace into a laugh. “No matter,” she gloated. “Nopony is here to see me but you, and once I deal you I will become you, and take your place as the object of everypony’s adoration.” “You are a fool, Chrysalis!” Celestia declared, readying another blast of energy. “We defeated you before, and we will do so again.” Crysalis snorted in derision. “Oh? And how do you plan to do that? Cadance and Shining Armor aren’t here this time, and Twilight Sparkle and her irksome friends aren’t here either to use the Elements of Harmony. And as I recall, the last time we fought it was you who was defeated, Celestia. You see, we were careful this time. A handful of my minions have infiltrated your precious kingdom and have been watching for months now, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.” From the other side of the doors they could hear the sounds of fighting, and of Captain Shard calling for backup. There was a crash and Captain Shard cried out. “Ah, see? There they are now.” Chrysalis continued. “Once we deal with you and the Elements of Harmony are safely locked away, there will be no force in Equestria that will be able to stop me.” Celestia let her magic loose, firing a off a beam of golden light. Queen Chrysalis fired her own beam as well, and the two beams exploded as they struck. Celestia staggered back, as did the Changeling Queen, but Chrysalis recovered first. Chrysalis fired another blast and Celestia was thrown back once again. She slammed into something, and glancing up she saw it was the pedestal holding the Elements of Harmony. Celestia turned her gaze back to Queen Chrysalis, and smiled grimly. “You have made one mistake, Chrysalis. Twilight and her friends aren’t the only ones that can use the Elements of Harmony. Anypony with the right characteristics can wield their power.” Princess Celestia activated her magic again, and a golden light surrounded the gemstones above her. She poured everything she had left into the gemstones, causing the Elements to rise into the air, and in a flash they shot to the side, blasting out one of the stained glass windows and streaking out into the open air. They zipped across the sky, heading towards the town of Ponyville, and in moments they had disappeared from view. “NOOO!!!” Queen Chrysalis screamed, “What have you done!?” “I have sent the Elements to ponies that can use them,” Celestia declared. “Use them to stop you!” Chrysalis snarled and blasted Celestia again with her magic, but this time she didn’t let up. Celestia felt the Changeling magic seeping into her, paralyzing her limbs and draining away her power. But it was too late to stop her plan. The ponies she had sent the Elements to would be able to stop the Changelings, if they worked together. Celestia prayed that it would be enough. As her vision started growing dark, Celestia looked through the broken window at the stars glimmering in the night sky. The stars seemed to shimmer and move, and a pale blue light flared alight in the midst of them. The last thing Celestia saw was the blue light striking Queen Chrysalis, throwing the Changeling to the side. Then Celestia slipped into unconsciousness. ***A short time later*** A sizable crowd had gathered in central square in Ponyville. Princess Luna looked over them as she prepared to address them. Ponies of all types, from all walks of life, all wondering what had happened. They had seen flashes of light and had heard explosions coming from the Royal Castle in Canterlot. They were worried. “Citizens of Ponyville!” Luna called, and the crowd quieted. “I bring dire news. Princess Celestia was attacked by Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings, a short time ago, and the Elements of Harmony have gone missing. I arrived in time to stop the attack, but not before Celestia was terribly injured. She sleeps now, her body overcome by Changeling magic. As long as there are Changelings nearby, I am afraid that she will not be able to awaken. Queen Chrysalis fled when I attacked her, which means that there are other Changelings nearby. “It will take nearly all the power I possess to raise the Sun and the Moon, and to protect my sister from further harm, so I must call on you to find out the Changelings in our midst. Be careful, they can take on the guise of anypony, even your closest friends. Be on the lookout for those among you who do not act as they should, who may be working against us. When you have found somepony who you suspect of being a Changeling, bring them to me. “Good luck, my little ponies.” The game has begun! You have about 45 hours for this first cycle. Cycles will end at 9:00 MST (see the timer below) One last thing, a note about contribution. I’ve been saying this at the beginning of all the games I’ve been participating in lately, and as the GM I feel I should also do so here. All of you signed up for this game because something about it appealed to you. You thought it sounded fun. So I invite you to play the game, and have fun! Post when you can, contribute how and where you can. Some people like to do intricate analyses on spreadsheets, or post elaborate roleplays, and some people find they only have enough time to read the thread and post their gut feelings here and there. Wherever you sit, I hope that you will participate and contribute when and where and how often you can. If you do, I guarantee you and everyone else will have a more enjoyable experience because of it. So have fun, and let the game begin! Player List
  5. It started with a bang. The last shipment of troops had finally arrived in camp. The hike here had been particularly arduous. The roads were slick with mud, and rain continued to pour down as they huddled into the miserable cabin. “So, why’d they kick you guys out?” asked Isaac, chewing on a piece of jerky. “What do you mean, kicked out?” responded Amelia. “I didn’t get kicked out. What are you talking about, I wasn’t kicked out. It was just a… extended stay of action.” “That’s called being kicked out.” Ryth remarked dryly. “So… everyone here has been discharged? I wonder why they gathered us all together.” questioned Lance. “Don’t know, don’t care.” K’Sarben muttered. “Still, it is a bit odd.” remarked Cole. “It’s probably because we’re the only ones they could find for this job.” Locke hypothesized. “It is kind of a hell hole.” Joel said, his eyes fluttering shut. The blast jolted him awake. “What in the…” He looked out the door. “Oh Master preserve me.” A five foot hole had been blown in the middle of the Circle. The chalklings that had been aimlessly circling around began swarming through the gap. The camp was overrun in minutes. “Everyone, to your battle positions. We can’t let them get through!” shouted Dagger Tongue. “It’s the Forgotten, they sabotaged us! They’re among us!” Kyle yelled. “There’s no time for this. We’ll fight after the camp is safe.” argued Shanice. Stick readied herself for the attack, and the rest of the camp began following suit. Still, the seed of doubt was planted in their mind. They began to bicker among one another. Soon the camp would be filled with blood, and not all of it would be from the chalklings. Welcome to MR21. The cycle will end 48 hours from now, Wednesday at 8 PM Eastern Time. Also, a friendly reminder to all villagers: Draw your lines of warding. Player List:
  6. “The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven…” The harsh environment of the Pantheon islands has gained a new threat. After their success on Patji, the Northern Interests Trading Company have been expanding their foothold in the Pantheon. Experience on Patji has taught a few of their number to survive the cruel jungle, allowing them to explore the islands as freely as the trappers do. Now their gaze has landed on the island of Amaji, and a small party has been sent to scout the island and weaken the resident trappers. The Game: 48 hour cycles, with combined Day and Night turns. Players get one vote and one action per cycle. Actions can include the Trader kill, Trapper special abilities, Aviar abilities (two can be used in one cycle) and giving Aviar to others. Factions: Traders - The Eliminator faction. Familiar enough with the Pantheon to pass as trappers, you are also equipped with advanced weaponry. You get one kill per cycle and can communicate in a doc; you win when your numbers are equal to the Trappers’. Trappers - Native to the Eelakin Isles, you've spent most of your lives in the harsh Pantheon jungle - first on Sori, now Amaji. You win by eliminating the Traders. The surviving Trapper with the most types of Aviar at the end of the game wins a bonus victory. Roles: The jungle has lessons to teach, for those able to learn. Aviar: Players can start with more than one Aviar. Players can have a max of 5 Aviar; up to two can be used in the same cycle. A player can give any number of their Aviar to another player, and they can also be stolen (see below). The first player to vote on the lynch target (excluding retracted votes) will receive one of the lynched player's Aviar at random. Aviar are otherwise lost when their owner dies. Caution: The Pantheon jungle is dangerous, and even the most experienced trappers can't afford to lower their guard. Each player receives a word or phrase (their 'code'), unique to them. They must include this word or phrase in a post a minimum of twice a cycle. Any player who does not has not been cautious enough. The first time is a free pass and will incur a warning. The second time, their code will be strongly hinted at in the writeup. The third time, they will die. If player A believes the code of player B is X, they may tell the GM ('Player B's code is X'). If correct, A steals all of B's Aviar (or as many as possible before reaching the cap). If incorrect, B steals one of A's Aviar. This does not count as your action, though only one guess may be made per cycle. Signups will run for 7 days; the game starts at 30th Jan, 10PM AEDT/11AM UTC/4AM MST Quick Links:
  7. Winter is ending, snow falling hard all around. The mountain passes have been covered in snow, keeping you all stuck in the Duladel trading outpost you visited late in the season. Hopefully the winter will be short, but now, a new pressure has arisen. Mai, a lonely trader, not one to talk much, was found outside the outpost, flayed and sacrificed. You know the signs, Followers of the Jeskeri Mysteries are stuck in the outpost with you, making their sacrifices daily. Snowed in, you have no chance but to find them and kill them before they kill you. All Traders: Must submit one vote through a PM to the GM(Mailliw73), once during every cycle hour period. These votes will be made public at the end of the period, and the most voted for player will be sent to die in the snow. You may vote however you wish in the thread, but the vote received in the PM will be your official vote. Anyone who does not either talk to the Outpost’s Owner(the GM), come to the community dinner meetings, or meet with other traders for two consecutive days will freeze in their rooms. Follower of the Mysteries: The followers of the Jeskeri Mysteries must each send one vote for sacrifice via PM to the GM (Mailliw73) per cycle in addition to their normal vote. The most voted for player, in this fashion, will be sacrificed for their own mysterious purpose. Priest of Jesker: The Priest of Jesker is a learned man, and can identify the sacrifice of the Jeskeri Mysteries, having tried to root them out in the past. The Priest may investigate one other player per day (by contacting the GM) to learn if they are a follower of the Mysteries or not. Jindoeese Soldier: The Jindoeese Soldier is trained in the art of ChayShan and can guard one player at night. Anyone who attacks the trader whom the Soldier is guarding will be fought off and the protected trader will not die. Rulo: The Rulo is the fool who managed to get himself stuck in a trading outpost he had no business being in. He’s a bit kayana, so every night he scrawls a message somewhere in the outpost, too bored to sleep. Seon Holder: The Seon Holder makes it so that anyone can send messages(PMs) to any other living players. As long as a Seon Holder is alive, there is no limit to PMs, except that the GM must be included in all of them. The game will start on Monday, November 23rd, at 3:30 MST. Cycles will be 24 hours long. Rollovers will be at 3:30 PM MST/10:30 PM GMT. Spec doc available upon request. The order of actions is as follows: Rulo Message Soldier Lynch Priest Sacrifice Quick Links:
  8. Warn crushed the missive in his hand and tossed it onto the floor of the cave. He took a moment to try and calm himself down, but failed. He turned his head towards his band of merry men (who were not quite so merry at the moment), daring one of them to ask what was wrong. None of them tried, not yet. He took another deep breath. He started to calm down. "Is one of you Soothing me?" he demanded, "You know I get a mite vexed when I'm Soothed," he added. He took a deep breath, and waited. When the presence on him remained, and no-one owned up, he drew one of his revolvers from his belt, and fired into the crowd of his 'employees'. Wilson, a Soother, fell to the floor, dead before she hit the ground. As expected, a few seconds later, the Soothing vanished. He walked forward to the corpse, the crowd opening up before him, and dug the bullet back out of the corpse's eye. There was no way in hell he would waste aluminium on these people, not when they could re-smelt more bullets out of it. "Now..." He stood back up and put the bullet in his pocket. "Now," he repeated. He hesitated as he looked down at the body of the unfortunate Soother. "Someone get this out of here before it gets a bit congealed," he added. Then he looked back up and tried again. "Now... We have traitors in our midst," he said, without any more preamble. The assembled glanced at each other warily. "Not just traitors. I could understand how a lot of money would tempt a man to kill his friends." It went without saying that they were friends. If they weren't, people tended to end up dead here. "But we have the lowest sort of traitor. Lawmen," he spat on the ground. "Not fit to kiss our boots, right gentlemen?" There was a bit of laughter there, the sort of nervous laughter that always occurred in any business when the boss made something that might or might not be a joke and was still fiddling with a gun idly. "So... You know me, right?" he asked genially, looking at them all and retrieving the piece of paper. "As the most educated person here," not said was the fact that he was also expelled from the University in Elendel, "I have already come up with a plan! Yes, a plan..." He unfolded the scrunched up paper and then folded it properly. He tutted to himself as he got blood on it, before storing it away in his pocket with the used bullet. There was silence for a few moments, before one brave soul asked, "A plan? Sir?" "Hm? Yes, yes, the plan... Well, it's pretty simple, isn't it? If you were as smart as me, you'd have realised that the only way to find the lawmen is to kill them, right? I mean, we can't just ask, can we? Stands to reason that they'd lie. Lawmen are like that. Liars. Stands to reason." More nervous glances. "What if they try to run?" "Run? No no, none of you are allowed to run. That defeats the purpose of this thing! How are we meant to find them if they're not here?" "But lawmen are tricky, right? What if they try to run anyway?" Warn looked at the man and raised a finger at him. "You're on thin ice here, boy," he said, giving him a glare. "Have you all no faith in your good old Captain?" No-one asked what he was Captain of. "I've already come up with a plan. Already come up with a plan..." He drew the second revolver and pointed it above their heads, at the mouth of the cavernous complex. Then the gun went off unexpectedly, and he dropped it, swearing. The bullet hit the ceiling, and then there was a rumbling. The keystone gone, the entire opening was suddenly beset by a rockslide. Debris filled the cave, blocking the entrance. "Well... Looks like my plan went off perfectly," Warn declared with a grin. He picked up the gun, which was letting off quick a bit of smoke from the barrel. "Someone get this fixed," he said, handing it off to someone, who regarded the bloody hand and gun cautiously before taking it, grimacing as they did. "Oh," Warn added, as if something had just struck him. "We're also out of some metals." He took another sheet of paper out from his other pocket. "Let's see... Pewter, steel, brass, lead, gold, brass -" he frowned. "I've said brass twice. Anyway, we're not out of chromium, but I'm pinching all of that..." He continued down the list. "Actually, best to say what we have. Aside from your own personal metalminds, which you should all be minding, we only have some iron, a bit bendalloy, some zinc, bronze and tin. Not enough to make new metalminds though. Pity we can't get more, but this is an emergency, right?" "Well, it's pretty dark in here, so I'm going to say that it's night now and go to sleep. I expect results, people!" He held out a coin. "I'll even give out fabulous prizes to people who do well!" He laughed as he left his 'employees' there, looking at each other with confusion. The ghost of his laughter echoed throughout the cavern as he left. Though it was left unsaid, each person there had the same thought: the Lawmen were probably the least of their worries while Warn was in charge. Quick Fix 7 is upon us, ladies and gentlespren! This game should run a bit quicker than most QF games due to the extra kill floating around, which I hope makes up a bit for the fact that it's a more complex Quick Fix game. General Rules Cycles will last two days apiece. As usual for a QF game, each Cycle, one person will be lynched and the Eliminators will make a kill. However, a major difference here is that a random player will also get a kill only usable that Cycle, known as the Smoking Gun. Players get two actions each Cycle, but these actions must be different (not different types, just different actions). Each Role requires an action to be used in a Cycle. Lynches are slightly different in this game as well. There is no threshold of votes that must be reached on a specific person in order for them to be lynched. In the event of a tie, a random player of those tied players will be lynched. Over the course of the game, a player may become injured if they are saved from death by an Archivist. Injured players have only one action for each Cycle following their injury, and do not count towards their side’s victory condition. Injured players cannot be healed in any way. The Lawmen know the identities of each other, and have a Google doc to conspire on. The Lawmen win if they outnumber the Scoundrels. The Scoundrels win if they eradicate all the Lawmen. If the Scoundrels win, the surviving member with the most money wins a personal victory and becomes their new leader. The full order of effects is: Spinner -> Sell -> Purchase -> Rioter -> Koloss Blooded -> Lynch -> Archivist -> Tineye -> Lawman Kill -> Smoking Gun -> Gambling -> Messages -> Transfer -> Seeker -> Lurcher -> Pulser -> Smoking Gun Distribution. Kill Actions Kill Actions work as in any other game. You target a player with your Kill Action, and this magically results in you shooting them with your gun, hopefully killing them. It's not even difficult - simple point and click interface. No distinction will be made between the type of Kill Action in either writeup or Tineye detection. The Smoking Gun kill takes place after the Lawman Kill. Each Cycle, one of the Lawman may impart justice on a player, and kill them using the Lawman Kill Action. The Smoking Gun is given to a player at random each Cycle (possibly even a Lawman). Players whose actions have been prevented the next Cycle by a Pulser are exempt. If a player who gets The Smoking Gun does not use it, then they will die instead. This ‘inactive’ death cannot be prevented in any way. Money Actions Players start with 4 coins. At the end of a Cycle, each player who posted in the thread gets a coin, and each player who voted also gets a second. Whenever a player dies, their money is distributed evenly amongst all players who either lynched or targeted that player on the Cycle of their death (rounded down, even potentially to 0). Vote Auctions - Each Cycle, players may Sell off their vote to another player. This counts as their action and cannot be retracted. Any other player may send an offer to the GM to purchase a vote from a specific player that offers it up, and who they would like it moved to. The highest bid wins, and that player's vote is changed. In the event of a tie, the first player to make the bid wins. For this purpose, all bids should be made in separate messages. Money is taken from the buyer and given to the seller, with a loss of 1 coin. The seller is not informed of who purchased it. The minimum bid is 2 coins. Bartering a vote uses an action. A player may attempt to purchase multiple votes at once, provided they can afford to do so if they win all of them. If they overspend on votes, their entire Purchase Action is lost. Gambling - A player may also Gamble their coins during the Cycle. Each player bets one coin, and twice that number are distributed randomly between all players gambling that night. This requires an action to use. Messaging - Players may also spend their money to Message another player anonymously (though they may of course sign the message) by sending this message to the GM. Within this message, they may also Transfer coins to another player, at no additional cost. While this requires an action to use, any number of messages can be sent as one action. Multiple messages can even be sent to the same player, if the messenger wishes. Each message sent costs 1 coin. Role Actions Koloss-Blooded - A player who is Koloss-Blooded can use their action to defend themselves during a Cycle, and will survive all deaths during that Cycle, completely unharmed. If they would have died this Cycle and this Role prevented it, they then lose this ability. Regardless of whether or not this ability is in effect, as you are neither a Allomancer or Feruchemist, you cannot be detected by Seekers and show up as Roleless. Archivist - An Archivist is able to use their Coppermind's stored knowledge on medicine to save a player from one attack each Cycle. A player saved from death by this will become injured instead. An injured player has only one action each Cycle and does not count for their side’s victory condition. An injured player cannot be saved again by an Archivist. This saves a player from one attack each Cycle, and takes effect before Koloss-Blooded triggers. Spinner - A Spinner’s Vote is safe from Rioters. They are immune to the effects of Pulsing if Spinning is used on the same Cycle a Pulser targets them. If they make a Kill Action, it cannot be prevented by Koloss-Blooded or Archivist. When Gambling, they will automatically win a coin before the normal distribution process occurs. These effects require an action to use. Pulser - A Pulser may target a player during each Cycle. The next Cycle, neither players' Votes nor Actions will take effect. A player whose Actions & Vote should be prevented this way will be informed, and they will not be given The Smoking Gun. As the user’s actions the following Cycle are prevented, this Action cannot be used on consecutive Cycles. If a Spinner is targeted while using their Role, the Pulser still feels the effects of their own Pulsing, even if the Spinner does not. Rioter - A Rioter is able to change another player’s vote each Cycle. This takes place after Auctioning decides where a vote is placed. If an Auctioned vote is changed (i.e., if the vote is not placed where the purchaser wants it), then the Auction is negated and no money changes hands. Tineye - A Tineye is a master of observation and detection. As an action, the Tineye may follow a player around and see if they use a Kill Action. The Tineye will be told who they killed or attempted to kill if so, but not whether it was The Smoking Gun or a Lawman Kill. Seeker - Seekers can use their action and target a player to discover their Role, if any. You cannot detect Koloss-Blooded this way. Lurcher - A Lurcher makes for rather an impressive thief, able to use their action to steal coins from another target player. The amount stolen is 33% of that player's coins, rounded down. Lurching occurs after all money-based actions. The game will begin on Tuesday the 14th of April, at 9PM GMT. Until then, have fun signing up and RPing and stuff Write ups:
  9. Good news, you managed to get a job in the finest army this nation has seen or will ever see, under the just Gavilar and his powerful brother Dalinar! Fight for the unity of all Alethkar! Fight for glory! Fight for riches! Fight for Shardblades! ...But it's not that simple. It never is. Hidden in within your army are spies and saboteurs – And not just from one Brightlord's army either! All you know is that the spies have been sent into your army in pairs to ensure secrecy, and that they're from several different armies. Even worse, you've not fought with most of the people around you before, and rare is the soldier who can vouch for someone else here. You don't even know what their job is around the camp, though you can probably guess in some cases. It will take careful thought and cooperation to find the ones that might be secretly planning your deaths... General Rules Events Spies Eye Colour Roles So, welcome to my second game. As before, I will answer any questions on the main thread, so feel free to throw them at me if you want anything clarified. If there are not as many players as I would like, some Role(s) may be left out. Some (Guardsman and Messenger) have also been slightly modified from previous iterations as well. The game will start Sunday 30th, at 8PM GMT. Cycles will last 48 hours each. Quick Links: