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Found 143 results

  1. Cultivation doesn't have a goal or an endgame. She wants to guide everyone and everything to be the best version of themselves. What does "best" mean here? Whatever the subject thinks it does. The alethi (as a group) think the best version of themselves have to be the best warriors. Taravangian thinks his best version is to have the capacity to stop what is coming. His stated goal is not to stop it....just to have the capacity to do so. Seems to me that the vessel of Odium has the capacity to stop what odium is doing. He's new, and the shardic intent won't begin to consume him for centuries, maybe millenia. And yet. Will he stop it? Taravangian's arc is over. Taravangian got what he wanted. TOdium's arc has just begun and we have no idea what He will do next.
  2. Theory: After Ambition was wounded in the Threnodite System by Odium and Mercy, she fled to another point in space. This point either was, or became, the Rosharan system. Here, Ambition was killed. Her death created the Barrier Storm in the Cognitive Realm around the planet Braize. This storm was later Invested by Odium to create the proto-Everstorm that was pulled through into the Physical on Roshar at the Battle of Narak. Ambition's death also created a wound in the Spiritual Realm in the Rosharan System similar to that which exists on Threnody. This is the reason there are spren on Roshar. Datapoints: I group this into two categories, Spren and Storms. SPREN: From Shadows for Silence in the Forest of Hell, we know that the wounding of Ambition in the Threnodite System created Shades: cognitive beings which manifest in the Physical Realm. We do not see similar manifestations in the Mistborn novels or the White Sand graphic novels. We know there are no Splintered Shards in the Scadrian or Taldain systems at the time these stories are set. We see similar manifestations in Elantris and Emperor's Soul (Seons and Skaze). We know there are Splintered Shards in the Selish system at this time. We see similar manifestations in The Stormlight Archive (spren on Roshar) (and voidspren on Braize). STORMS: From Khriss's statements in Arcanum Unbounded, we know that the Dor around Sel is a whorl of free Investiture created when Odium Splintered Dominion and Devotion there. From statements from Nazh and Hoid, we know that travel to/from Sel through the Cognitive Realm is very difficult and dangerous due to the presence there of the Dor. From statements by Nazh, we know that that travel to/from Braize through the Cognitive Realm was difficult due to the presence of this Barrier Storm. A possible chronology: 1) The Shattering of Adonalsium. 2) Odium and Mercy clash with Ambition in the Threnodite System. Ambition is wounded. 3) Odium (and possibly others) clash with Ambition in the Rosharan system. Ambition is killed, creating the Barrier Storm, and spren. 4) Odium goes to the Selish system. He clashes with Dominion and Devotion. They are both killed, creating the Dor. 5) Odium returns to the Rosharan system, and begins whispering in the ears of the Ashynites. 6) The Ashynites devastate their planet using Dawnshards. They are taken in as refugees by Honor and Cultivation on Roshar. Their God, Odium, comes with them. 7) Honor, Cultivation, and Odium make a deal that they think will allow them to live in harmony on Roshar. This is the Oathpact. 8) Odium intentionally goes against the Oathpact, triggering its punishment prohibitions. He is exiled to Braize, on the far side of the Barrier Storm. The cycle of Desolations begins. 9) Honor is Splintered. 10) Honor's Cognitive Shadow is bound to the spren of the Highstorm. 11) Several millennia pass. 12) Odium invests a not-insignificant amount of Investiture into the Barrier Storm, creating the proto-Everstorm in the Cognitive Realm. This process takes several centuries. 13) Finally, the Everstorm is pulled through into the Physical Realm on Roshar, creating a direct passage between Braize and Roshar. Questions: A] Why is this wrong? B] Were other Shards involved in the death of Ambition? Did Mercy join Odium for the final clash? Did Ambition? Did Endowment (who we know is relatively new to the Nalthian system)? Indeed... were Honor and/or Cultivation in on the kill? C] Did the death of Aona and Skai occur before the initial conflict with Uli Da in the Threnodite system; after this initial conflict but before the final conflict in the Rosharan system; or after the Rosharan conflict? D] When on this timeline did Honor and/or Cultivation arrive on Roshar? E] When was Odium's first contact with the humans on Ashyn?
  3. Hi. So I'm wondering if all of Cultivation's machinations to get Taravangian to ascend are primarily motivated by revenge against Rayse, or if it is also part of a longer conflict with Hoid.
  4. Just occurred to me why Cultivation might prefer Taravangian to be Odium ... if he is bound by his oath to protect Kharbranth & its people, then he can't destroy Roshar (since destroying the planet would kill the people of Kharbranth). If Cultivation cares more about Roshar than the cosmere in general, she might see Taravangian-Odium free and wrecking other worlds but Roshar alive as preferable to Rayse-Odium destroying Roshar but still being trapped.
  5. alt text: Hi, I kinda made this randomly for a friend and posted it on twitter. People really liked it so I'm posting it here in case anyone likes stuff like this.
  6. Lirin ought to be an important character in future books. Rosharan humans’ Shard, Honor, is essentially the personification of oath keeping. He could have been about honor in a broader sense, but his Intent ended up being primarily about oaths. Of all the people on Roshar, which one’s character is most aligned with this Intent? Lirin’s. He is the most oath-keeping man on Roshar. He keep his oaths to a fault. If Lirin lived on a different world, that would just be one interesting attribute among many. But on Roshar, this should influence his Connection to certain forms of investiture, and give him credibility among the splinters beyond the credibility that people generally earn by integrity. As I have written elsewhere, I think there’s some foreshadowing that suggests he will bond an honorspren. If that happens, I suspect it will be unintentional. It also seems like surgeons are about to become more importantly to the plot, as Kaladin is about to need to find a cure for the Heralds and hopefully for other mentally ill people. This is likely to put surgeons and Heralds together. One of the Heralds said his madness could be temporarily alleviated if a Radiant swore an oath near him. It would be odd for Mr. Honor-able Lirin not to have attracted the attention of one of Honor’s spren yet, except for two things: Lirin is a pacifist and Radiants fight, and the honorspren were refusing to bond. However, Rhythm of War established that Windrunners can protect by being surgeons and that Syl’s old Radiant used to use her generally for non-violent protection (digging storm shelters, iirc), raised questions about how surgeons might use shardblades (as stethoscopes, Kaladin suggested), and saw the honorspren persuaded that they could resume bonding Radiants. But even if Lirin doesn’t become a Windrunner, we have a character who is all about Honor’s intent who’s in a profession that is suddenly relevant to the plot. Brandon has also made Lirin an interesting, three dimensional character already. We have the makings of a very important character here, possibly a main character. I like Lirin, and I will be frustrated if Lirin doesn’t get screen time while he’s at this major crossroads of theme and plot. #MoreLirin
  7. From the album Stormlight Characters

    My take on Cultivation and the Nightwatcher, took a few artistic liberties but I am really happy with the outcome.
  8. I have a theory: Two people will become the vessels of Odium, Cultivation and Honor, with Honor divided between the two of them. For instance, Dalinar might ascend to Odium and half of Honor, becoming an Odium-heavy shard of War. Someone else would ascend to Cultivation and the other half of Honor. Maybe Lirin would be Honor-vation, as he’s got Edgedancer vibes but is honorable to a fault. Each would be an active shard, unlike Harmony, especially War. War might be even more motivated to take over the cosmere than Rayse was, because of the Intent of the new shard. Cultiv-honor (can anyone come up with a real name?) would have the potential to be a very “good” Shard, depending on who the vessel is and how the two shards combine. I am only raising this as a possibility. I wouldn’t bet on it happening.
  9. Let's talk about the Old Magic. Do you think that the Nightwatcher acts justly in the boons and curses she gives out? As a case study, do I just have a dirty mind, or do you think the man who got numb hands might have asked for something a bit... personal? Something numb hands might help with a bit? (trying not to get R rated.) Maybe the Nightwatcher found his request pathetic and decided to give him his boon in the form of numb hands. And why the heck did Cultivation answer Taravangian's request for capacity to save humankind in a twisted way that led him to become Odium? Doesn't Cultivation want humans to survive? She does not have to maintain any kind of balance in her boons and curses, apparently, so she didn't have to give him a curse as large as his boon was great. And anyway, it doesn't appear that she did give him the capacity, not really, though we can't tell that for sure yet. Thoughts?
  10. Preface: I'm definitely not super sold on this, but the thought came to me so I wanted to put it down in the best place to get other people to either shut it down or upgrade it) I thin Cultivation might have been involved in enabling the False Desolation. By which I don't mean she wanted it, but that she had something to do with Ba-Ado-Mishram. (TL;DR/theory in a few sentences at the bottom) The facts that lead me to this thought: - Ba-Ado-Mishram's ability to grant forms of power and Voidlight in the False Desolation was new, somehow. She didn't do that in previous desolations. - She's the only Unmade with two hyphens. Yes, it's time for a bit of morphology. She's also referred to by Kalak as "Mishram". This might be refering to what BAM was before being Unmade, and maybe Unmade Mishram was Ado-Mishram before becoming what she is now. As dumb as this sounds, I think the second hyphen might indicate involvement by another shard. At first I thought "hm, but who? Cultivation I guess, because she's the only one left", but a few more pieces of information might play into it. BAM gained new abilities somehow, which she didn't have before. These include being able to create Voidlight. Cultivation is able to do something similar. She both a) created a magic system together with Honor that uses Honor's Investiture but not hers and b ) gave Lift the ability to fuel her Surgebinding with Lifelight anyway. BAM was something before she was unmade. I like the idea that Odiums truest/signature Surge is Division, so I'm postulating that "Unmaking" isn't exactly a unique process, but Odiums Version of "changing an invested Being" or something like that. Point is, Odium isn't the only one who can change Spren, but Unmaking is just his version. (For exmaple, if Ruin were to do something similar, it'd end up with a Spren weaker and "less" than it was before, due to Ruin's nature) Another Shard could be able to do that too. We know that Ruin isn't the only shard able to control someone with spikes, so it can be argued that just like Future Sight and SpikeControl, any shard - whose intent wouldn't inhibit that - can corrupt or change investisture. Cultivation is training the Nightwatcher to understand human's better, for a reason we don't really know. This hasn't always been the case, but is a fairly recent development. (I can't find a source for this but I remember it being this way, I'd welcome any WoB or quote that either proves or disproves this). Cultivation, like Honor, was a god of the Singers and Spren before they swapped with Odium. Singers and Spren were affected by Ba-Ado-Mishram's imprisonment, but at that point in Time Odium was the god of only one of those groups, not both. Cultivation's plans have involved an Unmade on-screen once already. Cultivation is said to have excellent Future-Sight, and we have not heard from Sja-Anat that she was in contact with Cultivation, so Sja-Anat leading Odium to Nightblood (whom Cultivation might also have had a hand in creating) was either something they planned together or, more likely, part of Cultivation's plan. From a Meta Standpoint, the dead Shard Honor has been much more present in the fight against Odium than the alive shard Cultivation so far, and I think that that is not because she's inactive, but because her plans (as we saw with Taravangian in RoW or Dalinar in OB) are slow and long. Ever since Secret History, it's clear that Shards aren't easy to group into "good" and "bad". Preservation was good in comparison to Ruin, but would've been happy with an enternity of the Lord Ruler ruling Scadrial. Cultivation herself acknowledges she can't always control what happens to things she helps grow. To put it meanly, a Cancer cell is pretty aligned with Cultivation's intent, growth for the sake of growth is growth nonetheless. Now, to put the theory into words: I think Cultivation changed the Unmade that we now know as Ba-Ado-Mishram somehow. In a time of Odium's Absence/occupation with torturing Heralds, Cultivation "enhanced" (her version of the process which is "unmaking" for Odium) the Unmade, granting her new abilities in the process. As one of the godesses of Spren and Singers and Roshar itself, this process made Ba-Ado-Mishram more connected to those than she had been before. Ba-Ado-Mishram's imprisonment didn't create Deadeyes and Slaveform because of what she was before being Unmade, but because of the new part of her that was of Cultivation. So, the timeline of BAM would be like this: 1. "Mishram", whatever she was before being unmade. Kelek refers to her as this in a respectful/appreciate way, possibly because he knew what "Mishram" was before, 2. "Ba-Mishram", one of the 9 Unmade for the longest time. 3. Ba-Ado-Mishram, now changed once more by Cultivation, granted new abilities. The "ado" in her name comes from "adoda", meaning Light- A kind of pseudo-sibling, with both Odium and Cultivation's touch in her. She starts the False Desolation and her imprisonment taints all the other beings touched by Cultivations presence on Roshar. The Nightwatcher probably became Cultivation's "main project" only afterwards. Whether the false desolation was an intended or unintended consequence, I have no idea. Whether BAM wanted to betray Odium or even usurp him and came to Cultivation because of that, or if Cultivation "hijacked" BAM, I'm unsure. What do you guys think? Tinfoil hat theory, or might there be some merit to it?
  11. Background Lift converts food into Cultivation’s Lifelight to power her Radiant abilities There is connection between the Horneaters and Cultivation by virtue of Cultivation's perpendicularity being in the Horneater Peaks Rock, the self-appointed chef of Bridge 4, described a birth-order based caste system where the first two sons are responsible for obtaining food so there’s always enough Theory Food is particularly important to the Horneaters because it fuels Lifelight Horn-eaters, including Rock, have abilities granted by Cultivation/Lifelight. Rock has enhanced physical ability as he was able to draw the shard bow Rock’s unwillingness to bond a spren is related to his Life-light abilities Lift’s ability to touch spren while in the Physical Realm by existing partially in the Cognitive Realm is from Cultivation and is related to the Horneater’s ability to see spren Rock says that those who swim in the ‘Water’s of Life’ (aka Cultivation’s perpendicularity) can see the ‘place of gods’ (aka Shadesmar) Rock has the ability to see spren and implies that other Horneaters can do the same Horneaters are a hybrid race of humans and singers. This is the result of Cultivation’s influence. The Horneater people have been 'cultivated' since the early days of Roshar and will be important to Cultivation's future plans Open Question Cultivation’s perpendicularity is spread out over several pools on several peaks. Would they all grant the same powers or does each grant something different. Brandon has said the number of peaks is important but RAFO'd the specific number – could this be related to the number of abilities? EDIT: WOB Link:
  12. I have had this theory for a long time now that Cultivation cultivated Syl as a part of her gambit. But listen to me for once. This might sound crazy but might make sense in a minute. I guess we can all agree that Syl is different from most of the honorspren. She is just too jovial and lighthearted than most honorspren we have seen. Well... also Rua, but that's probably due to his bond with the Lopen. Then I reread the part in Oathbringer when Kaladin returns to Hearthstone. Another pure voice. Pure being the keyword here. I'm certain that spren can hear the Rhythms of Roshar. And the tones of the three Shards are described to be the pure tones of Roshar in RoW. Honor is dead. Why would Odium bother Syl? It is Cultivation's voice. Like tapped crystal. Dalinar described Cultivation's voice to be like 'tumbling stones'. Tapped crystal. Tumbling stone. Maybe I'm overthinking, but both of these voices are of Cultivation. What else did she do? Probably kept Syl sleeping for that millennium. I mean, we can't take the explanation to be Syl's mind being childish. That... doesn't sound Brando's style to me. 'Cause there is only her. Only her. A single spren slept for a thousand years after breaking her bond. Coincidence? I think not. Why? The bigger question is why. Ok now. Hear me. There is too much in my head that I can't remember now or can't explain. But here is my theory. Kaladin is the 'Son of Tanavast'. The successor of Tanavast (refer to this WoB). And Cultivaton wants him alive. Syl is mostly the reason Kal is alive. And that's why we love her. In Book 5, Dalinar loses the contest of champions. Yet, somehow, he will be able to reforge Honor. Instead of bearing the Shard himself, he gives it to Kaladin because now he is bound to serve Odium. And Kal ascends to Honor. I don't have much to support this other than: Kal's first chapter being 'Honor is Dead'. Kal saying 'Honor is Dead'. Cultivation only influences people who will somehow be related to godhood. And Dalinar being too obvious a choice for Honor.
  13. does anyone think cultivation was just abess glass from book of the ancestor but a dragon before becoming cultivation. (If you don’t know who that is it’s one of the most fun characters ever and a good example of characters whose plans always work out not stealing any narrative tension) Ok so i’m a believer that cultivation has been manipulating everyone and has some massive master plan and I think there are some interesting things about kaladin that make me suspicious of her having a hand in some of the events surrounding him. 1. Kaladin spends a good amount of book one believing he is cursed with bad luck and speculates it was the night watcher. What if he is right, considering what we now know about cultivation It seems legitimately possible she had some hand in it. 2. Why did nobody know about kaladin, heleran at the command of the sky breakers came to kill amaram, it seems that the sky breakers knew Tien was a proto radiant nobody ever knew about kaladin or came after hmm despite him killing their shardbearer. On top of this the sky breakers seem to take some level of orders from cultivation since she must have given nightblood to nale who then was to give it to szeth. 3. when syl describes her early time coming after kaladin she describes a pure sound that called her there, this has been assumed to be mean Tien by pretty much everyone but what if it wasn’t what if cultivation woke syl up and led her to kaladin? 4. Kaladins spear feedback loop- basically the feedback loop through the spiritual realm is really really strong. We see plenty of others who are natural and gifted warriors and none of them ever display a similar degree of it affecting them. Neither adolin nor Dalinar or anyone else ever describe the degree of affect on them outside the influence of the thrill or odium but kaladin despite significantly less training or experience compared to either is at least as good as if not better then them. It’s specifically odd because these are two incredibly talented people he degree his natural skill enhances his abilities is abnormal. but we do see someone who displays similar natural aptitude, vin, no I don’t know if this whole idea was thought out previously as in when mistborn was written but I think in hind sight it seems very likely that vin had a similar spiritual feedback loop(in fact it’s likely that the idea of “talent” in general in the cosmere is related to this). Now it’s possible that they just are more talented since they are main characters but that doesn’t explain other similar symptoms like the relationship they both have to their respective talent. Both vin and kaladin seem to have an almost physical need to exercise this talent, kaladin picks up a spear and it takes over completely changing him, vin after being stuck inside for long time becomes restless and feels a need to use her powers it’s very similar to the way kaladin picks up a spear and needs to fight. Now other characters have similar things like Dalinar has an addiction to the thrill and adolin loves dueling, but adolin while he loves it never displays a similar bordering on physical need to fight. Dalinar does display this and that is related to the thrill and direct shardic influence. Dalinar also has a similar but slightly different relationship to the thrill, I think his is related to much more active shardic influence. He never displays this as a passive thing the way vin and kaladin do, for them it’s part of them for Dalinar it’s an effect being put on him. So basically we have 3 cases of this strange talent/addiction/ physical draw to a power/ fighting/ whatever else, one of them is different from the other two and is clearly due to direct shardic influence, one of them being vin seems very likely to be due to either direct shardic influence since she was groomed by cultivation I think either the spiritual feedback loop that grants skill, or the loop was naturally stronger because she took up a shard. Kaladin I think in this instance is unlikely to be dealing with direct shardic influence because his thing is more similar to vins then Dalinars, it is possible that it is due to him taking up a shard depending on how vin got her feedback loop enhanced. but it cannot be that honor enhanced the loop so there are two possibilities I think. 1. Kaladin will take up a shard(or become some other powerful entity)- which I do think is very possible considering the strange other abilities he has shown and the fact he is called son of tanavast. or, and this is the one relevant for my crazy speculation 2. Cultivation must have enhanced the spiritual feedback loop, it cannot have been honor since he is dead and idk why odium would do it.
  14. In RoW, Venli mentions “Honor’s Moon” when referring to Nomon (the light blue moon). This got me thinking and I went onto Coppermind. Sure enough, we have a green moon (Mishim) and a violet moon (Salas). The same colours as the Lights. Is Mishim Cultivation’s Moon and Salas Odium’s Moon? It makes sense. Could each moon on Roshar be connected to a Shard?
  15. Cultivation in my opinion seems to be shaping up to maybe be the real villain of not just stormlight archives but the cosmere. she has manipulated to our knowledge three major characters all of which we knew had been touched by the night watcher. We know cultivation has good future sight and has been manipulating things a lot, and her plans judging by the end seems to keep going, additionally rayse calls roshar a testing ground which seems sounds very cultivationy. But that’s not the point so let’s lay out people who may have been manipulated known- Dalinar- whose role was to become a bondsmith and we don’t know after that maybe become honor? taravangian- role was to become odium and save the cosmere? lift- unknown but the pattern seems to suggest her becoming cultivation. likely- Jasnah- what broke her has been mentioned before as some kind of mental problems as a child but she describes it as “a childhood illness nobody remembers” which sounds to me like the work of cultivation. evie- I think it’s very possible that she was somehow manipulating evie maybe not in terms of a boon or memory snip but maybe just straight up giving her instructions while she meditated. szeth- I think szeth may very well have been manipulated by cultivation, we know she had nightblood and it’s quite possible nightblood is the manipulation or there may be more. He had to have been there for taravangain to become odium and she must have known that. sja-Anat- I think it almost certain cultivation has worked with sja-Anat and maybe is what enabled her to break from odium, by extension I think she is also manipulating renarin and all those with corrupted spren. possibly- Rysn- idk what role she could have but I think it possible that she could have manipulated her lots of event shave been prodding her and Changing her life. aesudan- a lot about her is unknown and odd but certainly seems possible venli- not sure what would have been done but venli seems uniquely able to resist forms influence and is always herself even more so then Eshonai, maybe she caused her mother’s memory loss. Idk but it seems possible. Unlikely- Gavilar- possibly did soemthing to him but no indication of anything weird going on with him that seems in any way to fit cultivation’s methods so far. navani- same as a with gavilar sadeas- doubt it nothing seems to fit there on the fence- shallan- I think it possible that shallans memory compartmentalizations could have been something caused or at least aided by cultivation I mainly think this because they conveniently start to drop at certain times causing problems where nothing seems to have triggered it. kaladin- ok hear me out on this, something is going on with kaladin, something that I don’t know the end of but there he has a role we don’t fully understand im certain of it. The things that have happened in Rythm of war especially in terms of his fighting process remind me a lot of vin who we know became a shard for a while. My evidence 1. child of tanavast- sure it means soemthing not sure what 2. those yellow eyes when he killed the pursuer- I think that it had to do with the strong emotions he was feeling and his bond to odium the full extent of which we may not understand, also when I learned that war light was the name of honor and odiums light together It made me think that kaladin is gonna take up the two shards and become war, idk if this is gonna happen or not though. 3. Kaladin is being set up as the next dalinar- kaladin especially in Rythm of war and especially relating to his leadership style and evolving role has been described very similarly to dalinar especially early on in the series, i doubt cultivation would start her plan without a back up and it strikes me depending on what happened to kaladin he could become honor or odium, especially if you manipulate some of his past events. 4. vin parallels- kaladin especially this book in fights has seemed to be very similar to vins miraculous skill, and while this was always the case now more then ever the best example Being how he defeated a fighter with 7000 years of experience while unarmed and an emotional wreck and doing it all so fast that everyone around could barely register what was happening, that’s not just stormlight that’s something else. so while I can’t prove and can’t offer any specifics on her manipulation of kaladin it just seems very odd that cultivation wouldn’t have a plan or want to control kaladin considering that he seems like he has somewhere to go in terms of the grand story. Insane- syl- why did syl go dormant after bonding a Knight, we get basic explanations but we never hear about this being a problem other times, she also seems decidedly more independent and even like she has actual neurological things going on with her like adhd, overall she is a very odd spren. On top of this she slumbered for a long time and was only rediscovered recently only to immediately bond the redo under of the order of windrunners seems convenient, coudl cultivation have been keeping her hidden and asleep? ok actually just thought of soemthing to make syl more plausible she says she heard a pure tone or note in relation to kaladin many people think this is tien but couldn’t it be cultivation? also everyone needs to start wearing aluminum hats. just had a thought they are all shards, maybe kaladin is valor, and ambition coudl be venli, etc...
  16. Spoilers for part five of Rhythm of War. So Cultivation intentionally placed Taravangian to take up Odium. She mentioned wanting him to be able to control the shard. My question is, can he? He seems to be just a more dangerous version of Rayse at this point. He has the same goals but he's smarter and a better planner. Is this what Cultivation wanted, and does that make her a villain? The way I see it there are three possibilities: 1: Cultivation messed up big time. She thought Taravangian could control the shard, but actually he's totally in it's power. He's Rayse again only smarter, and she just screwed the cosmere unless the radiants can stop him. This is probably the most likely 2: This was Cultivation's plan all along. She didn't have a problem with Odium's intent to dominate the cosmere, just with Rayse's personal desire to kill her. She either wants or is indifferent to Odium taking over and getting rid of the other shards. This could make her the ultimate villain of the stormlight archive, and is what I'm personally rooting for. 3: We have only seen 5d of the 6d chess Cultivation is playing. Her plans don't stop with Taravangian taking up Odium. Her end goal is to trap him in som e way Rayse never could have been trapped, possibly by having Dalinar take up Honor and/or by sacrificing herself and having lift take up her shard. This also seems pretty likely, but it's my personal least favorite outcome. What does everyone think? Did I miss any major possibilities?
  17. Three facts that we know: 1) Tanavast and Koravellium were romantically involved ( 2) There are probably descendants of the original Vessels still alive today ( 3) The Stormfather calls pretty much everyone a Child of Honor, but calls Kaladin a Child of Tanavast ( Could it be that Kaladin Stormblessed is a living descendant of Tanavast, the original Vessel of Honor?
  18. So the Dawnshard novella just recently came out and it had some seriously juicy lore tidbits for all of us to chew on. I'm going to be putting my interpretation of it here along with what I think is a probable timeline of events involving the Dawnshards. Nature of the Dawnshards So Adonalsium gave four primal Commands that spawned the Dawnshards and created the Cosmere. We know that one of them is Change and that together all four were used to Shatter God himself. I'm thinking these Commands are similar to the Christian notion of "Let there be light" while the resulting Dawnshards are a sort of imprint on the world left by the Commands. If God turning on the lights was a boot, the Dawnshard is a boot print. I believe these four Commands were Change, Survive, Unite and Distinguish. I don't know if these are the actual names of the Dawnshards (I would be surprised if Distinguish was 100% correct) but the gist of it remains the same. These four are two sets of two that, while not exactly opposite, are in some respects opposed. None are negative or positive, they simply are. Change and Survive are opposed as survival requires a certain amount of stasis. Unite and Distinguish are opposed as Distinguish implies individuality and unity implies a certain common ground. The Shattering of Adonalsium I believe that at one point they were all combined into a single weapon that was used to Shatter Adonalsium and that Hoid was the one who actually holding the thing when it all went down, as is referenced by Hoid being both "Topaz" as well as the "Bearer of the First Gem" as well as the WoB's that we have stating that the weapon used to kill Adonalsium is drained and inoperable and that Hoid's immortality is derived from it. It's drained because the Dawnshards were removed from it and Hoid's immortality comes from Survive. From Nikli's line in the novella we know that wielding a Dawnshard makes "Demands on a level that no person could ever manage alone..." Thus I believe that while Hoid was the one actually pulling the trigger, there was another group bracing and bolstering him, probably a group of 16, aka the Shardic Vessels. Think the ending scene from Guardians of the Galaxy. Starlord got his hands on the Infinity Stone but he couldn't use it until they all united their strength by using the secret move "Power of Friendship" :). I think that's what happened here only more premeditated God-murder and less dance off. Scattering of the Dawnshards My next bit of wild speculation is that I believe that when Adonalsium was Shattered, the Dawnshards contained in the weapon were scattered to four of the Vessels. Which Vessels got chosen probably had to deal with the specific theme of each Shard of Adonalsium. Cultivation and Ruin, for instance, both fit squarely in the Change quadrant. Here's how I think the Shards fall into the quadrants. Change - Ruin, Cultivation, Endowment Survive - Preservation Unite - Honor, Devotion, Dominion Distinguish - Odium, Autonomy, Ambition Ruin is Change through destruction. Cultivation is Change through improvement. Endowment is Change through transfer. Preservation is Survival through stasis. Honor is Unity through shared ethics. Devotion is Unity through love. Dominion is Unity through law and government. Distinguish is all about individuality (which is why I was having trouble with the word Distinguish. Individuality is not a verb!!!). This would mean the Odium is individuality through emotion, Autonomy is individuality through isolation and Ambition is individuality through accomplishment. I believe that Hoid either got the Survive Dawnshard or had it before the Shattering and the it somehow ended up with Preservation after everything was said and done. It is currently hidden on Scadrial somewhere. Honor got the Unity Dawnshard and took it with him to Roshar. I'm not sure who ended up with the Change Dawnshard but they must have given it up or had it taken from them somehow, probably the former, and it was then carried to Roshar and hidden in the cavern in Akinah. This leaves Distinguish, which I believe fell into Autonomy's hands. It's use might explain her weird avatar situation, granting herself an excess of individuality. She gave it to Odium to use in killing Devotion, Dominion and Ambition. This is how he wiped the floor with them without breaking a sweat, even in a two on one fight. This is also probably why Brandon was cagey about whether Bavadin helped Odium splinter D&D. She didn't really help commit the murder, she just handed the murderer a gun at some point. Dawnshard Battle on Roshar After Odium got done taking out D&D and Ambition, he set his sights on Honor and Cultivation. Big problem here though. Honor had a Dawnshard. I don't think he was actively using it though. It's my guess that there was some sort of agreement among the Vessels to not wield both a Shard and a Dawnshard at once. It would upset the balance of power too much. This is why Survive is being stored away on Scadrial, why Change was sort of floating around until it ended up in Aimia and why Honor was letting Ishar hang on to Unite, which he used to bind the surgebinders with oaths and create the Oathpact. But Odium broke the rules and so Honor took his Unite Dawnshard back to kick some butt. The problem for Honor was that Odium is just insanely more practiced and skilled in Shard on Shard combat at this point and was just more skilled with using a Dawnshard in general. Sure they both had guns but one has a seasoned fighter and the other was an amateur. Regardless Honor was enough of a threat with his Dawnshard that Odium had to take things slow and be cautious. This is also probably why Cultivation stayed out of this for the most part. She wasn't armed. Eventually Odium gets the upper hand and slips in a killing blow but Honor leaves his cognitive shadow, along with the Dawnshard that it's carrying, behind and has it fuse with the Stormfather. This now means that any Bondsmith that bonds to the Stormfather now has access to a Dawnshard as well as the Shard of Honor relative to how closely bonded they are with the Stormfather. The more oaths they say, the closer they get to becoming the Vessel of Honor and attaining the full power of the Dawnshard of Unity. This is probably how Melishi was able to bind the Singers into slaveform. This is probably also how Dalinar is able to Unite the realms. It also occurs to me that this might be a good explanation for why the Recreance happened. Honor was dying and as he was dying he gave his Dawnshard to the Bondsmiths. Since the Dawnshard was presumably what destroyed Ashyn people might have been worried about misusing that power. It would be like the President showing up to your house one day at random, mortally wounded, screamed something about the end of the world and gave you the nuclear launch codes before dying on your couch. Anybody would be freaked out, let alone the descendants of the people who once blew up a planet. They then immediately have their fears validated when Melishi, the new Dawnshard of Unity, uses his newfound power to lobotomize an entire sapient species. Yeah, I can see why they were concerned. Future of the Dawnshards It is my current opinion that at some point in a future book, Dalinar will say his fifth oath and bond fully to the Stormfather. This will cause him to ascend to become the Vessel of Honor and also grant him full access to the Unity Dawnshard. This time however the fight against Odium will go differently because Odium won't be facing kind old Tanavast. He'll be facing the Blackthorn. At that point Dalinar either keeps the Dawnshard or gives it up, either one seems plausible. The Change Dawnshard stays with Rysn for now but that could change in the future depending on how things play out. The Survive Dawnshard is probably being held by Kelsier currently, both because Kelsier is probably the most realmatically aware Scadrian, and thus probably knows all about Dawnshards and realizes that one is on Scadrial, but also because it fits thematically. Kelsier The Survivor, who fought gods and won, gets a god slaying weapon called Survive? It's freaking perfect. I honestly don't know what happens to the Distinguish Dawnshard. It honestly comes down to how the fight with Odium actually plays out. I doubt it can ever be truly destroyed but it might get lost somehow or simply gifted to someone responsible. Some Extra Reasoning Tidbits - I used Survive as one of the Dawnshards because Kelsier mentions hearing a voice tell him to Survive within the Pits and because it fits as a nice clean opposing force to Change. We also know a powerful weapon is hidden on Scadrial. - I used Unite because Dalinar's "I am Unity" moment as well as several mentions of Unity in Elantris in regards to Devotion and Dominions religions. There's also mentions of a Dawnshard that binds things, which I believe is Unite. - Distinguish (still feel like that's not a perfect word) is in there because I needed something to oppose Unity that fit for the remaining three Shards. Individuality seems to fit in my opinion. - As for why Honor mentioned that they won't have access to the Dawnshards, I have no idea. There's already one confirmed to be on the planet and if my theory is right there's another two. Maybe he's saying they can't use them because of the oaths? That seems to be the original purpose of Radiant oaths, to keep the people who could potentially misuse a Dawnshard in check. - I believe the one Dawnshard that is different from the other, as mentioned in a WoB, is the Survive Dawnshard as it's on Scadrial and the other three are on Roshar. - The Shard of Adonalsium that is loosely associated with wisdom and "just want's to survive" is probably in the Survive quadrant. - It seems to me from the line in the novella about Rysn not being able to use the power and the restriction in their contract about becoming a surgebinder suggests that the Dawnshard requires some sort of magic already present in the wielder in order to make it work. This suggests to me that the Dawnshard is less of a powerful spell and more of an amplifier of other magics, making them far more powerful and versatile. This is probably due to the problem that Nikli mentions about needing the breadth of understanding equivalent to a deity. A Dawnshard in a Soother's hands might let them manipulate the minds of everyone on a whole planet because the Soother's powers are being used as a framework in place of that required understanding. A Soother with Dawnshard could probably not manipulate the laws of physics to the same extent as he could manipulate emotions. Maybe a little, but not to the same apocalyptic degree that a Shardic Vessel could. - We know that Hoid derives his immortality from the weapon that killed Adonalsium and we know that he's been cursed to never harm another living thing. I believe that both of those come from the Survive Dawnshard. He survives through anything, including death, because of the residual influence of the Dawnshard. He also can't kill or maim because that's antithetical to the concept of survival. What are your guy's thoughts on all of this? Let's discuss.
  19. I assume Rayzium (the investiture conducting metal the fuzed use) is the god metal of Rayze (Odium). I also assume that given how spren both come from shards and manifest in the physical realm as metal, this metal is the god metal of the associated shard the spren came from. If this is the case, could a mistborn burn a shardblade? If so, what would that do to the spren?
  20. For Cultivation, I took two symbols of wisdom and foresight, the oak from germanic mythology and the lotus flower from e.g. buddhism. I expect an introspective nature and have made my image to reflect that.
  21. Sja-Anat is showing with Glys and now others the ability to modify True Spren which she couldn't in the past. So far, Dalinar and Taravangian were major parts of her plan that she used the Old Magic to cultivate, but Renarin seems to be one of the most important. It seems interesting that Cultivation wouldn't have used the Old Magic to cultivate Renarin's path in some way. Could Sja-Anat have went to the Nightwatcher and been granted a boon/curse by Cultivation herself? Sja-Anats new abilities seem like they could be Cultivation linked, allowing her to help sentient spren change their paths. Also, letting some children die so that others may live seems a Cultivation type approach. If its possible, a long view of Cultivation's plan could mean she helped link BAM to the Parsh and cause the False Desolation leading to everything happening now, but mainly curious if she could be responsible for Sja-Anats boosted abilities.
  22. Odium killed Honor, but did he have help? I was going over some death rattles, (getting all kinds of ideas) and had this thought: Did the Heralds kill Tanavast? or somehow knowingly allow Tanavast to be killed? Did they have Cultivation help, did her machinations go back this far, did her power take over her vessel, and she cultivates plots? We know she has sought to replace at least one shard vessel. Chapter 1 Epigraph: "You've killed me. Bastards, you've killed me! While the sun is still hot, I die!" Is this Tanavast, referring to the heralds, the heralds and cultivation, or maybe cultivation and odium? Why would Cultivation want to kill Honor and let Odium splinter his shard? What motivation? The Rhythm of War. The force created by Odium and Honor, as long as the two existed as equal power, the war would continue. Cultivation and the heralds would both have motivation to stop this. Chapter 54: "The burdens of nine become mine. Why must I carry the madness of them all? Oh, Almighty, release me." Was this Taln? Tortured on Braise, giving in, unable to take the torture, but Tanavast, being dead, unable to release him? If the herald could not be released, then perhaps the enemy could be locked away, and indeed it was, for a time. Tell me what you guys think.
  23. Honor died, but we have several clues in RoW indicating that he may be re-emerging. We've known since OB that Dalinar has taken up Honor's perpendicularity. Rayse believes Dalinar ascended, but I don't think Dalinar is the one ascending, actually. Like ... like ... like Odium. Everywhere we see red and gold together, it is Odium. Perhaps this is merely an indication that Kal is close to becoming a Child of Odium at this particular moment, howling after losing Teft and then these eyes. At the same time, Odium-red eyes have previously always been caused by a bond with voidspren, which seems not to be the case here. And why would soldiers fear a child of Odium, like themselves? Instead, perhaps these colors point to Kaladin's coming ascension. Honor's robes are gold, as well. Moash's continual insistence surrounding Kaladin's immortality certainly points to ascension. Finally, Tara-Odium notices a "growing" and "verdant" power, which is clearly pointing toward Cultivation. However, just as the back of RoW falsely implies that Navani will be a Lightweaver with its half-dozen references to truths and lies, I believe this most obvious allusion to Cultivation is not the one actually intended. Verdant can also mean brand new and budding. Growing points to something new.
  24. First time poster, so I'm not sure if this theory has ever been brought up before. I apologize if I'm retreading some well worn ground here. I can't explain why or how, but I think that going through an Everstorm for some reason starts to heal/reverse the effects that Cultivation bestows on her visitors. Dalinar in the Storm at the end of WoR starts remembering Evi soon after. Lift in the Storm at the end of Edgedancer and she can tell she is getting bigger and older in Oathbringer. As far as Taravangian, well I haven't finished RoW yet and I know that stuff is supposed to go into that section of the forums. Anyway, just an idea I've had up in the old brain so I thought I'd throw it out to you guys and gals to tear apart. Enjoy!
  25. [All Spoilers] Apologies if this is behind the times. I just finished RoW. [And am, as a result, the most sleep-deprived] POINT 1: We know that the Sixteen all came from Yolen. POINT 2: We know that there are three Yolish races: Human; Sho Del; and Dragon. POINT 3: We know there is currently only one Shard on Roshar. POINT 4: We know that dragons can shapeshift. POINT 5: Hoid said something about there being a dragon on Roshar. POINT 6: Specified that the dragon is a woman. POINT 7: And states that she hides her draconian form. POINT 8: During Taravangian's Ascension, we are explicitly told that Cult has many forms, but only one true form. So... Cultivation is a dragon. Right? FUN THEORY 1: "The Dog And The Dragon" is about Hoid and Frost on Yolen. Hoid, a poor widdle human, wanted to be all awesome like the dragons. Whether or not Dragons can actually shapeshift, Hoid acquired an equivalent ability in the form of Yolish lightweaving. He may have done other things as well. But it wasn't the same. Perhaps that is what drove him towards The Shattering. And/or towards being a walking talking museum for forms of investiture manipulation. FUN THEORY 2: We know that Lift turns food into Investiture. We know that this ability was granted her by Cult. I kind of wonder whether food-to-investiture is a dragon thing, and to affect it, Cult modified Lift's spiritual DNA to resemble the draconic. Guys I just want Lift to be a dragon. Is that wrong? Maybe! But I could still be right! FUN THEORY 3: Cultivation's Vessel is named Fyiad. AYYO BRANDON, MAKE IT HAPPEN.