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Found 17 results

  1. poll

    This is an argument that I have been having with my brother for a long time, would a mistborn or jedi win in a fight. The mistborn is era 1 and thus has access to atium but not guns/era 2 metals(bendalloy,chronium, ect).
  2. From the album Other Cosmere Art

    Cosmere Modern AU: Kelsier, Hoid, Sazed, Khriss, Frost This is a new year piece for the fandom so I could use some wild imagination to draw some impossible scene! (Can't wait for Mistborn Era 3~4!) Alternative version I Alternative version II This comes from some dumb anime joke. Someone took it to make their play mat ("I really want others to see those nerds!") and I'm curious about the final product XD
  3. I was going through some of my old writing and found the beginning of a fanfic I wrote from all the way back in 2018. A few people wanted to read it, and since I don't currently plan on finishing it, I thought I could post what I already have. I made some quick edits, but it's mostly untouched. I'm not completely happy with this, though, especially towards the end. I might to come back to it at some point, but I'm not in the right mindset for it right now, and I have some other projects I'd like to finish first. This is also the first fic I've posted anywhere, and storms, it's nerve-wracking. It's a crossover fic with various main characters from the cosmere books all attending Shallan and Adolin's wedding, and it's as ridiculous as it sounds. I wrote this purely for fun, with no regard for realism or continuity. I will warn you, this is very unfinished and quite rough, and doesn't feature all of the characters I'd like it to. The scenes end rather abruptly as well, and there's no proper ending. Despite all of this, I hope you enjoy it! It's so hard to press the submit button... *crawls into a corner and hides* Tagging the people who replied to the status update
  4. From the album Cosmeme & Crossmere

    Commissioned piece. Crossover description: Hoid from the Cosmere and Gandalf from Lord of the Rings performing dragon fireworks show, with Kaladin, Syl, the Dog, Frodo and Bilbo watching. It's really an unexpected crossover but fun to draw!
  5. Okay, so, I'm sorry. I really am. "Crablor" is a meme in the Silmarillion fandom wherein Maglor, during his years of wandering in regret by the seashore, turns into a crab cryptid. They have a whole week for it and everything. Last night, whilst dreaming, my subconscious put two and two together and came up with crab. And so I woke up with the dumbest crossover bunny ever, and I must exorcise by writing it down. At least it's brief.
  6. So, me and a couple of friends discussed a Harry Potter-Percy Jackson crossover roleplay, and we’ve been doing it for a little bit, however, some people have left, and there are too few of us left to really carry it on, so we’re opening it to the public. Comment if you want to join and I’ll add you. The Story So Far: It is the year 2020, and there's a new dark force in the world. Under the pseudonym Iris, she begins to wreak havoc on the wizarding world. However, she is not a normal witch: Iris is the daughter of Hecate and a wizard. As things become increasingly dangerous at Hogwarts, Headmistress Professor McGonagall becomes worried, and realizes that Iris could potentially be within the walls of the school. Thus, she reaches out to Chiron, who agrees to help by sending in a team of demigods. What happens as the demigods and wizards meet? Who is Iris, really? And can the world be saved? Only disaster can come when myths and magic collide.
  7. Okay, so hear me out. Would fuelling Allomancy with Stormlight unveil new powers we've never seen before? Here's my logic. A fabrial uses a Spren (a fragment of Honor/Cultivation) as a key to determine what the Fabrial will do. That key is then refined by the metal used to make the cage of the fabrial. Then you power it with Stormlight to give the Spren fuel to power the Fabrial's effect. So with that in mind, let's compare that to Allomancy. The metals are keys that refine what the "preservationspren" (big airquotes there) produces as an effect. Due to the Connection to the Allomancer, the effect is emitted from their location in the realms. Obviously the big difference here is scale. One spren is infinitely less powerful than the entire Shard of Preservation. But the general analogy holds, right? A piece of Investiture filtered by metal that consumes a fuel source to produce an effect. So, then. If there was a Radiant who was also a Mistborn, and they sucked in Stormlight, could they then "burn" the Stormlight like how Vin consumes the Mists? Assuming that this is possible, what would the effect(s) be? Personally I think the Radiant Spren would be the determining factor here; Each one would act like a different "alloy" like the various Atium alloys, filtering the output. It might also be possible to still burn a metal while forcing Stormlight to come through, but that probably requires a LOT more hacking than just consuming Stormlight as a fuel like burning the mists. Now back to Fabrials, speaking of the mists. If it were possible to contain the mists inside a gemstone, could you use that to power "allomantic fabrials" kind of like Ettmetal? Using different spren powered by the mists to create allomantic effects? Hmm... Well I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this...
  8. What with Homestuck have something of a Renaissance right now, I thought- hey, crossover? I definitely put a bit more thought into the (mostly) main Homestuck cast on Roshar than the SBURB session of the primary Knights Radiant (plus Adolin), but I’ll include my thoughts on both here: -John, Jane, and Jade are all in a Thaylen trading caravan. John is predominantly Herdazian with some Thaylen blood, Jane is mostly Thaylen, and Jade is also mostly Thaylen but has a bit of Horneater red to her hair. In the grand Herdazian tradition and so I don’t have to think about family trees too much, they all call each other cousin and I’m leaving it at that. Jane is training to be the next in charge of the trade caravan under the tutelage of Dads Egbert and Crocker, and is a fan of the conservative beauty of the Vorin havah. Jade is a wild woman and is as likely to remember to wear a glove on her safe hand as not. Both her and John are a source of constant shenanigans to their older cousin Jane. -John is, unsurprisingly, a Windrunner- attracting the attention of an honorspren named Nana. I’m not making all the spren the kids’ sprites, but some are more fitting than other options. -Jane is an Edgedancer with the surprisingly gruff cultivation spren who goes by Hegemonic (who despite his gruff exterior has some real “heart” if you catch my meaning. It’s Hearts Boxcars). Jane is none too pleased about being magic. -Jade is a Bondsmith, as is fitting for the most powerful player in the Beta session. Seeing as how there’s a third godspren out there somewhere we don’t know about, I’ve decided to go with that untouched place and am currently flipping between Bec Noir or Bec Blanche as her spren. -To complete the Egbert/Harley/Crocker/English family, Jake is a relative to them through Jade’s Horneater ancestry, and is alone out in the peaks somewhere, having a grand old time. Jake is a Willshaper- again not much is known about their powers but based on the name I’m currently assuming something to do with emotional control which seems thematic kind of to Hope as an aspect. AR/Hal is their spren and he’s a little insufferable. -Over on the shattered plains, the Strider house is one of the minor noble houses fighting the war with the Parshendi. Dave and his half brother Dirk are both Brightlords, with Dirk representing the house with both plate and blade while Dave has just a blade. “Bro” is the man in charge of House Strider, with Dirk being his first kid before getting involved with the Lalondes. -Speaking of, Mom Lalonde and her daughter Rose reside in Alethkar’s capital, Rose studying every bit of social science possible. Jasnah is most definitely her role model/gay awakening. -Unbeknownst to the rest of them, Mom Lalonde has a tryst with a Reshi man and has a secret daughter and Rose’s secret half sister, Roxy. She’s living out on the isles doing sick Robin Hood crem dung. -Dirk is a skybreaker, natch. His highspren, when he deems to talk to him, is Caliborn. He’s kind of a tool, which seems to be a thing for highspren. -Dave is a Stoneward and TBH I don’t have too much reasoning behind this besides that I get the impression Stonewards are kind of big on defending folk if Talenel’s grit is anything to go by. His spren is a Vagabond of the Wayward sort. -Rose is NOT a Lightweaver- she is actually a Truthwatcher, with Jaspers as her spren. Don’t worry, there’s a character with plenty of things to hide that’s the team Lightweaver later on. Roxy is an Elsecaller, and in parallel with Dirk her Inkspren is Calliope! She’s very good at Soulcasting from seemingly nothing at all~ So those are the humans and they’re fine and good- but on the other side of the table (and the Parshendi war) we have some of the trolls- who are Parshendi! -Karkat was a Parshman who awakened in the Everstorm- and boy does he have some Secrets he is keeping from the Listeners, making him the prime target for a bond from an incredibly angry liespren (Jack) Noir. He is for the most part staying in work form, but seems to be able to repress the repulsion to fight while in it- or at least he claims so. -Kanaya is also an awakened Parshman and another edgedancer- I need a better name but her spren currently is just based on the Mother Grub. It might be a weird, corrupted spren? Could be interesting- anyways she’s hella gay and helps Rose escape Kholinar before the siege. She is full on war form and Rose finds it Incredibly Attractive. -Vriska is from the Shattered Plains- and was one of the Parshendi to go storm form during the battle. She claims to be fine with what they did, but she’s really not. Very conflicted inner morals compounded by the arguments over the justification of it with her partner Terezi. Eventually she deserts around the time she bonds with an Ashspren named Snow who may or may not have some kind of spren royal countenance about her. Thusly, she is a Dustbringer. -Speaking of Terezi, she is a nimble form seeker of justice who was definitely opposed to the whole storm form plan, and secreted away other Parshendi who were being rounded up. Her current placeholder Truthwatcher spren is Pyralspite- I seem to have developed kind of a theme of two parallel spren origins in each of these groups of four, so that’s something. -Not many of the other trolls are relevant, but in short order Aradia is another skybreaker bonded to Diamonds Droog- she is alive and she intends to stay that way. Sollux is with her and is like the third storming Truthwatcher wandering around, though his spren Clubs Deuce leaves much to be desired. Gamzee is a voidbringer bound to/possessed(?) by Doc Scratch. And then on the OTHER side of the crossover... I only really came up with god tiers for the main knights radiant (plus Adolin) and thinking of how the hell a session would go down with them is beyond me right now, but here goes: -Kaladin is the Mage of Breath- he knows the price of freedom and sometimes suffers for his aspect, natch. -Szeth is a Prince of Doom- he was beholden to rules before, but seems to be breaking them in the name of them now so that tracks -Renarin is a Page of Light- lots of his issues stem from being unable to tap into his potential, absolute Page problems, and the future sight definitely fits with Light’s fortune -Shallan is a Knight of Heart- she’s ABSOLUTELY got the Knight facade thing going on with Veil and Radiant, and soul splinters are yet another Heart issue. -Lift is a Rogue of Life- she does the healy thing and the stealy thing but she doesn’t strike me as a total Thief, so Rogue. -Dalinar is a Seer of Blood- bonds are Blood’s purview and his role as a dignitary right now is less combative and more informational. -Jasnah is a Witch of Space- yet another classpect already taken by a canon character but... She’s Jasnah Kholin. Who am I to argue? -Venli is a Maid of Mind- admittedly this was tougher, but I settled on it what with her arc seemingly now trying to clean up her past decisions, which fits. -And finally, Adolin is... the Heir of Time. Why Time, you ask? Aside from being one of the absolute necessary 2 aspects present in a session, Time players are all described as fighters- always active in whatever their quest is. Alongside his other personal turmoil over his literal inheriting of leader of house Kholin eventually, so being the Heir of anything is something he has to deal with. Anyways, I hope this provides someone with some entertainment, and I’d love to get a discussion going about either of these concepts!
  9. A man breaks out of prison with mysterious powers of both the cosmere and JoJo! Now he’s on the loose and both worlds have to take part in his capture! Heyo everyone! @Dr. Dapper and I have been thinking up a cosmere JoJo crossover RP! If you want in just say so (preferably with at least a character idea) and one of us will add you to the Pm!
  10. Hey This may not be exactly a discussion about the Mistborn books per se, but just a fun question that I sorta need for fanfiction writing purposes. That said, if I put the thread in a wrong place on the forum, I apologize and definitely don't object to it being moved accordingly. Same goes for using wrong tags, I've no idea how to tag properly. Anyway, if you were to sort the characters from Mistborn series (and that includes Wax and Wayne series, because I love those guys) into Hogwarts houses from Harry Potter, how would it go? Personally, I'm only sure that Elend and Sazed would fit in Ravenclaw and Breeze maybe in Slytherin, though I'm very open to all suggestions. I'm actually completely torn whether Kelsier is a Gryffindor (stupidly brave hero type) or Slytherin (you can not tell me he wasn't very cunning and VERY ambitious with his grand plan). So, if you have a free while to wonder about this or if you already have any opinion on the subject, I'd gladly hear them. Again, don't take this too seriously, it's really just for fun and maybe to wonder about which values the characters mostly represent and what makes them tick... Anyway, I eagerly wait for any ansers!
  11. So I recently watched the Clone Wars animated series. There was a lot of Jar Jar Binks for my tastes (I'm sure you understand.) But then I had a thought. This thought. Oh. This thought completely transformed how I viewed Jar Jar. Jar Jar Binks is a Ta'veren. We know just a few things about Ta'veren. They are spun out by the Pattern, which would be analogous in some ways to the force, to correct itself when it begins to drift from the intended pattern. We see them work in a few different ways, mostly by changing the probability of something happening. The impossible never happens, but the very unlikely can happen incredibly often. As unlikely as Qui Gon not using the force to move Jar Jar out of his way and instead letting Jar Jar jump on him before they both fell to the ground and let a giant hover tank run them over ultimately resulting and no bodily harm whatsover. Or that being just the thing needed to save Jar Jar later from whatever crime he committed to get him banned. And no matter how funny that 'bigger fish' quip was Qui Gon, you should thank the flaming Ta'veren in the boat with you that you're still alive. We can see a pretty clear demonstration of the Ta'veren pull at work. The damage to the spaceship forces them to land on Tatooine, where it isn't the Jedis or the royalty who meet Anakin Skywalker, but the other Ta'veren, doing his Ta'veren random chance thing by spitting out a Gorg leg rather than paying for it. On returning to Naboo, Jar Jar is made a Bombad General. That's quite a promotion for someone who was about to be executed, and while he wasn't much good in organized battle, he sure can retreat in style. He was manipulated into giving the Supreme Chancelor, another Ta'veren, emergency powers giving him the ability to form the grand army of the republic. In a mission to Toydaria, Jar Jar displays some impressive skills with his dexterity, and his ability to manipulate people's attention at the same time. On Rodia, he gets mistaken for a Jedi, befriends a giant underwater monster, and they manage to save Amidala. Back on Naboo, he impersonates another gungan and is accepted without question, then goes on to best General Grievous (though, to be honest, that doesn't take much in the Clone Wars.) There's a few other examples out there, but I don't want to dig through the whole clone wars, you get the picture. He was a major player and influence. He discovered Anakin, and in a way connected him to Amidalla and Palpatine by connecting him to the jedi. He was the thread the pattern set out to connect it all together to create the Empire.
  12. From the album Cosmeme & Crossmere

    This is already in Sanderson Memes thread, though it would be nice to put it here, too. Mistborn/Rick and Morty crossover prompted by @Extesian , a parody of Rick's enthusiasm over Szechuan dipping sauce (from S03 E01). In this, Hoid is desiring Scadrian spicy instant noodles instead. The instant noodles stuff comes from this WoB:
  13. Okay so here's a few ideas that I've kicked around in my head for a while because I love video games and I love lore and I love Cosmere and I love crossovers. So as I was playing certain games, I started to notice a few... similarities to some of my favorite Shardworlds, and the more I looked, the deeper the parallels became. It's amazing how easily some of these games would fit into the cosmere, I think, and the way that they share some cool aspects with some existing Cosmere books. This is all just for fun, some wacky coincidences between some of the stuff I love. There will be spoilers for the following: Dishonored, Dishonored 2, Destiny and its DLCs, Stormlight Archive, and Mistborn. This is a super long post too, because I love this topic and can babble at length. To start us out: Destiny as Stormlight Archive (in SPACE) Primer for those who don't know anything about Destiny here: Now that we're all on the same page, basically, I'm gonna dig into how this one plays out Cosmere-wise: The Traveler is a Shard. This one feels pretty obvious. Being of immense power that changes entire solar systems with its very presence with insane amounts of power? Shard. The Traveler was splintered by a rival Shard, the Darkness. I feel like the Traveler ends up as a good mix of Honor (establishing orders of guardian knights) and Cultivation (creating life and habitability on otherwise barren landscapes), and that leaves the Darkness as Odium, who has splintered Honor/the Traveler. Ghosts are Splinters, specifically spren. Little, sentient pieces of a dead power? Check. Bond with an individual to give them powers? Check. Cute little companions that appear and disappear at will? Check. The Traveler's Light is investiture, specifically Stormlight. I mean, come on. Light siphoned from the power of the shattered power of an extremely potent entity? It even gives Guardians extreme recovery abilities, letting them heal from wounds in only a few seconds, and making them basically immortal. Guardians are Radiants. Thanks to their bond with their spren/Ghost, Radiants/Guardians have different and unique ways that they can channel the Light to create various distinct powers. Guardian subclasses are Radiant Orders. Though there are only three classes (Titan, Hunter, Warlock) for Guardians, each of those classes has three subclasses (Titan - Striker, Defender, Sunbreaker; Hunter - Gunslinger, Bladedancer, Nightstalker; Warlock - Voidwalker, Stormcaller, Sunsinger), and each has their own powers. The names even sound like Radiant orders. Edgedancer/Bladedancer? Stormcaller/Elsecaller? The races which serve the Darkness are Voidbringers. The four enemy races in Destiny—the Fallen, the Hive, the Vex, and the Cabal—are fighting against the forces of Light in hordes, serving a nebulous but terrifying enemy of the Traveler and the Light. Guardians have to defend the regular people against these overwhelming armies. And finally, one of my favorite little tidbits about Destiny and its implications on this crossover comes from the heavy weapons category in Destiny. Guardians can carry three guns at a time: a primary, a secondary, and a heavy. Primaries are most used for normal encounters (regular guns, pretty much), secondaries are special situations (shotguns and snipers and stuff), and heavies (which deal massive damage, but are hard to find ammo for). For the first year, there were only two weapon types in the heavy category: machine guns and rocket launchers. As of Year 2 and The Taken King DLC, though, we got a new kind of weapon in this category: Swords. Now if you are thinking that putting swords in the same category as rocket launchers is not really fair, you are right, because swords are so much cooler than rocket launchers in Destiny. (Spoilers below are gifs and pictures) These are weapons of powerful energy that eat through bosses, and when you pull them out, they flash into existence from the hilt. They're all gorgeous and unique looking and though they're pretty massive, the Guardians hold them like they're weightless. Guys, they're shardblades. Destiny has shardblades. Look at those jagged waves on the back of the right-most sword, Razelighter. That's completely something a Shardblade would have. Oathbringer has waves just like that on its backside. Case closed, everybody, pack up and go home. Destiny is the Stormlight Archive. Now that that one's settled, let's move on to our next game and book pairing: Dishonored and Dishonored 2 as Mistborn Once again, for those not familiar with the two Dishonored series, here's your quick primer: So, there's a few really obvious ones right off the bat that I'll get out of the way before I start delving into some of the really cool Cosmere parallels. Even those of you who have just watched the trailers can probably pick up on some of these: Aesthetic and ambiance. If there were ever to be a Mistborn video game, I'd want it to feel like Dishonored does. The worldbuilding of Dishonored's Empire of the Isles, especially in the first game, has an extremely Scadrian feel to it. We have a dark, dismal, dystopian Empire, where the rich hold opulent lavish parties while the rest of the city suffers and dies in squalor just outside their golden-lit stained glass windows. The guards exist to beat the lower class down and keep them from bothering the upper crust, and the government holds all the power. The bureaucratic Abbey of the Everyman, a religious organization more focused on tracking down illegal magic users and summarily executing them rather than any kind of real piety, is a perfect fit for the Steel Ministry, and the Canton of Inquisition in particular. Dunwall, the city of the first game feels a lot like Final Empire-era Luthadel, albeit with a Victorian steampunk twist that would be right at home with Elendel. The best of both Mistborns here. (spoiler tag is pics) The Outsider's Mark powers feel very Allomantic. Though there aren't any metals involved, and both Corvo and Emily (and Daud, the DLC protagonist) have different powers from the Outsider, there's no denying that the powers that the Outsider grants are perfect for the kind of stealthy, sneaky, stabbity modus operandi that Mistborn favor. Corvo and Daud's Blink power feels a lot like Steelpushing, whereas Emily's Far Reach power could be the Lurcher equivalent. Watching Emily toss a grenade and then yank it back toward her over her head, or yank a body or living guard towards her in midair feels exceptionally like Ironpulling. The Dark Vision power feels a lot like tin, as it enhances vision and sounds around you to help you keep silent and keep track of where the guards and enemies are. Dishonored is a game that you can play perfectly stealthily, carefully never being seen, or you can rush in as a malestrom of superpowered death. Even the most high-tiered enemies, the "hazekillers" of Dishonored, really can't stand a chance against a Marked assassin who really knows what they're doing with their powers. Not to mention what the mark looks like. Crescents, dots, and long strokes? The Outsider's mark would fit in with the Steel Alphabet perfectly. Protagonist story parallels. Corvo is thrown into a terrible prison and tortured as a regular person, and then receives magical powers and goes to overthrow the evil empire who did it to him. Though it happens off-screen between the two games, the tutorial of Dishonored 2 shows him teaching Emily how to fight, sneak across rooftops, and defend herself. The Kelsier parallels are manifold. Meanwhile, Emily, especially after inheriting her powers, feels like a wonderful Vin parallel. The empress who'd rather go galavanting off across the rooftops than sit in court, an avenging assassin, using her powers to take down her enemies with deadly precision and skill. Now, that the surface level is taken care of, let's dig into some of the ways that Dishonored really and shockingly lines up well with Realmatic theory, and some of the more intricate Realmatic things on Scadrial specifically. The Outsider is a Shard. Unlike Destiny's the Traveler, which felt like a splintered Shard like Honor, the Outsider as a Shard would be one with an aware and active Vessel. Though he appears to protagonists in the Void, it's very clear that this is an avatar that he projects of himself, for his true form is something far more nebulous, something that suffuses the entirety of the Void and can watch over the entire physical world as well. He speaks only to a special chosen few, and only a handful of individuals merit enough attention from him to be gifted with his Mark. The parallels are even more clear when you find out more about his backstory. Like the Shards' vessels, the Outsider was once a human, who was sacrificed in a ritual to bind him to the powers of the Void. After his ascension, he remained fascinated with humanity, even though he himself was quite beyond human himself, now. (If I had to pick a Shard name for him, I'd probably go with Chaos.) The Outsider's power is the investiture which fuels the powers of the Marked. In the same way that the powers of Allomancy are drawn directly from Preservation, Marked individuals draw their power directly from the Outsider. The Void is the Cognitive Realm. This is an exceptionally important one, and I'll expound on it further in the next point, but the way the Void functions in Dishonored is strikingly similar to the Cognitive realm in the Cosmere. It's misty and off-balance, filled with moments and memories that seem more based in perception than reality. Though the Outsider can manifest himself within the physical world on a few special occasions, the Void is his true home. And like a Shard with a nexus, though his focus is usually in one place, his power is everywhere. Delilah Copperspoon/Kaldwin was a Cognitive Shadow who returned to life, just like Kelsier. Spoilers for the plot of Dishonored 2 and Secret History, but if you watch that Outsider backstory video linked just above, it explains a bit of Delilah's situation. Her spirit was banished to the Void, however, she was still able to communicate through the dreams of those who had been close to her, whispering ways to them that they could bring her back. In much the same way that Kelsier was able to, as a Cognitive Shadow, whisper to Spook because of their Connection so that they could find a way to bring Kelsier back. Delilah's friends and supporters then, were able to perform a seance to draw her spirit back from the Void into the physical world once more, and in the process, made her immortal. Much the same way Kelsier and Spook apparently figured out some way to use hemalurgy to return Kelsier to the physical world and make him immortal as the Sovereign. All in all, it's pretty dang incredible just how many ways these stories line up with each other, in some really really cool ways. In case you guys couldn't tell, I love both Destiny and Dishonored, and could talk about them endlessly. Anyone familiar with the games (or introduced to them here) have anything to add to my interpretations? Or can you think of any other games that line up well with Cosmere worlds like this? Sorry for the massively long post, but I'd love to hear you guys' thoughts on this!
  14. Fellow sharders, happy new year 2015! This is a crossover piece (Sorry, it's only a rough sketch), covering four series (and their magic systems): 2 - Kaladin (Roshar, Stormlight Archive) / 0 - Vin (Scadrial, Mistborn) / 1 - Raoden (Sel, Elantris) / 5 - Vasher (Nalthis, Warbreaker) # # # Another two pieces for fun: One night of the Kholin family Everyone is in pajamas! Front: Shallan, Adolin, Kaladin, Renarin / Behind: Jasnah, Elhokar / Dalinar and Navani are in their room now… Boots incident! # # # Nohadon, writer of The Way of Kings Old stuff: Brightlady Jewelry Includes: (Mostly Navani’s) hairpins, hairspikes, other hair ornaments, earrings, ruby rings Additional: Painrial
  15. I'm just looking for resources for a D&D campaign that I am DMing for right? Well I just happen to stumble onto this. I was blown away. Someone made stats for Shardblades and Shardplate in D&D! I think that I might just get together with my local Sanderfans and play a game of D&D in Roshar. I wish I could play with you guys, but you are all so far away I really just want to let you guys know that it was possible to play D&D set in one of Sanderson's worlds. If you guys happen to have any ideas for another one of his worlds, or even make the systems and stats for it, please, please, please put it in here so that I can see it.
  16. I had a thought in the bath today (strange how inspiration strikes so often in the bathroom... maybe I should try and spend more of my day there ) Forgive me if this post seems erratic and scatty, I've not got all my thoughts in order yet, so this probably won't flow too well. I'm re-reading Warbreaker, highlighting what I think are important sections re: the larger Cosmere as I go (yay kindle!) and I've just gotten to the point at which Lightsong turns away petitioners and gets into a discussion regarding his own religion with Larimar. Larimar tells him: The wording here I think is important, which I'll come back to, but also: we know when you cross over, your soul makes a stopover in the Cognitive realm. Makes me think this is relevant to future-perception magics generally. Now, Isomere has started a topic'>here which I think needs some love. He proposes that magic on Roshar is based around the idea of waveforms. I think this has some mileage. It also has implications for crossovers. Why I hear you ask? Breath. With enough BioChromatic Breath, you can perceive perfect colour and pitch recognition. If magic on Roshar is based on waveforms, this immediately becomes relevant (as colour and sound are both a product of wavelength). I'm not sure exactly what implications this may have, but again, stick with me, I'm going to keep going. We also know, in a mostly unrelated way, that Hemalurgy (what? We're on Scadrial now? Stick with me, I promise this get attempt to get stitched together at the end!) can be used to steal many different magical (and mundane) properties. Why should this be? If Ruin created Hemalurgy, why can it be used to steal powers granted by other shards? Why does sDNA have to be able to be affected by another Shard in the first place? We often talk of 'Preservation's power' or 'Honour's power', as though these are completely removed from each other - as though the shattering of Adonalsium split the power of creation along these lines of intent. I now think differently. I think that whilst each Shard has their own unique Intent, they each have a measure of the exact same, universal, power of creation, but this is filtered through the 'lens' of the Shardic intent it's tied to. And we see the evidence of this in the fact that people all over the Cosmere have Hemalurgic bindpoints which those on Scadrial could never have known of, or that the Waveforms on Roshar could be easily interpreted by an Awakener of sufficient Heightening. I might even go so far as to suggest that an Awakener would have an easier time making sense of Allomantic Bronzepulses, or the 'rhythm' of the Dor. This may also go some way to help describe how Odium was able to alter things on Roshar so that he could influence events there - he doesn't need to change the nature of the inherent magics there, only to change the way in which the magic is interpreted (perhaps through altering sDNA, although I'm loathe to tough the topic of sDNA as I don't think we know enough about it yet). Looking back over this, I don't know that I've necessarily said anything that's not been said before... but it feels like a fresh revelation in my head. Does this sound right or wrong to anyone else? Would anyone like to add to this, tweak it, or contradict it? Go nuts! I'd love to know what you all think.
  17. So I don't know if this means anything or if anyone else has touched on this, but Kalad, the name attached to the secret army referred to as Kalad's Phantoms in Warbreaker is a shortened version of Kaladin's name, the prmary character in The Stormlight Archive. Now since the events of Warbreaker supposedly happened before the Stormlight Archive, that isn't actually provable at this moment. So could Kaladin somehow end up on Nalthis and be a part of its history? Or could someone from his bridge crew or someone else inspired by him become a worldhopper and end up on Nalthis, using Kaladin's name or a variation of it to uphold his inspiration?