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Found 3 results

  1. Day 6 Lenkai was being watched. The figure crouched on a rooftop, grinning from ear to ear. They knew that Lenkai had advertised being guarded, and that could very well be true. However this was still an opportunity for Lenkai to die. It had been too long, and their refusal to be killed irked the figure. They would enjoy killing Lenkai. And finally, a pain in heir side would be gone. The figure dropped down onto the eaves of the house they were standing on. They wondered why Lenkai was always wandering the streets late at night, but the thought quickly passed through their mind, they were too focused on Lenkai, and the relief that would come when he died. The figure almost didn't notice the guard dtachment following Lenkai on the ground. Luckily they heard one of the guards cough. The figure was about to jump off the roof, so the noise made them tense up and the jump too swiftly. The eaves under their feet collapsed, leaving them on the ground facing the sky, with Lenkai on one side and the guards on the other. The figure leapt to their feet and began dashing away, their cover was blown and they couldn't let anyone see who they were. The guards yelled at one another, and half the guards chased the figure, the rest sprinting towards Lenkai themselves. The figure ran through every alleyway they could remember, trying desperately to lose their pursuers. It was through luck that they got away, they crashed into a pole holding up an awning, making the awning collapse after the figure. It bought them enough time that they could get away. In the morning they heard that Lenkai had been detained for illicit dealings. They weren't dead, but they were inconvenienced. Maybe they could take solace in that. Elkanah was attacked and survived! Again! Again! Elkanah was caught using the contract market! They will not be able to vote this cycle. This cycle will end in ~46 hours, on Monday the 12th, at 2000 MDT (0200 GMT) Item market: Contract market: Player List:
  2. Walker has been hunting The Jackal and his criminal net for a year. The Jackal has been thwarting his attempts at every turn. Now the Jackal has started building his own inner circle. Walker has now opened his hunt to any who want to join him, but The Jackal is growing just as fast. Walker is hunting, and the Jackal doesn't seem to care. Now, anyone who wants in can be in, and the full might of both sides are crashing against each other.
  3. I've kind of had crime stories on the brain lately, but good ones are hard to find. any recommendations? I enjoyed Bones are Forever by Kathy Reichs but I found her other book to be lackluster.