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Found 10 results

  1. Hi! So I was re-reading WoR and in the Chapter 89 Dalinar has problems reaching the top of Urithiru due to the crem bloquing the trapdoor. But later, we are shown that the Hightstorms and Everstorms run under Urithiru, so how has de crem deposited on top of the city? One friend has de theory that Urithiru is a fabrial itself and, specifically, a teleportation fabrial. That would explain the crem and how Nohadon could walk to Urithiru. Also it may explain why every nation maps Urithiru near it's capital (or maybe that's explained by the position of the oathgates) Thanks!
  2. I was finishing a reread of the way of kings today. In Dalinar's last vision the storm (presumably the everstorm but it is described as a dust storm with no mention of rain and red lightning, I suspect it could be "the true desolation" instead) is described as turning the rocks to dust; when reading that I remembered that stormwater is described as tasting metallic. Could part of Odium's body have been stolen and mixed into the stormwater/crem, this could be part of why Odium is bound to the Roshar system and why he is so focused on the desolation? Odium would need to destroy the entire surface of the continent to free himself. There isn't much evidence for this theory but I think it's worth considering.
  3. So I've just heard in Oathbringer > 60. 'Winds and Oaths' where Kaladin observes the colorful strata of the Windblades. I've heard this at least once before as well. And searching through other forum topics - it seems like other unique stone formations on Roshar may have similar. Question is: why are these not covered over with millennia-worth of crem by now? How are external rock-faces exhibiting colorful strata at all? Any ideas?
  4. I think it's been well established in Oathbringer that Urithiru, or at the very least its upper levels, are above the Highstorms. Such that there are baskets for lowering sphere's to infuse. They seem to make this point several times. My question, then, is why is there crem on top of the tower at the end of WoR when Dalinar goes out to talk to the Stormfather? If rain does actually fall on top of the tower, then I personally wouldn't have considered it above the storms. Note that I'm not referencing Dalinar's assumption that the trapdoor was held in place by crem. I think it's possible that the door was sealed intentionally. I don't want to just come out and make that assumption though, because obviously there is some crem on the tower.
  5. So I was stewing about this and found out Falconite beat me to the conclusion by a few years in But wanted to gather what we know and have a think: - Szeth says he can stand on the stones in Urithiru. - Shin are OK with using/touching metal as long as it’s soulcast, so might they feel the same about stone? - WoB says the distinction is cultural: So I agree with Falconite, Urithiru is an immense soulcast structure or collection of structures. What think you? Furthermore, as such an old place can *still* be considered OK to tread upon by Szeth: - There must be no crem build-up. Or at the very least there is no crem build-up on the upper part of the tower. - Also there are glass windows facing east. Again, at least in the upper part of the tower. - Then there is partial confirmation that Urithiru is protected from Easterly storms (Everstorm) by mountain(s) and (possibly) protected from westerly storms (Highstorms) because of extreme height: So Storms do not touch this place. Or at least they don’t touch the upper tower. Which leads me to my second point/question. Why is Crem "hallowed?" We know it is not completely natural. ( Is that all there is to it? The Shin are aware of its nature?
  6. In all planets besides Roshar, dirt is just dirt. Only on Roshar is it called crem. This cannot be a random name for ordinary dirt, so here's my theory. Crem is like mist, in the sense that it's the physical manifestation of a shard. Since the Highstorms are Honor, I think Crem is cultivation. Ideas?
  7. With the Stormlight Archive, we often make the mistake of thinking the Highstorms are the most influential aspect of Rosharian life. Widows all face Leward, massive windbreaks created on the Stormward side of any community. The life has evolved to resist the powerful winds of the endless, scouring storms, the very ecosystems built around surviving the desolate land. And yet, while we give our attention to the temporary devastation of Highstorms, many of us ignore their more permanent affects. The most significant of these is so commonplace among the Rosharans, it's easy to forget how remarkable it is. Crem. It's everywhere. The world literally drowns in it. The entirety of Roshar is covered in thin layers of the stuff by the highstorms, which eventually builds into thick layers of strata. It covers the world like clay, hardening as it dries into solid stone. It covers corpses left in the sun, turning them into clay statues melting into the rock. But what is it, and where does it come from? It seems to have similar properties to clay. However, It appears to be harder when it dries, and it's runny enough to splash in directly after a storm. It could, of course, be the same chemical composition, but I doubt it. And where does it come from? It falls with the highstorms, but not the weeping. This means it doesn't form in the sky, and fall to earth in the rains. It could be created by the highstorms themselves, but then it would cover ALL of Roshar, rather than leaving Shinovar untouched. It seems to pick it up overseas, then dump it on Roshar, running out as it moves. So where does it come from? The Ocean? But where would it get the sediment from straight water? Maybe another continent, across the waves? Can anybody tell me? its driving me nuts.
  8. I'm wondering if shardplate is made from crem. I have a couple of reasons. Crem comes from highstorms so it might have a deeper connection to the stormfather or spren. Also plot wise it would give another reason why Brandon came up with crem in the first place besides being used in pottery, buildings, general nuisance and covering up an ancient city. We know you can shape it and it can become hard so with some investure crem could become shardplates. I'm just imaging Lopen saying shardplate is made from wothless crem and then going out and covering his whole body with it to try to get become a shardbearer.
  9. Alright guys, first theory. I hope this has not been said. What if Crem is the leftover of spren, kind of like the crystal vines are for Wyndle? When the highstorms come over with all of their windspren, then they deposit the massive amounts of spren because of how coporeal these spren are, due to the massive windiness of the highstorm. Then it's filled with nutrients because of the cultivation part of these spren, or because there are other spren inside the highstorm that are more Cultivation. That's my theory. Please tell me what's wrong with it, or not clearly said.
  10. Crem is one of those things. It is a nutrient-rich, clay-like substance that falls from Invested storms, (possibly) providing the nutrients for crustaceans shells and rockbuds...rockiness, used for pottery, building, and almost never violence. It is not identifiable as anything but itself, and falls directly on all land across the supercontinent with the highstorms - meaning it isn't swept up from one place there and deposited everywhere else. From that, we can assume either or both of two things: Crem is generated by a Shard/other powerful entity and crem is swept up from some place between the Origin of Storms and Panrosha (my name for the Rosharian supercontinent, derived from Pangaea, with a bastardization of Roshar). Further, the crem doesn't seem to stick around unless specifically treated - perhaps it's absorbed by plants and animals, but it should still build up in places. Yet, it just goes away. Is this simply Cultivations power returning to her (a la Atium and Ruin) once it's been used? I've been pinning the crem on her the whole time, simply because it fits with her Intent, but it might be anyone else, or just a natural process. Any ideas? Discuss!