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Found 4 results

  1. So, I made this. Edit: I bade this at school. It is maple, I used a laser to put the stuff on it. Image inside the following spoiler box contains a quote from Oathbringer!
  2. We don't know that Adonalsium created anything right? So he/she/it was just a huge body of mass and energy before the shattering? So what if Adonalsium shattering was like the Big Bang and and all that mass/energy rapidly sped outward and then all the different types of shard energy attracted each other like gravity and collected with matter in many large groups of energy and mass that became the planets in the cosmere. This would explain soooooo many things but it breaks my brain and is hard to explain. Please leave other implications of this theory that I may have missed in the comments.
  3. My take on Preservation, as he is giving humans a sliver of himself.
  4. I will first lay out what we know and possible influences on Brandon, then I will put out my theory. First of all, we know that on each of the Shardworlds, there is Man (Humankind). Each world is a bit different, but they all look the same. Second, Shards are akin to Gods in the Cosmere. Third, in the Bible, one of, if not the most published book in the history of the world, a book that Brandon most likely has heard some part of, it states that Man was made in God's Image. Do you see where I am getting at here? My theory: The Shards created life in the Image of Adonalsium, which is essentially saying they created life in their own image, as God did. Each is slightly different, but they all look the same, which brings me on to my main point: Adonalsium, whatever it is, was the original template for Mankind, and therefore is shaped as if a man (human). Okay, so now its out there. I'm not sure if this theory has been proposed before, and I'm sorry if I made any incorrect assumptions, but I think that this is definitely possible. I welcome input (your thoughts, etc.) or even outright dismissals. ~Patchwork Gibletish