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Found 9 results

  1. This is a sequence of thought processes that built on one another and let to some slightly crazy conclusions. I was initially thinking of Breath-based fabrials. Theoretically, it should be possible to get any kind of gaseous Investiture into a polestone (or any kind of Investiture at all), so logically if you could get Breath into a polestone and fit a metal cage around it, you could use that to power a fabrial. The question is: how do you put the Breath in there? It’s easy enough to put Stormlight into a gemstone, as you can simply leave it out during a highstorm. That wouldn’t work for Breath. Maybe you could have an Awakener Breathe into the stone, but unless they are of a very high Heightening, that is unlikely to be possible. But what about tuning forks? You can use a specially constructed tuning fork to take Light out of a polestone and move it to another. The process is simple: hit the fork to make it vibrate, then touch the vibrating fork to an infused gemstone. This produces a flow of Light that you can then push into another gemstone by touching it with the fork. Could you do that with Breath? Could it be possible to pull Breath out of an object by creating a tuning fork that vibrates to Endowment’s Tone and using it to draw Breath out of, say, a shirt and then into a gemstone? And what does this have to do with aluminum? Well, consider that to move Investiture around you use vibration. Vibrate an object at the right frequency, and you can pull Investiture into it, or through it. The question now is: could you vibrate an object at a frequency that would push Investiture out? Yes. We see in Rhythm of War that if you expose a gem bearing Voidlight to Odium’s anti-Tone, the Voidlight is pushed out of it. Most objects don’t particularly care about what Tone you input into them. Infuse a stone with Adhesion and it will stick to a wall. Command a wall to turn into smoke and it will comply. Convince a mural that it was actually painted on the lower floor and it will appear there. What if you had a material that did care about frequency it vibrates at? A material that responds to a Tone with its anti-Tone, cancelling it out? This is what I think aluminum is actually doing, and also the effect it provides in Allomancy. When you try to Invest aluminum, it resonates with an incompatible Tone, shoving the Investiture out of itself. When you burn aluminum, you are not Investing it, but instead replicating its properties, creating a cacophony of anti-Tones that cleanses all kinetic Investiture in your body. This would also explain why Invested things resist external Investiture. When an object isn’t Invested, it’s not vibrating to any particular Shard’s Tone. However, when it is Invested, it vibrates with a Rhythm that combines the Identity of whoever Invested it and the pure Tone of the Shard to whom that Investiture belongs, and you need to either match that Rhythm or just brute force your way into the object with a lot of Investiture - which is confirmed by WoB to be possible, though very difficult, to do to aluminum.
  2. Does anyone else envision Talenel as Terry Crews?
  3. Hi, i'm new here but I have a crazy theory so I made an account so that I could share it. I have talked over this theory with some friends that are big fans of The Cosmere and we believe that it is possible. I have seen the theory that Hoid will become the new Adonalsium a couple times, but I believe that he already is/was. The theory in its simplest form is that Hoid is/was Adonalsium. First off, we know that Hoid was present at the shattering of Adonalsium, but nothing I have seen states in what form or fashion. We also know that all the shards have vessels, those that hold them. It stands to reason that Adonalsium also had a vessel that held all his power. It would also explain why Hoid is world-hopping around collecting magic systems, he's trying to put himself back together. I know that supposedly Adonalsium was killed when he shattered, but what if Adonalsium is the name of the power and not the name of the vessel. The death of Adonalsium could be referring to the death of the power when it shattered, but not the death of the vessel that held it. In conclusion, Hoid is what was leftover at the shattering of Adonalsium; he is now searching out the shards and learning all he can about them in the hopes of stitching himself back together. What do you think of my theory? I don't know the most about The Cosmere so there could be things that i'm not aware of that disprove my theory. If any of you have any evidence for or against this i would love to see it. Thanks for reading my theory, ~TheVillageIdiot
  4. I was reading an interlude from the Way of Kings, and the Purelaker's religion reminds me very much of Trelagism from Scadrial. Particularly that there are two competingbrother gods, with one more jealous than the other. For the Purelakers, the only place where it's safe to openly worship their god is in their holy grottos. If there really is something to this religion, and its similarities to Trelagism imply there is, I wonder if the grottos are somehow (naturally or otherwise) made from aluminum rich metals, which would in fact block the "gaze" of a Shard, like we saw in Oathbringer under Kholinar. The second one is a bit looser: In that interlude, the Seventeenth Shard is asking their fisherman spy Ishikk if he's had any luck finding Hoid, and he tells them he hasn't. As they leave, Ishikk overhears one of them (good old Galladon) say that this is a fool's quest, which amuses Ishikk. Admittedly this is a stretch, but a royal Fool is pretty similar to a King's Wit (or an Imperial Fool on Sel). Any chance Ishikk knew they were looking for Hoid, and that they were in fact literally questing for a fool? In that case Ishikk would have to be a friend of Hoid, or at least someone he paid off to mislead them. I thought by the names he might be Ishar too, but insane god-king-Heralds probably don't do much fishing in their spare time. So what do you think, either of these have anything going for them?
  5. Hey, guys! More for kicks than anything else, I have a "theory" for you. The different parts of it have been disproved half a million times, but I'm putting it out here anyway since it is kind of fun. Hoid is Alcatraz. Brandon Sanderson is Adonalsium. Brandon Sanderson was "shattered", or maybe " murdered", by his sixteen most prominent fans, and now one of his creations is trying to put him back together again so that more stories will be written. Disproven by countless WoBs and common sense, Alcatraz's world isn't cosmere, by imma ignore that. Alcatraz isn't a nice person, but neither is Hoid. They've got a similar sense of humor and snazzy/sassy style. We know almost nothing about Hoid, so who knows what we could make his back story. And Brandon Sanderson being Adonalsium? Both created the cosmere. Duh. Here it goes. Brandon Sanderson created his stories, like he usually does, some connecting, some not. Alcatraz versus the Evil Librarians is Hoid's TRUE back story, though only Brandon knows. Funny, poignant, and sad, sassy Alcatraz quickly grows into the Hoid we know, with his character arc stretching past the known books. And then, right after Sanderson finishes writing his last cosmere book, he is killed by sixteen angry fans because it IS the last book. After they steal the amazing creativity power that is held by Brandon, Shard stuff happens, cosmere, blah blah blah. Knowing that the murder of Adonalsium is unfair, Hoid/Alcatraz sets out to put him back together for one last story. The cosmere then becomes a cyclic storyline, restarting every time it ends, with the endpoint being Hoid/Alcatraz putting Adonalsium/Brandon back together. The book Brandon writes after being put back together is the story of Hoid putting everything back together. This silly theory ignores some very obvious facts, like that Alcatraz isn't cosmere, that Yolen would have to be Earth, and that someone would actually want to kill Brandon. What do you all think? Bring up some info that disproves - or better yet, DOES prove - that this is the true cosmere plotline. Have a nice day!
  6. So, my theory is that Shallan's biological father is actually a red, and white colored parshmen in slaveform. Here's my list of evidence. Horneaters are mix of humans and listener. And Shallan looks a lot like a Horneater. Enough so for her to trick Kaladin into thinking she is one. In order for someone to become a surgebinder they need to undergo a lot of trauma. The trauma cracks they're spriteweb. A spren then fits into the cracks, and establishes a bond with the person turning them into a surgebinder. Shallan has gone through a whole lot of trauma. But all of it after her mother tried to kill her. There is nothing to indicate that she had anything other then a normal happy childhood. At least until her mother tried to kill her, and her father went crazy. And yet at the age of 11 she was able to lightweave, and from a shardblade. The only other preteen surgebinder we've seen is Lift. And she didn't become a surgebinder the normal way. Instead her spriteweb was(probably) rewritten by the Nightwatcher. Listeners don't need to undergo trauma to bond with a spren. It's just a natural part of who they are. It's really hard( maybe impossible) for a listener to become a surgebinder. But if someone was half listener, and half human it might mack it way easier then it would be for a full blooded member of ether species. After Shallan kills her mother she becomes unable to talk. A whole lot like a Listener in slaveform. She is only able to talk again right after drawing a picture. Now lets assume Shallan is half Listener. And that she bonded with Pattern as a baby. He was possibly attracted to her because of the 'lie' that she was seen as fully human. Because of the damage to her spiritualDNA passed down form her slaveform father she wouldn't be able to talk, or function as a normal child. But because of her bond with Pattern she is able to talk and grows up thinking she is normal. When Shallan uses Pattern to kill her mother it traumatizes her and damages her nahel bond sending her into slaveform. Pattern sees Shallan's drawings as lies. So when she draws for the first time after killing her mother it reestablishes the bond and enables her to talk aging. This is totally the sort of thing Brandon would do I know this theory is totally out there. And probably not true. But there is evidence for it, and it's fun to think about. Also one of the biggest flaw in this theory is that; if Shallan needs a bond with a spren in order to talk then why don't Horneaters. I think this might be because Horneaters are descended form listeners form before they're were forced into slaveform. And therefor don't have damage to they're sDNA. (Horneaters are probably descended from listeners in workform. They are really big, strong, and dislike violence. All aspects of workform.)
  7. Crazy story time!!! My family decided to get together for a big family reunion/vacation over Thanksgiving this year. We have eight kids in our family (I, being one of the youngest) so this was kind of a big deal for us! We hadn't gotten all of our families together all at the same time in a long while, so this was a very anticipated vacation... Unfortunately, our vacation cabin just happened to be right outside Gatlinburg, Tennessee.... *sigh* So, all thirty of us (eight of those being my nieces and nephews who are all under the age of five.) were trapped at the top of a mountain... at night... surrounded by wildfires....with 80 MPH winds blowing the flames right towards us.. and no electricity... With what little cell service we had, we called the owner of the cabin that we were staying in and asked if it was safe to go down the mountain and she told us that a bunch of trees had fallen in the road, making it impassable. On top of that, the walls of the cabin were bending inwards at least four inches because of the wind, knocking off the decorations and making a horrible shrieking sound all at the same time... My brothers kept calling the fire department and they said that they had all of their men putting out fires and that we were, essentially, on our own. After two or three hours of desperate packing in the dark and staring at the flames inching towards us on the horizon, my dad finally just said, "We're leaving." Two of my brothers volunteered to try and make their way down the mountain and see how many trees had fallen. As they were driving out of the driveway, a huge tree fell right in front of the car!! As I was running out to help I looked at the mountain top right behind the house and saw flames no more than a mile away... So me, my five brothers, and my dad were breaking branches and pulling the tree out of the way, trying to make enough room for our cars to get by. Twenty minutes later, with a little help from a tow rope and a whole lot of muscle, we were finally able to start driving down the mountain. We made it safely down the mountain, (with a few scrapes and abrasions to both the cars and us), and promptly hit a downed power line.... *cue crazy laughter* Thankfully it didn't do much damage and we were able to get past that as well. My dad made reservations at a hotel in a town nearby and, after what seemed like forever, we finally arrived there. It was jam packed with people on account of all the evacuations. We stayed there that night and then we all started back to our different home states the next morning. (Turns out, later that day the hotel we stayed at was also evacuated because of the wildfires) When we got home my brothers and I looked like we had just come from battle. We had scrapes, blood, and ash all over us...My brothers are all over 6'6" and most of them have beards so they looked like Spartans... Not to mention the smoke inhalation had made our voices much deeper. Soooo... yeah! While I left out a lot of other insane details that happened, that was my crazy vacation this year!!! Anyone else got any crazy vacation stories?
  8. Honestly, I agree with Paalm. (No, not her methods. Do you think I'm insane?) I mean her goals. Harmony is being manipulative here. Though Sazed himself disagrees with what he has to do, I don't think he has the right. 'It's not my fault, it's the fault of the power I hold' is a lame excuse. I still think that if Paalm had been able to tone down the murder aspect of her plans, I would be on her side. (Again, I don't agree with the murder aspect. At all) She wasn't controlling the governor forever. Only recently. That type of connection takes time. (Or so I would assume). And his brother is corrupt. She was obviously not controlling him, as she killed him. And Harmony "strongly encouraged" her to cause Wax tragedy just because of his intent. So yeah. I'm not saying Paalm was right, but I'm also saying that maybe our protagonists aren't right in supporting Harmony either.
  9. Hey, 17th Shard! It's been a while since I've actually logged in on here and done stuff (I've been lurking for a while, again), but I have something I think you guys will appreciate. I am working on a game based in the prologue of the Way of Kings (the Szeth part). You are Szeth. You have been instructed to kill King Gavilar on the night of his treaty with your masters, the Parshendi. You will wield Surgebindings and a Shardblade as you fight through the palace corridors to hunt down your prey. A friend and I have figured out how to program some of the Surgebinding powers already, we just need to work on refining them a bit. We also made it so that controls will switch depending on which wall/ceiling you're on, so that you can run around like normal while there (if you don't do this your controls will get really messed up when you go from the floor to the wall, or vice versa). I know how to code first person better, but I'm thinking I'm going to learn how to code a third person game, because it's a lot better for the gravity switching and other shenanigans that happen on screen. Anyways, here's some of the artwork I've been working on for the game! Some of this I've already started modelling. Firestorm (Gavilar's sword) is going to be flipped and copied in photoshop so that it's symmetrical, that's why I only drew half of it here. It's based off of the illustration in Words of Radiance of Shallan's drawings of the Kholin Shardblades. Jezrien's blade is based off of the cover art of Words of Radiance (I think it's straight in the book, but I can't find enough descriptions of it to make it look distinctive. Plus the cover art version just looks really cool. ). The other stuff is based off of a few descriptions in the books + my limited knowledge of medieval era weapons. I want a second opinion on one thing, though. Part of me feels like Alethi bows would be like composite bows, because of the amount of shell/horn material around and the relative scarcity of wood because of Highstorms. Another part of me, however, feels like because of the Alethi soulcasters supplying plenty of wood that they would just use bows similar to European longbows.