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Found 7 results

  1. We heard theories about the champion being gavilar , Kaliden, Adolin, and gavinor but what about evi? I know impossible but hear me out. 1. There are 2 awakeners on Roshar 2. One of them is currently trapt in the cognitive realm by odium's force's 3. Awakeners can make intelligent, and sapient awakened objects. 4.lifless can become self aware given enough investure. 5. Royal light eyes are soul cast into stone . Consider this possibility odium approaches Ashur, with a deal. Passage to the physical in exchange for a little favor. There soulcast evi corpse back into flesh, Odium gives Ashur a storm ton of Investiure and she awakens her. Then the bond her to one of the unmade and the process is complete. This new evi would probably not the orginal evi, since her soul is long gone from here to the beyond, but I don't think that will matter to dalinar. She will be a live think in the body of his wife I don't think he could bring himself to kill her. Also consider the death rattle about holding a knife to the throat of a new born baby. All the other candidates are technically to old , but self aware lifeless created from Evi would only be a few days old so technically a new born. Ok so how crazy I'm I?
  2. So I came up with this theory when reading WoB and he talked about the afterlife in the cosmere When he basically said that he will neither confirm nor deny the existence of one so as to not discredit his characters views. I then remembered the one chapter in The Way of Kings of the cobbler who bonded a spren and was killed by Nale. He talked about a god who allowed himself to shatter and splinter into everything to have more experiences. Perhaps the true rejoining of everyone and everything is when everything dies. Similar to the egg theory that some people believe. this would also explain why shadows in the CR go towards the “sun” instead of away. It’s being pulled to the beyond to rejoin with adonalsium also a couple of “assumptions” (or counter arguments) I Have if this theory is true. what happened to “people” when they died before the shattering? -rather nonexistence or they merged with adonalsium why would he have to “die” if the process already happened? -for more diversity. Perhaps he got bored with himself being the only “god” Wouldn’t adonalsium be a cognitive shadow? -we don’t know how adonalsium CS would work, if it’ll work how we seen them in book or if it’ll work in a different way due to how much unimaginable power they held.
  3. Ok so this theory has been bouncing in my head for a good week and I read WoB but haven’t seen anything related to this. but here is the theory the stormfather didn’t always have the power to invest gems with stormlight. now we have some interesting facts about roshar 1) it was purposefully made by adonalsium, no tectonic plates, storm, spren everything. 2) we know honor and cultivation made new spren, but not the listeners 3) from RoW we know the stones remember when they (most likely the listeners) used to “sing” and mold the rock around them, making bowls, swords, whatever they want out of stone. we don’t know if this is before the power of surges 4) in oathbringer we hear how honors perpendicularity is vary unstable in that it’s constantly moving. 5) in RoW we find out that the stormfather is invested enough to have a small bit of a perpendicularly and that’s what allows The gems to be infused 5b) we know its not exactly a shard only power more a heavily invested property. 6) the honor spren seem to be much older, older then the bonds. so the theory time line is this. honor and cultivation come to roshar and start to effect things on their own honor creates honor spren and they form “bonds” to live in the physical realm. The singers hear the pure tone of roshar and are able to use stormlight to manipulate the stone. Their civilization is magnificent but limited due to their dependence on their stone based abilities. humans come, honor and cultivation are happy to see humanity after thousands of years and decide that it’s good to have humans as it reminds them of home human and singers battle. Yada yada, honor is dying and has limited time. With help he makes the animals produce gem hearts(like the singers) to store stormlight and splits himself further to give the stormfather the ability to produce stormlight as well as higher thinking capacity. So yeah. I think stormlight was not a part of the storm until honor was dying.
  4. So I was talking in Discord with my college buddies last night, and I wondered--WI Adolin is already a 3rd or even 4th Ideal Edgedancer, but he and Maya aren't able to access their bond properly due to Connection issues stemming from the suspected issue possibly caused by the trapping of BAM in the False Desolation? Going based on known Windrunner oaths, oath 1 is the motto, oath 2 is the specific Order's general purpose, oath 3 is the "follow oath 2 even if you don't want to or if you need to change your behavior to do so properly", oath 4 seems to be the moderation oath ("don't burn yourself out for the Ideal" kinda thing, though it likely could also be "know when to step back"). Adolin already follows these--he sticks up for the little guy when others wouldn't, even when it is a significant personal impact for him (blows off an important war meeting to personally help a prostitute get home safe, throws away what little chance he still had of taking on Sadeas or salvaging the situation AND does something that implicitly comes with a massive loss of face because Kaladin has been imprisoned unjustly), and knows when to step back (he is the only figure in Renarin's life until Bridge 4 shows up who treats Renarin well and with the respect that Renarin needs, which speaks to a degree of self-understanding, interpersonal understanding, and perceptiveness that are necessary IMO for a moderation Ideal). Plus he's spent years deliberately treating, speaking to, and thinking of Maya as an extension of/integral part of his soul and being. And, though he doesn't show it much, he is clearly desperate for the approval of his father, who he idolizes, and shows a number of traits typical of both a Well Done, Son! Guy and a sibling-of-the-special-needs-kid. So I'm thinking that in book 5 he finally cracks, and gets the storms kicked out of him, but then (assuming that BAM/missing Connection theory is correct) BAM is released and he and Maya immediately rocket up to 4th Ideal and proceed to kick the living daylights out of some bad guys. Anyway that's my crack theory of the day, thoughts?
  5. Hey everyone, I think Brandon works for Lucasfilm. Think about it. Swords that can cut through anything but other swords, (SA) Pushing and pulling things to you, (Mistborn) Basically, Brandon has created the Cosmere to be a Star Wars lead up. Kaladin and Vin have a child, who possess both allomancy and surgebinding. He has a child with one of Jasnah's children, who then have a child with the descendants of the Feruchemical people. The child at this point has the power to push and pull things, cut anything he feels like, stronger than anyone else, and is probably able to feel things around him. Now, we have reached probably after Mistborn Era 3, now, in an effort to save him from the now crazed serial killer Hoid, he is taken to Tatooine, and planted with one of Odium's agents, (Yah, Odium's totally a good guy now, he just focused his hate on Hoid and turned him crazy) now, we have Anakin Skywalker. You can tell he's a descendant of Kaladin because of his last name, which was the more modern name for the Windrunners. And yes, this is totally canon, Lucas himself told me (PS, I know, Lucas doesn't run Lucasfilm anymore, that's how long this has been going on for!)
  6. So an earlier theory said that Dalinar's wife could be Vivenna, but her description doesn't match at all. I thought a bit about people who could match her description, and came up with Sarene, from Elantris. Both Dalinar's wife and Sarene are described as tall and blonde haired. Both Navani and Ialai say that she is dull-witted, and playing dumb is one of Sarene's favorite tricks. In addition, Dalinar's wife is left handed, and while I couldn't find anything about Sarene's preferred hand in the text, the french cover for Elantris shows Sarene holding her syre in her left hand. I found this more credible than the fanart I also found with the syre in her right hand. Though this theory is still obviously far-fetched, I feel Sarene matches the descriptions much better than anybody else. This next thought, however, might seem even more crazy: Dalinar sees an Elantrian in the highstorm, not a voidbringer. I am referring to the chapter that Brandon read aloud, the same one where Dalinar's wife is introduced. While in the highstorm, Dalinar sees a "gargantuan" figure from a distance, striding on "spindly, luminous legs." It seems to attack Dalinar by throwing a gust of wind and a boulder at him. Dalinar gives it a rude gesture and steps back inside. This seems to clearly be a stormform Parshendi, right? Except it doesn't make any sense chronologically. This happened twenty years before the Parshendi were found by the Alethi, and Gavilar hadn't started receiving visions yet. It completely defies reason for an actual Parshendi to be in the middle of Gavilar's army camp at that time. Unless it wasn't a Parshendi. Look at the description again. There is no mention of what color the light is, so that is no indication. However, it seems to be glowing too brightly to be a Stormform. Though some parts of its description match what Kaladin sees during the highstorm with Shallan, it is described as far more bright. (Kaladin says he sees shadowy figures in the storm). Stormform Parshendi glow along lines on there bodies, but the aren't exactly luminous, like the Elantrians are. What's more, it doesn't seem interested in attacking Dalinar. After the boulder is tossed, it does no more, and doesn't try to throw lightning, allowing Dalinar to go back inside peacefully. A voidbringer wouldn't allow somebody to see it and live. You're probably wondering why, if the being was a peaceful Elantrian, it seemed to attack Dalinar in the first place, and how it did so. However, we have seen Elantrians create blasts of wind. When they teleport using Aon Tia. The "attack" was a total accident, caused when the Elantrian appeared there. The wind coming from it also picked up and threw the boulder. I get that the second part seems extremely far-fetched, but I believe there was something fishy with the "voidbringer" Dalinar saw, even though I don't buy the theory completely myself.
  7. crazy theory

    This craziness started here. So, here's the theory: Dalinar's wife is Vivenna who is currently Nightwatcher. What I'm proposing here is: Vivenna took over the entity known as Nightwatcher, merging with it. In exchange for boon, she takes Breath of the person who asked for it... the thing is, Rosharans don't have easily detachable part of the soul, so it causes complications. Neurotypical complications, known currently as 'curses'. Prior to taking over Nightwatcher, she was Dalinar's wife. She worldhopped to Roshar with Vasher and that's why Zahel likes Dalinar's kids. Because they are Vivenna's kids. That also explains their hair. Dalinar thinks he went to Nightwatcher, because he did. With Vivenna. Then she merged with Nightwatcher and took his Breath (or rather equivalent of it), what caused his memory loss. And what made him broken which opened possibility of the bond to the Stormfather. Vivenna gathers all these 'Breaths' in attempt to check whether there is Eleventh Heightening. What she plans to do with it, I don't know. Maybe a stronger Type IV BioChromatic Entity?