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Found 2 results

  1. This is a little story inspired by this discussion over here. I found it and couldn't resist playing with it for a while. All credit where its due, yes, I got the idea from that thread and the discussions there. Hope you enjoy it! I have no fixed plans for this, but perhaps an anthology of the worldhoppers swapping stories and stuff. Also, this story won't be purely mine, for I encourage you guys to freely throw in ideas and even write sections for yourself! Let's have fun imagining what those worldhoppers get up to between books. Story premise: Worldhoppers have to congregate somewhere, don't they? WoB says that the place where they congregate isn't in the Physical Realm, so consensus is that its in the Cognitive Realm. Imagine, a restaurant at the end of the cosmere, possibly owned by a Shard, where all the worldhoppers gather to unwind, relax, network and basically have a drink.
  2. Hey guys, I don't know if this has been asked or discussed before in this site, I ran a quick search and came up with nothing so far. I'm just wondering, in a battle between a mistborn and a man literally encased in iron, how would the battle come out? Now I know there's already a debate in Marvel about Magneto and Iron Man, but a Mistborn has so many other abilities in his or her arsenal, and I'd like to see how you guys think they could be used in a battle. Also, would Stark be able to out think a Mistborn and come out on top? I think this could be a really interesting topic to just theorize over. Knock yourselves out!