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Found 8 results

  1. Brandon's UK publisher, Gollancz, has officially revealed the UK cover for the finale of the Wax and Wayne series, The Lost Metal! As a reminder, the book releases November 15th in the UK and US (release dates in other regions and languages vary by publisher). Generally, hardcover, audiobook, and eBook are released at about the same time, and paperback a year later. The US cover has not yet been announced by Tor. Cover by Sam Green. (That's the highest quality that's been posted that I could find, sorry.) Additionally, the cover for the rerelease of the second Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians book, The Scrivener's Bones, has also been revealed! The new edition is expected to come out July 5th. Cover by Justin Gerard. How do you feel these compare to their respective originals? Share your opinions in the comments below!
  2. Brandon has officially revealed the US cover for ReDawn, the second of the Skyward Flight parallel novellas! As with the rest of the Skyward series, the cover is by Charlie Bowater. (UK covers will happen eventually, but no word on when. Apparently the novellas moved pretty quickly and Gollancz, his UK publisher, got involved too late to have the covers out yet… which is about the most Brandon way this could have gone ) Without further ado, here it is: As a reminder, or in case you've missed it, Brandon has brought in his friend and former student, Janci Patterson, to write a sequence of three novellas that take place alongside Starsight and Cytonic so that we can keep up with characters from Detritus while Spensa is off on her own. ReDawn is the second of these, following the UrDail cytonic Alanik of the planet ReDawn. ReDawn is due to release on October 26th in both audio and eBook formats (a print collection of all three novellas is expected sometime next year), and can be preordered from links on Penguin Random House's page. The publisher's synopsis is as follows: (There's no sample out as of yet, but when one's released it should be available from the same links as above.)
  3. Hey! I don't know if this post corresponds to this forum, but I wanted to know if anyone here knows the typeface that Brandon's name uses on the covers of his books in Spain, published by NOVA. I make covers in Spanish (because it's my language) to spend my free time, and although I have a PNG with the "Brandon Sanderson" that the Spanish covers have, it is not the same as having the font / typography. I have searched in Whatfontis and got two similar fonts: "Parkson Personal Use" and "Equal Sand Demo" but I tried both and they are not the same used by Spanish covers. If anyone knows what source it is, or can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. I also know of some fonts used by American and British covers, in case anyone wants to know. The attached image is the Spanish cover of The Hero of Ages, thanks!
  4. I've edited the The Way of Kings Prime cover to make covers for a few other unpublished works, as I thought the cover looked rather nice, and that the other unpublished novels needed covers anyway. The Pimp My Aether thread explains how to convert the Word files to eBook formats and attach covers. White Sand: Aether of Night: Dragonsteel Prime: Liar of Partinel: Mythwalker: Mistborn Prime: Final Empire Prime:
  5. Hey! The Eleventh Metal only has the cover that appears on the Brandon and Goodreads page, so I wanted to do a cover for the story in English and Spanish, using the gold color of The Way of Kings Prime
  6. The UK covers for the Stormlight Archives drive me insane. I live in the US and I buy the UK editions because all the covers match. But the Stormlight books are over the place with WoK and Oathbringer in a single volume, but WoR broken into 2. And WoK says Volume one, but Oathbringer says book 3. Am I just crazy or is anyone else annoyed when series' covers aren't consistent?
  7. Hey guys wondering if anyone can help me out. I live in the US but I prefer to buy the UK covers. I know that TWoK and WoR were broken into two books each, but TWoK was then published as the full book. Anyone know if WoR has been published as the full book in paperback? I really like my books to be uniform and I want to make sure before I start buying the series. Thanks!
  8. Oh boy, there's been a ton of news this week, so let's get started. The biggest news is that there is a reading from Stormlight 3! You can find it here and here. Also, the illustrious WeiryWriter also transcribed the reading. What else do we have? We also have the Legion: Skin Deep cover, which you can see to the right. Legion: Skin Deep is twice the length of the original Legion story, and you can order the limited edition hardcover from Subterranean Press. But, here's a cover I like even more: the cover to the Well of Ascension trade paperback. I really enjoyed the trade paperback of the first Mistborn book, and I like this cover of Well of Ascension. Koloss swords are scientifically known to be totally awesome.