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Found 1 result

  1. Long Game 64: Choose Your Own Sanderson Adventure! NOTE: Please read this entire post before signing up. Welcome to LG64! This is a modified rerun of LG38, which means you make the rules. However, in order to avoid the utter chaos of LG38, these come with two important stipulations: Follow the ‘Rules for Making Rules’ guidelines below, which indicate what possibilities you can create depending on your location in the signup order. Signups will be updated as often as possible to ensure the player list and rules are accurate. We, your esteemed GMs, have complete veto or modification power over any and all rules. If we choose to completely veto your rule, you are permitted to try again. (If you want to avoid getting a veto, don’t break the game. :P) If the end result has important holes in it, we’ll also choose how to adjust for that. We recommend strongly that you try to work together to create this game, and to make your rule work with the game’s rules as they already stand at the point of signing up. This game is not an excuse to throw together every cool mechanic you’ve never seen used before - it’s an invitation to you, the players, to make the kind of game you enjoy playing. Think about what you most enjoy in games you’ve played previously and see if you can work that in. The game will start on 29 Mar 2020 at 9 PM PDT/ 12 AM EDT, with rollover at time for future cycles. The game will have standard Day and Night turns. Elbereth and I are co-GMing this game. Rules for Making Rules In order to ensure this ends up vaguely sensible, the rule you create will be based on how many players there are at the time of your signing up. You may, if you choose, pass entirely (not create anything) or pass on your turn until a specified point later down (e.g. if you’re in the first five, you can say ‘I want to create a role’ and you’ll be allowed to do so when signups get to that point, letting someone else take your place in the first five). The way this works is something of an ‘unlocking’ system. Three basic things have to be set before anything else can be created, and so will default to the first players to sign up. These are: the world (must be Sanderson) and setting and at least two factions. One player chooses the world, after which a second player must choose the specific setting within said world. If the first two factions are standard village/eliminator factions, one player can choose to create both of them and declare their win conditions. This is the only instance in which one player can create two factions, rather than one. All basic elements have been chosen. Always Available: After the first three basic points are settled (world, setting, and two factions), any player may do one of at least two things. Roles: create up to two roles. Flavor: create some piece of flavor, like a GM character or a more specific story premise. Early Options: These will set to default if no player has chosen them by the 10th signup and no longer be an option to choose. Lynch mechanics: Default to two vote minimum, coin flip to break ties, a player lynched is removed from the game entirely. Special basic mechanic: Default is none. This could be something like MR38’s Fellowship mechanic, LG4’s breath mechanic, LG9’s room mechanic, LG28’s omen mechanic, etc. PM mechanics: Default to open. Unlockables: These options are based on the number of players currently in the game. At above 11 players, a third faction is available. At above 16 players, a fourth faction is available. At 21 players, players can create a single type of item which can be passed between players. Ruleset So Far World: Alcatraz!Earth Setting: The White House Flavor: Calvin Coolidge haunts the White House. Factions Librarians: You've lost your influence in the White House and are trying to regain it. Unfortunately, you quickly realize that there are people trying to thwart your efforts. Kill or imprison all of your opponents. Crystal Knights: You have followed the Smedry to the White House. Your goal is to brainwash the Librarians, converting them to your side by embedding crystal shards in the back of their necks. Embedding a crystal shard is a night action. Your second primary win condition is to protect and catch the Smedry, sending them back to the Free World. If the Smedry dies, you lose. The Rogue Smedry: You are trying to protect the President of the US from becoming a Librarian puppet. Your goal is to kill all the Librarians. You have a night action kill to help with this. You are not aware of any Crystal Knights in the White House, thinking you have successfully escaped them. You win when everyone else is dead. Lynch Mechanics: If more than 50% of the votes cast in one cycle are on the player who would be lynched, that player is removed from the game completely. If 50% or less of the votes cast in a cycle are on the player who would be lynched, that player is locked up, can still vote, cannot take any actions, and cannot start PMs. Locked up players do not count towards win con totals. Special basic mechanic: You can only use your action on people you have a PM with. Faction actions are immune to this rule. If you do not make a PM for two cycles straight, you will die. If you have a PM with all living players, you are exempt from this effect. PM mechanics: You can create one PM per turn, by placing an order in your GM PM. No group PMs allowed. You will start the game in one-on-one PMs with exactly two other players. Roles Oculator: once per cycle, can scan a player to learn who they opened PMs with that turn. Therapist: Your goal in life is to help people find their true potential! Once per cycle, you can choose to switch the role of two players. If one or both roles are alignment-specific, the switch fails. This cannot be used on captured players. Curator of the Library of the Congress: Much like your cousins in Alexandria, you are a specter charged with care of the Library of Congress. Once per night, you can lure someone into a trap, keeping them from taking action. (standard roleblock) Trouble Magnet: You were born unlucky, and trouble gravitates towards you. Once per cycle, target a player. If they are of a different alignment than you, both you and your target die. Gossiper: You've heard juicy secrets, and now you have to spill the beans. Once per cycle, create a temporary PM with yourself and as many other people as you want in it. This ignores the restriction on group PMs. The people in this PM do not count toward the people you can target based on PMs, so if you do not already have a one-on-one PM with a player in the group PM, you still cannot target that player with an action. The group PM is closed at the end of the cycle. Head of the Order of the Shattered Lens: Once per game, you can set up pillars which cause the actions of any player not in your faction to fail, including faction actions and PMs. Jail-breaker: has three chances to break people out from prison. Each time, they get more practiced in breaking people out, so they're more likely to succeed. But the guards become more and more alert, so they have a higher chance of being caught. - Try 1: 80% chance of failing, no chance of being caught. - Try 2: 50% to fail, 30% chance to be caught. - Try 3: 20% chance to fail, 60% chance to be caught. Transporter: You may target a player with whom you have a PM. For all intents and purposes you have changed positions. Any action that would target you is used on them. Any that would target them would target you. Madness Lenses: You may target a player. That player's actions are assigned randomly among legal targets this cycle (including those in jail. PMs excluded.) Criminal: You have been to jail so many times that you are a leader among the inmates. When you are locked up, each other locked up person's lynch vote has a 40% chance of changing to the same as your vote. Paper Tosser: You throw a wadded up paper ball at another player, distracting them and making any action they took delayed in the order of actions. Can be used once per cycle. Anonymous Contact: Can anonymously send messages to up to two people per cycle (submitted through the GM, who will forward the message to the player of choice). Airplane Spoon: You are a spoon shaped like an airplane. You are used as evidence in a crime scene, and can send one player to jail as an action. However, you are soon forgotten and the player is released after one cycle. The same player cannot be targeted twice in a row. Silimatic Engineer: You have expertise in different glasses used in the Free Kingdoms. All glass actions are night actions, including creating glass. You may choose what type of glass you create, but you cannot create the same type of glass twice in a row. Glass can be used twice unless otherwise stated. You cannot create and use glass in the same night. Glass types Communicators glass: set up an additional PM at night. Defender's glass: Target a person (including yourself), preventing anyone from visiting them that night. Enforcer's glass: Attempt to detain someone, putting them in prison with enforcer's glass handcuffs. If your target is of a different faction, they will be roleblocked. If the target is of your own faction, you will be roleblocked the following night (you cannot create or use glass). Grappler's glass: See who visits someone for the night. You will need to put the glasses on after creating them, before you can use them. Putting them on is either a day or night action. If you put the glasses on during the day, you will sacrifice your vote and have a 10% chance of someone catching you wearing the glasses, but you'll be able to use them the following night. Inhibitor's glass: Stop the person you target if their ability is based on silimatic technology or Smedry talents. Protector's glass: Protects from a single attack, but degrades two days after you've put it on if it hasn't been used. You can either put it on yourself or give it to someone else (through a night action). If given, it will automatically be equipped to the receiver, who will be informed. This glass does not protect from the lynch. Snarer's glass: See what actions visited your target that night (but not who). NOT YET UNLOCKED: Fourth faction Items Player List Quick Links