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Found 33 results

  1. Here's some detail of the back of Vin's Mistcloak for her Cosplay


  2. You know how Brandon went and wrote FOUR books in secret? I've been working on a secret project of my own, and I’m thrilled to share it with you today. I’ve made a custom Vin Mistborn Cosplay and I’m SO excited! Please enjoy more of my Mistborn Cosplay photoshoot at Mostly, it feels amazing to be able to share my secret. Thank you, for checking out my Vin Cosplay! Thank you also to the inspirational cosplayers who’ve posted here as well! <3 *jumps up and down in delight*


  3. You know how Brandon went and wrote FOUR books in secret? I've been working on a secret project of my own, and I’m thrilled to share it with you today. I’ve made a custom Vin Mistborn Cosplay and I’m SO excited! Please enjoy more of my Mistborn Cosplay photoshoot at Mostly, it feels amazing to be able to share my secret. Thank you, for checking out my Vin Cosplay! Thank you also to the inspirational cosplayers who’ve posted here as well! <3 *jumps up and down in delight*
  4. From the album Mistborn Cosplay

    Here are my metal vials in the belt I made. I made it so it buttons onto the belt and can be taken off whenever, which was nice so that I didn't have to have little glass vials at my waist the whole time. I filled the vials with glitter/foil and mouthwash at the wonderful suggestions of @Kingsdaughter613 and @Krox.
  5. Thinking about going to a convention next year. Any suggestions for how to make/buy a Mistborn costume?
  6. I want to do a bridge four cosplay for comic con this year, but am having trouble finding... anything. Any ideas for a bridge four uniform that won't cost a small fortune?
  7. From the album Stormlight Archive Cosplay

    I know it's February, and these are a little late, but here are some pictures of what I dressed up as for Halloween. If you can't tell, the one in white is Szeth. Many people thought I was a Nun of some sort, and that the Parshendi were burn victims.
  8. Here’s a write-up for how to make safe, convention acceptable Mistborn knives. These knives are modified rubber training knives spray painted with a glaze to mimic an obsidian knapped knife. They are durable, flexible and safe to play around with! I didn’t take pictures while making them, but I’ve included close ups of the finished product when helpful in the write-up. Difficulty: Easy Time: 2 hours + 24 hours drying time Cost: ~$25 Materials Black rubber training knives. Just search on Amazon and find a shape you like. Clear glaze/gloss spray paint. I found a variety of options at Home Depot but settled on the Rust-Oleum Triple Thick Clear Glaze Cloth to wrap the handles Rotary tool with sanding bit (e.g. a Dremel) Background on Obsidian I researched working and shaping obsidian glass to mimic it in rubber. Blades are created by knapping the material to break off bits to form the blade. The glass is hit near the blade edge creating the sharp edge and the characteristic ridges in an obsidian blade. The ridges will always start at the edge of the blade and work inwards. I recommend searching for pictures of finished obsidian knives and watching a couple videos about knapping obsidian. Steps Use the rotary tool and sanding bit to sand out any lettering on the knives to create a clean base to work with. I found 10k-15k rpm to be a good speed to quickly remove material from the rubber knives. Do this (and all rotary tool work) in an area that's easy to clean up. Sanding the rubber will create a bunch of small rubber pieces/particles that will spread around. Use the rotary tool and sanding bit to create ridges in the material. Again, 10k-15k rpm seemed to be a good speed. I started on one end of the blade and made a valley to the middle of the blade by lightly pressing down with the rotary tool. Repeat that between 1/4” to 3/8” down the blade to create a little ridge between the two valleys (see the pictures). Do this down the length of the blade. Repeat this for the other half of this side. I tried to offset the ridges between the halves to give a more natural look. Then, repeat for the other side of the blade and possibly the other knife as well. The knives will be a matte black at this point, unlike the pictures. The shine only comes from the spray paint glaze. It is easy to hide and mask mistakes in this step; if you don’t like the ridges, go back and make the valleys deeper. Try to deepen the original valleys rather than create new ones. Creating new ones will mean you lose a lot of the rubber and thin the blade. I went back and touched these up multiple times as my technique improved. The spray paint glaze will also help to bring out the underlying texture. Remove any loose/hanging pieces of rubber from the knives. The spray paint glaze will bring out all these imperfections, so it’s best to remove them now. I switched between the rotary tool at low speeds (5k-10k), a file and my fingernails to remove bits of rubber. Some loose rubber still remained on the final product, which can be seen in a close up. You may also try a higher grit (finer) sandpaper bit for the rotary tool at this stage to smooth the rubber even more. I didn’t and the roughness of the rubber is visible in close up shots. Clean the rubber to prepare for spray painting. I washed the knives in water and let them dry, then used packaging tape to dab the blade and get all the finer dust still left on them. You can also mask the handle by wrapping it in an easy-to-remove tape (painters or packaging tape). This will keep spray paint off the handle. Spray paint the blades with the clear glaze/gloss. Follow the instructions for your specific spray paint. I did 2 coats with the triple thick glaze from Home Depot. Let the spray paint fully dry according to the instructions. Add decorations to the handle. the handle is one of the most visible parts of the blade, so this is a main place to make it pop. I was rushed on time and materials so I just cut a couple of 2" strips of cloth, wrapped the handles at an angle and glued it in place. A leather wrapping would look fantastic. Bonus points for a custom handle. Best of luck trying them out. They were a lot of fun to make for my Mistborn costume!
  9. From the album Mistborn Cosplay

    Finished Mistborn cosplay knives.
  10. Shallan cosplay
  11. From the album Oathbringer Jasnah Kholin

    My interpretation of Jasnah Kholin! Had a lot of fun making this one. Admittedly, I made the costume before reading the book, so I guessed the fabric colors to be white and yellow (not yellow and orange as is written in the book--oh well). If my photoshop skills were better, I would have photoshopped a shardblade in here...
  12. From the album Oathbringer Jasnah Kholin

    Proof of Oathbringer Jasnah's inaugural convention!
  13. From the album Oathbringer Jasnah Kholin

    I took some liberties with the details...
  14. So I was looking at Tor's website and saw a Stormlight cosplay guide. This got me thinking about my considered cosplay of a Mistborn character of mine, a twinborn lawman named Tarenwel(boring, I know :P). Here's the list of everything I need. -Bracers: Tarenwel is a Steelrunner Ferring, meaning he'd need bracers. The bracers I'm looking at right now are these. Though they appear to be designed for the forearm, I think they'd work just fine on the upper arm as well. As an added bonus they are actual steel, though how close they are to Allomantic purity is anyone's guess(well, anyone except Brandon or Peter I suppose. They probably know). +$33 -Vials: Tarenwel is also a Seeker Misting, meaning he'd need to carry vials of bronze with him. Fortunately, Brandon actually sells vials of Allomantic metal here. +~$32(for three of them, the minimum amount I could see him carrying, plus shipping) -Baton: As a lawman, Tarenwel carries a baton instead of a dueling cane or a gun. The one I'm thinking of for the costume can be found here. +$100 -Coins: Serving justice would be kinda difficult if you were broke, and I was probably going to get these anyways, so I added some of these babies to the costume. +$20 -Leather Coat: Part of Tarenwel's character design includes something similar to a sleeveless, simplified leather jacket. I intent to add an Allomantic Bronze symbol and a Feruchemical Steel symbol on the back. I actually intent to make this myself; I know a little bit about leatherworking, and intend to pick it up as a hobby sometime very soon. I will assume this costs about 40 dollars to make. +~$40 -Belt Pouch: Tarenwel will need something to hold his stuff in. I already have a western-themed belt, so I think I'll make a pouch type item for the coins and vials above. I'm going to assume that will cost around 20 dollars to make. +~$20 -Clothing: Tarenwel's other clothing consists of a light tank top-type shirt, simple white trousers, and boots. I'll probably use whatever my current hiking boots are for this, so no extra expense there, but I'm not sure how to get ahold of a shirt and pants that have the right "homespun" aesthetic I'm going for here. I'm going to assume both of these will cost around 20 dollars if I can find some that look right. +~$40 Estimated Total: $33 + $32 + $100 + $20 + $40 + $20 + $40 = ~$275 Of course, that's assuming I ever actually do this. Which I probably won't. Still fun to imagine though!
  15. My sister is a silly teenage Sanderson nerd and she's decided to wear a safehand glove as part of her daily attire. It's just a cheap magenta knit winter glove and it looks really weird. I don't think I can convince her not to wear it but I could probably get her to wear a more attractive one. I was wondering if anyone knows of some good Stormlight Archive fanart that I could use for inspiration in my design for a replacement. I'm pretty sure she'd like that. From my own knowledge, anyone who wears gloves does so because they don't impede daily work that needs to be done but still preserve "modesty" so it's unlikely for a glove to be too fancy unless it were being worn by someone wealthy but kind of eccentric like Navani. I'm not really interested in spending money on this but I have a large selection of fabrics to work with at home so I think I could whip something up after having some ideas to work with.
  16. So I want to cosplay Vin for a convention. I already saw another post about making a mistcloak. Not looking forward to sewing that by hand. What does vin wear under it? Would just black leggings and a black shirt work? Also I was thinking about making glass/obsidian daggers but I don't know how to make fake versions of those or what type of fabric the handles would be wrapped in. At least I think I remember the book mentioning wrapped handles. If anyone could give me any suggestions that would be great
  17. From the album Parshendi Mask

    I constructed this mask from toothpicks and paper mache, then hydro dipped it to attain the marbling pattern.
  18. From the album Parshendi Mask

    If you couldn't tell this is a picture of the mask without me in it.
  19. From the album Parshendi Mask

    A close-up of the marbling pattern.
  20. Sooooo I have a bunch of photos of people's excellent cosplays from the Oathbringer midnight release party in Provo and would like to upload them to the cosplay section of the gallery as an album. I have not yet been successful. Every time I try to upload an image, I get this wonderfully vague error message: At first I figured it was probably due to overlarge file sizes, so I reduced the resolution of several of the photos to 72 dpi (standard image resolution for the web, right?) and tried again. Same problem. Every file I've tried to post is in JPG format, and file format was the only thing besides file size I could think of that might be causing problems, so I'm at a loss. Help please? PS: This is one of the reduced-size images I've been trying to upload to the gallery. Obviously it works fine here in a thread.
  21. Hello, fellow fans! I'm a long time fanatic of the Cosmere, and anything else Brandon Sanderson creates. I have a particular fondness for finding better details about the fashions and clothing in each book, as I am a seamstress and costume designer. If you notice interesting details about fashion in the books (there are a TON), I'd be happy for a note with page/audio location reference so I can add it to my notes, please!
  22. Halloween has come and is mostly gone by now, but I like to brag, so here is me and @Steelborn (aka. mi hermano) in our costumes: What were you guys for Halloween? Man, I suck at writing topics . . .
  23. So this may not be the best place to post this question but I'm going to try it anyway. I'm planning on doing a cosplay of a Parshendi warrior for Dragoncon this year. I've found nearly all of the information I need. What I'm still missing is information on their feet. For some reason I always assumed that they were barefoot. Does anyone know?
  24. From the album Crystin Blade

    "Hasta la vista, Smedry." Okay, I'm really not that serious.
  25. From the album Crystin Blade

    My crafting desk. The sword in the foreground is only half of the blade; the other half was yet to be poured. In the background you can see the silicone mold. After pouring the resin for the second half I pressed the first half on top to create the full sword.