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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'm gonna try something new today! So, how it works is people take turns drawing a coloring page, and post it on the shard. Then if you want you can color it and post it recolored. We will look at all of them and give each other art tips or suggestions. Who wants to go first on making a coloring page?
  2. For it's exact location, find the r/Place image and go to the right hand center, near the right hand edge.
  3. I made this thread so you sophomores can stop bullying everyone in middle school. I know there is like fifty of you out there. . .
  4. This is just where people can share animations, get tips on animating, or ask me to animate something!
  5. I had a buddy send me this and I just could help but tying it back to Stormlight. Looks like a certain someone figured out worldhopping and came to earth.
  6. I know a lot of people have been talking about this in Sharder memes, so I decided to make a thread. Talk about experiences you’ve had with famous people!
  7. So last night I had a dream. And it was... interesting to say the least. But it inspired me to create this topic, and I didn't see anything else like it on the various forums. I would like to tell you about my aforementioned dream. Afterwards, I would like to hear any interpretations you may have of my dream or anyone else who chooses to share their dreams. Okay, here goes. My dream begins by following a young brunette girl (whom I've never seen before this particular dream) around the age of four or five. She is walking through the woods behind my house, down a leaf-strewn path. (One that doesn't actually exist in reality.) Suddenly, a wrinkled old hag (also someone I've never seen before) appears on the trail before the girl. The old woman points to the girls left, off the path and into the woods before whispering eerily, "You've awakened them,". The girl looks to where the woman is pointing to see three tree stumps in a clearing. Green shoots are visibly growing out of the dead trunks, and nestled in the shoots of each trunk are a newborn baby boy. None of the babies cry. They all have deep green eyes, and the baby in the center of the trio has silver hair. The three infants stare at the girl unblinkingly, until she flees back to my house. The dream now begins to follow me as I step outside my home and into my backyard. (It has only been a few seconds since the little girl returned to my house.) I wait for a moment, then an eighteen (don't ask how I know how old the kid is, just some of that weird dream knowledge) year old boy (who, once again, I have no idea who he is... this actually happens to me in dreams a lot more than you would imagine ) walks up beside me. He nods, and the we casually stroll over to my garage. We step inside, and when we step back out into the morning light, we each are brandishing a large battle axe. We then go to my back yard and wait for our enemies to arrive. (Again, don't ask how we knew they were coming, more inexplicable dream knowledge.) They quickly show up, the same three creatures that the little girl saw in the woods. The three of them have all some how grown impossibly fast, the silver haired leader (lets call him Quicksilver, just to be funny ) now appears to be in his mid-fifties, while his two cronies appear to be in their mid-twenties. All three of them are well muscled and wear black suits and ties. The two minions are identical in every way, right down to their forest green eyes. In fact, the only thing separating them from Quicksilver is his obvious age and grey hair. Quicksilver sends his two lackeys in to battle us. The two attackers our inhumanly strong, and dastardly hard to kill. But my comrade and I stand firm, and after a handful of minutes of fighting (of which I now remember next to nothing of) we are victorious over our foes. Quicksilver snarls in fury and leaps forward to join the fray. My nameless partner and I soon find out that unlike his two minions, Quicksilver can also generate illusions. I attack Quicksilver only to find that I have my axe buried in my dead companion's body. (Oops... ) Enraged, I bound over to my adversary. I grab him, then push him into the wall of my home, somehow phasing him into the material itself. (Apparently I also have superhuman abilities?) His head and upper body protrude from the wall, and I kindly axe him in the face. I grab him by the shoulder, then fling him onto the ground before my feet and swing my axe down onto him once more. I drop my axe and say, "I hate fighting illusionists," (because obviously I do that all the time haha ) before walking away. Alright. Your turn! What weird/memorable dreams have you had?
  8. So I've seen lots of threads about favorite characters and the like, but here I ask the question what is your favorite thing? Shardblades don't count because you know reasons >_> also it has to be a specific thing like Hoid's flute and not a general thing like rocks or something My favorite is Kaladin's belt knife of last resort, the one he is always pointing at people who are probably about to kill him, and that he makes that shardbarer yield with in the arena. Special mention to the part where he drops it at the end of the book, that was just so perfect and it marked how totally out of gas he was. It was amazing. That knife is so cool, just imagine if it was able to talk and it was chilling with the other knives and it would be all "and then the assassin in white just bolted into the sky, screaming, at the sight of my pure awesomeness." and then the other knives would be all kinds of impressed and crown him as their king and build him a throne made out of knife blades and sharp stuff and the belt knife would sit in it and rule over all knives as king of the pointy things. the end. So tell me, what do you think is the best thing in the storm light archives? but you should know that your wrong it's Kaladin's knife.
  9. cool

    Poor mans atium. Makes you depressed. Baa. Stupid. Electrum is a misunderstood metal. I am about to prove it right. Before that though, I was looking through the back of Well of Ascension, and noticed that electrum was in the Ars Arcanum. 1 book before it was even used. Back on track. Allomancy: Yes, electrum does counter atium, but there may be some other uses. When you burn electrum, you see what your future self is about to do. Say someone is about stab you in about 3 seconds. You in the present, see your future guy fall dead, and dodge. Very helpful. Feruchemy: Electrum, when tapped, makes you determined and full of adrenaline. Adrenaline. If you don't realize what adrenaline can do, read Centrifugal. It is on Brandon's website. Adrenaline can make you stronger, faster and just plain awesome. It would be like burning pewter. In conclusion, Electrum is AWESOME!
  10. If you could pair up any two shards together, what would be the outcome? For example, Ruin and Odium would be the single most destructive force all of the universes have ever seen. It would probably be called Destruction, too. Shard List: Ruin Preservation Endowment Devotion Dominion Honor Odium Cultivation