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Found 2 results

  1. Rayne raced through the caverns, feeling increasingly trapped. He longed for the freedom of the sky, the song of the stars. But there was no way out. No way up. His enemies were closing in. They had come so close. Close to throwing off the government that quelled the defiant. Close to changing how people thought of defiance. Close to making a better world for the truly Defiant. Some hope still remained, though. The few chosen by Ironsides were closing in, but Rayne still had some defiance left. If he were to fall, it would be in a final glorious moment. Footsteps thundered behind him. He didn't risk a look back, but simply counted the falls, the patterns. Two people, both running. It would be easy enough. Two had given him little trouble before. But then he'd had Fade and Scrivner. Rayne was alone. But still defiant. He spun as his enemies gained on him. He raised a pistol, finger already depressing the trigger. A flash of light shot from one attacker. No, not a flash. A line. It latched onto the pistol, pulling it downward. His shot missed. The attacker was on him, then, wrapping the light-line around his hand, then his body. Trapping him. Holding him back. "Rayne, callsign Fins. You are being arrested under the authority of the Defiant Defense Force, authorized by Admiral Judy Ivans, callsign Ironsides." Rayne fought against his captors. Both were now holding him, pushing him toward his fate. Would they kill him? Or would they let him rot in prison? He wasn't sure which he would prefer. "The Disputers will not end here. Others will take up the cause and continue to defy the Defiant. I may die today, but I'll win anyway." --- Abstrusity has been arrested! They were a Vici Warrior and a Disputer. The Defiant Defense Force has rooted out all of the Disputers and have won the day. Player List Disputer's Doc Dead/Spec Doc Master Spreadsheet
  2. QF42 Aftermath: I like French Fries Players, welcome to the wonderful world of talking to each other about the end of the game. As a handy primer, here are a few things you should know: GMs have feelings. You will spend the next few days or so trying to guess what everyone was really thinking and why. Just like you've done for the past five days. You will be wrong most of the time. I like French Fries. Congratulations to the Free Kingdomers! You've rooted out all of the Liebrarians who threatened to infiltrate your ranks and take over Watakotse! Another land saved from the rule of people crazy about rules! You know, I've never understood one thing: Why do all these megalomaniac dictators, secret societies, mad scientists, and totalitarian aliens want to rule the world? I mean really? Don't they know what a pain in the neck it is to be in charge? I've been running this game for five days and it's been crazy! Last minute actions, a gajillion PMs to read and then distribute every cycle. People are always making unreasonable demands of GMs. I think the Free Kingdomers are just saving the Evil Librarians from a ton of work. The_God_King has been lynched! They were a member of the Order of the Shattered Lens. The Free Kingdomers have won this round! Vote Count The God King (3) - Kynedath, Striker, Rathmaskal Striker (1) - The God King Player List Document of the Evil Librarians The Dead Doc GM Spreadsheet