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Found 78 results

  1. Why wouldn't the Set have its high up members be gold compounders? Is there something about hemelergy that interferes with the strength of compounding? Are they trying to limit the strength of their members? Why wouldn't Wax's uncle have gone double gold and made himself near invincible? I get that they would have to find blood makers and gold mistings (both rare), but i feel like if you were going to go through the process of this, you would want to make it count. On that same vain if thought, if not gold, wouldn't they want to compound a different one? Steel compounding sounds quite powerful in that you both get to become a coinshot and essentially become The Flash. I guess my question boils down to this; is there something that prohibits compounding metals through hemelergy (prohibiting an OP army), is it that they don't have the allomancers/ferucamists handy to pick and choose powers, or is the Set/Trell simply trying to limit their powers? I don't know if this is RAFO or if we have the info on this. Any thoughts?
  2. Just what it says on the tin, there. I play brass instruments, even in cold Canadian Remembrance Day (Veterans day for you Americans) weather. So I thought that if I was a Firesoul or a compounder it'd be very convenient to keep toasty warm. Brass instruments get cold FAST when it's chilly outside, and that can numb the fingers well. I wondered if Brandon had said anywhere just how hot a Brass ferring could get while tapping their metalminds. If, like an Iron Ferring becoming 20 times heavier for a time without crushing themselves, they can give themselves a big increase in personal temperature without burning themselves. Brass has a melting point of around 900-940 degrees Celsius. The human body is normally in the 36 degree range. If a Ferring or compounder can make themselves 30 times hotter for long enough their metalminds would begun to melt. Long before that point, though, their metalminds would have to become hot enough to burn at least anyone other than the ferring themselves since Brass is a good thermally conductive metal. I guess it's also all dependant on how much your temperature changes when you fill or tap the metalmind. Just two degrees Celsius is a BIG change in your body temperature without Feruchemy being involved. Any info you've got will be useful! (Note, I haven't read the bands of mourning yet, but I do understand that brass metalminds play a role in the book. Technical knowledge like how warm people get is okay to fill me in on!)
  3. The purpose of this topic is to project the most extreme abilities of any investiture in the cosmere based on the currently referenceable material. Ideas which can be logically defended are welcome regardless how outrageous. As promised a coinshot laser would likely be produced by a Steel twinborn compounder after the discovery of heavy metals and at least some experiments in nuclear science on Scadrial. This individual would likely be able to detonate nuclear explosions using metal pushing and heavy metals and would need the speed of a steelrunner to avoid serious injury. Using metal pushing they could likely push small particles of radioacive metal forming a type of laser or electromagnetic particle beam at high velocity. Due to a strong spiritual affinity with steel because of being a steel twin it might be possible that they could store steel pushes and speed in a metal mind for use feruchemically yielding steel pushes and speed to exceed duralumin assisted allomancy. The nuclear particle beam could be used on its own or in concert with radioactive spheres in battle situations to inflict massive damage. The nuclear laser could be used to split atoms in a plutonium, uranium or like metal to create atomic or nuclear explosions. Due to the ability to create steel bubbles they could also probably shield themselves from the radiation of nuclear material on or near them. With fine enough control they could also perform nuclear laser surgery. They could be outfitted in steel biomechanical armor that could act as a metal mind for both their allomantic and feruchemical abilities. What do you think of this idea or what extreme use of investiture do you envision?
  4. Hi everyone. I tried searching here on the Shard if this has been discussed before and I didn't find anything... Anyway, there's a WoB that states that compounded duralumin can "break into" a kandra (and presumably a koloss or even an inquisitor), similar to how a powerful enough soother or rioter could. Are there any theories on how that works? I guess the compounder would tap enough connection that they and the kandra "become one" (maybe in a similar way some theorize swearing the Fifth Ideal would make Radiant and their spren one?). But maybe there's some better explanation for it, which is why I'd like to here your thoughts. Another question I have, thanks to a post in the F-Duralumin Club, is whether a connector would be able to hear the rhythms on Roshar if they tapped connection. Do you think this would be possible? The WoB about a duralumin compounder "breaking into" a kandra is this one: The post in the F-Duralumin Club is this:
  5. Hello there! I am HoidWasTaken, here to explain compounding to those among you who may not understand it. If a friend is having trouble wrapping their head around it, you can send them here. In this little guide, I am assuming you know the basics of allomancy and feruchemy, but I will reiterate a couple things about each that are important to the subject. Feruchemy is one of the metallic arts, and is the neutral art meaning it is of both Preservation and Ruin. It is also the neutral art because it has a net-neutral outcome, which I will explain. Whatever you put into a feruchemical metalmind is exactly what you get out of it. The power is not coming from any mythical source, it is all coming directly from your own body. If I were to be at 1/2 my normal weight for one hour, I could be at 1.5x my weight for one hour. Allomancy is another of the metallic arts, and it is the end-positive art, being solely of preservation. In allomancy, all the power you are being granted does not come from yourself, but from the shard preservation. That is why it is end-positive is because it is expending that energy over your own. If you burn pewter, the strength you gain does not come from your own body, but from an outside source. Now that we have that down, I am going to explain compounding. Compounding is the act of using the power of Allomancy to fuel your Feruchemy, to put it simply. So, one important thing about Feruchemy before I move on is that without doing some very specific things which I won't cover in this guide, no one but else can use a metalmind that someone sets up. If I store even 1 second of being at half my weight into an iron metalmind, no one else can use that metalmind, because it is locked to my identity. So, lets assume that I am a full feruchemist and a full allomancer. I have an iron metalmind that I have stored 0.5 my weight into for 3 hours. Now, because I have stored an attribute in this metalmind, it means that it is now identifying as a feruchemical storage for weight. Now, if I were to swallow and burn that bit of iron, it doesn't work like allomantic iron because, like I said, it now identifies as a feruchemical storage for weight. This means that instead of using the power of allomancy to give me the power of iron, it uses the power of allomancy to amplify the weight I stored in there. Before, you only got as much as you put in for feruchemy. Now, the attribute I stored is being multiplied by the power of allomancy. So instead of having 1.5x my weight for 3 hours, I may have that for 30 hours now. Does that make sense? I sure hope so. Now, I can take a different piece of iron and store all the weight I just created. Now I have an iron metalmind with 0.5 my weight stored in it for 30 hours. If I were to swallow that metalmind and burn it, then I could get 300 hours of 1.5x my weight. The process can go on forever. I hope this illustrates why being a full feruchemist and a full allomancer is so powerful that the Lord Ruler had breeding programs for the Terrismen to make sure it never happened.
  6. When somebody is compounding, They Allomanticly Burn their metal mind right? How does that work? Doesn't the metal have to be in your stomach to burn it?
  7. Having re-read both Mistborn and White Sand in close proximity, I’ve developed a theory. Although this theory mainly relates to the use of Bendalloy Compounding and Sand Mastery conjunctively, it could be expanded upon to include other topics of how the two most prominent Scadrian magic systems interact with Sand Mastery. Anyways, introduction out of the way, I’ll try to explain how to hack Sand Mastery via Compounding. First of all, I’ll try to explain Sand Mastery. At least, from how I understand it from reading the comics and researching on the Coppermind. Sand Mastery is an end negative result magic, maybe. To use this form of Investiture it requires both water from the body, and the presence of Kinetic Investiture. After using the sand however, the Sand Master becomes dehydrated, and the Kinetic Investiture stored in the sand is lost, meaning not only can the Sand Master risk death, but the sand itself has less Investiture than before. Next, I’ll explain Bendalloy. I’m sure we are all well aware of how it works Allomantically. A Bendalloy Misting creates a bubble of sped up time, quite simple. Though, Feruchemical Bendalloy is interesting in my opinion. A Ferring would be able to store both calories, and hydration, albeit in separate metal minds. So, if one compounded Bendalloy they would no longer need to eat or drink, as their metal minds would be able to sustain their need for calories and water. Now, we reach the cusp of my theory of how to achieve unlimited Sand Mastery. As we’ve already established, to use Sand Mastery, one must be hydrated. Though, if a Sand Master has the ability to Compound Hydration in a Bendalloy Metalmind, they would theoretically be able to fuel their Sand Mastery directly from that Metal Mind. This could lead to some interesting effects. For instance, we know a Feruchemist can draw out their stored attributes at different rates, so if a Bendalloy Twinborn Sand Master drew upon their hydration-mind, how would that affect their Sand Mastery, if it would affect it at all? Would they be able to control more ribbons? Or would it simply just affect the strength of their pre-existing ones? The real main benefit of this, however, is that a Sand Master who is also a Bendalloy Compounder would be able to endlessly Sand Master, as long as there is Invested Sand for them to manipulate. This leads me to the next part of my theory. As stated before, the Sand on the Dayside of Taldain is charged via exposure to Kinetic Investiture. In most cases this is in the form of the Sun of Taldain, though it has been stated that other forms of Kinetic Investiture would be able to fill that role, such as the Rosharan Highstorms, giving use to Sand Mastery across the Cosmere. This is one of the more uncertain parts of this theory, but by this principle, would the Kinetic Investiture released by Allomancy, in this case, Bendalloy Speed Bubble, be enough to recharge Taldainian Sand? If this is the case, the it appears that a Bendalloy Compounder would make the ultimate Sand Master. They would be able to limitlessly Sand Master via the use of Compounding hydration and recharge the Sand they expend via burning Bendalloy. Obviously this is only speculation, as we don’t know if the Kinetic Investiture of a Bendalloy bubble would be enough to re-Invest the Sand as the Sun or a Highstorm would, but I think there is some merit to this theory.
  8. Prologue: How I got to this idea. Skip to Part 1 if you just want the speculations. Maybe you've read my post about Hacking Feruchemy and fueling it with the Investiture from other Key-based Magic Systems than Allomancy, namely AonDor. That got me thinking. Compounding, reduced to the Investitural workings, is: Powering End-Neutral Magic Release with another type of Investiture, an End-Positive one. Now, I've already speculated about the possibility of replacing Allomancy with AonDor as the End-Positive System, but what about the other half. And what other End-Neutral Magic do we know? Source: BioChromatic Breath Like Feruchemy, BioChromatic Breath is End-neutral. No power is gained or lost, and both use the users Innate Investiture to do something rather than getting their fuel from elsewhere. However, that means that they are limited to using only the Innate Investiture. I'm not sure if we can count Returned as End-neutral, a) since they're not a magic system and b ) since they're part of BioChromatic Breath as a system. However, they have to use up one Breath per Nalthian week to stay alive. That said, we have confirmation that this only requires the amount of Investiture that is One (1) Breath rather than specifically a breath, as seen with Vasher/Zahel. Source: Fueling Awakening with Stormlight Returned can be categorized as Type I BioChromatic Entities. Sadly, we don't know if Vasher uses some kind of Conversion method, or if he is just able to consume Investiture in any form in the physical world to fuel his Awakening (aka his life). I write "in any form in the physical world" to make a distinction between something like the Dor or Preservation's Investiture and Stormlight or Breath. The former only enter the physical realm by activation and instantly take the form of whatever their key directs, while the other two are Investiture that is present without performing magic, sometimes even able to be stored in non-human carriers (see the broams on Roshar). Where am I going with this? If one Type of Awakening can be fueled by other Investiture, maybe others can too. Stormlight is basically endless, or alteast its a refilling ressource. On something like Scadrial or Taldain, Vasher would have a very hard time getting Investiture to stay alive. (He'd have to become a Metalborn to access Preservation's Investiture, for example), so Roshar is a good choice. Now, finally, what I'm trying to get at: I speculate that, with some methods that we don't yet know of or without, an Awakener holding Stormlight could use one or more Breaths in conjunction with their Stormlight to Awaken with a lot more power than they have Breaths. Imagine sticking a Hose into a Water container. The water won't flow upwards by itself, but if you suck on the hose until water flows out of the top, you can stop sucking and it will flow by itself for a while because the stream is established. (Yes, that's a very basic breakdown of how physics work, shhh.) That's basically how I imagine Awakening with more Investiture could work. I assume you'd need atleast one Breath to perform this. The Breath would act as a kind of spearhead, enabling you to perform the Awakening / speak your command. Only afterwards would you pull Investiture from the Broams around you (/ The Stormlight inside you / your connection to Preservation that is open because you were burning a metal at the time of speaking your command / etc etc etc) to fuel enough Investiture into the object to perform the Awakening. First Question to the readers: Do you think I'm onto something? Do you think this could work? Actual Theory This one I'm throwing out there to present a theory of what this could enable. Lifeless are already super cheap breathwise, so Type III or IV Entities are what you might use this for. So here's my theory: I think Azure's blade might was made with not just Breath. It's similar to Nightblood, but "weaker" and probably with a different command. Azure hasn't made a name for herself on Roshar long before the siege of Kholinar so maybe it wasn't exactly Stormlight that was used to awaken her blade, but I assume we might see another (shard)world in the Nightblood novel. Whether it were the Scholars of Silverlight, experimenting to see what the least amount of Investiture needed to Awaken a Type IV BioChromatic Entity was, or users of a Magic System we haven't even seen yet - maybe Aether - I think Azure's Blade is more than just a Nightblood 2.0 with a better command and less Breath, but represents a new step in BioChromatic Scholarship: Entities that aren't only BioChromatic. And who knows... Maybe Vasher is stockpiling insane amounts of Stormlight somewhere to use them for a massive Awakening somewhere/sometime in the future. Maybe he wants to Return someone (Shashara?) with it, or something like that. Anyway, would love to hear others thoughts on this.
  9. Introduction message, eh? Hello everyone! I'm Benkinsky, and this year I binged everything Cosmere I hadn't red before 2020. And obsessive as I am, I have a lot of theories that those of you who browse r/Cosmere might have already seen. And its time to post them here. Remember me as the AonDor Compounding guy! Cheers! also, is there like an App of 17th shard? or do I use my browser to access it on my phone?
  10. Hello hello fellow wordlhoppers, after some thought I want to return to my favourite cosmere idea: Compounding with something else but Allomancy. The most likely candidate: AonDor. (Mistborn spoilers) Part 1: What is Compounding? and how could it work with anything else but Allomancy. Allomancy uses Metals as Keys to tell Preservation's Investiture flowing through them from the Spiritual Realm what form/effect to take. Iron tells it to pull, Steel to push etc. Feruchemy uses Metals as Keys to tell the (scadrian) body's own Investiture what form/effect to save as. A Compounder genetically has both the abilities to tap and save the same metal. If they activate a key (burn a metal) that is already a different key (already tells Investiture a specific form to take) the Investiture that the allomancer uses for allomancy (Preservation's) instead takes the form that the feruchemic key tells them. Part 2.1: AonDor with Compounding broken down like that, you might get where I'm going. What other kind of magic uses Keys: Selish magic. Specifically, AonDor. In AonDor, the Aon acts as a Key to tell the Dor (Dominion and Devotion's combined Investiture) what form/effect to take. Aon Ehe tells it to be Fire, Aon Shao tells it to transform something, etc. These Aons can be modified to be Keys for extremely specific purposes. Part 2.2: AonDor Compounding: Aon Deo Aon Deo is the Aon for Metal. My theory: I believe Aon Deo could be specified enough that, if an AonDor user made a metalmind in the shape of that specific Aon or inscribed Aon Deo into a Metalmind, you could channel the Dor through the Metalmind, using the Dor to power your feruchemical release similarly to how Allomantic Compounding uses Perservation's Investiture. What are the Implications of this: 1. If a person had both the ability to use a Metalmind and use AonDor, they could get massive amounts of certain feruchemical attributes without saving them beforehand by using Aon Deo to power them with Dor. Part 2.3: Nicrosil Source: What are the implications of this: 2. An AonDor Nicrosil Compounder could store a tiny bit of Investiture in his AonDeo Nicrosilmind, then activate it with AonDor and get basically infinite Investiture. 3. THEY WOULDN'T EVEN HAVE TO BE A FERUCHEMIST. Originally, I thought that if a Terrisperson managed to move to Arelon they might have a tiny chance to birth a Ferring who gets chosed by the Sheod. But read this again: Therefore, a Soulbearer could store their ability to use Feruchemy and another person tapping it would be turned into a temporary Feruchemist who has the ability to fill a metalmind (assuming the nicrosilmind was unsealed) If an Elantrian got their hands on an unkeyed Nicrosilmind, that temporary window would be enough to use AonDor to power it. Once the AonDeo Nicrosilmind is Compounding, it wouldn't be used up like in Allomantic Compounding. The Elantrian would have infinite Investiture. For Rosharans, this might seem arbitrary, but not for Elantrians. The Dor has local borders, it is difficult to use AonDor outside of Arelon, not even speaking of Sel. Using this Technique, Elantrians might be able to use AonDor outside of Sel. Part 3: possible difficulties with Connection Leaving Arelon might weaken the Connection to the land too much to use AonDor even with a source of Investiture. Possible Solution: Source; Elantrians could canonically tap Duralumin to use AonDor outside of Arelon, maybe even Sel. They don't even need to be a Ferring to do this. Anyone can canonically use a Nicrosilmind to temporarily become a Duralumin Ferring (see Bands of Mourning), I theorize that an Elantrian could use AonDor to Compound, turning the temporary abilities provided by a Nicrosil- and Duraluminmind into permanent abilities. This way, they could use AonDor without the Dor while also using the infinite Investiture provided by this trick to power their Duraluminmind to keep up their connection to Sel. > Be Elantrian > Aquire Nicrosilmind and Duraluminmind. > Tap Nicrosilmind while in Arelon. Become temporary Ferring. > Tap Duruminmind while in Arelon by activating your AonDor. Create infinite Investiture loop. > Permanently have infinite Investiture to power both your AonDor and the necessary Connection supplement to power it outside of Sel. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this theory and why you think it could or couldn't work!
  11. @I think I am here. and I were discussing and thinking about what would happen if you flared a metal and used a primer cube. We know that Harmonium, used in a primer cube at least, reflects a metal being used around it. So, if you flared a metal while holding a primer cube, would the Harmonium burn up at the same rate you flared the metal, and produce the same output as the flared metal? For example, if you flared steel and used the primer cube, would the Harmonium burn up faster, and Push harder? Another thing that he and I discussed, was if you used Compounding on the primer cube. Would the Feruchemical storage be replicated, and burnt through the Harmonium? That could produce some interesting effects, such as if you Compounded heat, and shoved it into the primer cube, would the cube act as a furnace, almost? And what if you burnt an iron metalmind? would that make the cube extremely heavy, able to crush your opponents if you threw it at them. Obviously, some of these Compounding effects would just be wasted, like Steelrunning compounding used on the cube. The cube would just be fast? I guess? And zinc would make it smart?? Anyway, let me hear your theories too!
  12. Most other forms of Compounding are obvious in their effects: Iron Compounding gives much greater weight, Gold Compounding gives much greater healing, Bendalloy Compounding assures you’ll never get a bad case of the munchies ever again, etc etc. Other forms of Compounding are a bit more mysterious but nevertheless somewhat guessable: e.g. basically all of the Spiritual Feruchemy Metals (Fortune, Connection, Invesititure, Identity). However, one metal stands out from all the rest in that nobody really knows what it would do if you Compounded it: Copper. I’ve seen people guess ‘perfect recall’ (as in, Compounding a copper memory perfectly ingrains it into your brain without it ever fading); however, I also have an alternative theory. Compounding gives you a much greater quantity of whatever you’ve stored in your metalminds, and that being the case it makes sense to me that when you burn a copper metalmind you gain duplicate versions of the memory that’s inside it. Now, you may be wondering: What’s the point of that? What application could having multiple versions of a single memory have? Here’s where you have to remember the crippling disadvantage to copperminds: Once you store a memory in a coppermind it no longer exists in your head. You can either have it in your head or in your coppermind, but never both at once. And every time you remove it from your coppermind, the memory degrades a little more. Feruchemists developed a few tricks to get around this, of course. Remember the scene where Sazed has to write information down on a piece of paper in order to remind himself of what he had stored in his coppermind? But it’s a limited and less than ideal method. With Copper Compounding, however, this limitation becomes null. You could burn a coppermind, duplicate the memory that’s within it, and then store one of those duplicates in another coppermind while keeping the other(s) in your head. Moreover, with the creation of copper medallions, it becomes possible to share memories with others. Depending on how many duplicates a Copper Compounder is capable of creating (it should be quite a few considering it’s repeatedly said that Compounding is supposed to enhanced Feruchemical power ‘tenfold’), you could widely spread information depending on how many unkeyed copperminds you have available, all the while keeping the information in your head as well. It’s interesting to think about what might be possible with this skill. What is the limitation on how many memories you can duplicate? If a Copper Compounder had a coppermind like those of the old Keepers, where it contained centuries of inherited knowledge, could they duplicate those vast stores of knowledge into other copperminds? Imagine being able to keep infinite backups of valuable memories and information. That’s my theory, basically. And with medallions, Copper Compounding also becomes effectively the Feruchemical version of the printing press, able to widely disseminate large quantities of identical, reproduced information. Either way the main reason I like this theory is because I think it’s more in keeping with the original theme of Compounding: Instead of simply being able to store memories, you’re able to duplicate them; just like instead of only being able to store strength or speed, you’re able to enhance the power stored in the metalminds. What do you guys think? This is my first every theory post, so I'm curious what responses I'll get.
  13. Feruchemic steel can store speed, everyone knows that. And speed affects many aspects of body, because body of feruchemist automaticly gain ability to withstand stress during taping metalmind. So taping Steelmind increases speed of mouvment, but also perception, thinking and reflexes. I remember also that increased metabolism has negative effect - they need eat more (like Flash - but i cant find WoB). So my question is - Is F-Steel increasing also regeneration speed? Not like "normal" Investiture healing, but more physical, by increasing speed of cells growth? Is Steel Compounder able to heal faster, not of course on Gold level, but more like A-Pewter level?
  14. compounding

    So, in compounding does one burn the power stored inside of a metalmind or does one burn the metalmind itself. In Alloy of law, Wax claims that Miles needs lots of gold for his constant compounding, this leads me to believe that its the latter; at the end of Alloy of law, it says that they removed all of Miles' metalminds so that he couldn't heal himself. I'm just a bit confused, and I have only read era 1 and Alloy of law.
  15. So Compounding is really interesting and here is my take on what the various powers should be able to do. I realize that Brandon doesn’t want to give away things for future books (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14) *there are a lot of copper ones)), so a good amount of this isn’t going to be verified until later. Some limitations that I won’t entirely cover are that the person compounding has to have enough metal to ‘burn’ to fuel their compounding, something entirely worth it for most of the powers, that the person can no longer use that metal for the allomantic power that it would normally endow, and savantism. So this is assuming that the Compounder has access to a ridiculous amount of their needed metal, and it is either in a form that they can swallow or make it into something that they can swallow (with C-Speed or something) so that they can just do this and have essentially as much F-[metal] (or C) power as they want. (C-[metal] refers to compounding that metal, F-[metal] is feruchemy for that metal, and A-[metal] is allomantically using that metal) (the (personal) tags on what the metals store is whether or not the attribute comes from the Compounder, or is able to be ‘given’ to the Compounder (not including unsealed metalminds). The ?’s are ones that I am unsure about (does a pep talk allow you to store determination that someone else was able to give to you?)) Please comment on some discrepancies and better applications for the compounding powers. Intro WoB and short explanation Physical: Iron: (Skimmer) Stores (personal) weight (when filling, you are lighter) so by filling the metalmind a little bit, a twinborn Skimmer + Lurcher can compound feruchemical iron to have a virtually unlimited density (while somehow remaining able to stand). Steel: (Steelrunner) Stores (??: if someone slaps you or runs into you, can you store that kinetic energy?) speed (when filling, you go slower) so you can have essentially enough speed to move at very fast (limited by air resistance and friction)(but if you remove the friction…) in relation to other speeds on the planet. Tin: (WoB)(Windwhisperer) Stores (personal) sensitivity (when filling, you are not as sensitive (for one of 5 senses)). This is not a very effective or useful power because you will be overwhelmed if you simply use massive amounts of storage. See Spook for why this is not a great idea. This is better used in (or like) regular feruchemy, storing a good amount and using it slowly. Specifically, you could likely blind yourself by tapping too much sight, which narrows your focus (Sazed when he meets the Koloss in WoA). If you have other powers, you could store and Compound them, which could be useful. Pewter: (WoB) (Brute) Stores (personal) strength (when filling, you are weaker and more scrawny). This would allow for the Compounder to have a huge amount of strength but might make the Compounder too bulky to do anything (Still, his bulk was daunting. He probably wouldn’t have been able to walk or maneuver with such size—but it didn’t matter, for the koloss had already knocked him to the ground. (The Well of Ascension starring Sazed)). Similar to tin in use (don’t use too much at one time) Cognitive: Zinc: (WoB: I’m pretty sure that this is referencing filling the metalmind so the opposite is likely true for the tapping) (Sparker) Stores (personal) mental speed (when filling, you think slower). Compounding could allow you to have T. level (going off of the fact that Odium says that he did it without access to Fortune) days every rusting day. Edit: on a mainstream kind of intelligence. How did TLR die?? With using the compounding, it would be like everyone else was living eternity in a moment of your time, or that you could process the movement of a Steelrunner, but not be able to do much about it. This is scary. Brass: (WoB) (Firesoul) Stores warmth (when filling, you are colder, and heat will flow to the area that you are storing from). This allows you to store heat from around you, which could allow you to act as a freezer, or ignore the heat conditions in your house. From the WoB at the beginning, you are protected from drawing too much heat to damage yourself (Coppermind is wrong on this, based on the WoB). That standing, you can’t just walk through a fire (or a nuke) and expect that the heat will have no effect on you (mainly for just filling, not the Compounding); you will probably be burned / might die. The opposite is not really as true, because you can just use the compounded heat to melt something like solid hydrogen or a bose-einstein condensate (well, you might experience burns if you are reacting to a bose-einstein condensate without C-Zinc). Essentially, you could be a nuclear reactor and just dump some brass flakes down as fuel. You have a nice amount of energy that is in a usable form of plain heat, which can be turned into a bunch of different types of energy. You could also become Firefight, essentially. Copper: (Archivist) Stores memories (when filling, you lose the memories to the metalmind). We don’t know what the compounding would do (see the various numbered WoBs at the top), but I am under the assumption that compounding would allow you to know multiple copies of something, and be able to store the copies into various metalminds (basically, I think that you can copy the metalmind’s contents to another metalmind). Bronze: (Sentry) Stores (personal) wakefulness (when filling, you are more drowsy). You could constantly stay awake, and even if you did sleep and keep the Compounding on a dull flow, you could still store the excess into metalminds: (while sleeping, he couldn’t fill metalminds - or, at least, he could fill only one. A bronzemind, the metal that stored wakefulness. -The Well of Ascension chapter 50 from Sazed). I kind of doubt that a Sentry & Seeker Twinborn would ever sleep unless they really loved to sleep. Sentry Compounders would also have a heightened sense of awareness (Alloy of Law Ars Arcanum). Oh, and once you start, you don’t want to stop abruptly. This might end up with the same effects as TLR and Atium, eventually. Spiritual: Chromium: (WoBs are RAFOs) (Spinner) Stores (personal) luck (when filling, you are less lucky). This is theorized to allow you to predict the future, and while I think that is possible, I think that a possibly more practical use would be to just be functionally immortal unless you are doomed (inside a black hole level of doomed). I think that when you are Compounding Chromium, something like a possibility of time travel would occur: (back in time you try to shoot someone who turns out to be one of your ancestors) something would happen to stop the attacker from being in the right place, have an empty cartridge, or intercept the threat (i.e. a deer runs in front of your great (* whatever) grandparent). Unless physics or something similar would forbid it, you would be saved from ‘fate’. An avalanche might happen, but you might be caught on a tree that was bent and flings you up, you could fall into a cave, or get whisked up the mountain by an alien spaceship that was passing by. You probably couldn’t commit suicide while Compounding Luck. The only downside is that you couldn’t use your chromium to leech anyone’s allomantic stores if they are all filled with Luck, but if it is needed, someone else might end up doing it for you. Nicrosil: (WoBs are RAFOs) (Soulbearer) Stores (the ability to use) Investiture (when filling, you store your ability to use a certain type of Investiture). When you compound it, you would have an unlimited supply of Investiture, which you could theoretically use to power your magic systems to massively larger levels of power. If you are a Mistborn and a Soulbearer, you would be virtually unstoppable (unless you are already dying, and in that case, someone better have a spike to steal the Feruchemy and MB powers). And with storing powers, you could Compound and use KR powers. And you could worldhop (though it might short out Harmony’s perpendicularity). And this is (probably) a NB protection power. Aluminum: (most WoBs are RAFOs) (Trueself) Stores (personal) Identity (when filling, you store your Spiritual Identity to something (and it is possible to store all of your identity: see BoM)) with a large sense of Identity, you couldn’t do much, but you might be able to heal yourself like Hoid does (healing through a relation to the Spiritual Realm). If you tap old Identity, you could possibly rewrite your spiritweb so that you could heal back to a previous state. With someone else’s Identity, you can do plenty. You could theoretically become someone from the various areas on Sel, someone from Roshar (the Nightwatcher likes native people more), gain an accent, use someone else’s’ metalmind, or hack and use it as a soulstamp. You might also be able to be inhabited by their ghost Cognitive Shadow and essentially let them body-snatch your body (see lower in the thread). Not as useful as Connection. Duralumin: (Connector) Stores Connection (linked between two things) (when filling, you are storing Connection to something). This allows you to go unnoticed in a crowd if you are filling, but with the Compounding, you could instantly become anyone’s best friend (unless their best friend is already a Duralumin Compounder). There are some cool things that you can do with other people’s Connection too. (Spoiler for MB SH) When Kelsier smashes the orb to gain a bunch of Connection to Preservation, and if you give him an unsealed Duralumin metalmind, and convince him to store some of that Connection, you could theoretically take that Connection out of the metalmind and Compound that to gain a ton of Connection to Preservation, which could allow you to ascend to that Shard when it dies. If you repeat this with other people, you could learn languages, steal spren bonds / aviar bonds (you might be able to become a human aviar this way) (they will only stay if they agree to stay), or get enough Connection to get the Awakener from something that the filler of the unsealed metalmind Awakened, even if they Returned since then. You can also overcome the distance barrier on Sel (helps with initiation to other planets’ magics). You should be able to qualify for being a Returned, somehow control a Kandra, or bond an Honorblade (you just have to be aware enough of your Connection to it to Compound to Bond it). This is really powerful. Hybrid: Cadmium: (no one really asks Brandon about F-Cadmium users) (Gasper) Stores oxygen ‘breath’ (when filling, you are short of breath). This would allow you to have an unlimited supply of ‘breath’. You don’t have to breathe anymore. It also might allow you to get more oxygen in your blood (to your brain), which would give you a bit more of a heightened perception and possibly mental speed, physical performance, and concentration (Alloy of Law Ars Arcanum). Bendalloy: (Subsumer) Stores (personal) nutrition (‘energy’) (when filling, you store nutrition (and matter?) from yourself) You might become skinnier when (filling) not eating, and when eating, you don’t ever need to be full (Alloy of Law again). While compounding, you don’t ever need to eat, but you might gain a significant amount of weight if you deplete the metalminds quickly, but not so much that you explode (the Feruchemy will protect you). Probably. (the feruchemy might just stop your veins from getting clogged or something similar. Lift could use this to fuel Stormlight endlessly. Gold: (Bloodmaker) Stores (personal) health (when filling, you are less healthy). This should allow you to heal back from (almost) whatever, provided that you still picture your Spiritweb as being what it was before you were injured. (see Max Hundredlives in Allow of Law). You could theoretically heal back from getting spiked. Electrum: (Pinnacle) Stores (personal?) determination (when filling, you store your determination and are more depressed). When Compounded, you would be very impulsive and overconfident that you could do whatever you wanted (Alloy of Law Ars arcanum). This could be dangerous to yourself by thinking that you can (and should) do something that will kill you. Best used in small amounts. Godmetals: Lerasium: Only Brandon knows, and we probably won’t ever see. Atium: Stores (personal) Youthfulness (when filling, you are older). We see this onscreen with TLR and it is mentioned with Marsh. Limitations here. Harmonium: No rusting clue except RAFO There are ways to become more powerful than a compounder (in some ways), but that would require being a Mistborn, using a spike, or getting hit with a Nicroburst (the power, not the user). Other limitations on Compounding are that you have to use Harmony’s power and there is also a weird interaction with Hemalurgy.
  16. So, what, in your opinion, is the strongest Compounder combatively, and why? I personally can't decide between Atium, and Chromium. Either one is practically unkillable, and if they attack you, you have practically no way to fight back. Originally my list of strongest included Gold and Steel, but I decided that Gold was out because it didn't have very good offensive capabilities and I cut Steel because you could easily be killed from behind in an ambush.
  17. On one of my forums (found here), it ended up asking why nicrosil Ferrings didn't all end up with Lord Ruler-style compounding (which I'm going to say is called being a Full Compounder.) Basically, Feruchemists can use nicrosil to store and tap Investiture. So, why don't they all make two distinct metalminds and tap one of them in order to burn the other? Does it not work like that? Has nobody thought of that? Are they all hiding that they've already done it?!? (Okay, that last one is pretty unlikely...) But why haven't they all done it and let everyone else also do it via unsealed metalminds?
  18. The Scadrians know that you can become a ghost. They have a god's word for it. Kelsier did it. That opens up a question. We have only the foreword, not the whole Historica. How precise has Sazeth been? Is it a matter of public record that Kelsier took a bath in liquid Investure? Kelsier's survival is a central feature of Scadrian culture. People have been thinking about it for centuries. It would strike me as extremely odd if nobody had ever tried to recreate the feat or communicate with somebody trying to do so or the recently dead. That raises another question. How detailed have Spook's written records been? Has he talked about speaking to Kelsier after spiking himself? So what could you do to talk to the dead? If Spook's example is known, an obvious option would be to spike yourself multiple times. How many Pathian ear rings can you get into one person? Two dozen? Secondly if you need Investiture in huge amounts, how could you do that? Imagine a Nicrosil Twinborn. Suppose you are one and feel death approaching. You have prepared. You have spent a few weeks compounding. And now you take all your metalminds and ask your Nicroburst friend to give it to you just as you expire. What will happen?
  19. Ok, so, bit of explanation up front about the long-winded topic tile. My first ever post on the forums was a Reverse Compounding theory (based on the WoB of there being "a way to enhance allomancy using feruchemy" (see following spoiler for the wob). In it, I went over how Compounding F-Nicrosil charged with an allomantic power would likely result in being able to become vastly stronger with that metal, which I still believe is true. I do NOT, however, still believe that to be "real" Reverse Compounding. It does involve using Feruchemy to enhance Allomancy, as per the Wob, but I think there's a second possibility, one that isn't limited to Nicrosil Compounding. (Y'know what, from henceforth, I will use C-Nicrosil/gold/etc to denote Compounded metals. It's just quicker and more concise.) This second possibility is that a Compounder can store the Allomantic effect of their metal inside a Metalmind, charging it up with the allomantic power instead of the usual feruchemical attribute. There's a certain symmetrical simplicity to that which makes me think I'm on the right track. Now the main benefit here is that you can keep burning the metal and charging up the metalmind with it, and after you're done, you have a feruchemically-stored supply of Allomantic power. So now you can make use of Feruchemy's greatest feature and tap a HUGE amount of allomantic power out in a short burst, almost like a Duralumin burn. The obvious example would be Steel, wherein you can Push with potentially hundreds of times the normal force you can muster, possibly launching a coin at railgun-level speeds, or fling yourself high into the sky with one leap. Another advantage this has over A-Duralumin burns is that the exact amount of power you muster can be fine-tuned, meaning you can also be more subtle with, let's say Steel again, and easily hover using ground anchors without needing as much practice in managing your allomantic steel burn rate/power. Now the first argument I could see against this is "well if that's how it works, why haven't we seen it yet" and, well, I think the answer is kind of obvious. In the case of Miles, doing this was pointless. He doesn't need finesse or brute force with A-Gold, he needs F-Gold charge en-masse. It's also possible that it's just too tricky of a balancing act to do BOTH at once, and so he just focused on doing normal C-Gold since Reverse C-Gold is just as useless as unmodified A-Gold. The other part of the answer is, well, we HAVE. The Lord Ruler could soothe in a HUGE radius, with soul-crushing potency. He may have known about Nicrosil, and so may have used normal C-Nicrosil to boost up his potency in A-Brass, but I feel like something's missing there. Surely if he was constantly burning brass to do that, he would have to be constantly chugging Brass flakes or poking brass spikes (not hemalurgic ones) into himself to burn, which seems crude and clumsy. Surely he of all people would learn how to Reverse Compound, and that's how he Soothes in such a radius at such power at seemingly all hours of every day. He's using RC-Brass and tapping it constantly. In fact, he could actually still be consuming brass metal to Soothe with, but that Brass could be supercharged with Allomantic brass power, making it even more powerful when burned. At the very least, that would significantly reduce the interval at which he would need to burn Brass, which would make things a lot less obnoxious. Just fill a brass ring with A-Brass, and Reverse Compound it, then store it in a full-sized Brassmind. I dunno, I feel like this lines up really nicely, and the poetic symmetry of it literally being the reverse of normal Compounding makes it even more plausible to me. What do you think, though? Where did i slip up in my logic?
  20. Hello All I was wondering what would happen if let's say I was a twinborn from Pewter allomancy and gold feruchemey. Would I be able to burn Pewter to increase my strength and then use that strength to fill my gold metal minds? Pretty much cheating and using the health granted to me by pewter instead of my own health to fill my gold metal minds. Essentially gaining all the benefits that a gold compounder would get but better in some ways as I do not have to burn any gold doing this. Though filling my metal minds would take longer. Or is that not possible at all and I cannot draw on the power of pewter to fill my metal mind and doing this will just draw on my own power to fill the mind which means I'll still be weak physically while the minds are filling though maybe not as weak as usual since I'm burning pewter but overall my feruchemy is still net-zero and I won't be able to be immortal or fill extreme amounts of health using pewter. I've listened to graphic audiobooks for all Mistborn main series and side stories so don't worry about spoilers. Sorry if the formatting of tags and the title is off, I'm new here and plan to be active way more once I finish the rest of the cosmere stories (only Emperor's soul, white sand and Arcanum stories left). It's just this question was left on my mind.
  21. Welcome to the return of Letters from the Cosmere! After taking a year off to reflect on the series, I am starting off the new year with the return of the series that is near and dear to my heart. I hope you enjoy this new start was we explore Elsric’s thoughts on Iron and Steel. This is also the announcement of the official Letters from the Cosmere YouTube channel! This will be an archive of all previous Letters and the home of new episodes from here on out. Rather than a constant blend of different genera on my main channel, this will be the home of all Cosmere content from now on. If you like what you see I hope you will stick around. I can’t wait to rear your thoughts and comments. This episode’s transcript: In the discussions of Allomancy it is no secret that the manipulations of Iron and Steel are the first thing to come to mind when casually considering the subject. Allomancers launching themselves through the air on invisible lines of power, the pulling of weapons from the hands of warriors before they can make a move, these are the hallmarks of the External Physical allomantic powers. Traditional means of security and martial strength quickly fade into near uselessness in the face of such powers making those who can push or pull on metals incredibly valuable and dangerous. Yet I feel there are many fundamental misunderstandings by the general population of Scadrial and the greater Cosmere in regards to the actual nature and potential of these powers. Within the obscure records of the most powerful allomancers in the histories, we can understand that coin shooting and bounding across the sky is but the shallowest of potentials for these such practitioners. It is important to remember that the outward pushing and pulling of metal is still heavily bound into the realm of natural physics. The investiture converts metal into invisible forces most relatable to magnetism but with a far greater scale and reach. This connection is unique in the natural world for the allomancer who burns iron or steel can perceive the metaphysical connection formed between their core and the metal around them. This would be like being able to observe a line of power holding a moon in orbit around a planet, and yet is often spoken of only in its application for allomancers. This metaphysical sight might be a natural development of survival instincts for without a means to know where they can push, allomancers would be hard pressed to control their pushes and pulls in any reasonable way. The force of the push or pull seems to be locked toward the center of mass of the individual. Yet I am skeptical that this is set in stone. The great manipulators of metal have reported in personal journals or been quoted to say that they were not limited on applying these forces to the center of mass of the affected object. I supplant that if given enough time, masters of the art may be able to control the application of such forces on the source as well as the target metal. If this hypothesis is realized, the powers a majesty of learchers and coinshots can be further crafted into masterpieces. Imagine a trapezes artist who can control the swing, speed, and direction of every limb independently and at the same time. A Mistborn with this control could fall through a collapsing building and come out without a scratch. With such talents the art could become subtle, being able to move and adapt in quiet ways that teeter on the edge of my mind. Now imagine if we learned to infuse such precision into exterior sources, such as pulling metal toward a wall rather than ourselves, to grant a push to an ally, or to design machines and gadgets that operate without any physical interaction at all. With the power to expand beyond the body and the finite control of selection freedom and accuracy, the Cosmere itself would not be able to contain these forces. Of all the powers of Allomancy, Iron and Steel complement each other to a shocking degree. Most metal pairings like Tin and Pewter, Aluminum and Duralumin, or Bendalloy and Cadmium work in opposition of each other and effectively cancel or overlap each other. Steel and Iron are not like this at all. Instead, their opposite natures complement and enhance each other. It is the distinction in targets that makes this possible, although a formattable mind and instinct are critical to such balance. But the nature of the material bonds in relation to Iron and Steel is something else entirely. We have accounts that the lines that allow allomancers to see sources of metal can be refined into something greater. Inquisitors of the Final Empire reported seeing the world entirely made up of blue lines of Iron and steel at all times, allowing them far greater control over their pushes and pulls. As this sight gains greater potency the connection between allomancer and the wider Cosmere becomes more and more complex. Instead of only pure metals, they see the flakes of metal in solutions or hidden in the raw stones of the ground. Deeper still, there are stories of allomancers seeing metal in common everyday objects such as wood, water, or human bodies. I must wonder how deeply this goes? Is great power required to see this or could we eventually understand these secrets through reasoning and deduction? Many advancements in practical realmic theory derived from asking the right questions and expanding one’s understanding. But if this is true, then many if not all the objects we perceive in the Cosmere contain fundamental metal components, like alloys that blend from two unique metals into something completely new and unique from the parent components. Perhaps there is a great revelation here about the construction of the fundamental parts of the Cosmere. If studied, this could pave the way for understanding the physical and invested forces that govern all of Creation. As with many things involving the sister allomantic powers of ferochemi, Iron and Steel only lead to the terrifying combinations. The Mobility of Iron and Steel in Allomancy is already potent. But when paired with Ferochemy the results tend to be… explosive and majestic. Yet the true terror is in compounding. An Iron Twinborn is capable of manipulating weight in the extreme. Couple this with the ability to pull against that weight and the possibilities are staggering. If one’s range could be enhanced, I could imagine a fully realized Iron born could literally destroy worlds by pulling in celestial bodies from the empty space directly into the surface. And the power to destroy worlds pales in comparison to the power of a Twin Steel Compounder. These creatures would likely not even count as human anymore. The power to tap nie-unlimited feruchemical speed would mean the allomancer would be able to exist out of phase of reality. A world too slow to notice that they do or how they do it. Where they walk, destruction would follow as the very air would burn and quake from their passing. With the ground nothing more than an inconvenience and such terrible speed, they would be bound by nothing short of time itself. Yes, the only thing these demons cannot outrun is the passage of time on their bodies. As they increase their speed, time warps with them. As their speed increased, beyond the limits of what Feruchemy could normally account for, their time would actually lengthen. As they moved, time itself counters by accelerating in response. Only a little at first, but eventually the Steel Child would watch the years slip by in proportion to their perceived experience. This is advanced physical theory but I expect that a Steel Twinborn to be surprised that time seemed to slow down and speed up at the same time as their passing ripples the world around them. But at these speeds, the very stones themselves would likely shatter and the world with them. Should these extremes be achieved by a mortal we would likely not live long enough to understand what happened. While the risk is low at the moment, I fear for the future. Investiture often is limited in its strongest application by the lack of creative vision on the part of the wielder. Perhaps we should be happy with that fact, for I have walked upon the surface of worlds broken by men wielded Investiture before. We do not have so many homes to afford such terrible calamities to be evoked. By my, what a sight they would be to behold. Much like the Catacendre, the death of a planet can be as beautiful as it is terrible. And such things leave scars as deep as the worlds they wipe away. Elsric Thank you for your patience with this series and I hope you find it as thought-provoking as I did.
  22. I have a quick question about compounding. We know from Miles Hundredlives that compounding metals exponentially increases your feruchemical abilities. Does this work in reverse? If I were a copper compounder would I be able to make really, really good copperclouds? What does this mean for steelpushing and ironpulling? Thanks! -Channelknight
  23. So I was wondering what new resonances might occur if a Radiant from one order got a hold of a Honorblade of another Order could new resonances be discovered between surges . Then something dawned on me . We have seen something similar on screen and it didn’t require an Honorblade ; therefore it may be quite possible we may see something new in the future . When Dalinar and Shallan got together and made the map they were blending lightweaving and Tension perhaps . ( I’m really not sure what surge Dalinar was using ) but they did create a new resonance . This got me thinking Dalinar and Mullata or another Dustbringer could probably create complex statues , designs and statues to form architecture . Sounds boring ? Yeah probably .... but it lead me to Jasnah and shallan working together to blend lightweaving and transportation : they could send Holograms at a long distance ! How could this be useful ? Sending messages back and forth to someone in shadesmar . Sending messages from Thaylan city to Urithiru without using a spanreed. Long distance communication is always a good thing . Can anyone think of any cool effects from blending two surges ?
  24. so the first trilogy Sazed and vin have a conversation when Vin tries to burn one of Sazed 's metal minds nad she could fell the stored Ferechemic power but could accses it because it had Identity linking it to Sazed. I recently read BoM and was thinking about unkeyed metalmind and I was wondering if it would be posible to burn an unkeyed metalmind and more or less become a compounder. I would apperciate any thoughts on this.
  25. So I found this interesting WoB. Questioner What happens if you burn duralumin while Compounding? Brandon Sanderson Duralumin while Compounding. So, what duralumin does is it burns out of all of your metal in one burst. So it doesn't necessarily gain you power, it makes it all happen at the same time. The same thing would happen. Questioner Could you turn into a baby? Brandon Sanderson Oh, you could totally turn into a baby. That is within the power of using that, doing <health wrong>, yeah you could totally... You'd be really dangerous. Wth does it mean ? How could u turn into a baby by compounding gold. I know it stores like ur manifestation in space-time at the current moment and releases it back to recover from injuries by replacing ur current manifestation in space-time with ur old healthy , stored one . Your spiritual identity plays a role too. But I was under the impression that gold couldn't affect age . If it did , tlr would be running naked in luthadel ,drunk on joy. Tlr did know about duralumin right ?? So what does it mean ? Is it a joke ? A misquote ? Or is Lord Sanderson referring to some other metal ? Also yeah would happen if u burned duralumin while compounding atium ?